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  1. Hello there, My partner has two student loans with Erudio. Back in March he received a phone call from them saying that his loan had matured and they wanted payment. We asked them to send this in writing and never heard anything, they also hadn’t sent any reminders regarding deferment. he continued with his deferment for his two thesis loans and received confirmation from SLC that deferment had been accepted for both Erudio and Thesis. However we received a letter last week from Erudio demanding payment of the loan. I called them on partners behalf, he has anxiety
  2. Hi All, I have an old secured loan with Welcome for £7000.00. Since Welcome went bust I've not paid anything (perhaps the odd token payment) and have dodged various DCA's. 2 weeks ago the current DCA holding the account wrote to me to advise that they will no longer rely on the security in my property and will take steps to remove the security from the land registry. This seems like a really odd thing to do but I am highly suspicious? Could they be up to something? Anyone else heard of this? Many thanks, Limelight Bournemouth BTW The account has al
  3. Hey CAG, Posting on behalf of a friend. In short she doesn't have a tv licence as doesn't watch live tv only netflix. However her young daughter downloaded BBC iplayer on her tablet and signed up and gave her mums post code etc and obviously must of said she had a TV licence. Fast forward a few weeks and my friend gets an email that says "Our records show you've used BBC iplayer on a number of occasions in recent weeks. As your no licence need status is now invalid you need to buy a TV licence" and gives her a link to buy. Does she need to buy one, her daughter being on early te
  4. Hello, can anyone help me to fill in this directions questionnaire, it is a long story I have to tell. Myself and My Partner were living in a two bedroom bungalow that we purchased in 2006 we have 3 children now and the bungalow was too small but we couldn’t afford to move, his parents (who at the time were giving £50k to my partners brother and sister) said they would pay for an extension to our bungalow to the same value (because they didn’t trust him with money) this was great my partners dad instructed a builder (sorry trying to make this as short as possible) w
  5. Hi my landlord is saying me and the people I live with have abandoned the house and that we also owe her rent and wants us to sign over the deposit to her as she believes we have left damage in the house. This isn't true because the contract we had with the landlord ended on the 31/07/2017 and in mid-September the landlord came around and said she wants use out by the 02/12/2017 with no reason on why she wasn't going to renew the contract. So, we found a new place and moved are stuff into it for the 01/11/2017. The landlord came around on the 01/11/2017 saying the above and threaten
  6. This article from October 2016 - I dont recall it being mentioned anywhere? Has anyone had a bank try to reclaim some of their pay-out ?
  7. My wife has today received a PCN from Parking Eye stating that a car registered in her name was in a motorway services car park for over 11 hours! This has come about because the driver has entered the services area via the service road, at 7:07 to access the motorway, they have therefore not parked at all. they have then entered the services again at 18:32 and left via the service road. Looking at the photos it would appear the 1st one is of the rear of the car and the 2nd one is of the front, I would have expected that the 1st should be the front, entering and the 2 the rear, leav
  8. I feel so upset and frustrated. I got pip for a year, then after an assessment for renewal they did not award me enough points to carry on getting it. Before I was getting the standard care rate. I appealed and asked for the mandatory reconsideration but again the DWP refused to award me. Only after being sent out all the forms did I see where the missing points were. I am working with Harc and it was for preparing food and both the recent form, and previous form my answers were the same yet they did not award the 4 points the second time but gave me the same points for the same thi
  9. Hi everyone. I'm a total newbie to posting on forums so forgive me if i inadvertantly follow any unfamiliar or unaccepted code of conduct. I don't think it will happen as politeness and common sense usually prevail over ignorance. Please feel free to correct me (gently) and point out any faux pas on my part. I'm looking forward to getting some good advice on dealing with professional credit agencies and there various methods, and sorting out the wheat from the chaff so to speak as to what I am obliged to do and what I am not. Thanks in advance for any help you may offer in any
  10. Hello everyone, I hope that you can help me. Sorry this is really long but I'll try to get all the info in. I have been out of the UK for a number of years but found a job this year in the UK. I found a studio flat advertised online and arranged to rent it. The property was advertised on spareroom by the landlord but I had difficulty arranging an evening viewing with him, so he suggested 2 other local companies that he works with to arrange a viewing. I believe they are letting agents. I originally thought they owned some of the flats but now I know that he owns them all and they act as a
  11. Hi everyone, I am fairly new to the forums and still trying my best not to make any mistakes or post in the wrong place, apologies to anyonw if I have. I have posted a new thread and received a reply and was asked to repost just the facts, I hope I haven't posted it in the wrong place as I haven't heard back since. Is there a way of updating a post?
  12. I hope someone can help with the below. This is all new to me and it's making me very stressed! I was involved in an accident a month ago. This is my version of events. I drove down a slip road then joined a dual carriageway. Shortly after this I overtook the car in front. I checked mirrors and it was safe to change lanes. As I was moving into the lane I felt a collision take place. Looked in my rear view mirror and saw a car behind me. They have damage to their front passenger side wing (small car). I had a scuff on my rear driver side alloy (I have a 4x4) but no actual da
  13. Hi All My husband has been made redundant and as such I have contacted all of my creditors to inform them that I’m only able to make token payments until we are back on our feet. I intend to start a thread for each of the institutions as they begin to communicate with me, all of the creditors have been provided with details of my earnings and our outgoings. NatWest have sent me a Formal notice of intention to file a default and to take action to recover debt, I also received a Default Notice in the same envelope dated 15th July 2010 which I only received today 20th July 2010, both o
  14. I had a DRO last year which after closing my business down wiped out about £9,000 of business rates and other things such as unpaid tax and electricity etc. All well. We live, we try and if we fail we hope that we can pick ourselves back up and have another go. Now, today I had a letter from Rossendales they said I owe £1000+ for over payment of tax credit. There's no way I was overpaid. To my knowledge it was all signed off and all acccounted for in the DRO. I am trying to move on, not be dragged down by this crap and I will not let them affect me. What to
  15. Hi. I am new here. I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I am fairly knowledgeable when it comes to consumer rights and fighting bad retailers and c ompanies. I am also not afraid to legally take on anyone at all. If I am in the right (and I will do my homework first) I WILL win! Hopefully, I will be able to give more than I take.
  16. My name is James and I just thought that I would say hello to everyone and wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Just to give you some background into who I am; at present I am actually a complaint handler for a company that sold PPI policies and prior to this I was a Motor Insurance claims handler (before the dreaded redundancy came along). If I can, I will try and help anyone that has a problem with the 2 things that I am fairly knowledgeable in. Just contact me or point me to a thread and I will see what I can do to help (not making any promises though) Nice to be here, J
  17. hi, i got this email from cash4unow - do they have a right to say this, can i take them to task for it? Further to previous communications in this matter we write to advise we are currently preparing paperwork to take further action in this matter. This could result in the issue of a COUNTY COURT CLAIM. This matter is being passed to our Fraud Investigation Team as, on current evidence, it seems you may have obtained this loan fraudulently. When you applied for this loan we conducted an affordability assessment to establish your ability to repay this loan plus interest. In t
  18. We bought a used car, part exchange on 1st November. We bought a 2006, VW golf, priced at £2695 for £2200 and the rest px for our MG ZR. We were told that there was a one month warranty with it, but were given no paperwork to this effect. Within half an hour of leaving the garage, the emissions light had come on so we immediately took it back. We were informed it was likely to be a filter problem, he made a phone call to a local auto shop so we could collect something to put in the fuel tank and we were advised that driving it in in a high gear between 2 & 3,000 revs for about 8 mi
  19. Hi, I am hoping someone can help. I got home today to find a letter from High Court bailiffs, stating that they had called to seize goods and would be calling the following day to seize them, whether I was home or not. The problem is that it is for a CCJ I did not know I had until three-four weeks ago, as the CCJ was given to me at an address that I had lived at, but did not live at at the time they did court proceedings (I hadn't lived there around six months when it was granted). I only found out when I got my credit file that it had been given just over a year ago.
  20. Hi can anyone one help I am a single mum with three children two disabled, I have received a letter from HMRC saying that they have been informed that someone is living with me when I have not and have concrete proof can you help please Thank you
  21. Lowell sent a letter to say they had bought a debt in November 2008 (hubby's). He said he had never written to them or paid anything so we sent the statute barred letter. However they have now replied with this.. ..what do we do now please? - he says he definitely hasn't paid anything to any doorstep collection company....
  22. Hello, I am moving out of a flat on the 14th November and am I currently on a 6 month fixed term tenancy. I phoned the LL on the 16th october just to let them know we would not be renewing the contract this time they did ask to do this in writing but this was not done as we received a letter from the LL accepting we would not be renewing. Two days ago they put a note in the letter box Following a telephone conversation regarding ending your contract with us, please be aware we have received no written notice. Therefore you will be liable for rental payments covering your 30
  23. Hello, My dad ordered a new contract with a new phone from o2 a few days ago. After being told the phone was in stock and would be dispatched soon I received a text saying it was dispatched and would arrive within 1 to 2 days. The next afternoon my dad got a text explaining the phone was out of stock but assured I would get it on or just after the 2nd of January. My dad phoned up to complain and nothing was resolved so I phoned up. I was transferred to customer services who said they didn't deal with complaints, they then transferred me back to where I was but to a different person. She then
  24. Hi everyone. Its my 1st post, apologies if i've done anything wrong on here. But i've been really worried and can't sleep tonight. i Wonder if anyone can help with this: I've been driving for 20 Years. I've never seen anything like this before. Paid the full years car Insurance online Got insurance Certificate, thought i was insured, got a 7 day cancellation letter, no phone calls notifying cancellation or asking for further information, think they are saying it's due to a failed credit check (their letter is below) I now need to get cover with another insurer. D
  25. Hi I really need your help I have a £500 deposit and the landlady had said I have left the mattress in a disgusting condition which I have not it was not in the best of shape when I moved in...I have disputed it with her and she has said she will leave £200 in my account from the £500 deposit...the mattress was thin and rubbish and not even a memory foam which I have seen from £169 from top shops....Just get most of my money back I offered to get her a mattress....what are my rights/what can I do.... Thanks
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