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  1. Got a response to my letter slick, thoughts?
  2. Brilliant thanks, PS is it worth also posting this on their Facebook page? A bit of public shaming can work wonders i hear!
  3. Hey Slick, I got this in the post today... Advice welcome. I presume ignore and keep a log?
  4. Brilliant thank you all for the replies. The email is from the BBC. However her daughter used her own email address and not her mothers. When she got the email she got scared and showed her mum. If she didn't she would of been none the wiser. I've told her to ignore this email and keep me informed if she receives any more and remove all BBC iPlayer apps from any device she has in the house. She has confirmed she does not have the TV aerial plugged in.
  5. Hey CAG, Posting on behalf of a friend. In short she doesn't have a tv licence as doesn't watch live tv only netflix. However her young daughter downloaded BBC iplayer on her tablet and signed up and gave her mums post code etc and obviously must of said she had a TV licence. Fast forward a few weeks and my friend gets an email that says "Our records show you've used BBC iplayer on a number of occasions in recent weeks. As your no licence need status is now invalid you need to buy a TV licence" and gives her a link to buy. Does she need to buy one, her daughter being on early te
  6. Got my first email from: Bespoke Direct Debt Services Service User Number: 406492 Service User Name: Debit Finance Collections Plc "Account Name: X.XXXXXXX Reference Number: XXXXXXXXXXX - Choices Health Club Notification of Unpaid Direct Debit Payment We would like to inform you that we have been unable to collect your payment due on 1st January 2019 for your membership of Choices Health Club. As you have missed a payment, click on the following link to make a payment online: pay(dot)debitfinance(dot)co(dot)uk or contact us on 01908 422 007 Please note that
  7. Done and thank you for the reply. It was the Allestree branch. I'll keep you all informed
  8. Hi all, I've been directed here from reddit. Reading a few threads i think i have my answer but want to make sure i am ok to cancel my DirectDebit So 2yrs ago i signed up to a local gym (Choices health club - Derby)i was told it was a special offer at £20 a month due to a grant of some sort. Today i emailed them stating i would like to cancel with immediate effect as i've not been in over a year, to which they respond to say its a 36 month contract and i have 1 year left!? However i was not told this was a minimum term of 36 months! However after reviewing the T&Cs it does s
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