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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, A few years ago I purchased approximately 10k if investment wine. The portfolio has done pretty well and is now worth at least £12k. The problem is, I went to contact the broker the other day to look into selling it all up and he has disappeared along with the wine. A little search shows he there was an insolvency winding up order 5th Feb 2016 and he's not answering any calls or messages. He's changed his surname on social media and hasn't been active in some time. Depressingly he was an old friend. I'm sure I can find him if I try hard enough but is there anything I can do once I track him down? If he wound up the company with that stock as assets, surely he has acted fraudulently? Could the same be said if he sold the stock in an attempt to bail out the company prior to the winding up order? If so, I would like to pursue that avenue. The family has money and would likely bail him out if threatened with a criminal offence. Any help, advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Is it right that an online store (Debenhams) have got authorisation to take funds from my account for an item that they have now told me is not in stock - still advertised on their website as being in stock though. I completed the order and got email confirmation (although the T&C's say no contract is formed until the item is dispatched) and then shortly after received another email saying the order is cancelled. Are the online stock systems so poor that they do not update automatically. I have called my bank and I will not have access to the funds until the authorisation is withdrawn or 10 days pass. It is not the amount here but the principle.
  3. Hello, My dad ordered a new contract with a new phone from o2 a few days ago. After being told the phone was in stock and would be dispatched soon I received a text saying it was dispatched and would arrive within 1 to 2 days. The next afternoon my dad got a text explaining the phone was out of stock but assured I would get it on or just after the 2nd of January. My dad phoned up to complain and nothing was resolved so I phoned up. I was transferred to customer services who said they didn't deal with complaints, they then transferred me back to where I was but to a different person. She then gave me the O2 complaints website which didn't work, and she wasn't even aware of this. She then told me to go onto the O2 website where I had originally got the number to phone. After explaining this to her she went silent and after about a minute told me her department wasn't trained to deal with complaints and after putting me on hold to speak to her manager found she was supposed handle complaints but through not knowing what to do she asked her manager to deal with it. I have never been made to feel so worthless and stupid by a person in charge before. He said it was an error and "not their fault." I then said it is because your company never informed me the phone was running low on stock when it was ordered and proceeded to tell me it was dispatched. The response I got was, "I'm sorry you fell that way" and "what do you want me to do, I can't do anything, It's not my fault." I realized I was getting no where so asked if I would be definitely be getting my phone on the restock on the 2nd of January. He said no, might not could be the next time we get stock in. I gave up at this point and told him I was absolutely disgusted at the customer service that I'd received, and he didn't really care. I then found out that my dad is now paying for the phone and that they've already changed my tariff over for a phone that I have no idea when I shall be getting it. Is there anything that I could do to make them take this seriously?
  4. can anybody help.. we had a issue a storage company who the instructed baliffs to remove our retail stock and sold it at auction.. we did not know anything about this until afterwards they took 200 items item worth approx 20k and sold it for next to nothing at 1725.. what can we do as we have been ripped off beyond belief for a debt of £625.. we didnt receive a penny as the baliffs took the remaining balance for themselves myself and my wife are feeling physically sick by this and has left us with no stock and a huge problem trying to replace it . can anybody help.. the baliffs concerned were some frim called Guants in bradford who we have contacted and found them rude annd agressive and they simply hung up the call. any help would be greatly appreciated
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