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Found 10 results

  1. If this is the wrong place for this post please move it. Hi I have a Ltd company and manufacture goods myself. I have a customer who owes me around £8500. Most of the money owed I supplied them when the person was a sole trader trading as XXXXXXX. Around June this year they registered as LTD and told me when they collected an order late June I think. I have asked for interim payments to get the debt down from just under £10,000 which they did and got it down to around £7000 but I allowed them a few smaller orders to help them out on the understanding that they carried on paying. They haven't really.....and I have nudged them for some more money and it looks like they can't pay anything for at least 2 or 3 months. Then it will be can we have some more stock and we can pay you or if not we will have to get stock elsewhere and use any money we have to buy stock from elsewhere to keep going. Now is the person still liable for the goods they had off me before they went LTD or does it all transfer to the LTD company now. I am thinking of asking for a personal guarantee or walking possesion on goods etc. I don't want to do this but I have been in this position before when someone gave me post dated cheques and fobbed me off a couple of months while he registered a new company and liquidated the company that owed me money. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi All, A few years ago I purchased approximately 10k if investment wine. The portfolio has done pretty well and is now worth at least £12k. The problem is, I went to contact the broker the other day to look into selling it all up and he has disappeared along with the wine. A little search shows he there was an insolvency winding up order 5th Feb 2016 and he's not answering any calls or messages. He's changed his surname on social media and hasn't been active in some time. Depressingly he was an old friend. I'm sure I can find him if I try hard enough but is there anything I can do once I track him down? If he wound up the company with that stock as assets, surely he has acted fraudulently? Could the same be said if he sold the stock in an attempt to bail out the company prior to the winding up order? If so, I would like to pursue that avenue. The family has money and would likely bail him out if threatened with a criminal offence. Any help, advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I run a small limited company. I am owed just under 15K from another limited company. Lets call them ABC Design Ltd. The money due to me has only just become due, and I have emails from the director saying stuff like don't you worry me ol china you'll get your money etc. However, I have just found out that ABC Design Ltd is about to close down and another company ABC Design 2 Limited is about to open with a member of ABC Design Ltd staff as director of ABC Design 2 Ltd. In fact the director of ABC Design 2 Ltd was the person who signed the contract I have with ABC Design Ltd. I know by the time i sue them, they will have gone bust, but is there anything I can do with regards to reporting them to someone as the clearly doesn't seem right and although ABC Design 2 Ltd has a new "front runner" the company will be run by the same people as ABC Design Ltd Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. UKD.
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me. I used to work for a sole trader only for 18months. I was paid on a monthly basis but only for every 4 weeks so which should have been 13 payments throughout the year. i was contracted for 24 hours a week but my pay slips say less than that. I confronted my ex employer about this and he kept going on about that I were'nt entitled to holiday pay blah blah and that his accountant knows what he is doing. Any way he changed accountants as he messed up the accounts, which i told him he would, but managed to get the knew accountants email address, and email him to ask for the correct calculations on my payslips and to confront his client about missing wages. well his accounted issued NEW payslips with what i should have been paid, which is fine as they wouldnt have done so if it was all correct in the first place. I kept asking and asking for what was owed and I was fobbed off each time. when the end of tax year came and my P60 was issued again i told the accountant that obviously that the pay was wrong it and it needs to be corrected, but the P60 had already been sent to HMRC but the accountant still issued ANOTHER TWO P60's HMRC have the wrong information. I left that employment and was issued a P45, I then found another job and because that P45 had the wrong information I emailed the accountant and he said he would rectify it but only to issue me with another P45 and not inform HMRC just like with the P60. I have started court proceedings against my employer, and he has decided to defend it. he has now come up with an invoice that I OWE HIM MONEY, but he has given two different amounts on both invoices one to us and one to the courts. the place of work is a scooter garage, I had work done on my scooter at the garage at an agreed cost, verbally, which has been paid, but now he has given me an invoice which i have never seen before, and its all ready been paid. I dont know where i stand in court with this false invoice that he has pulled out of thin air and the wages he owes. I have tried sorting it out with him but he will not listen then he threw abuse at my wife when she researched everything, all because he does not like being told by a woman what is right and wrong, so this is the reason why its going to court, we tried the tribunal road but it was out of the 3 months by the time we go in touch with them, and we didnt even know about the time frame. any advice where to gather information or any advice in general really, as me and my wife are a little stuck. Jon
  5. Hi All, and thanks for taking the time to read this. I am a trader at shows around the country, four years ago, I befriended a guy who was down on his luck, and offered to put him up for a few months, after this he moved out, however a few months later he was back again, after a few more months he suggested that he put a small cabin on our patio to use when he wasn't attending events as a place to "lay his head". after much deliberation with my wife I agreed but pointed out that it was a temporary arrangement until such times as he got himslef sorted out. well four years on the guy became somewhat of a bully and suggested we should make this and that changes to our home and land, we certainly resisted, however we became very scarred to oppose him as he has a very strong character. The financial arrangement, sugessted by him, was that he pay me £50/week in arrears for the privalage of using mu patio to site the small cabin, it turned out to be huge!!, and one third of the electricity used on a quarterly basis when the bill arrived, anyway, he started to miss these so called goodwill payments, and in 2013 was in debt to for £1000, I did suggest on a number of occasions that he settle, however the debt grew during the months to May 1st when he left owing me some £3000, he has now contacted a solicitor with a view to recovering stock and some other goods left at our property, he is also claiming Propriety Estoppel on my patio ( we've poo poo'd this as utter rubbish), his solicitor is also claiming that as the payments made were "goodwill payments" there is no debt, ..I have written to him on the 1 st may requesting that he roemove his goods and chattels by 30 june at which time or sometime thereafter the goods will be sold at auction to realise the debt, his solicitor is saying we cannot do that, as it is theft. in the second solilictor's letter he is contradicting most of the things he said in the first letter,, I have all the correspondance and can post it here when/if neccesary. We have loads of evidence to prove he not telling the truth. wonder, initially should we stand our ground or give in? kindrst regards to all who read this Ken
  6. Got what maybe a little problem. My friend and his family he lives with are pretty rich who have a fair number of properties and commercial properties (2 they use them self and 1 other they lease out). They are pretty rich but was desperate to purchase another property and they was a little short of money in a short space of time in their bank accounts. So my friend asked me for 10k to be transferred into his account and on the day of transfer he will repay me 10k which he did (in cash as he receives mainly cash from his company sales) Now a week later he was pretty desperate and said he was literally 6k short. He said verbally he will repay in 1 month. Its now been 3.5 months and he keeps saying hes waiting for some money to come in from some place.... I am just thinking ahead here a little, i just need some advise on how if i needed to take him to court to recover the money owed. There was no agreement signed as were friends for 10+ years, however while were on good terms..etc what would be the best way to gather evidence if i was to need it later on? I have a voice recording of the time when i transferred the 5k and during this conversation we mentioned the word 'lend' but no mention of 1 month deadline was mentioned or anything. As i say im jumping ahead here... i did not ask for a signed agreement about the money because being friends for a long time asking this would probably break a friendship and come across as not trusting your friend. My question here today really is can i gather more voice recordings as evidence should i need it?
  7. Hi, Just after a bit of advice, I informed my employer that I would not be returning to work following maternity leave. I received my P45 which did not include any holiday pay. I contacted ACAS who said that yes, you continue to accrue holiday whilst on maternity leave and to contact my employer and request that the pay me for this. I spent 3 weeks on the phone everyday to my manager, HR department, payroll department kept getting passed around from pillar to post, to find out I am owed 73 hours holiday pay, but they haven't paid it me. I sent a letter over a week ago saying I wanted confirming the date when this would be paid or I would be taking it to a tribunal, I gave them 7 days, no response, no pay, and the december pay date has been and gone. Only thing is I really don't have the £160 fee to file a claim, and I highly doubt I would qualify for remission, only option I have really is to put this on a credit card, unless any one knows of anything else I can do? Thanks
  8. I'm self-employed and I'm owed money for work that I've done for a company this summer. Can anybody advise me what my rights are and how I can recover the debt quickly and with the minimum cost to myself? I have invoices totalling £7.5k, the oldest of which is now seven weeks passed due. The company in question charge their clients up-front for services but are telling me that they have no money 'in the pot' with which to pay me. They may have used these funds to develop other projects or pay off existing debt but I'm sure that would mean that they are trading insolvently. Whilst telling me that they will pay, they refuse to commit to a payment date and have left me penniless and desperate.
  9. Hi All Today we received the full deposit back from the DPS as our tenant left without paying rent and has damaged the property. The problem is that we are sure he's gone back to India! Is there anyway we can get back the rest of the money that is owed to us at all? I am assuming that we cannot take him to the small claims court as he has moved back home. He owes us still an outstanding amount of over £2k Any advice would be most welcome. Cheers Piglet
  10. hi, i became an accidental landlord. i couldnt sell the house so i changed to a BUY TO LET mortgage so i could rent the house to tenants. my neighbor rented a room from me. he was claiming housing benefit. he gave this money without fail although sometimes he was £5 or £10 short, i just overlooked that even though i needed everything to pay the mortgage. my parents became ill so i moved away. the tenant then stopped paying me money, when he was £360 in arrears, i called to the house. he just burst out crying and said "sorry dean im a selfish person and i will make this up to you" the second time i called to the house, he was £600 in arrears. i called the same day i knew he would get his housing benefit money. he gave me £100, bringing the total arrears down to £500 when the arrears became £980.00, i then called to the house and he wouldnt answer the door. i knew he was in as i saw him looking out at the window at me. i waited until he opened the door to take his dog for a walk and then got into the house! i spoke with him and he told me the money was with a friend and he was on his way to get it. needless to say, he never returned. since he did a runner, i phoned him at his mothers house. he told me i can take him to court as i am not getting a penny out of him! he even told me that as there were no receipts, it was my word against his. This guy was a neighbor / friend. When i was living in the house with him, he would eat my food, i would lend him money etc etc. he owes me far more than £980 I know he does not have a job and he has only benefits due to him being sick. if i take him to court for this, what do i need to do? he has no assets, even if i did take him to court and won, how would i then enforce that he pays me? ive been too lenient with him and would just love to send him court bailiffs at his mothers house. but as far as i know, he has nothing of any value. any advice please? i had to borrow the £900 from family and friends to cover his debt and to repay the mortgage. this is money i cant afford to lose....... thanks!
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