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Found 25 results

  1. Hi everyone I use a courier company, i will call "TPC", who in turn use DPD. I have to say on the whole the past few years has been event free but a few months ago we sent a 3D printer to someone to use and it was smashed up really badly. The recipient took photos and has emailed us stating the damage was beyond dropping in his view and we have loads of photos of the box damaged etc. I reported the issue immediately and TPC were originally very sympathetic etc. I have to say I was shocked at the damage, you would have had to try really hard to do what they did. As the client needed to get printing urgently, I resent a new identical printer out, only this time this one had a glass build plate, so about 30x20, super tough, heat resistant glass plate that the plastic is printed onto. This was in fact a bespoke upgrade I did to this one but the plastic plate was also sent. This printer was also sent insured fully. This 2nd delivery went horribly wrong yet again, with a tonne of damage done. We sent both printers in the original boxes, designed for transporting them. They are thick boxes, with the original polystyrene inserts. Loads of space etc. we also used an outer box with more packaging to be safe. The packaging has never been challenged, in fact DPD stated that it was fine. long story short. I know DPD have accepted both claims (although irrelevant as the contract was with the 3rd party we use, TPC). I am still waiting for any decision, I have emailed multiple times and so we logged a small claims track. Unfortunately the printers are no longer made, so I have asked for the replacement cost of the latest available model for both printers. The defence is that they will not pay as there was glass in the box (even though only the 2nd item had glass in it) There is no consideration about the first delivery that had no glass in it at all. I have sent the court questionnaire off, have stated I am willing to mediate and I am waiting. No solicitors seem to be involved at this point, certainly no legal sounding stuff has come back from the defendant at this point. Just want some help and advice really. I have basically lost a part of my little business due to these printers being damaged beyond repair. Questions: 1. I have no doubt that I will get the compensation for the 1st Printer as there was no glass and it was clearly in breach of the Sale of goods and services act 1982, (reasonable care and skill clause). however What about where there is a piece of glass in an item? I have never actually claimed for this extra add on, I feel that if they had delivered properly in the first place I would not have had to send the 2nd printer out and also the glass did not cause the damage, it was just "also" damaged, but again I am not claiming for this. 2. I would normally claim for the cost of the item if damaged. However in the case of the model being superseded and no longer being available. Is it OK to claim a little more for the latest available model? I have averaged the price from 5 retailers and would genuinely be buying these to simply replace my lost printers. In my defence it is a real pain in terms of retraining and new software to learn a new machine. Any help would be appreciated on the best course of action and of course I will post everything up here so others can learn from my mistakes and hopefully successes!! I am about to go through mediation, but can't find much on the process here. Has anyone gone through this process as a claimant and is there any advice anyone can give. I have been told by the CAB that it's a chance to "negotiate" but Ii'm not sure if negotiation is what I want to do, i'd really like the defendant to try and see the light. Also can the defendant deny wanting to use mediation? Any help appreciated.
  2. Hi, I have made two attempts at buying a cagoule from the online retailer, BoohooMan.com with voucher codes and have been hit with problems both times. The first time, of which the cagoule was reduced from £20 to £13.99 including delivery, the item was supposedly to be delivered by Hermies, and was delayed twice before the retailer demanded for the item to be returned and I was given a refund. When I tried a second time, the cagoule was reduced from £20 to £15.99 including delivery, using a voucher code with Unidays. This time around the delivery was arranged with DPD. However, the item was delayed for arrival with DPD and the retailer changed the delivery arrangements to Hermies and has now been delayed twice again. I now fear that the item will not be delivered and I will have to pay again at full price for my goods. Do I have the right to demand the delivery of the cagoule that was ordered, instead of giving me another refund?
  3. Shoes to seamines - 20,000 items recovered preparing for carriers’ new home READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/shoes-to-seamines-20000-items-recovered-preparing-for-carriers-new-home
  4. Hi all So my dad is due to fly to Sweden next month, as his brother is in his final months of live, due to cancer. He booked a flight via Norwegian air for a return trip from Gatwick to Copenhagen for £106.90 on Monday the 17th. He got the confirmation email, so everything looked normal, until Wednesday, he got a series of flight confirmation emails, which listed changes to his flight. The first email was a series of cancellation/time changes, but also included: 2 x Checked baggage (10.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 20.00 2 x Upgrade fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 72.00 2 x Namechange fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 72.00 2 x Checked baggage (15.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 30.00 Fast track 0.00 (0%) 9.00 WCHR – Wheelchair (ramp) 0.00 (0%) 0.00 2 x Hearing impairments 0.00 (0%) 0.00 2 x Vision impairments 0.00 (0%) 0.00 WCHC – Wheelchair (seat) 0.00 (0%) 0.00 For a grand total of £289.90 The second email was the same thing, but the times were back to their originals, again, the same total price. Third email was the same upgrades/changes again, but also different flight times, with stop overs in Madrid for the return flight These changes were £629.80 Fourth and final email had the same types of changes, only for a lot more money (£1191.70) and included a whole bunch of random things like golf equipment etc. Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 25.20 4 x Upgrade fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 144.00 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 16.80 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 43.00 2 x Namechange fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 72.00 2 x Seat reservation (10.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 20.00 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 32.00 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 15.00 2 x Golf equipment 0.00 (0%) 56.00 4 x Ski equipment 0.00 (0%) 112.00 2 x Fast track 0.00 (0%) 9.00 11x Excess baggage 0.00 (0%) 99.00 16x Excess baggage 0.00 (0%) 144.00 Windsurfing equipment 0.00 (0%) 38.00 Kite equipment 0.00 (0%) 38.00 Total Amount 0.00 1191.70 All of these individual charges have apparently been debited from his account. So he got in touch with Norwegian Air through their chat system and they were of zero use, basically telling him it wasn't them, it must have been him, or someone else. He got the same response from their phone line, that he's been hacked, or his account has been hacked and for him to go to his bank and the police. He doesn't even have an account with norwegian air, so could he or anyone make changes? He's going down to the police station and bank tomorrow about it, but has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  5. trying to sort this out for a neighbour.... a person whom is specifically mentioned in an English will in the regard of: a gift of £30k in respect to a loan they gave the decreased has it appears cleared out all personal items of the deceased as well as many very valuable items that were destined for distribution along with the sale of said property as part of the estate distributed amongst surviving children. my neighbour being one of these. this was discovered when he was escorted to the property by the solicitors/agent to collect 'something' to remember his dad by for the meant time and collect photos etc etc. this person is an executor of the will, but retained a set of keys when they should not have done? and have never been escorted like his son was and his other son that was escorted around at another time too.. the person has returned on numerous occasions since the death until my neighbours visit [we have CCTV evidence!!] and can be seen for want of a different word, rifling the place of anything of worth. to the extent that other than photos, there are NO personal effects of their father left!! even the bedding has gone!! [yes this person and my neighbours deceased dad have lived together many a year] the property was a second home. the solicitors seem non plushed by this....... but surely this cant be legal? your thoughts CAG please
  6. Hi I got caught taking some items from primark (I know, sad)! They took me in to a room and took down my details from my Spanish ID and I gave them my real address to send the fine they told me the RLP will send in a couple of weeks or so. I'm over 18 so they didn't ask for my parents details. They made a copy of my Spanish ID and didn't call the police. The total amount was £35. I swear I learned the lesson but I'm really worried if I'm going to have any criminal record in the UK or it's going to be a problem if at some point I want to apply for a mortgage? Also the security guy told me the fine will be £130 but I read on this website that it's £180. Also read that I don't have to pay, just ignore it. The security guy told me if I don't pay it this would be taken to the court and I would have a real problem. Is that real? They have my real address so it's easy the RLP can ask for it and send the police to my address or something? I'm really worried and i'm overthinking the worst! I would really appreciate if you can give me some advise. Many thanks in advance.
  7. I bought a Denon AV receiver about 7 months ago from an online retailer. I now need to return it for a replacement power supply as it is making a humming noise. The retailer tells me I need to purchase packaging, arrange a courier and they will contribute £10 for carriage. This is a large and expensive item so packaging it safely will be a big job and I am not sure that £10 will cover carriage and insurance. They tell me repair could take up to 4 weeks which is very inconvenient as this is a critical part of our media system and used daily. I realise being without films and music isn't the end of the world but on the other hand I am annoyed that such an expensive item has failed so soon and is causing this inconvenience. I see The Consumer Rights Act says: What constitutes "significant inconvenience" and should a large item be expected to be returned with all costs, including packaging refunded?
  8. Hi all I bought 2 sofas just over a year ago when I was absolutely desperate. Now I'm suck paying a silly amount for sofas I don't actually like and have another 2 years to pay! I want to return them but don't know if that is possible! the interest of these items are making me sick! I know its my own fault and I knew what I was getting in for when I signed up Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Hello, We have just had our storage and removal insurance claim denied I don't know what to do next. If I get anything wrong I'm sorry as this is my first post. Back in October we paid for a large national removal firm to come to our house, pack and export wrap all of our things and then take them to be stored in their warehouse for six months as we were moving to Eastern Europe to start a business. We took out their own removal and storage insurance covering us up to the value of £23,000 as we listed all of the items about £500 separately as per their instructions. When the time came for us to have our things delivered, we employed a second removal company to collect our things from the warehouse and deliver them to us in Eastern Europe. We also took them up on their insurance, for the same amounts as above. When our things arrived, everything looked fine at first, but as we started to unpack we saw that almost all of the boxes had been opened, then resealed and new box numbers put on with the old ones taken off. Some boxes even had two completely different numbers on, and the contents of the boxes was completely different to what was written on the packing inventory. Most of the boxes were almost empty too, but in was done in such a way that you wouldn't be able to tell until the box was open. For example, one of the boxes said that it contained my evening dresses and formal wear, it was a big box, but all it contained was our old and very worn picnic rug Our little fire safe had also been broken into, you can see where the lock has been forced and the contents are gone. We went through everything and the missing items come to just under £15,000. We informed both removal companies within four days of receiving our things. The first company who had stored the things said to fill out the insurance forms and get the information to them as soon as we could. The second company said that it was not their responsibility as everything had looked in good order when they collected it, but their broker sent us the claim forms and said to submit the claim anway. We put the claim in for the first removal company as the second removal company would not have been able to open and reseal the boxes as they did not have the branded labels with the first companys logo and details. The first removal firm said that they had sent our claim off to their brokers underwriters and that we would hear directly from them. After five weeks of not hearing anything, and of the removal company ignoring my emails and not putting me through to anyone when I called, I called the broker instead who said that they had never received our claim details. They asked me to send them directly to them, which I did. They have sent me an email saying that they are denying the claim as it is the other removal companys responsibility as the goods were in good condition when the collected them. I'm not sure what to do, it is soul destroying, these were hugely sentimental items, we are devastated. Any help or advice would be very greatly appreciated thank you. Sorry I should have added that we have now moved back to the UK as my mother became very ill and we didn't want to be far away.
  10. Is it right that an online store (Debenhams) have got authorisation to take funds from my account for an item that they have now told me is not in stock - still advertised on their website as being in stock though. I completed the order and got email confirmation (although the T&C's say no contract is formed until the item is dispatched) and then shortly after received another email saying the order is cancelled. Are the online stock systems so poor that they do not update automatically. I have called my bank and I will not have access to the funds until the authorisation is withdrawn or 10 days pass. It is not the amount here but the principle.
  11. I've contracted myHermes to deliver a pair of Mission 782 speakers from the UK Mainland to Portugal. I've been buying speakers and amplifiers in the US and UK for months now, and apart from a Onkyo receiver being totaled by SEUR, 22 packages where successfully delivered. This baselines standard quality of service + my definition of good enough packaging to sustain normal transportation stress + a normal BAD transportation claim being settled correctly by ebay (that onkyo dropped by SEUR represented immediate FULL refund). My myHermes experience starts with the transportation of the 2 speakers. They where bubble wrapped (2 layers big bublle, then the edges where card-boarded, then a layer of foam wrap together with gum-tape holding everything together). When I got the speakers, the center drivers where: Speaker 1 - marked and broken inner cone Speaker 2 - no cone visible! it was inside the speaker together with the big magnet that makes a speaker work...both broken beyond repair. This speaker also had the front protector assembly broken. I've received much more fragile speaker delivered with less protective wrapping... a set of Castle Acoustics for instance was delivered with the box containing them literally falling apart, with the speakers showing, wrapped only in a layer of small bubble wrap...yet perfect in condition as they where handled with care, as you would expect from a transportation service. Since the ONKYO case, I decided to estimate the replacement value for those 2 speakers, and during contract from myHermes, I added insurance valued good for 200GBP. After receiving the damaged speakers, I've seek a repair solution and managed one at 162GBP. During claim, I added photographic evidence, together with a estimated cost form ebay parts to repair the broken drivers... that was not accepted as it was not a receipt. So I immediately brought the parts and added the receipt. Then came the so called deliberation: Insufficient packaging...no settlement. Please accept the good will 30GBP. Talking with client support the "official version was repeated over again"... a total and complete loss of my time. My conclusions?: 1 - they must be self insured and so in conflict of interest regarding defending the client against a claim.... hence insurance is a [problem]. 2 - insufficient packaging is an easy to claim nonsense.... Speakers are as heavy as they are fragile... dropping them is enough to damage them, even on original factory packaging... competitors had no issues with worse packing quality, yet myHermes managed to destroy 2 independently packed speakers...not one, but 2. They where packed for transportation, not rugby playing! The seller could have wrapped the speakers in steel... if they decide to shoot them instead of transporting them, no packing will ever be enough. This is the main point! A transportation company should transport their customer goods with care. Wrapping and protection serves the purpose of eventual, normal handling, accidents... not systematic, negligent, handling. 2 speakers 2 "accidental handling accidents"??? those odds would make billionaires on the lottery. 3 - During a claim, no claim is processed until you actually present a receipt of you paying for the repair... so they will force you into loosing more money. Then they deliberate... this is total disrespect for the client and a very bad practice. 4 - Finally they offer a "Good Will" refund. If they offer ANY sort of refund they know they are guilty.. the 30GBP is a joke and serves to reinforce that the insurance is actually no more than a ripoff form myHermes instead of a real insurance from an 3rd party entity. 5 - Will never use them again ever. 6 - Will pass this experience to EVERYONE ELSE OUT THERE so others do not suffer the same fate. 7 - Will seek alternative ways of punishment (legal or simple bad publicity). 8 - If Ebay global shipping decides to use myHermes, I would not opose, as they have the power/volume to press myHermes into submission (just as they've done with SEUR and the ONKYO case). BUT I've already posted on the ebay community forum as many other have. I honestly think that the decision is down to price and that quality is ignored... but it is worth the try.
  12. Does anyone have a UK contact number/email for ASDA home shopping? I have been trying to get a refund on items missing from our shopping delivered 29 Sept but no one seems to want to do it and it's getting a bit silly now. I've called the number 3 times now and still no refund as well as using the online form and just had a call today from the most unhelpful woman based in South Africa who refused to let me discuss my wife's account unless I answered security correctly - which I did (they needed the email address on the account and my wife has just the one and they claim it's not the one, but it is as I have just checked it). This is despite me being the only one in contact with them and even calling me on my own mobile phone. Hopefully I can get some sort of contact from someone in the UK as after 2 failed refunds and suspecting the person on the 3rd call was simply trying to get rid of me when he said someone will call me back - I'm starting to get a little fed up. Thanks Lee
  13. Having moved to Northern Ireland I am on ESA, in the support group because i have arthritis in both knees. I have been staying in a hostel provided by the local housing Executive due to my current needs. The housing executive have just offered my a ground floor flat that suits my needs for which i have accepted. My move in date is expected to be in 4-6 weeks after the housing executive have made the flat acceptable due to the last tenant. I have been given a Form (Community Care Grant) to complete and send to the local Social Security Office as there is no DWP in Northern Ireland. -It can take up to a month to process. This grant allows for help in costs setting up a new home with the basics such as a cooker, fridge etc Are there any dedicated web sites etc where you can list these household things and help in filling out the form
  14. Hi, I haven't used this forum before so sorry if I am in the wrong place. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about non delivery of goods being reported to an ebay seller 9 weeks after delivery should have arrived. Basically a friend sold an item on ebay (just their second-hand stuff) and the buyer has just told them that the goods haven't been received but it is 9 weeks later. The item was sent tracked and the courier admit that they didn't obtain a signature (even though they were meant to), but the courier only gives a week to report missing items so they say they cannot give compensation, due to the fact that the missing item has been reported so long after the delivery date. The seller has explained that they are unable to get compensation from the courier so cannot afford to refund the item, and that more could have been if this situation had been raised earlier. The buyer is now threatening legal action against the seller. We are trying to find out what he should do? Can he be sued for the money? He has proof that he posted the item and that he paid for the insurance and for it to be signed for. We can't find any solid answer on the internet and even CAB were unsure. Thank you for reading.
  15. We moved a house 4 months ago and there are various items left by someone who was not even the tenant a car ,tv etc . We have asked for a them to be moved several times to no avail . What are our options !
  16. Hi, as I was moving into a new property, I thought it necessary to replace both the door locks. In the process of doing this, the engineer accidentally smashed one of the 8 glass panels of the porch. His company said that they would replace the panel but the window firm who is taking care of this said that the new panel will not match the same colour of the other 7, which is going to be most inconvenient. My question is to establish the responsibility of the company I have employed to change the locks: would it be reasonable to demand that all the panels be replaced at their expense? By shattering to pieces one single panel, they have in fact caused a much greater damage and the prospect of incurring into such an expense when I am about to settle in a new property is frankly quite daunting. Many thanks. Robert Thanks
  17. Have to compile this and have been reading about this in various places. However, my confusion is, how comprehensive should it be? Apologies if this sounds like a complete rookie question and I would imagine it's been answered here before, but I cannot find what I'm looking for. So question is, should it include anything past what I intend to use as evidence for my case and argument i.e. short witness statements (or is that truly part of the witness statment aspect?), costs in seeking employment, medical evidence (was mentally and physically unwell during my disciplinary for GM). etc? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  18. Hi I posted some time ago about quite large council tax arrears, with a bit of help from family and a lot of hard work we have paid most of this off now and it was just some from the year 2012/13 remaining. When it was sent to the bailiffs we came to an arrangement and managed to stick to it for apart from the last 2 payments. We still owe approximately 400 from this but couldn't make the last two payments due to work being slow, we are self employed. We buried our heads in the sand a little hoping we would have some spare to be able to make it up, but this hasn't happened. Then we received a letter posted warning that a bailiff would be visiting, we appear to have been charged £24.50 for this. Then this evening we received a visit with the bailiff leaving a notice of distress and inventory with our neighbours vehicle details listed and charges for levy fee and attendance. I used to be so strong in dealing with all this, but lately everything stresses me out. Its not an excuse as we want to pay, but just cant right now. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Stressed2009
  19. Hi all, Whilst this matter is being sorted, I am concerned about the length of time, and the sequence of events by the retailer. About 18 months ago, I rebuilt my desktop computer. Most of the components came from SCAN International – obviously spending quite some cash. Not long after, the graphic card failed. I contacted SCAN who persuaded me to contact the manufacturer (nVidia/EVGA) [not even SCANs wholesaler/supplier]. Reluctantly I did this to save time, but it cost me money to return the item to Germany etc. 1/ About a fortnight ago, one of the 1Tb HDD’s (Seagate) failed, and I contacted SCAN again. They were insisting that I contact Seagate. It is still under warranty. This time I held fast and told them that as my contract is with them, it’s up to them to sort it out. After several emails, they eventually said that if I send it to them, they will return it to Seagate “on my behalf”. Obviously they expect me to wait for Seagate to comment/replace etc. Apparently; SCAN no longer sell Seagate gear. I think I’m right in saying that I have One contract – which is with SCAN. SCAN have TWO contracts. One with me and one with Seagate – and the two shouldn’t meet ? SCAN have received my original drive today, & found that it is indeed faulty. As my contract is with SCAN – shouldn’t they just replace the item,,,,, regardless of what they do with the returned one, and regardless of their contract with Seagate - & be pretty quick about it ? 2/ Separate issue: When a faulty item is returned under warranty, is it right that: i) any replacement is a refurbished item – not new, ii) any warranty on the replacement, is only as long as is left on the original ? thanks all. F
  20. I've used ParcelMonkey a few times recently; most recently I was arranging a return for the boss and PM came out cheapest on their bulk rate. No great surprise there, but what did pique my interest was the definition of 'perishable items' in their T&Cs -- as well as their no-compensation and prohibited items list. In their T&Cs (parcelmonkey.co.uk/terms-and-conditions) it reads (emphasis added): I couldn't believe it when I read that they'd defined designer clothing, apparel and accessories - over £250 in value, no less - as a perishable item! How is this justifiable? Subsequent Googling of other couriers' T&Cs with regards to perishable items yielded only the standard fare; foodstuffs, livestock or stuffed animals, etc. In addition, PM's "no-compensation carriage" list is bizarre (parcelmonkey.co.uk/prohibitedItems.php) and includes a mixture of reasonable and completely bizarre specifications with no promise of compensation should they be damaged. (Even if they're packaged correctly?!) This all strikes me as overly optimistic on their behalf and vastly overreaching; of course you have to consent to the T&Cs before you book a courier - so should a complaint ever arise over an item damaged or nondelivered they can just fold their arms and say "well, as you agreed, we hereby refer you to the response in Arkell v. Pressdram" and subsequently ignore you. Now whilst any company's entitled to state what it wishes or does not wish to carry on behalf of customers, if the individual couriers' own T&Cs are less restrictive than the third party broker (Parcel Monkey) would it not be arguable that their own T&Cs are unenforceable as the additional restrictions are arbitrary and, in some cases, punitive? I can't afford to send a laptop hoping it'll get broken to then file a test case, so I'm interested to hear what people think of all this from a purely academic standpoint. Are there any relevant precedents?
  21. Firstly we have this followed by this news article where China is now supplying North Sea oil and gas to the UK. Have we reason to be concerned? I would say "YES!"
  22. OK guys,a rather unusual one here. I was travelling on a FGW train from Exeter-Cornwall. Just before Plymouth station, the cleaner came through the train asking for any rubbish to be collected. As I hadn't got anything that needed to be taken, I just said No and went back to my book. I turned back in time to see him taking a paper bag out of my holdall which was on the seat next to me and throwing it into the sack. I yelled at him to stop but it was too late-it had been put in there . By then,people were getting up to get up at the station, and he got to the doorway before I could .I managed to get hold of the Train Manager and explained the situation, and was told that there was nothing they could do-once it was in the sack and had been taken off the train,it would be incinerated. 44 Besides some odds and sods, it also had in my wallet with my onward ticket and railcard and about £30 in cash. I've put in a complaint, but I've been told that even though it was their fault, there is nothing they can do unless I can provide proof of purchase for the railcard and proof of what else was in there. It was not just left unguarded, but was actually inside my property sitting next to me when it was taken. What to do next?
  23. Hi I wonder if anyone could help My daughter was involved in a caravan fire (suspected arson) whilst working abroad this summer. She basically lost everything apart from the clothes she was standing in and her laptop and phone which were still one her lap when she woke up by the fire! She had travel insurance purchased through the company she worked for. A number of electrical items I had bought her over the last couple of years were lost (tablet, camera and ipod). I still have the the original emails sent from these companies when these items were purchased. I have printed these emails off but they are saying they want original receipts. I still have the boxes for two of the items and the only paperwork that came with them were paperwork for returns. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks
  24. Hi, I am currently living in a flat with a company "Redpath Bruce" being the property factors. Within the flats, we share a drying room and apparently a complaint has been made about my items stored in it. They sent me a letter reading, "We shall be obliged if persons responsible for these items would remove them by Friday, 6th July 2012. The drying room will be inspected on this date and please note any items remaining in the drying room after expiry of the time limit given will be uplifted and disposed of". Are they within their rights to do this? I am living in Glasgow, UK. Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011: legislation.gov.uk/asp/2011/8/enacted Thanks.
  25. Hi, My father was in the toilet of a gym the other day. He's a taxi driver and popped in for a workout after his week of work before travelling home (he commutes into London and works 5 nights, then goes home). Whilst at the urinal, his bag was opened and his watch, wallet, cab badge and earnings for the week were stolen. He was using a urinal with his back to the bag at the time. CCTV at the gym showed the guy making off but there was no clear facial. He had "Personal belongings cover" from Halifax, as a part of his home and contents insurance. However, they refused his claim on the phone today because he'd left the bag unattended. He explained that if he'd turned around, he had line of sight to the bag but they just said it should have been in a locker before his used the urinal. I can't see anything in the policy terms about this. The only sentence I could see related to not leaving things unattended whilst abroad (though I can understand that if you just went a placed a load of money in the street and walked off you wouldn't expect to be able to claim for it!). All in all it seems a little harsh. Anyone have the full T's and C's for Halifax personal belongings insurance? All I've been able to find is a 40 page policy booklet, of which the personal belongings section is tiny and wooly. I'm not sure what he earns, they only cover up to £500 cash anyway, but he's very upset about it. James
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