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  1. EB - I have already stated that the Oyster has already been cancelled and the print out from TFL shows that she tapped in but then did not tap out. It was not used after that. All the stations she uses have barriers so cannot get through without a card or ticket. I was no way being aggressive, just thought that the comments were not entirely helpful. Stating byelaws etc was not what I wanted, just some advice from someone that may have been through the process. Stigy - I was not making excuses for my daughter losing her card, just annoyed (as any father should be) that a older person has reduced her to tears when a more sympathetic approach would not have done. You call me an entitled snowflake, i will treat the comment with the contempt it deserves. When you are born & bred in Dagenham you don't get entitled to anything, you have to work for everything you have/want. Looks to me that you work in the industry so the comment in your last post "I have heard of people appealing and having their PFs withdrawn" should have been in your first post when you decided to give me a lecture about rules/regs. If it had of been it would have been more help even if you had put some caveats in. Basically what I can deduce is that she may be lucky on appeal, if not a decision has to be made.
  2. But you haven't really given any advice, you have just thrown rules/regs at me. I just asked if anyone had any experience of the appeal, you obviously haven't. You have not advised me of anything. Still defending the member of staff when you wasn't there (unless you are the person involved!). Please explain what about my attitude you do not like, because I didn't suck up to you. What you have said has not taken this forward at all unless it was to massage your own ego about how much you 'think' you know!
  3. I understand your defence of the inspectors attitude now. Handled more compassionately - nothing to do with different to who. An 18 year old approaches a member of staff to tell the truth and not try to get through the barrier (which is not overly difficult in London rush hour) and instead of being a bit compassionate and explaining the situation with regard the penalty fare he makes her feel like she has done something wrong - which no doubt you agree with. Not my idea of how to deal with the public! I will not be continuing this debate with you as you quite obviously feel that the inspectors attitude was justified.
  4. So my daughter approaches a staff member and is reduced to tears by his attitude, handled differently and, although the outcome is the same regarding the 'offence' my daughter walks away feeling differently. While I was not there my daughter has a very good recollection of what happened as well as phoning me straight away, I stand by my thoughts that the inspector would have handled it differently with someone older. The way you deal with people in difficult situations says a lot about the person, a bit of empathy goes a long way. The appeal does not mention the inspector at all as his attitude has nothing to do with the 'offence'. This will be dealt with by way of a complaint to TFL. Looking at the ticket again, it has been issued in accordance with the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and checking the act it says that the penalty fare is £50 reduced to £25 if paid within 21 days, although I may have missed any amendments. Daughters 'fine' is £80 reduced to £40. May need further investigation if the appeal is unsuccessful!
  5. My daughter is 18 and the inspector basically accused her of lying even though he could see she was upset - typical of the type of bully that do these jobs as I am sure if it was someone a bit older his attitude may not have been the same. The penalty is for 'no ticket or pass' which as you say is technically true but I really can't see how they can penalise someone for losing a pass when we can prove that it was used to tap in and not used since. Quite willing to go to court as long as it remains a civil matter, regardless of cost as its the principle that is important to me. Appeal has been submitted along with her journey history that shows the tap in but no tap out. I was a couple of trains behind her so asked at the originating station if anything had been handed in but nothing, the staff were all very helpful and all thought that the ticket will be cancelled. Fingers crossed.
  6. My daughter has received an on the spot penalty charge from TFL for travelling without a ticket. She has an apprentice Oyster card with her season ticket on it. She tapped in at the beginning of the journey (only way to get through barrier) when she got to her destination she realised she had lost her Oyster card. Went to a ticket inspector who proceeded to read her the riot act and had her in tears (a complaint will be going in about his actions). She willingly gave her details and the inspector even made a call to check she was telling the truth about her season ticket - he then issued the charge notice. She has been onto TFL to get the journey history but they need 48 hours for it to show, and to order a replacement card. I am assuming that on appeal this will be cancelled as she had tapped in but just wondered if anyone had any experience of this. Thx
  7. Hi All, Friend of mine was working for a contractor (Ltd Company) on a CIS basis. He has now left due to not being paid. He is owed £4000 gross (£3200 net) plus some expenses. The lack of payment has also meant he has incurred bank charges, He has been in dialogue and keeps getting promised the money is coming but still no luck. I have told him that from now on either to record phone calls or only communicate via text/email. He now wants to start proceedings to get his money. I understand that an LBA is required but could do with some guidance on how to start things off.
  8. Several threatograms from zenith now received this from Gladstones. I assume still sit & wait.
  9. Not sure that Samsung are correct re the warranty. My S7 crashed so I took it to the local Samsung store and they replaced the mother board and charge port under warranty but I had to pay fro a new screen as it was cracked.
  10. Look at other options of raising funds. If he sells the additional property there is the possibility of CGT, same with the art. It may be worth considering a lifetime mortgage on the additional property as the amount required is so small in the grand scheme.
  11. Surprise surprise the BPA back Smart Parking! https://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/17236537.westgate-car-park-basildon-is-doing-nothing-wrong-according-to-watchdog/
  12. Thats the garage. The sign in the picture now has another sign below it. I have a pic on my phone so will upload and also take pics at night. The sign on the wall at the other side of the garage you would not see as you turn in as it would not be in your eyeline. Just a question, why would you not mention the car wouldn't start in any appeal. Petrol was put in a pump 7 and then would not start. I had to go down to push car from forecourt then jump start. amended pic below
  13. Been into the petrol station twice and phoned twice to get hold of the manager but no luck as yet. Going back in today. NTK attached. 1 Date of the infringement - 01/11/18 2 Date on the NTK 07/11/18 3 Date received 08/11/18 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? Y 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? just number plate 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] N Have you had a response? [Y/N?] N/A 7 Who is the parking company? Euro Car PArks 8. Where exactly BP Petrol Garage, Romford
  14. Got to love them. Daughters boyfriend just received a NTK for staying to long in a petrol station. The car was there but wouldn't start after filling up with petrol - I know because I had to go and get it started. The wording is brilliant! I will going down there to check signage and also speak to the garage staff to try to get it rescinded as they will be able to check CCTV - don't hold much hope. First time i've heard about ANPR in a petrol station!
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