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  1. Hello all, Today, I walked out to my car sitting outside my address, to find this rather unwelcoming sticker slapped on my window. Before any questions are asked, I have absolutely no idea what/where/how this 'warrant' has landed on my lap... but I have recently moved address. I immediately rang the quoted number for equita, and spoke to two very unhelpful ladies. I explained (honestly) to the operator that I have no idea why this sticker has been stuck on my window. I asked for a full explanation of what the debt is, how it was obtained and more importantly how much. The opera
  2. I am a vulnerable person having suffered a violent attack for which I am receiving counselling for and has left me with anxiety problems, at the time this led to me leaving work which in turn led to me running up rental arrears and a possesion order granted ( I moved out before the date ). The vast majority have been paid off and I am now in a new place, at the time of the hearing I offered through his solicitor to pay £200 per month which was accepted via the solicitor in writing and I have kept paying to this arrangement. I have today been informed that a letter has arriv
  3. I have a qestion one of my friends have recieved a letter stating Baliffs will attend in 14 days to remove property for a very old debt from HSBC which was sold on to PRA Group Ltd. After checking her credit file a CCJ was issued against her for her debt by PRA Group Ltd in Oct 2016. The thing is the debt was Statute Barred when the CCJ was issued so surely it is not enforcible, any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatfully received.
  4. very long story which I will add later today, if possible, but your question of {did you make offers to the creditor before ccj } made me think because I made the offer which they refused,and yet when we went to court they accepted the exact amount! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?398804-Help-with-a-judgement-and-visit-from-HCEO-**Partial-Refund-Obtained** but I am not a business, just a pensioner who has now fees which like yours, didn't apply , I have now paid all but 200 which they say I still owe, did it cost you much and how did
  5. Hi All that has a read, Thank you firstly for clicking the link and using your time to have a look at my issue On the 29th Jan I spoke to someone that called my mobile, they said they had a high court writ in my name and have been sending letters to an old address. I said that I had not lived there for four years. I gave them my correct address details asked them what it was for and said if it is mine can I arrange a repayment. They said yes but didn't know the details of it. The bill was for 1200.00 Yesterday I received a letter from a bailiff hand delivered, now
  6. I wonder if you could advise me about a visit from the baliff this morning that my friend received. She owes council tax for last year and this year. She made an arrangement with the council debt collector and agreed to pay the debt off for last year. She has paid £400 so far and there was only £18 remaing. She then received 2 separate council bills with 2 different account numbers. She rang the council and they said it was a mistake it was just and adjustment. So as far as she knew there was one bill for 2015 to 2016 and a small one for 2014 to 2015. The
  7. Morning All, Hope you can help. Rossendales due today! Debt council tax relates to 2014/15, I was signed off by G.P for stress and anxiety after suffering post traumatic stress following a dreadful experience. I have all doctors sickness notes. The debt is due and I accept full responsibility for not acting correctly, I was not dealing with anything to be honest. Was on ESA now on JSA. O.k Sums outstanding to council £232.00, Rossendales added £75.00 compliance stage fee total due £307.00. I phoned Rossendales ofice explained my position, office refused to speak to me as now wit
  8. The Council have forwarded 3 Liability Orders to Bristow and Sutor totalling £1200.00 who have written to me by post and asked me to pay £156.00 per week, this was unaffordable. I went online and said that I would pay £22.00 per week direct to the council to clear the debt, the online form only allowed me to write 250 characters, I did manage to note in there that I would NOT allow the baliffs access into the property. I have sent a letter to the council asking if they will take the debt back and allow me to pay them direct - yet to hear back from them Bristow and Suto
  9. I've come home today to find a card posted through my door to say a Bailiff has been to execute a warrant. Some years ago I lost a Money Claim Claim as I was too frightened to attend to Court. I was ordered to pay just over £2000. I've been paying £30 every month. I send the person a load of cheques to cover a year at a time. One got missed and the person jumped at the chance to send in the Bailiff. I sent in an application to the Judge along with my fee. The form got sent back along with a new form (I'd completed the wrong one). The Court cashed my cheque and I sent in
  10. Hi all, I hope someone out there can help me as I am very very confused! Briefly, A representation about a PCN was made to Stratford Council on the 23rd of December 2013 and no response was received. I was unaware of the severity of the situation until on the 1st of August 2014 I received correspondence dated 21st of July 2014, from Equita which I subsequently opened regarding the PCN due to Stratford Council, stating that enforcement action would be taken unless the amount of £157 was paid. I immediately telephoned Equita and explained that this correspondence was my first sight of the o
  11. Can you please tell me how to deal with this situation I made an arrangement to pay £87 a mth on £400 outstanding i was waiting for a direct debit form but the baliff turned up saying as i did not respond verbally by 3rd sept it was handed over to them i told him i would speak to the council in the morning then get back to him firstly what i shall do is tell the council i agreed to the £87 but heard nothing back im sure they will put the blame back on me do i have to deal with the baliff i must say he was pleasent enough he just said he will have to
  12. hi just looking for a bit of advice plzzz:???: (sorry very long post) my partner has a court fine for not having a tv license (he honestly thought he had one ( i no you hear this all the time)). he pleaded guilty by post and got fined ££240 (or there a bouts) (been researching all day and head hurts) he spoke to the courts fines officer and was told to send income & expenditure form which he did. he then received a letter from the court regarding non payment so he called and made a payment of £42 as they had requested. the man on the phone took all his bank details and said it
  13. I missed a council tax payment in December Bristol City Council handed my account over to a Baliff, this amount incorporated the December amount and Feb and March. The baliff arrived at my house 1 day after Bristol City Council had taken a payment from me. The Baliff states I need to pursue the Council for this money as the order has been made for the amount outstanding - I am in discussions with the council regarding this. However I contacted the offices of Bristow and Sutor and told them I had some short term finance issues but would have the whole amount to th
  14. My partner had a charge levied against her at court for 850 and she was making a monthly payments and she subsequently missed one payment but continued paying after that. It has now transpired that the debt was transferred to a bailiff who have slapped 300 pounds fees on top of the existing debt by dropping letter through the letter box. Are these high fees legal and what can she do? Any advice please
  15. Need some advice please I have a council tax debt of £160.00. Bailiffs are trying to charge me £194.00 on top of this for 2 visits they have made to my home.! I read somewhere that for council tax they can only charge for 2 visits and that I should question when their fees are higher than the original debt. I also read somewhere that if I pay the original debtor the debt I owe them then the bailiffs cannot come after me for their fees but will have to deal with that separately. What I want to do is pay my council tax debt directly to the council and tell the debt collectors that
  16. Hiya, My mum and dad have just called me stressed as a baliff has turned up for my brother ( he was not in at the time ) They know what the amount is for and who it is from but when my dad said he was not in the baliff did not leave any paperwork and just left. They have the court order so will the court know which baliff company is being used, both my brother and my mum suffer ( and have medical documentation ) of severe anxiety and depression and so my mum is already stressing massively about this My brother had already offered a monthly repayment but this has obviously b
  17. Hi guys can you advice me further. I have council tax arrears and its now with the baliffs. I am currently off work with depression and on medication, as I'd been avoiding my debts and burying my head in the sand for many years, I hadnt actually opened any post for about 18 months....... I am working with CAB, to face my debts. But on going through my post I hacve noticed some hand delivered stuff from Rossendales, about said council tax, I worte to them with an offer of payment what I could afford, they have replied saying its not acceptable, but o
  18. Hi, Whilst I was out this afternoon, I had a visit from a baliff the left me a letter. Arrears of council tax £397 In accordance with the law, your possesssions will be seized if payment is not made within 5 days. I am asked to contact the baliff directly. I have an old car in my drive which has no tax or mot and wouldn't want the baliff to take this away when I am out. I haven't the funds to pay the baliff in full and any advice would be greatfully accepted.
  19. Hi all, I have been reading with interest regarding some similar issues however no posts seem to fully answer my questions. See last year, almost to the day, I boarded a southern rail train in a rush, asked the platform assistant if it was possible to purchase a ticket on the train, he pointed to the train guard who had the ticket machine strapped to her, she waved and smiled and I boarded the train. I started to look for her in the two adjoins carriages and she was nowhere to be seen so I decided to take a seat and wait for her to walk through as they normally do. My stop arrived
  20. Please can someone help! Had a visit today from a bailiff stating i owe £450 for TV license debt from 2008 from a previous address in another area. I called the majestrates court and told them it was the first i had heard about the debt. They advised that i did actually aknowledge the debt back in 2008 and made a £30 payment so a stat dec is not an option. The court advised me to call their fine department which i did and they say because i had a baby 7 months ago, self employed on maternity allowance am classes as vunerable and should be allowed to have the debt passed back to t
  21. can anybody help.. we had a issue a storage company who the instructed baliffs to remove our retail stock and sold it at auction.. we did not know anything about this until afterwards they took 200 items item worth approx 20k and sold it for next to nothing at 1725.. what can we do as we have been ripped off beyond belief for a debt of £625.. we didnt receive a penny as the baliffs took the remaining balance for themselves myself and my wife are feeling physically sick by this and has left us with no stock and a huge problem trying to replace it . can anybody help.. the
  22. Hi all I got a court fine through doing something really stupid and was paying it back out of my benefits. I then got a job and my benefits stopped but I completely forgot about my fine. Next thing I know I got a further steps notice in the post and I paid £25 online (I still owe £260). On Monday I got home from work (I work 9 - 530 and don't get a signal on my personal mobile) and there was a message on my home voicemail from the courts saying could I get in touch. I rang them today and got told that it got sent to the baliffs yesterday so I was a day too late to sort it out wit
  23. I received a summons for unpaid council tax for a property i used to live in a couple of years ago. The amount was for £513.64 They asked for 1 payment of 257.00 and a second payment of 256.64. They refused to accept anything lower even though i couldnt afford that amount. I paid £50 online last month and today i have come home to find a letter hand delivered from Bristow Sutor demanding payment of £540.14. What can i do?? I am happy to pay monthly installments but in no way can afford the entire amount up front
  24. Had a baliff today a rather rude and horrible one , wanting a payment of £539.00 with fee of £200 for todays visit included . I asked why the fee was so high as I understood they can only charge so much He said it was because he was leving and enforcing. He then asked me if my husband was a roofer to which I replied yes as he is ... Then asked about the car on the drive which is in my name but its a disabled car so he did nt levy that He was rude demanding payment off me stating he was nt going to leave without some sort of payment and stated that if I paid my bills this would nt be
  25. Hi everyone sorry for this but i am new to this, I lived in Oz for a couple of years and now live inbetween France and UK,i seprated from my wife in Oz and returned to the Uk so did my ex and i have a dept of $30000 which Credit corp has sent me a email demanding payment, The 2 cards were in my name so the dept is mine,i ran out of work so had to return. I have recieved a couple of emails stating that if i dont sort it out they will pass the it to a overseas agent, what can i do? and most important what can they do. I have assets in Europe which i had before i left u
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