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  1. Thanks fo sending the links which I have looked at. Would you advise I pay the PDC the money I originally owed HML anderton without the ridiculous referral fees and admin charges. oR should I send the payment to HML anderton who are the managment agents directly although theyve advised me that my correspondence should be directed to PDC as they were now dealing with the case. 1. Could you help with this question also - Should I refer to my lease title or contract with the managment company which would have information on how much admin fee I should be charged and if any. 2. Should I also fill the reply form I was sent indicating what debt i am responsible for or send an email saying I would only pay what i owe. Thanks in advance
  2. Dear sir, Will be very grateful if you can help me regarding unreasonable charges levied against me for not paying service charge ,reserve fund and service charge deficit fees. I agreed to pay the original charge in 3 instalments which was agreed to by the management company HML Anderton in september 2017 . I failed to make the last 2 instalments which were due in february and march 2018 for 500 pounds and 490 pounds becaue I forgot . They claimed to have sent me a reminder letters which I never received. I have now received a letter from PDC property debt collection company dating 26 april 2018 with the following charges Service charge - 670.33 Reserve fund - 390 service charge deficit - 45.67 Reffereal fee - 300 managment fees - 96.00 PDC instruction fees - 240 PDC additional costs - 10 I called PDC to make payment of what I initial owed of service charge,reserve fund and service charge deficit which was 1106.00 but they refused and wanted a payment of 1751.90. Can please advice how I go about this . The letter sent to me includes 1. register of title 2. information sheet 3. reply form Have filled the reply form saying am only prepared to pay what i owe and need an explanation for unreasonable fees added. will appreciate the help Regards, Dennis
  3. My partner had a charge levied against her at court for 850 and she was making a monthly payments and she subsequently missed one payment but continued paying after that. It has now transpired that the debt was transferred to a bailiff who have slapped 300 pounds fees on top of the existing debt by dropping letter through the letter box. Are these high fees legal and what can she do? Any advice please
  4. Thanks for the advice. I will request for it.If indeed they provide a form signed as a guarantor, am I obliged to pay even though the company was wound up more 4 years ago.
  5. Debt collection agency is chasing me for limited company debt for a company that closed about 4 years ago. They claim I was a guarantor and that the debt would have been registered with credit agencies which will affect my ability to get credit. I cannot remember but I might have signed as a guarantor and money owed relates to overdraft. Any advice would be appreciated.
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