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  1. Hiya a quick update on this, I was able to get some help in filling my initial defence in which I did Its now been 35 days since the defence was submitted and I have not heard anything? How long should I wait? If they have decided against pursuing it do I get anything at all to say this?
  2. Sorry for the later reply I have had the dreaded Noro Virus over weekend It went like this: - Account was experiencing problems - payments rejected when they should not have been, phone numbers disappearing off online banking, overdraft going etc - Went to complaints who sent a very poor reply back - Escalated to CEO office who confirmed complaint was not read properly. they gave compensation + set up new account 18 months all worked well with no issues - Both accounts experienced same problems all I get is its a system fault O/D went on one account Other accoun
  3. Thanks, Yes of course I will but off to work now so will have to do tomorrow Thanks for the help
  4. Hope this is okay for you: Name Of Claimant: MKDP LPP Date Of Issue: 19th Jan 2015 Value Of Claim: £5409.67 + Court Fees of £410 = £5819.67 Whats it for: Current Account Before 2007: No idea to be honest, probably after but will check Who has assigned: The Debt Purchaser Notice: Yes I did but replied to state it was under complaints with reference number Yearly Default Notices: No I have not Cease Payments: I did not, the overdraft went and then was passed on it seems while they were trying to rectify, I was arguing total as they added charges etc while it went
  5. Hiya, Bit of a complex one, Got an account with Halifax that went into many problems - mainly system problems that caused the account to disappear, lose address records etc but it also lost my overdraft and was therefore moved to debt collection while I was in complaints process with them! Due to illness and a death in the family a few months passed and I did not hear back from Halifax. I then recieved out the blue a letter from MKDP saying I owe the account balance I gave them my complaint reference and re-wrote to Halifax who said they will get back to me
  6. Hiya, thanks for all the advice, My brother contacted the baliffs and set up a plan with them to stop them attending, however in less than a month they have added £1000+ in fees does this seem right? Here is the breakdown udgment Debt 5,000.00 Judgment Cost 120.00 Credit: 300.00 Execution Cost: 60.00 Interest: 596.89 Total: 5,476.89 Daily Interest: 1.06 Fees: [-] 12 Accounts Management Fee 121.00 12 Administration and Compliance Fee - 282.30 6.2(b) Auction Inventory Fee 297.36 1 Percentage Fee 123.00 2 Mileage Fee 50.00
  7. Not for a utility but for a service he paid for as part of his wedding package - was due to pay 28 days after wedding and did not as lost job
  8. Many thanks, Yeah I intend to have a go at him today dont worry! Its from a company for a debt he owes not a fine etc, I will get him to call the court and see if he can get the details that way
  9. Hiya, My mum and dad have just called me stressed as a baliff has turned up for my brother ( he was not in at the time ) They know what the amount is for and who it is from but when my dad said he was not in the baliff did not leave any paperwork and just left. They have the court order so will the court know which baliff company is being used, both my brother and my mum suffer ( and have medical documentation ) of severe anxiety and depression and so my mum is already stressing massively about this My brother had already offered a monthly repayment but this has obviously b
  10. Whats an N245 form, is it fairly easy to fill in? Is there a cost with it? Many thanks Got a busy afternoon now I think
  11. Hiya yes I have got a reference number from Action Fraud It took 14 months to get Action Fraud to finish looking into it initially and as I thought it was all over I am aiming to get this resolved asap! Looking online I have the form I need and will send that in to the courts today, I read online that hearings may take up to 8 weeks? Is that correct? I will also write today to the bailiff to ask him to put it on hold until then Many thanks again
  12. Many thanks for help, What is the process for a set aside? Do I actually have to go to court to present it? It was Action Fraud who looked into it initially for me but I have submitted this as well
  13. Hello all, Wonder if anyone can help, A little while back my account was hacked and my personal details taken - along with a bank account withdrawal This was resolved earlier this year, however today I have had a baliff attend saying that I owe £950 to a payday loan company. Now I have never had a payday loan in my life so know this is linked back. He had court paperwork - I asked for a copy which he said he would get for me- and it was for a previous address which is why I never got it to defend it. So my question is what is my next step? I have spoken to them on the phon
  14. I did at the time report it to the Charity Commission but they told me to write to the chairman/ trustees. To me this was pointless as they were the ones authorising it In what way do you mean if they dealt with finance? It was a disability charity but they did not lend money to anyone etc
  15. Thanks for the reply, Are they allowed to mention the investigation then? Having looked further I have read they cannot give a negative reference, is this true? I am not very clued up on these things to be honest, I am not asking them to be selectively honest, just to credit me for the significant grant applications I made
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