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Found 25 results

  1. Any legal guys here need help In January I needed to be fitted with a pacemaker. My surgeon told me that I must inform the DVLA but to also tell them that I had fully recovered due to the procedure and me bionic heart. Soon after I told them by phone and they said I would get a questionnaire to fill in. The facts ----- Due to the questionnaire not being returned in time my driving license has been revoked. Following a telephone call today I was informed that My license will not be reinstated even though they have the said questionnaire in their possession. I have info
  2. 23sopwith

    license revoked

    what a shambles dvla are bit of history rta early 1988 fits both day and night for 6 months after last day time fit 1988 have had numerous 3 year licenses since the mandatory spell off driving I think it was 3 years then today received letter from dvla stating my license had been revoked forthwith due to multiple seizures. rang them they admitted they had made a mistake and that my license would be restored by 2 this afternoon too much to hope for it seems, I rang back no joy asked for manager they put the phone down on me, now a manager is supposed
  3. Hi All, Thanks for looking at this, I'm after a little advice after the DVLA revoked my licence following me surrendering it. The story: I had a seizure in December 2014, the first and only seizure I've had in my 40 years. I dutifully surrendered my licence under doctors orders and was told to just apply in six months and that would be that. I applied for it back and got a 'no, we're revoking it instead, wait longer' type letter, so the rules say six to twelve months so no problem maybe they're just being safe. I applied again after the 12 months, only to be told that it
  4. Hi there I took a car out on a PCP contract for 4 years with Mercedes in August 2014 I took a seizure on 4th April 2015 still no sign of getting my licence back but I've never missed a payment on the PCP agreement this has nearly been a year since I took the seizure and still paying every month I can't see a way out or put a plan together as Mercedes aren't interested although I've informed Mercedes of my situation but there not interested as long as they are getting paid every month,if anyone could give me some advice on what to do I would be most greatful especially in finding out how soo
  5. Semt to Specavers for field test etc. Licence revoked . Only action is to appeal to magistrates court as dvla do not accept new eye information I sent in. Any other people who have had this problem? Very ineffient to deal with, so far it has lasted 8 months. Specsavers test is cheap done by juniors! Any advice information from similar cases would be welcome?
  6. my driving licence got revoked and my ar siezed can my dad use his car insurance to get my car out as my driving licence at dvla waiting to up date ..?
  7. Hi I have recently posted my paper licence and photocard licence back to the DVLA to be endorsed. This was done within the 28 days as stated on their letter. I then received a letter on Saturday morning to advise me that my liecnce has been revoked as they have not received my licence. I called the DVLA this morning to ask what was going on, only to be told by 2 different staff that because off a "back log" there is a 3 week delay. So therefore i possibly will not be able to drive now for approx 3 weeks. Please can some one advise me Thank you
  8. Nope....not the new Bond film... Around 6 years ago I sold my house and moved into a rented flat for a couple of months. I knew it would be temporary so didn't change the address on my licence. Well...after about 5-6 weeks in the rented place, I moved again. I thought that I had sent my licence off to have the address changed (I even remember going to get a form from the post office).. .fast forward a few years and I have a Christmas party for work. I was going to hire a car as the party is several hundred miles away, and so dug out my licence.
  9. Hi all, I hope someone out there can help me as I am very very confused! Briefly, A representation about a PCN was made to Stratford Council on the 23rd of December 2013 and no response was received. I was unaware of the severity of the situation until on the 1st of August 2014 I received correspondence dated 21st of July 2014, from Equita which I subsequently opened regarding the PCN due to Stratford Council, stating that enforcement action would be taken unless the amount of £157 was paid. I immediately telephoned Equita and explained that this correspondence was my first sight of the o
  10. I write frequent press articles for CCR Public Sector publication. This important publication is read by senior professional workin in finance, collections, revenues, benefits and enforcement and is also read by most government agencies. The link below is to a copy of an article that I wrote for the June 2014 edition and concerns a very serious change that has been made to the Council Tax regualtions whereby a local authority are no longer under a legal obligation to send a debtor a '14 day letter' to advise that a Liability Order has been authorised and that if payment is not made with
  11. On 6th April 2014 the enforcement of debts by certificated bailiffs will dramatically change. On that date the government will be implementing Part 3 of the Tribunals, Court and Enforcement Act 2007. This provides for the replacement of previous powers of bailiff enforcement by a new procedure referred to as: Schedule 12 Procedure known as 'Taking Control of Goods' . Also on 6th April Distress for Rent will be replaced by a power to be known in future as Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery.....or to use it's shortened name; CRAR (as in craft without the f&t). Many previous S
  12. Advice needed please. I had to attend a Crown Court in 2010 relating to a criminal offence. At the time I was granted legal aid, as this is means tested I am guessing the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) had done all the necessary checks. In 2011 I relocated to Amsterdam, Holland where I remained until November 2013. In September 2013, whilst I was residing in Holland, I was sent a letter by the LAA stating that according to their calculations I had equity above the value of £30,000 and therefore required to pay a contribution towards my legal fees. This amounted to £1800. I only d
  13. I had a minor accident a couple of weeks ago and my insurance company rang up on Tuesday to request a conference call with DVLA. During the call the DVLA suggested I ring them back which I did. They informed me that my licence had been revoked since 1998. I knew nothing of this. I asked why. They said that I had not sent it in for an endorsement to be added but could not tell me what endorsement as their records don't go back that far. They also cannot supply me with copies of the letters they say they sent me requesting my licence as their recor
  14. What happens if my circumstances improve, will my DRO get revoked or will I have to make payments to my creditors? can someone tell me what will happen?
  15. rl123

    Licence Revoked

    Hi All I wonder if you anyone would be kind enough to give me some advice on my following situation? I recently moved property and my sister moved into my previous address, I have just found out today that she has been hiding post from me! I had a speeding ticket come trough at my previous address which I did not know about, this has now gone to court and I have ended up with a £300 fine. I have dealt with this side of things. As a result of me not dealing with it another letter which I have now found has come through to me saying as I did not return my licence back to the DVLA to
  16. Hi - I have been reading your thread with great interest - I too have come up against the very same problem . My mother took out car finance for me through Mercedes Benz Finance - from the get go I made it crystal clear that I had an adverse credit history and as such I would require my mother to take the finance out for me. I was unaware this was frowned upon and the dealership certainly did not make me aware. They processed the finance in my mothers name (without her being there or with her express permission to cary out a credit check (she had given it to me) and the finance was ag
  17. Hi ladies/Gents. I received a job offer from EE, (in a call center I've previously worked in when they were under the Orange brand) on the 12/04/13, they sent me through a contract, and gave me my start date for 3/06/13. Since then I've received myriad calls, and e-mails from security watchdog, who apparently vet all their applicants, and from EE themselves. They've taken the following from me: All previous jobs within the last two years. All employment gaps within the last two years Passport Details Address and payment details Two work references Two character references
  18. I am very unhappy with the way I've been treated by DVLA. I had an incident in September 2012 where I fainted whilst driving on the job (bus) due to lack of food intake and overworked hours. No police citation was given, and no one was hurt. I was immediately taken to hospital and seen by a physician but by that time all signs were back to normal. It was explained that I had suffered a hypoglycaemic episode, also called a vasovagal collapse. I had not eaten that day and had been working excessive hours, and it was determined that this was the cause of the blackout. After taking some time
  19. Hello Any guidance would be gratefully received On 6/2/13 I was stopped for speeding on the m6 toll road, this was correct as no excuse I was breaking the limit, however when I got in the police car and we started to do the paperwork the officer said there was a problem with my licence He contacted someone at the DVLA and they said my licence had been revoked in October 2007, I knew nothing of this, I know people say I didn't get the letter etc. but that really is the case here I had fixed penalty points both before and since the date in question but only slightly over the
  20. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2012/107-12
  21. HI Just received a shock of my life that my student finance has been revoked. Let me start from the beginning, i was married in Pakistan in 2007, and my wife joined me in the UK in November 2011. I am currently in year 3 in uni. For the past 2 years i have stated in my student finance application that i am single due to the fact that i was not living with my wife and she was in Pakistan, she is a pakistani national. I have this year submitted my Pakistani marriage certificate to student finance as my wife has now joined me in the UK. We have only been living as wife husband since Novembe
  22. Hi, I would like to share my frustrating story.. In November 2011 I've received a letter from the DVLA saying that my licence has been revoked and it no longer covers me to drive. I rang up DVLA immediately and after long conversation I was told that there are 6 points on my licence with driving with no insurance somewhere in London. After couple of weeks I received another letter from the Magistrates court (North West London) saying that I didn't show up to the court,however, they didn't notify me at all. In the meantime I spent hours on the phone trying to sort this out, because I
  23. The licence was revoked after companies associated with Reddy and its owner, Mr Dharam Prakash Gopee ('Mr Gopee'), were found to have engaged in widespread unlicensed trading. They were also found to have engaged in unfair and improper business practices, including entering into credit agreements which were not in the correct legal form. For example, the agreements did not include all the information required to make sure consumers were aware of the risks and obligations they were taking on, including the necessary information on charges that were payable. http://www.oft.gov.uk
  24. Hi, I'm not sure what to do, a warrant was issued on 4th october 2011 for a pcn, and this was revoked by the traffic enforcement centre (TEC) (court) on 20th november 2011 when i filed an out of time witness statement. I received a letter from the bailiff on saturday 2nd june 2012, and a visit from them this morning. I had appealed to the council but not had a response, and have heard from the TEC that they have not reissued a warrant and that hounslow council is basically acting on the old revoked warrant issued on 4th october 2011. surely this is unlawful? illegal? have tried co
  25. I was convicted of having no insurance recently after a mix up with insurance companies. As a new driver i was given 6 penalty points. Yesterday (sat 16 june 2012) i received a letter from dvla saying my licence would be revoked with effect from 5 days from date of letter (13 june 2012). I was stopped by police at 01.00 hours today and they told me my car was not insured. I explained i had a short term policy cover with ecar from 16 june until 19 june and proved this on ipad via emails from ecar. Then they said my licence was revoked. I explained i got the letter yesterday and it said 5
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