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  1. Hello Last year, me and my girlfriend joined an X4L gym on a monthly contract basis. We paid the first month on the spot when joining (28th Oct) and shortly after had a bad experience. I went online and saw how bad this place is and we decided to cancel. I wrote down all the things I had to do and when, hoping to avoid this. I sent the cancellation request on 9th Nov online as instructed, saved the 'receipt' and also have the confirmation email that came through a few days later. I allowed the final payment to come out on the 27th Nov and then cancelled the DD on the 28th Nov. That's 48 days before the following payment would have been. I've stuck to the terms, yet here we are. As I mentioned, we both joined. I did everything for us both at the same time. I haven't heard a thing from them, but they are chasing my girlfriend. So far, their demands are 2 months membership plus x2 £25 penalties (sorry, 'admin fees'). Most threads around here are people cancelling DD without letting them know, etc. I can't be bothered to write a letter and post it, considering it's obvious they don't care and will just continue. I just wanted to check, am I OK to bounce their emails and forget about it? I know they have no powers... Or, shall I send a letter with the dates in, anything else?
  2. Hi all, Hopefully someone can help/advise. My other half has a couple of debts (mail order) on his Credit ref file which total £2.7k they are causing an issue on his file due to the amount (apparently), he has been paying them back at reduced interest free amounts for 4 years now and seems to be getting nowhere as the repayments are £13 and £20 per month. Is it worth making an offer for them to write off the debts if we were able to pay a certain amount? Is this do'able? and are they likely to accept at all? My family have offered to lend me some money to do so but its nowhere near the full amount - i just want his credit rating to improve as there is nothing else untoward on there. Thank you in advance... Maudy
  3. Hi all, after 3 attempts, GE Money have FINALLY sent me a working SAR. First disc wouldnt recognise the password, second disc was completely blank! Anyway, Ive spent most of the morning going through this stuff and it doesnt look like they hit me for any insurances. But going right back to the beginning of the mortgage there is a list of charges that Im not sure about so could anyone advise if any of these might be reclaimable? Purple Loans Arrangement Fee £352.00 Lenders Legal Fee £170.38 First National Completion Fee £100.00 Insurance Fee £25 ( for processing documents relating to my own insurance) HLC (Higher Lending Charge) £236.19 Thanks all.
  4. Hello, I had taken a number of payday loans in the past, in particular the period of 2014-2015. Most of them are settled or just ignored, but there are a couple that keeps getting chased. One is for Cheque Centre which has been bought up by Lantern (Formerly motormile) and the other is The MoneyShop who I'm now getting chased by BWLEgal on behalf of PRAC Financial Limited. Now, so far I've just ignored them, get standard threat emails etc. Heard nothing regarding the moneyshop one for months until now. However, is it worth making a complaint and the proceeding to FOS for ireesponsible lending when in particular Cheque Center no longer exist? Would that get me anywhere, and who would I complain to, Lantern? As for The Moneyshop one, should I complain directly to them or Prac Limited? I've read the guide so I'm prepared to take them to FOS (I had many many payday loans at the same time, and Cheque center was in particular bad where I was offered £1000 every month with £300 interest, and I used them for rollover several months in a row..)
  5. Parked in a slip road that's in foreground of pic, one way running right to left. Left slip road and turned right onto main road. Only signs are left and right of slip road exit. CCTV shows me turning right with long shot, then close-up showing vehicle reg. On reflection, I can only say I was watching out for other cars in this very busy area and honestly did not see the No Right Turn signs. There was no signage on the road surface, opposite in the form of signs or any physical obstruction. Can anyone say if the road signs give good cause to appeal due to height, etc. Also, is it right that my Appeal of the challenge already turned down will mean I HAVE to pay the FULL fine of £130, as opposed to the £65 "discounted charge" paid already. If it's just not worth the trouble, or paying the extra £65 if I lose the Appeal, just give it to me straight, thanks. LBH PCN pic small.pdf
  6. Hello, I would really appreciate if someone could give me some feedback as to whether to appeal the PCN. Yesterday I parked down a road with a school on, outside housing which is very busy with cars. I parked on a high kerb between two driveways which my car did not over hang onto either of the driveways and i was not obstructing pedestrians or either houses. My car is slightly over onto the dropped kerb, we are talking cm. I have attached photo's for reference, if someone could please let me know what they thi, I would be very grateful. This should be it, thanks. Car PDF.pdf
  7. Hello. I have some debts with 1st Credit, Westcot, Frederickson, BLS to name a few whom (and switched hands between companies), from my Student days. 1st Credit is near 1.6k, the others are around £400 each. I currently pay back via the Citizens Advice agreements each month. Pretty much it's going to take 14 years to pay off 1st Credit for example. They all often send me offers/reductions on the debt if I pay today, or pay XX amount, Westcot notably just started doing this today for a £400 debt. Would I be wise in potentially sending requests through for the DCA taking control from the original creditor? Or will I be paying these for 14 years? Just seen a lot of posts of similar actions and wondering if it would be a possibility, and would their be any implications to me?
  8. HELLO PLEASE HELP, I have a car insurance with XS direct, during summer mid-July I was involved in an accident. the other party claim against my insurance the cost to repair their car over £5000. it was a really minor incident. I don't understand the huge cost. Unfortunately, at the time I have taken my insurance I didn't really understand what excess was and meant. so I sign up for a car insurance with £3000 excess because the premium was cheap. BIG MISTAKE. NOW, my insurance is claiming that I pay them the £3000 excess to compensate for the repair. I drive a BMW X3 54' Plate currently worth over £1300. I dont understand why I should pay them that much money. Please help. I use my car on the daily basis as well AND THEIR THREATING TO CANCEL MY PREMIUM. PLEASE HELP
  9. Tried to do IR lending compaint with Quick Quid. They said No as loans are over 6 years old. Its not much but its a lot to me right now. Also I didnt pay back one of the loans but it has been sold on, to PRA Group I think .... Should I bother sending to Ombudsman? Or write this one off? Have included the statement Thank you all. QQredact.pdf
  10. I've gone through the first level appeal for PIP at Tribunal (twice - the first tribunal was disallowed for legal reasons). On receiving the latest tribunal's refusal, I got home and immediately reapplied for PIP. I'm honestly beginning to have doubts as to whether it's worth it - I feel my one piece of supportive evidence has been turned against me. My long-term condition involves chronic heart failure and type-2 diabetes. I would maintain that my condition has not improved and in some areas has certainly got worse. The tribunal said that my condition was insufficient to qualify for either the daily-living or the mobility components of PIP. In the course of the tribunal, I admitted telling my doctor (of nearly 30 years) that I was unable to walk for long, before stopping to catch my breath. The interpretation of this was that I had put words into my doctor's mouth. I can't see how I can have led my doctor in the course of an everyday examination. When you see your doctor, it's reasonable and expected that you would tell him what's wrong, and he would then do what he could to heal you. My PIP medical was a year ago. Getting to this point has meant enduring a lot of stress and a large drop in income. My heart-rate has never slowed, meaning I have been even more exhausted than usual. I'm bowled over by the negative outcome.
  11. Well it is that time of year again when Car Boots kick off. Just found this story. Diamond ring bought for £10 at car boot sale turned out to be worth £350,000 Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/22/diamond-ring-bought-for-10-at-car-boot-sale-turned-out-to-be-worth-350000-6651215/#ixzz4hmYG7BAm What is the article that you found at a car boot that you were delighted with or disappointed with. Maybe you bought something that fell to pieces or a bargain that you want to gloat about. Well you have to release the pleasure or displeasure. Yesterday I bought this Bikini Vase for 50 p popped a flower in there and pleased me no end. I am easily pleased.Are you.
  12. Advice needed - I had been paying an old debt (around £2000) which originated from an overdraft at Nationwide through Fredricksons at £30 per month, and it got down to around £1255. Then for some unknown reason Nationwide moved the debt to ARC (Europe). Just had my first contact with them on the phone, and asked them if they would be interested in a low settlement offer instead of starting up the low payments again (I have the money as in good shape now) I suggested 10% which they laughed at, but they came back with a 50% settlement offer which they are going to put in writing. And would be marked on credit file as 'partially settled'. Is it worth me doing this? I am trying to rebuild my credit file gradually in the hope that one day in the future we might be able to apply for a mortgage. I don't think this account has much of an impact on it as it falls under the closed accounts section, but for 50% I could make it go away and not be bothered by this new agency again. What do you think? Any advice much appreciated...
  13. Just a quick note to all BT Business Customers. BT in their wisdom decided to add an extra charge of £12.28 per month for 'Classified Paid Line Entry' without telling anyone since December 2014. I have spent most of the morning trying to sort out this with them and finally will be getting back nearly £100. Worth checking your bills to see if they have added this to your account.
  14. I was at a privately owned retail car park a few weeks ago in the evening and overstayed by 10 minutes . Firstly, I am not the registered keeper; it is my mother's car. She had sent me out for a Mcdonalds for her and we ended up having an argument over the phone. I stayed in the car park for a while before going home so we could both calm down. My mother has schizophrenia so she can be VERY difficult to deal with and very irrational and demanding, hence why I didn't want to go home. Result is, I overstayed in the car park by a whole 10 minutes and 14 seconds. This particular car park gives you one hour free parking, after which you have to pay £2 for an additional hour if you wish to stay longer. Today my mother received a parking charge notice from Parking Eye for £100, reduced to £60 if paid by 8/11/2016. This is two days before I get my wages so I can't afford to pay anything until the 10/11/2016 when I get paid, I will be liable for the full charge. It's in her name though and they state they don't know who the driver is. They say not to name the driver in the template appeal letter I found but I don't want them dragging my mother to court or sending her letters as she's ill and disabled and can't cope with stress without becoming ill. But I feel that a £100, or even a £60 charge is excessive for 10 minutes. A whole hour would have only cost me £2 had I had the frame of mind to remember to buy a ticket/realise how long I'd been there. I can't afford to pay such a high charge and I don't at all believe the landowner lost this much money by me being there for 10 minutes. My question is, can I appeal this on excessive charges claims? I've done some research of my own about this but I've read a court case where Parking Eye successfully won after taking someone to court because the car park this person was issued a parking charge for had a 1 hour free stay. The judge ruled something about the landowner not making a profit in any other way from their car park and hence the charge was considered commercially justifiable and the person had to pay the parking charge. I don't want to be dragged to court for £100 and potentially have other charges added on top of a heap load of stress put on me. I have my own mental health issues (depression/anxiety) so I can't cope with Any advice? I really can't afford £100 for a 10 minute over stay.
  15. Hi, I could really do with some advice here. I ordered £1300 worth of Israeli Shekels from Travelfx.com. Part of their service is to deliver by Royal Mail Special Delivery (1pm). I ordered for delivery on Thursday 1st September. Travelfx have issued all confirmations and a tracking number, and when I got home on 1st September, I had a card saying by item had been returned to the sorting office and I could collect the next morning. I went, and Royal Mail have LOST the parcel (the card I have been left means it's definitely been in their possession)! They have 5 days before they have to say it's lost. Royal Mail won't reimburse me as they say I have to get it back from the Co. I bought it from (who then claim it back from Royal Mail). Travelfx state that they will not refund me until they have actually got the money back from Royal Mail, which could take up to 28 days. By that time, my holiday will be long over. I will be stuck with a load of foreign currency I don't need, and in the meantime, I now have to find the money again! Royal Mail have confirmed they have passed this to their security department as it's definitely not in the sorting office. They've mooted that they've started a security investigation as this may be theft. Surely due to this (at best) incompetence or (at worst) criminality, I shouldn't be so significantly out of pocket. Can anyone confirm who is liable to refund me, and how soon? S I am really distraught as this has ruined a massive family reunion that we've been planning for years.
  16. Hi. Back in January of 2014 in readiness for my partner moving in as I was pregnant, I informed HMRC that he was moving in on a specific date in May 2014. And then on that date I wrote again to tell them he had actually moved in. I viewed this as a change of circumstances. Our single claims were shut down and a new joint claim was set up. In the meantime my baby was born, my son moved out and various other changes happened prompting a deluge of letters from the HMRC. Consequently I didn’t notice until it became time for the annual review of the 2016-2017 tax credits award that I hadnt received the disability premium for two years. I hadn't noticed that the statement 'you have a disability' had been omitted. I told the HMRC and after much letter writing and phone calls I have now been told that at some point I filled in an application form for joint tax credits and neglected to tick the box saying I get DLA. The HMRC already knew I was disabled from when I claimed on my own I was given one month’s payment of disability premiums but I have to fight for the rest. I have submitted a mandatory reconsideration request which is on-going. They say I didn’t tick a box which, if I didn’t, was probably because DLA doesn’t count as income. It could also be due to the fact that I am registered blind and severely partially sighted and would have been struggling with the form. Also when I received the the updated award notice I would have been checking for changes relating to my relationship status, not my disability. Similarly when my baby was born and the award changed again, I would have been checking to see if all the details related to her were correct. Does anyone have any advice on the likelihood of getting two years’ worth of disability premiums paid back to me? Thank you
  17. Hi All, I have around 6 complaints with the FOS. 2 of which have already been looked at by an Adjudicator who rejected them both. When she did she told me that an Ombudsman will probably side with her? Is this right? I have complained to her Manager as I really felt that she was biased from the start. I have asked for an Ombudsman to look at them but now after what she said I am wandering if its worth it. Luckily my other 4 complaints are now being investigated by another adjudicator as I requested. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Hello, can anyone guide me through the steps I would need to take in order to transfer ownership of property worth 100k to a family member whereby no money changes hands please? Is it simple to do without the need for Lawyers etc ? I have looked on the Land Registry website but there are lots of forms to download on there and I'm unsure of exactly which ones I would need. Are there other forms on top of Land Registry forms to fill in? Many Thanks
  19. Hello, Would be extremely grateful if I could get some feedback on the following please. Received 2 parking charge notices from Parking Eye back in November for non purchase of a parking ticket at a car park in Manchester. I appealed the charge for the following reasons. I believed I'd paid the charges online via 'Pay by Phone', however I'd actually paid for the wrong car park. 'Pay by phone' is a method I often use for the is car park when I have no change but the number which was stored on my app was for a SIP carpark (literally 100 metres further up the road) which I'd last paid for by 'pay by phone' (Parking Eye was the one I'd used just before that so it had overridden their car park number). I didn't realise and paid as usual with my credit card. The price of £2.20 came up which is what I pay for the Parking Eye car park and the description came up as Rochdale Road which is the same as the Parking Eye car park. I actually did this for 5 days and honestly had no idea I was paying for the wrong car park (strangely enough Parking Eye have only sent charges for 2 of the 5 days which is in a way a slight form of mismanagement, perhaps another angle to use?). I only realised on the sixth day when I was loading something on to my back seat and caught sight of the car park number and clicked it wasn't the same as that on my e-mail receipts). On checking I realised I'd been paying for the SIP car park and immediately changed the number and paid for the right car park. I've continued to use this car park as it's the most practical option for work. I appealed the 2 charges with Parking Eye quoting the honest mistake I'd made and providing them with payment statements from 'pay by phone'. As a regular user of this car park for many years I was hoping for a bit of common sense and compassion from them, at the end of the day I was paying for a car park that I wasn't even using. Of course I offered to recompense the payments that had gone to SIP. However 2 letters arrived today stating that the appeals were unsuccessful. I wonder if they've even read the reasons behind the issue as the wording says. 'Our records confirm that no parking was purchased on the date of the parking event, despite there being payment methods available on the day in question'. Of course no parking was purchased because stupidly I was paying for the wrong car park. The letter gives the option to appeal to POPLA but with the barb of if the appeal is unsuccessful then I have to pay the full amount £200 total rather than £120. Could someone please advise whether they feel it's worth the appeal or will it just get thrown out and potentially costing me an extra £80. Thanks.
  20. We're looking at buying a tumble dryer from Currys and have been offered a warranty extension for 5 years for £50. Has anyone done this and is it worth it?
  21. Contemplating the rain pouring down the windows I mentioned that I'd be soaked before I got half way to the supermarket, so Hubby volunteered to go on his own. This is not something he does as a rule, grocery shopping is one of the things that is usually done whilst he's at work or only under very close supervision. By the time I'd written a detailed list, explained why I wanted that particular brand or size and explained where everything is, I could have been there and back, have everything put away and be sat with my feet up and a nice coffee. When he did eventually return, he had dozens of things I didn't ask for as well apparently assuming that someone who does this twice a week can't possibly know better than he does on such topics as how much milk we get through ... I know he genuinely wanted to help, but if I didn't know him better I'd swear it was a ploy to ensure he's never sent to the supermarket again!
  22. In simple terms this is 1 of my 3 accounts, its literally used for a couple of direct debits that I want to keep separate. Having second thoughts considering I keep missing them. I had a direct debit come out this morning which I had forgotten about, checked my bank and it had been paid so I thought best transfer enough in so i'd not go overdrawn which I did. And being extremely cynical of banks I take screenshots of everything just incase. Interestingly I just checked back and that same direct debit has now been bounced and if you have a look at my screenshots from lunch time today and this evening you will see that they prized the bounced dd between the dd and the credits. Naturally i'm extremely anoyed about this and you can bet that if i'd not of credited the account they'd of paid it and charged an od fee. I will be charged £25 for this so naturally if I can get around this i'd like to. I should add that there is no charge for being less that £10 overdrawn and they do not charge for being overdrawn if you are bank before 3.30 that working day. Any ideas much appreciated. Screens Lunch : http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af299/badgercraig/Dirt/before.jpg Just now: http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af299/badgercraig/Dirt/after.jpg
  23. Ive just been bombarded with inertia selling offers from Amazon - they must be desperate. £72 pa or £1.38pw Its not so much the money as the waste of time its going to expose me to. I already instinctively discount 99.9% Hollywood drivel (although fair play to HBO, they have produced some great stuff I looked through the available movies, and out of 650 I would only watch Sounds like the kind of video pollution I want to keep out of my life, like most of the rubbish on live TV I am appalled at the effect this must have on young minds:mad2:
  24. Pretty straightforward really My husband and I recently tried to rent a new property but the credit check came back negatively (we weren't expecting this). On checking credit report husband has been given a CCJ through the Northampton bulk processing business centre, the court documents were sent to his previous address 18 months ago. We have evidence that he didn't live in the property at the time. The debt is only tiny, (around £450) and had we known about the judgement at the time we could have paid in full and avoided the CCJ being added to the credit report. The original debt was from capital one and my husband can't remember when he took out the card but it would have been over 5 years ago, and he has moved address 4 times and lost his previous tenancy after divorce. Do you think it's worth applying to have the CCJ set aside, so we can then make full payment and clear the CCJ or is it pointless and we just look for a landlord who will take us regardless of the credit check and wait it out until it comes off on it's own?
  25. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/10/01/russian-embassy-_n_8225676.html?utm_hp_ref=uk
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