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  1. Sorry for all the questions... Can they only a debt default once? I cant see any reference to this on my credit file even though they say they took over in July.
  2. Ok, can they impact our credit files at all? We have worked hard to restore them to a degree where we can apply for a mortgage to buy the house we live in and I wouldn't want anything to prevent that - certainly not 'these'. Thank you
  3. Hi dx. So i sent out the SB letter as advised (1 for each of us as they had sent us a letter each) and i have proof of delivery for 26/09. Yesterday I got home to find a letter entitled 'Debt Recovery Process' asking us to contact them... blah blah etc.. What do we do now? Thank you
  4. Thank you for the reply - that was my first thought (I was successful regarding a Barclays Bank account using one of your templates a while back) I hadn’t actually heard of EOS before ... but aside from not really understanding why they’ve chosen now to send this... my worry was while we definitely have not made any payment on the account for well over 10 years, can they dismiss the statute barring as we have in effect contacted the FSCS to make the PPI claim? If that would count? Sorry for all the Q’s...
  5. Hi dx100uk The opening line of the latest letter reads: ‘As we advised you in the recent Notice of Assignment letter, we now have ownership of your debt that was originally owed to Welcome Finance.’ We have never received any such letter, and it then goes on to show the various payment options… Thank you for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it. Maudy x
  6. Hi all Apologies for the delay in posting since last time but I have recently had an ‘unwelcome’ communication regarding ‘Welcome finance!’ after quite some time! It’s a long time since we made payment on this account – well over 9-10 years I am almost certain. (checking my PPi spreadsheet for date info the last payment was made in 2007). As you will see I made a PPI claim to the FSCS which was rejected on the grounds that we owed Welcome more than PPI claim, however the debt had been sold on and after seeking the groups advise I wrote to them and said that a PPI reclaim could not be paid to a 3rd party debt buyer or DCA etc but it got me nowhere – I literally had no response at all!! I was surprised to find two letters (one each for myself and my partner as it was a joint account we held with WFS) when we returned from a short break visiting family, the first letter was rather cryptic and asked that we contact a company called EOS Solutions UK, it reads as if they have traced us by a credit search – this in itself is a little odd as WFS have been kept up to date with address changes, we haven’t changed address for some time now. The second set of letters (also one each for myself and partner) refer to a previous Notice of Assignment letter (which we have not received!) and this letter states that EOS now have ownership of the debt since 11/07/19. Goes on to say that Welcome have made attempts to clear the balance etc – which they haven’t as we haven’t heard from them for years! The PPI claim was done via the FSCS as Welcome were no longer dealing with the claims! My question now is – we obviously haven’t made any payment on the account for a very long time. Is it now considered Statute Barred? If so, why would they contact us like this now? Can anyone help or advise on what we need to do? I really didn’t expect to hear from these cowboys again - I have had the entire house upside down looking for my paperwork this evening and I finally my other half located the entire lot of it this morning! I would really appreciate your help. Thank you Maudy
  7. Hi again, I was going through some old paperwork at the weekend and found the WFS documents, with the PPI deadline looming i thought i would look back at where we up to with it all and then remembered this thread. I did call the FSCS back in January '17 but they advised me to communicate in writing - i explained no one had responded etc and I wrote yet again but had no reply!!! So - as we are where we are - is it worth writing to them again do you think? Or is there someone else we can complain to? An Ombudsman etc for instance? Thank you Maudy
  8. thank you dx I’ll get those sorted on Monday. I’m pretty sure no payments were made on my partners account either so am I correct in thinking I need to send the letter for both accounts? Thank you M
  9. Hi again, In response to dx - no these are two completely separate accounts... In response to Ericsbrother - #1 - I can't be 100% certain but I am fairly sure he hasn't made payment for well over 8 years, I will have another dig for paperwork this evening but i am pretty sure because we wouldn't have been able to pay one without the other. The money we had from bank charge reclaim went on relocating so we didn't even benefit as such from that really. #2 - The letters from 2013 are addressed to myself (sorry i didn't add the detail before i'm not doing very well am I) - and oddly says ' Cabot has recently bought the account, etc, please contact us asap to arrange payment', I received 2 of those and heard nothing more until now. Do i need to send a letter regarding it being Statute barred? I don't want them adding this to my credit record all of a sudden Please let me know if you need any more info and i'll try to be clearer. M x
  10. Hi Ericsbrother I'm so sorry - i really didn't mean to confuzzle anyone, it all seems to make total sense as i'm typing. I genuinely don't mean to annoy anyone - i so appreciate your time and advice even more. So here goes - firstly: #1 - this debt is in my partners name and the letter is from Cabot (I initially thought that they were linked to Lowell - and now i can't work out how to edit the thread title) this relates to a Barclays bank debt which was originally an overdraft on an account he no longer used after bank charge reclaim in 2007, he was trying to repay this initially but we relocated up country and hit hard times so unfortunately had to stop making payments. #2 - this debt is in my own name and the letter is also from Cabot, also relating to a Barclays bank overdraft debt for an account which was no longer used after a bank charge reclaim in 2007. Repayments similarly had to stop when we hit hard times. This evening I have actually found the original notice of assignment from Barclays which shows that they sold the debt to Cabot on 08/04/2011, I have the letter from Cabot to say they purchased it, and the debt amount is the same on the 2011 letter as it is on the 2018 letter which proves that no payments were made in that time as i suspected. I can't however locate the same paperwork for my partners account but i'm pretty certain its the same scenario and that no payments were made either. I'm also rather puzzled as to why they wrote to say they now have confirmation of our address - i found letters this evening dating back to 2013 so they have had our address all along!! So where do i go from here? Are the debts too old for them to pursue? Thank you again and sorry for the messy posts M
  11. I’d need to double check to be 100% but I’m fairly certain due to the length of time we’ve lived here. Coincidentally I arrived home today to find a letter addressed to myself - the initial one I mention here is in my partners name. I also had a Barclays overdraft (was passed from the Woolwich - I never actually banked with Barclays!) and I’ve received a similar letter so it may just be coincidence. Either way the debts are both originally Barclays now being chased by Cabot Financial, and both are extremely old. The last time I recall paying is 2007 but I do remember communicating with them since then, it’s just been so long obviously and I didn’t expect to hear from them to be honest. I guess you should always expect the unexpected...
  12. Sorry dx - this is the Barclays overdraft account, the original account was the cat debt (i was just explaining how the two are linked). We weren't at this address when we took it out but have communicated with them since we've lived at this address - it's just a long time ago.
  13. Hi Sorry I probably mislead there – the letter read as if they now have confirmation of where I live… we are certainly not running away from anything, we have lived at our current address for a long time. This is just an old debt, so old I can’t recall when we last made a payment and I just wanted to know where we stood legally i.e. is it possible to find out when the last payment was made, would a CCA request apply to a Barclays overdraft? Thanks M
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