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  1. Thank you, my only worry is that the parking officer took photos of the yellow lines that were uploaded after, but the contravention still didn’t occur
  2. There are no times or day restrictions down the road, thank you
  3. Thank you for your response! Do you have an idea on wha wording I should use to appeal? Also, the contravention states ‘being in a restricted zone during prescribed hours’ however that’s not actually what’s happened here, it’s the double yellow lines.
  4. Hello, Would appreciate if someone could help me. I received a PCN for parking in a restricted road in prescribed hours, the road I regularly park down, and is not a restricted zone. However, I noticed after checking my car that I was parked on double yellow lines that were covered in leaves on the ground. The car behind me was not on double yellows and I believe only the front of my car was on the double yellows. These are the pictures of my car. Is it worth appealing? If so what do I say? Thank you!
  5. Can anyone recommend any words of wisdom on how to challenge the penalty? Any right things to say??
  6. This is the image the traffic warden took at the deceiving angle, in comparison to my photo the car does not over hang the driveway at all.
  7. Yeah those are my photo's, I have checked their images and the traffic warden has taken them the same as mine besides one photo which he has taken from an angle to show what looks like my car hanging over the driveway; which was not the case. Do you think it is worth appealing?
  8. Hello, I would really appreciate if someone could give me some feedback as to whether to appeal the PCN. Yesterday I parked down a road with a school on, outside housing which is very busy with cars. I parked on a high kerb between two driveways which my car did not over hang onto either of the driveways and i was not obstructing pedestrians or either houses. My car is slightly over onto the dropped kerb, we are talking cm. I have attached photo's for reference, if someone could please let me know what they thi, I would be very grateful. This should be it, thanks. Car PDF.pdf
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