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Found 16 results

  1. Hello all I banged off a ppi enquiry to every single company that I had ever borrowed from, in case, although I'm fairly sure I always declined any extra services. Egg/One Canada Square replied last to say that I did have ppi on a very old credit card back in the day. I complained and today got a letter saying that my complaint was upheld but there was nothing to refund as no premiums were ever applied, something like that. Does that sound sensible/likely? If I dig out some old statements will it show on them as a separate line? SAR? Thanks Micky
  2. Hi My sons moped was written off after a van reversed over it - non fault He has been receiving letters from his insurer asking for the outstanding premium to be paid, I havent been in this situation before and unsure of - If the remaining premium needs to be paid If the at fault party should cover the unpaid premium is there anything I should be doing instead Thanks in advance for advice
  3. Hi All, I was unlucky enough to get my first points for speeding, now luckily because I've been on the roads for a very long time and my no claims is bonus is very high. I had to contact my insurance to advise that I had been done for speeding and that my license was now endorsed. I could hear the hands of the insurance person rubbing his hands, but effectively my premium has gone up by £50. so not a huge amount. the question or view is why on earth do insurance have this power of penalising you like this? surely its unfair to do that. I have a few friends and collea
  4. hi all, hope you can help. My mum is sight impaired and receives enhanced rate PIP for both mobility and daily living. She is fiercely independent and is still looking to work, she claims income based JSA and receive 2 disability premiums. Her DEA at the jobcentre has said she should be claiming the 3rd premium as well BUT she is confused about the eligibility criteria. Her home is on a joint mortgage with her brother in law (and sister but only BIL on mortgage) and she receives council tax support on her half of the council tax. As a joint owner my uncle is on the counc
  5. Hi. Back in January of 2014 in readiness for my partner moving in as I was pregnant, I informed HMRC that he was moving in on a specific date in May 2014. And then on that date I wrote again to tell them he had actually moved in. I viewed this as a change of circumstances. Our single claims were shut down and a new joint claim was set up. In the meantime my baby was born, my son moved out and various other changes happened prompting a deluge of letters from the HMRC. Consequently I didn’t notice until it became time for the annual review of the 2016-2017 tax credits award tha
  6. Hello, I may need some guidance please. Last Wednesday I was travelling home from work, came off an A road onto a slip road which leads to a roundabout. There was a queue of traffic waiting to enter the roundabout. I joined the queue and was stationary when a vehicle behind me failed to stop and ran into the back of my car with quite some speed. I was propelled forward and almost hit the car in front of me., luckily there was no impact as my car came to a stop before hitting them. The guy who hit me got out of his car and stated he was sorry and accepts full responsibility
  7. I've recently reached an agreement with all my creditors for a full and final settlement of my debts, including NatWest who owe me several thousand in PPI. During the complaints process I went through in order to get this agreement, it has transpired that my PPI claim from last year still hasn't been paid out. NatWest said they were going to use the money to pay down my existing debts but I refused to sign the acceptance form because they had previously informed me they would at least pay the interest to me directly. Since my complaint, they have agreed to
  8. Hi Guys, A while ago i posted a thread asking about reclaiming my insurance premiums from Experian which can be found here. Well a few months later and the FOS has agreed that i was to be reimbursed my premiums (which form part of the £14.99 you pay to Credit Expert every month) + 8% interest. You can see more of the story here. Everyone who has had the Credit Expert package is entitled to ask for a refund, so i would suggest you get claiming as it works out about £6.47 + 8% for every month you have been a member of the Credit Expert services. If you would like any advice
  9. Hi guys I have a query regarding overtime rates for employees who receive a shift premium, i have scoured the internet but can't find anything relevant. I receive a shift premium for working day/back/night shift, averaging out at 37 hours per week, over 8 weeks. When I work overtime on day/back/night shift, my payment is calculated based on my basic salary, without shift premium. I would assume that my premium is paid for my contractual 37 hours a week and any further shifts I work in overtime should include an additional premium for those hours. Can anyone confirm if
  10. I am not sure where I stand with my car insurance - I had an accident 6+ months back where other driver admitted liability and my insurance was then dealing with recovering the money they have paid out as a result. I have now checked my policy online and seen that the status of that claim now says - it has been registered against me (previously said in my favour) as I was not at fault. Do I need to get involved with other insurance to chase it up as I am worried it will impact my insurance premiums going forward for an accident that was not my fault being recorded against me?
  11. My life insurance was cancelled by HSBC due to their fault. When I contacted them, they originally claimed it was done as per my instruction. They wrote a letter to me confirming that after their investigation they can confirm I cancelled the insurance. In the mean time I was not insured an need to fill in a new Health Questionnaire. After several phone calls and they keeping to their version of event, they have now finally accepted that it was an error on their part. In the mean time I have arranged another Life insurance with a different insurer Now my questions are:
  12. Hi there, I was recently given a quote for my car insurance, the quote was £3400 for insuring a fiat punto. I have 10 years no claims, no convictions, high voluntary excess, etc but just because I live in a B9 post code my insurance premium has gone through the roof. Now, who do I complain to, no one, the fact that I am a good driver with no previous claims goes unnoticed. I can understand that there is certain criteria when insuring someone, age, risk, convictions, crime rate, etc. I then realised that the situation was the same for the residents of B2-B12 postcodes, that is probabl
  13. Hi Firstly, really sorry as I have posted this elsewhere but I think I may have not posted in the right place. We are desperate for some help and could do with some advice urgently. There are a few points. We had a loan for approx. £150K with Lloyds. This was to buy a business and business premises. The business failed and Lloyds have now appointed an LPA to sell the premises (they did give us 3 months to sell/rent ourselves but we had no interest at all). We had a letter from the LPA on 9th August. It said nothing really, no introduction as to who they were or what their
  14. Hi all, I am seeking help from everyone. Recently I had to get lots of quotes for car insurance and they were all pretty high. I found out that the reason for this is due to my credit file and what credit risk I am deemed to be. The insurance companies/brokers look at your credit file and then decide if you are a good or bad threat. If you are a bad threat then your premium will be higher than those with a good credit file. This I feel is discrimination and an unfair pricing policy. The insurance companies/brokers will look at your file to decide what premium is to be a
  15. Hi all, I was awarded DLA with Higher Rate Mobility and Middle Rate care for 5 years in 2008. At the time I was also on Income support, and so started getting the Severe Disability Premium. I was then changed over to ESA early last year, and placed in the Support Group. The letter awarding me the ESA at the time, had dropped the Severe Disability Premium, and paid me a "top-up" premium instead. As the money was the same, I didn't think too much about it at the time, and I assumed that the SDP had been done away with. I have now been re-awarded DLA for an indefinite period, at the sam
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