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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I could really do with some advice here. I ordered £1300 worth of Israeli Shekels from Travelfx.com. Part of their service is to deliver by Royal Mail Special Delivery (1pm). I ordered for delivery on Thursday 1st September. Travelfx have issued all confirmations and a tracking number, and when I got home on 1st September, I had a card saying by item had been returned to the sorting office and I could collect the next morning. I went, and Royal Mail have LOST the parcel (the card I have been left means it's definitely been in their possession)! They have 5 days before
  2. Got a bit of an annoying issue with Royal Mail. Will try and keep this as brief as possible. I sent a parcel to friends in Germany containing some baby clothing for which I paid just over four pound to go as a small parcel (airmail). The parcel never arrived and six weeks after sending it out it came back to me, in a clear plastic bag from Royal Mail, my parcel was more or less obliterated, the shipping bag I used was totally shredded with the contents falling out. The address was no longer visible as that part of the mailing bag was totally ripped away. Only my return address was sti
  3. Royal Mail has failed to forward post from a PO Box (a service we paid for). This is despite being made aware of a problem several months ago. I want to know what recourse we have against them, if any. Firstly, this is a business-business transaction. We have a small company and have a PO Box mailing address which we pay for. This was setup in September 2014. We paid an additional fee to have all mail sent to this PO Box forwarded on to a physical address. In November 2014 we became aware of an issue whereby our clients (other businesses) would attempt to return signed contracts for
  4. This problem started since I moved into my new house in July 2013. Different people/organisation have sent letters to my address for former occupiers which is now stopping since I returned them to the postbox, but there is one which hasn't stopped. The problem is from Specsavers who have sending post at my address for a former occupier who used to live at my address and still is still persisting. I haven't opened these all letters as it is against the law. Overall, Specsavers sent around 7 letters to the same person and I have been sending it back to t
  5. Over the past couple of months our company has been sending out a marketing campaign in the form of a box of goodies. Can't specify the exact contents on a public forum, but we send these out to prospective clients (other businesses) to give them an idea of what services we provide. We've sent out 54 of these boxes so far (not including the ones we give to clients face-to-face) and so far only 50 have arrived. Essentially, 7.40% of the parcels we have sent have gone missing. Each one has been sent using Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed-for, at £3.70 a pop. We naturally use a signed-for service
  6. I am so annoyed on 24/06/2014 I sent a first class signed for package which is actually my tenancy agreements, bank records etc which we have to send onto the estate agents within 7 days or we can loose not only the house but our £200 for the admin of receiving and dealing with the tenancy agreements. Royal mail website still shows they have not delivered my package and I am worried that this has been lost. Our landlord will not keep the house off the market long before re listing for other tenants to apply. Any ideas?
  7. Hi there folks. My friend sent me some chicken hatching eggs which were well packed, labelled with 'perishable hatching eggs' and fragile'.These were sent via RM 1st class signed for. I received them the next day. The eggs though, had been so badly handled, some were cracked and internally scrambled. They never stood a chance to develop. I have pictures of proof, and the paypal payment details but my friend had the original postage receipt. Ive filled in the online claims form but RM are asking for all proof to be sent to them! I wasn't even given the option to describe what had
  8. Hi all i need some advice about some money i sent to the ROI i send over £300 to my ex wife every month for maintenance for my children its sent by recorded delivery every time, on this time however just an empty envelope was recieved the other end. My ex said that there was selotape stuck on the envelope seal thst i didnt put there i know its risky doing this but in 3 yrs i have never had a problem i have the recorded receipt is there anyway i could claim for the money back. Thanks
  9. First off, let me explain that I am in Shetland. So other courier services like DHL or FedEx is not an option. I had some documents I need to send to Philippines very urgently for a visa application for a honeymoon. I walked into the local Post Office on Friday, 7 June 2013, and got it sent by Parcelforce Global Express service, which is a "guaranteed" service. I paid £60.60 and was told it will be there on Tuesday, 11 June 2013. Standard Global Express service to Philippines takes 2 days but being in Shetland, it takes an extra day. Saturaday is counted as a working day, so a Tuesda
  10. Just a quick moan about r mail. i work for and use internet retail sites as iam sure most people do. As a user of their services i have seen at first hand their shoddy attitude to fullfilling online retailers promises. example one.... guy orders item for next day before 9am we as a company get charged £50 for the service. guy calls following day at 9.35 calling our company all the names under the sun, We contact royal mail to find out what went wrong, answer fill in a claims form!!!. THIS HAS HAPPENED AT LEAST A DOZEN TIMES. .Example two i purchased
  11. I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience and can advise on the best approach. I sent three Christmas cards, including some Euro notes, in a larger envelope to my kids in France. The letter was delivered in a Royal Mail "Damaged post" plastic envelope but my envelope had obviously been steamed open, the contents removed and then been re-posted into the system. Not registered but I'm not sure that would have prevented this or helped apart from compensation, which I will go for anyway as the Royal Mail clearly stated it to have been damaged in transit. The Royal Mail site d
  12. Hello, I need to send some cash to a relative in Italy. I could either send him money through the bank but I would prefer to send him some leftover Euro banknotes through the post (International Signed For seems the only option). I have researched on the RM website and Italy is not listed in the countries that don’t allow cash to be sent: http://www.royalmail.com/delivery/mail-advice/sending-cash However at the Post Office they were not very sure about this and they have shown me their own internal intranet page about Italy that says explicitly that cash not is not all
  13. My friend used my address to send his V Festival tickets and I was meant to sign for them, but instead my little brother answered the door to the courier and told him since it was under my mates name that he doesn't live at this address. What will happen to the package? How can I get it back? The Festival is next weekend :/
  14. Hi,I'm stuck in a catch 22. I posted a parcel special delivery to an address I was provided with. Unfortunately the item has gone missing, Royal Mail have delivered it but apparently not to the correct address. I have raised a complaint with Royal Mail, however they are insistent that the address I used isn't valid as it's for more than one address. On the other hand the company that provided me with the address are insistent that the address is correct. I have taken this matter to the Chief Executive/MD of both companies.Who is right, who can I can claim compensation from and what should
  15. Hi,I have already posted previously about this, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere at the moment. The item I was sending has gone to a different address. I was wondering can I take the company that has possesion of my goods to Small Claims court? I have written them a letter indicating that I would if they didn't give back my item within 7 working days and I haven't heard anything. I know someone else that was in the same position as me and their delivery company threatened legal action and the police and the item was mysteriously found. The items went to the same company!Gemma
  16. short version: i signed for a recorded delivery letter that was addressed to my address but it's not for me. what should i do with it? just return to sender? fuller version: The postman came to my door & handed me his "signing machine" (pop quiz: what are they really called?) As he did so, he said, "i've got a lot for you today". (ish) As i was signing, he was sorting my mail from a pile he must have placed on the floor. He then handed me three parcels then a few letters and some junk mail ... sorry, important documents. For something to say, other than the weather,
  17. I placed an order from gorgeousshop online (around 100 pound), and after few days since I received the dispatching email, i wondered where is my post, so i check the tracing history. I was shocked when i saw the tracing history and the proof of delivery on the Royal Mail website. Because it showed that the item has been delivered to my address at 7:52 am in the morning, and I was even shocked that the proof of delivery showed a signature which looks like the initial of my print name. The point is I never sign anything in print name, simply because im Chinese and i sign in Chinese charact
  18. Hi I am so frustrated I sent an item that I sold on Ebay via Recorded Delivery to a Paypal confirmed address and the buyer said they had not recieve it so I checked the Royal Mail tracking and it was never delivered after even a month(it says it is still in there postal network) So I claimed and sent all the items needed and then recieved a letterfrom the Royal Mail saying: One of our conditions of posting is thet all mail must display a correct full address inc postcode.As the address used in this instance did not meet our requirements.I am sorry but I cannot offer you compensation for
  19. Hi everyone, Royal mail lost my original documents(passport, degree certificates etc) in special delivery on 26th of October 2011 and i submitted claim form with original receipt and photocopies enclosed on 17th of November(special delivery again) but no response till now, so i sent an email to them and response from Royal mail is as follows.. Thank you for contacting Royal Mail. I'm really sorry that you've not yet received a response to your complaint and so I've chased this with the relevant department, on your behalf. Unfortunately, they don't appear to have received y
  20. --- nevermind, resolved --- Feel free to delete this thread
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