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  1. Just looking for some advice, recently I asked my work coach at my Job Centre if the worst comes and I do face a sanction in the future while I am on Universal Credit, will my housing element be affected as well, and he said yes, is this true? I thought housing element won't be affected while on a sanction, or his he wrong? I just hope I don't end up on UC for too long, I am aiming to get into work ASAP.
  2. Hi. I have recently fallen into rent arrears with my housing association I have a long term tenancy, have been here since 2010. I have a long term illness that has got progressively worse and in the past 2 years, I have been totally disabled. Without going into a load of irrelevant details, I spend am average of 18 hours everyday in a lot of pain, and have been hospitalized more times than I can count. I have recently been told I will never get any better as the bulk of the pain is because of scar tissue from a series of operations in a short space of time. Our rent paym
  3. https://www.nationaldebtline.org/EW/factsheets/Pages/bailiff-reform/our-campaign.aspx Back in May, National Debtline launched a campaign for a reform of enforcement practices. Perhaps we should encourage people to take part in this excercise that ND are organising. EC's do need to be properly regulated.
  4. I've been on a DMP now for over 7 years and am looking into what I should be doing now. There are 6 accounts remaining on the DMP, 2 of which have been reassigned and are wtih Debt Colletion Agencies, the other 4 are with the original creditors. Default Notices were served on all these accounts and my credit file is no longer affected by them. I've had a look through some of the threads on here and it seems that I should be issuing CCA requests to the DCAs at least to see if the debts are enforceable. Just wondering what the position is regarding accounts stil
  5. I recently fell behind with some rent payments, which I'm now paying back. My Landlord issued a claim for possession through the courts and the hearing date is in April, however, today I received a form 6a from the Landlord and I'm really confused! Does this go hand in hand with the Court hearing? It appears tactics have changed. How do I stand with a 6a as it states 'no fault possession. The Court claim says it's due to rent arrears. Please could anyone shed some light on it for me?
  6. Hi, I am seeking some advice and will try not to rattle on or confuse. My story: Had mortgage with the woolwich, and handed keys back in 1996, they sold house on at a huge loss in 1997. Parents received one letter for me which they 'signed for',then realised it was in my name so sent it back. I had moved away. 2002 bought a house. 2004 changed mortgage provider. 2006 changed mortgage provider. 2009 sold up and now back in rented. So for the past 20 years since i defauted on mortgage i've been self-employed, had 3 mortgages, a bank account,
  7. I am currently trying to get information from Hillesden regarding a HP agreement I took out in 2001 with Associates Capital for a car. This agreement was taken over by Welcome Finance. Prior to this change I contacted Associates and told them I could no longer afford the car due to personal circumstances at the time, and asked them to collect as I had the car for 2 years which was half the HP agreement timescale. They never collected the car. I contacted Welcome after the change and told them the same, that I could no longer afford the car and to collect. Again they
  8. With over 3.5 million Liability Orders being issued each year for arrears of council tax, this new thread is of huge importance as the following proposal from the government will affect many thousands of council tax payers. For this reason I would hope that the moderators will allow this thread to remain on the main section of the forum for a few days before transferring it to the new 'bailiff discussion' section. Today the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) announced that they have issued a Consultation paper regarding proposals to extend the data sharing facilit
  9. I need an urgent advice please. I originally lived in Hampshire a few months a go I moved to Birmingham for a new temporary job, rent a place there and failed to update the address on my car insurance. Even though I was fully insured with the option to drive other vehicles the police invalidated my insurance on the spot and seized my car. The policeman advised that the MIB cancelled the insurance. I now received a letter where I need to choose between guilty (£300 fine and 6 points) or not guilty and go to court. They treat me like someone who had no insurance at all.
  10. I currently have been served a Notice Seeking Possession by my HA as i have rent arrears, I have a full/assured tenancy and to cut a long story short i did have over 7k worth of priority debt in the form of Council Tax Arrears, Rent Arrears and Overpayment Arrears (which at the time i knew nothing about, which the council verbally admitted but not in writing) anway, i have been served a NSP every year for the last 3 years, but it has never been actioned as i have always paid something each week to clear the arrears. My current NSP expires at the end of February and i am due to clear
  11. Hi all, first post but have been doing some reading so hopefully we have a bit of an idea what we need to do and hopefully this post is in the correct place, if not, please feel free to move it! Back in 2008 due to family health and work issues, we ran into severe financial difficulties. We had several credit cards and came with to agreements with all but one to pay a full and final settlement. This all took us several stressful months to sort. We had defaults issued against us and began to manage our finances alot better. The one credit card company ev
  12. Good afternoon, I have been tagged at the MOTO Birch West services from 05/05/15 12:02 to 05/05/15 14:54. The letter states that the 'free parking period' is 2 hours, of which i extended from this. This has never happened to me before and i was totally unaware this was even possible, especially when spending money within the establishment. I had arranged a business meeting at the services, bought 3 coffees in total (which i have receipts for) and stayed for the duration in a business meeting. Total fine: £60... extending to £100 if not paid within 28 days. For me, i ha
  13. Hello, I am new to this forum - in fact I've never joined a forum before so it's a first for me I've seen a few of the posts which are on here and the help/advice offered is amazing, after all a problem shared is a problem halved... Take care all
  14. Hi all, I hope I have posted in the correct forum. I am seeking advice on behalf of my dad, who lives in Edinburgh. Yesterday afternoon, when he tried to open one of the kitchen windows---PVC double glazing may be about 20 years old---he heard a mechanical crack and the top panel could no longer be pulled up and close. He called the insurance company, but was told that it would be considered as normal wear-and-tear, given the age of the window, and they won't cover the damage. He then called a local double glazing company to come and have a look, and a chap came and upon (acco
  15. I am learning about this new Universal Credit. It replaces JSA and is a one monthly payment to include income support and housing benefit payment. One is given a 'Work Coach' for life, who will be the same even upon moving to a different part of the country. Can I ask how are people finding it? My friend is required to seek work 35 hours each week. I can not understand this as it seems like an impossible request to me. Does it all have to be done via the computer? I can see one glaring problem is that they do not have internet access. They of course will use
  16. Over the past couple of months our company has been sending out a marketing campaign in the form of a box of goodies. Can't specify the exact contents on a public forum, but we send these out to prospective clients (other businesses) to give them an idea of what services we provide. We've sent out 54 of these boxes so far (not including the ones we give to clients face-to-face) and so far only 50 have arrived. Essentially, 7.40% of the parcels we have sent have gone missing. Each one has been sent using Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed-for, at £3.70 a pop. We naturally use a signed-for service
  17. Hi Everyone , This site helped me massively before and Thank everyone here . Recently I set up a Ltd company with a colleague from my old employment. He had the funds and I had the contacts and he spent about 2 K the company failed. I resigned last week well was partly forced to as he wanted money. Basically he was not committed to it threw some money in and went on holiday . Came back when it was not looking good he just continually give out negatives and every time I thought I ad a chance he would shoot it down. The issue is this. When we set up
  18. Hi, I was previously told by my adviser screenshots of my mailbox are required to prove that I am actively looking for works. For months there were never any problems with my job search. However now I am given some forms called Actively seeking employment (with questions like what did you do, when did you do it, job details etc) by the JC staff, she told me to fill it in and then show it to her tomorrow. I really do not know why this happened as she obviously cannot be bothered to explain it to me. It somehow makes me feel that she did not trust the evidences I provided at all
  19. hello everyone, i am trying to help out a family member in a situation with BA and thought that i might be able to get some help here 1. family member (FM) comes from the UK but is based in Australia. 2. FM buys a non-refundable return ticket to the UK through BA to visit her family, this is dated for march 2014 3. FM's mother is diagnosed with cancer and she buys a ticket through BA to the UK for early january 2014 4. FM is forced to cancel the ticket. I believe she had to cancel both legs or none, although she told me 'it was all a blur' so I am not certain of this 5. FM wa
  20. Hello I recently moved out of the flat i lived in for two years on the 10th of Jan 2014. The letting agent was closed when i was moving out but the landlord came over to do an inventory. We both agreed on the costs for damages and he removed it from my deposit and gave me the balance. Today i received an email from the letting agent with some other damages and replacement of beds, sofa etc. Things we did not agree during the final checks. I am worried they will apply for a CCJ under my name. All i have is a text from the landlord that says how much damages he was going to remove
  21. Hi everyone, New to all of this so don't understand too much of the jargon as of yet, but hope someone can offer some advice for my situation as I am clueless! My situation: 21 year old University student Debts: £2200 - Nationwide credit card £500 - HSBC overdraft unpaid £500 - HSBC credit card £1400 - Co op overdraft unpaid So I'm consistently receiving letters to my parents house threatening court action however I now live at university where they don't have my address and I have completely ignored contact with all of them. These debts were all
  22. Hi , Im new to these forums and really need some guidance on were to go with this matter. In 2010 i took out a mobile phone contract with orange the contract was for a iphone as far as im aware , after a few problems i returned the handset was within the 7 day period, i then tried 2 more handsets and couldnt settle and returned these, as far as i remember the contract would have been a 18 month contract at £35.00. My problem is after returning these handsets i moved 2 months later . had mail redirected for 28 days and in this time dont remember recieving anything inregards to this.
  23. Hi all I have had a CCJ issued by BC for a capital one credit card (£6570 original debt £6003). The court accepted my financial circumstances and accepted the payment offer of £1 per month. Now obviously I am never going to pay this off as it will take me 500+ years. Is there anyway of getting this debt wiped out? I also owe another £25K (on nine accounts) which I am trying to sort out, the other creditors have been more sympathetic to my current position and I am managing to hold off more CCJ's at the moment. Although I am only paying the others £1 per m
  24. Hi all I'm looking for some advice here as I'm having no end of problems with my letting agent, Your Move. I have found their standard of service and communication to be appalling whilst being charged extortionate fees. They have carried out repairs without first obtaining quotes, not returned calls, not paid money into my account on the date that they assured me they would and generally been downright rude. If my tenant only stays for six months I have calculated that I'll have paid them 60% of the rental income in fees, with their monthly management fee being 18.3%. I had to c
  25. Hello, I recently became unemployed in December. Since then I managed to get back into work on a Zero Hour Contract. Anything to be free from the dole was a bonus in my mind. The problem I have now is that this job never lets me have any work. If I phone they apologise and say there isn't any work, if I wait I don't receive a phonecall or text so what can I do? It's an awful situation to be in. As I was desperate to leave the Job Centre and for the first few weeks I got some decent shifts out of it. I was warned when I started work that there might be quiet periods and was then later told by a
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