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  1. Hi Lea Thank's for the info, they have not did any of the things You mentioned, the only phone call I received is the one I mentioned in my OP I am still waiting for benefit advice officer to visit me from two years ago from th HA He said something about not wanting to talk on the phone, and offered to come out and visit me to talk about it in person, which I turned round and said "I would like everything in writing" they also know that I have no help now, he stated such while on the phone ( I used to recieve help from a care worker but due to cutbacks with the company/charity,
  2. Update Phoned the HO again today and he said that They have followed the protocol by sending out the Notice of seeking possession I told him that I would be applying for costs, which he said in return "we will be too" Shortly after he stated that he would prefer it if it never went to court, but still states they are in the right to do what they have done, which did start to get me fuming, even though I kept my cool on the phone to him He even admitted that I have stuck to the payment plan set up in January, but states that it is because of the rent increase and the shortfa
  3. I was offered by a family member the £170 to pay the arrears off, but due to knowing it would leave them broke and the fact that I thought the HA was in the wrong (which I still think), I refused the help The more I learn the more I want my day in court, I would prefer it if I never had to go, but it would be satisfying to see the face of the HO if the Judge throw's it out, which judging by everyone's comments here and the fact they have not followed protocol, is a possibility Thank's for the info on cost's, if it was not for You I would not have thought about claiming any cost's
  4. Hi all, thank's for all the replies My first and foremost concern was and is getting evicted, if I were to be, I would be homeless, and I have been there before and do not want to go back there, ever, to me it does seem really strange how they have gone about thing's as stated in my previous post/s I have contacted the HA and tried speaking with the HO that was named on the letter, but have been given the runaround and was promised he would call me back (which was on Tuesday), which I am still waiting for My payment plan with them is NOT a direct debit as I thought and stated it
  5. Yes that is my rent arrears at the moment When I took on this tenancy, the property was let to me as a 2 bedroom (which it states in the paperwork etc) even though it is a 3 bedroom (apparently there was not much call for 3 beds at the time of them letting it to me) I was starting to wonder if that is the real reason why they are trying to evict me, and using the rent arrears as a means to do so I know for a fact that it CANNOT be due to me not keeping up with the repayment that was agreed back in January, as I have kept to the payment plan, by using direct debit What I found tha
  6. The HA said that they dis regard the fact that I needed the bedroom for when my son stays, which they knew about before, due to the fact of him staying weekends and sometimes staying here for long term when he plays up for his mom, which is partly the reason why the HA gave me this property I know the law states that they dont class me as needing a bedroom for my son, which I cannot do much about
  7. Thank's for the reply and the info No I have not, but will look into it and look at the pdf You have provided
  8. Not too sure what "Discretionary grounds for possession" is, to be honest, I am not too good at legal things, unless I have come across them before Section 4 At 15 April 2013 your rent account was in arrears to the sum of £170.73 Sections mentioned in section 4 are.... 1 to 8 (if court is satisfied), 9 to 17, the court will not make an order under grounds 1, 3 to 7, 9, or 16 to take effect during the fixed term of the tenancy it will only make an order during the fixed term on grounds 2, 8, 10 to 15 or 17 If any of that makes any sense If You need it written
  9. Thank's for the reply Rent arrears is the reason why The housing association already know of my disablity, they knew about it before I signed for the flat, and in part was due to the disability and needing an extra bedroom for my son to stay weekends is why they gave me the flat in the first place As for the "per action protocol" As far as I am aware I dont think they have, it is the first time I have heard of it anyway
  10. Thank's for the reply... It was the first time I have spoken to the housing officer that rang me, all she seemd interested in doing was hanging up the phone The notice of seeking possession is the same as Form 3 from what I can make out In section 3, they have put... "The landlord/licensor* intends to seek possession on ground(s) 10 in schedule 2 to the housing act 1988, as amended by the housing act 1996 which read's... Some rent lawfully due from the tenant a) is unpaid on the date on which the proceedings for possession are begun; and b) except where subsection (1)(b)
  11. Hi Earlier today I received a letter off my housing assocaition, which included a "notice of seeking possession assured tenancy or an assured agricultural occupancy" A bit of background.... Back in January I received a letter saying if I did not contact them to sort out rent arrears they was going to apply for a notice of seeking possession, for which I contacted them as soon as receiving the letter and in the process arranged a payment plan with them for a set amount each month, which I have paid every month so far.... Due to that they then said I can dis-regard the letter
  12. My choices were 1) Behaviour on the doorstep / in the home 2) Misunderstanding powers of entry 3) Discussing details with neighbours or 3rd parties I have been visited by bailiffs before and their behaviour was atrocious, they tried to force entry/force their way past me in the doorway and they also discussed details and showing the paperwork to random people/neighbours on my street There was a couple more options that I would of chose, like Constructive levies (i.e. looking through the window) also Bailff powers to commit to prison (misrepresenting) also Failure to provid
  13. You do know that if a Bailiff visits You then all You have to do to get them to go away is Politely state "You are not welcome at this address" they have to go away by law I found this out when I was having visits off Bailiffs and at first did not know what to do When they turned up again (there was two of them) I stated they was not welcome at my address, and the one tried to continue arguing, the other one turned round to him and said "come on we have to go" they can lose their license if they do not move from Your property (from what I read ) Not long after that the baili
  14. UPDATE Finally got a reply off lowlifes, after sending them a CCA request... it states they have concluded that the debt does not belong to me... and as such they have taken my details off of their database... I wasnt expecting that ...... but well chuffed with the outcome saved me £650.00:wink:
  15. Thanks dx for your help much appreciated I will check out the CRA file
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