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  1. Help I have just returned from looking after my 96 year old mother in law from Christmas Eve until yesterday for her live in carer to have a break. Absolutely thrilled to open a letter from National Parking Enforcement. Just what I needed after 2 hard weeks . I had to go to the local Coop only a smallish shop as we had run out of bread and bananas. I parked in the only bay available which was the disabled one. I hadn't got Mother in Laws blue badge with me as I had come out in a rush and put her in the car . She is wheelchair bound and suffers from advanced altzheimers and rather than get her out I left her in the car and ran in quick. The time on the notice is 12.07Pm leaving at 12.16Pm. She was actually sitting in the car. If they magnified the photo they would see that. Where does this company get my address from. I checked Companies house and note that they have changed their name from Norfolk Enforcements. I still have the shop receipt. should i just ignore it advice would be appreciated.
  2. After reading various posts on the Forum regarding GE Money / FNB I was not holding much hope on receiving a positive response re my Subject Access Request. Sent 10/7/15 via recorded with payment Signed for and received 13/7/15 Reply dated 27/7/15 received today (see attached edited copy) Is this the usual standard response from GE ? Surely this is in breach of my request as they have not responded accordingly either way. I didn't even quote any account numbers but asked for everything under my said name ? And they did not even return my cheque as requested if nothing could be provided ? I do have CCA regulated agreement details and loan account number. Should I go back with details ? By the way it was regarding a loan for home improvements / windows and was paid up early. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank-you Also total loan £2,500 Single Insurance Premium added £270.30 Monthly Payment £53.14 Therefore £270.30 / £2,770.30 x 100 = 9.757% £53.14 x 9.757% = £5.18 insurance amount per month Is the calculation correct ? Thanks
  3. Good evening all, I am in a sticky situation, I received an invitation letter to go to the National Speed Awareness Scheme to write off my speeding offence, I was doing 58mph on a 50mph zone. My current situation: I've been financially struggling due to getting married in July abroad and money is something I've been struggling with but I'm getting by and putting things into place. I received the letter for the course on 7th January 2019 with every intention of attending the course, but I completely misread the situation, when I went online to drivetech to have a look at the course and how much it would cost it mentioned that it has to be booked within 4 months, I thought I'll strengthen my financial standing and book it at the end of month when I get some more money coming in. I went online today to book the course , and my details were not found on the drivetech record! I referred back to the letter, and it told me that it needs to be booked and paid within 21 days, but complete the course within 4 months! I had completely misunderstood that, and this is a genuine mistake I have every intention of attending the course, I'm extremely worried as attending court is the last thing I need on my plate, can anyone give me any advice I am ready to take the course, and book it at the earliest opportunity, I never meant to dodge the letter it was a misunderstanding from my part. Can anyone please shed some light because I can't get this off my mind at the moment I've never had a criminal record, points or a speeding notice before and because of my mistake I am now worried that I will have to attend course! Any advise would be greatly appreciated
  4. I came to return my brother's car and parked on the suspended bus stop which had been closed due to Gasworks mains replacement. Below is my letter to Newham, I have appeal on 18th Jan 2019 and need some guidance. The PCN ….. was issued while the vehicle was parked on the Bus Stop on Plashet Road. Plashet Road was closed due to Mains Replacement work on Green Street. Stukeley Road had notices stating that it was closed from 28th July to 5th October. The works overran the above schedule and I wasn’t aware of its completion until after I was informed about PCN. My brother was replacing carpet at his home and had borrowed by Toyota Previa to dispose off old carpet at the tip in Jenkins Lane. I came on Sunday to replace the car, I parked his little Swift and drove off with my Previa. Later my brother found the above-mentioned PCN on his car and sent me a message. I accept parking his Swift on the bus stop as the bus stop was suspended since the start of the work, all buses were being diverted via Stukeley Road. Had the notices stated the correct date and if the notices were removed after the completion of the works I would have realised the bus stop suspension was removed and not parked the Swift where I did. I will appreciate if you will revoke this penalty as I didn’t park the Swift to cause any obstruction and nor was it intentional. I hope to hear from you very soon.
  5. Hello All New user here so bear with me. My parents travelled on a National Express coach to London Gatwick for a holiday in October, and gave the driver a bag (Hand luggage containing medication and a laptop), which when they arrived at London Gatwick, was found to be missing. This was reported to the driver and also to the National Express office at London Gatwick, and they continued to check in for the flight. On return to the National Express office, the agents recognised my parents and said straight away that the driver had found the luggage but as had moved on, my parents could not be reunited with the luggage before the flight. After many phone calls, it turned out that the bag which had been identified as being found and belonging to my parents, actually belonged to another passenger who had been allowed to take my parents luggage. I tmade the point that as my parents handed the luggage to National Express, it should be expected that National Express be responsible for handing the luggage back, but they have taken a very hands off approach as below. Each item of luggage is loaded into a separate compartments depending where the customers are travelling from, in your parents case they boarded the coach at xxx which is the same location as Mr xxxx The driver has no way of knowing which luggage belongs to individual customers, the driver offloads the luggage and expect each customer to identify and claim their own property. We cannot be held responsible for another customer actions. As they now knew who the customer was who took the luggage, National Express asked for permissiton to hand my contact details over to the customer who wrongly took the luggage, so we could basically work this out ourselves. After not hearing anything, I am losing faith in national Express and to see the luggage returned. I asked National Express on the 30th October to chase up urgently, and if they could provide the details of the customer who took that luggage. Today, I received a very unexpected text message from National Express, containing the customer's mobile number who took the luggage in errors. Also suggesting that if I don't hear anything back, I contact the police. I will be honest, I was not expecting them to hand out personal information. Rather than act in haste and repent at leisure by phoning the number immediately, I have sat back for 5 minutes and asked a couple friends for advice, and remembered the stories on here I had read about people in similarlaat situations. So I have the person's number who has my luggage. National Express have washed their hands of this. The simple answer is phone the person who has my luggage who has been ignoring any attempt by National Express to contact me, so I have to be wary of who I am dealing with and how this could escalate. Not looking for excuses, but I am recovering form serious illness, been off work for 8 months and am just about to start reduced hours work, so this is going to add uneeeded pressurs on me at at very important time of my life. Basically, I want National Express to pursue on my behalf as they allowed the luggage to be taken, including contacting the police if it is found the luggae has been stolen. I am going to contact National Express to disclose what personal information they sent to the customer who took the luggae, but looking for advice in my next steps, bearing in mind I think National Express shopuld be progressing this case to closure as the luggae was handed to them and they then allowed someone else to take the luggage. It looks to me like a process problem by National Express which sounds really easy to fix, but I can't acceopt that they can't take any responsibilty in this situation. Thanks for any replies and hope to hear from someone soon. Any questions please ask.
  6. Hi, my friend took NE to London to apply French visa for January trip. The bus arrived in London one and a half hour late because of the driver went to wrong direction (which is unbelievable!) She missed the time slot for French visa, and it is unlikely to apply visa anytime before January. (She has bought tickets and booked hotel already) I searched NE website regards of compensation, but there is not much information. She allowed one hour between coach arrival time and visa. Could she claim the foreseeable loss?
  7. Hi, need some advice if possible its for a friend of mine, she filled in a form for a credit card back in 2001 filled the form in and post it back to the abbey national and in the form she ticked the yes box for the personal protection cover, she filled the form in the branch, now she tried to claim misold ppi but they have refused her twice as they claim by ticking the ppi box she understood it was optional and it was her decision to purches the ppi,, they also claim they sent out policy documents which confirmed the ppi sale and even if this had not happened they still think you would have found benefits from the policy. can anybody give any advice on how to dispute this please,look forward to any advice thank you.
  8. Name on my NI Card, is not in full as on my Passport I was given the NI card with a short version of my name. Anyway I've have applied for a job, where I need to show my NI card (which are no longer produced) or NI Record, which I believe is no online, can I go online to the HRMC site register and update my NI record, so my name is now in full as per my Passport? Its not a name change, but update to my full name as on Passport
  9. I had a secured First National Bank loan in the late nineties which I believe had PPI. At the time FNB was owned by Abbey National/ Santander. I submitted a PPI enquiry to Santander but they only came back with details of my old bank account with them. I believe that FNB were purchased by GE Money at some point. Should I be making my enquiries with them?
  10. Hi hi Sorry don't know if its right tread I had a 2004 1st national loan, ( which back then belonged to ge money), and even with the original paperwork, and after been sent/forward to santander as they seemed to have bought they portfolio, and after getting an answer the account is too old we dont have the data anymore- even though I sent them a copy of original loan agreement, I try through FOS, which also said they were in favor of the ;ender, |I just felt so discouraged that I just quit, this was over 18 months ago, is there anything I can still do? Many thanks
  11. can someone please advise. I sent my car to national engine center to have the engine replaced. the car was returned with body damage and had 30Miles extra on the clock. I paid for it through paypal and after opening a dispute this garage finally agreed to take the car back on condition that the paypal case be closed, they agreed to repair the list of damage I provided and within 7 days return the car. on day 14 they sent the car in for a MOT without consulting me first, the car failed. it has now been 3 weeks and they won't return the vehicle, they say I can fetch it if I want as they are waiting for an order from my area and only then will they be able to deliver my car. the only way I have of fetching this vehicle is to have it transported, something they should be doing as this was the agreement they entered into on Paypal and it is part of their service they offer. They wanted to drive the car to me from Cardif to outer London (without asking me). Every time I speak to the Owner he threatens to remove the engine refund my money and return the car with the original engine on a pallet. so I am in a bit of a pickle as to what course of action to take, and how do I get them to just bring my car back
  12. A friend, who is on benefits, has been asked to take part in the Family Resources Survey. It seems this is part of the Office For National Statistics (ONS) who are doing the survey on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). The survey visitors are exceedingly persistent. The interviewer came round four times (my friend was out each time), left their mobile number, left notes in the letterbox urging contact, provided a reply paid envelope, gave a helpline number and even sent a £10 cash voucher. From what people have posted on other sites, this is a very detailed intrusive survey asking about your state benefits, bank balances which they ask to see, investments, how much interest you get and such like . It turns out the interviewer knows most of this already. They explain that the survey data is shared between the ONS and DWP and say the data is anonymised for the survey and is confidential. I have seen the Family Resources Survey is referred to in official publications and seems to be a serious organisation, howeverdoes the information this survey collects also get passed on, as a sideline, to help review the status of individual benefits claimants?
  13. I applied a mortgage with Halifax bank which was accepted initially later I change the house on which my mortgage was accepted on the second mortgage Halifax rejected my mortgage and put my name on the national hunters date base giving reason that my Job is not verified where as I am working with same employer for over an year I tried few other banks but on the basis of this report no one is willing to approve the mortgage and I won't be able to buy a house for my family really stressed and need some serious help to get out of this trouble
  14. National Living Wage workers set for £600 pay rise from 1 April READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/national-living-wage-workers-set-for-600-pay-rise-from-1-april
  15. Hi everybody, apologies if you've seen my question on some other forum, but I did not get any replies and I'm getting a bit anxious about this issue. Quick recap: - EU national, in UK for 15 years, but with an absence of more than 6 months (see below) - Never claimed any benefits until late 2013, till I lost my job, then left the UK for 8 months and came back in 2014. - Claimed JSA in 2015 (six months after coming back) but it was initially refused on the ground the 8 months absence would not entitle to any benefits. - Appealed and won, but was told I could only claim for 3 months - Appealed again, offering to show documentation of my previous jobs and NI contributions; won the appeal (they didn't even bother asking me for proof of my documentation) and was granted JSA with no restrictions. I even have a letter from the Benefit Centre stating that they accept I am a permanent resident. - Since then I've been in and out of JSA and this is basically the same claim, which has been extended by multiple rapid reclaims - My area has now gone full digital. I'm still on JSA, but I understand any change in circumstances will trigger a migration to UC. My questions: - Can I voluntarily ask to be migrated to UC? My work coach says that I would have to quit JSA first and then make a new fresh claim for UC. Is this true? - In any case, if I'm "naturally migrated" to UC, would I have to go through a new procedure of showing my entitlements to benefits or would my file be just moved on from JSA to UC? I'm worried that, if I move to UC, the DWP will give me hard time, because the regulations are much stricter for UC than for JSA. In 2015 it took me 10 months of appeals to get unrestricted JSA. Would the letter from the Benefit Centre (2015) be enough to prove my entitlements? I don't really want to stay on the dole for the rest of my life but I just would like to know where I stand.
  16. Hi there I have a question relating to a loan that I took in 2004 through Zenith Windows to install double glazing. But Zenith windows went into administration in 2010 I believe. Loan amount 5K. It is now paid off. How do I go about getting the PPI back from them and the unfair charges. Can anyone help please? Many thanks and much appreciated.
  17. Can some one please help. I have received a final response to the letter that I sent to GE regarding my PPI payments on the loan that I took with First National Tricity Finance in October 1999. I have the agreement and I know I paid £155.00 as a lump sum. Single premium. Santander was saying that I should have checked the PPI. However, in 1999 I did not know anything about PPI, and also I was told that this formed part of the deal. In order to continue with the loan I had to take this so I did. Has anyone able to claim an PPI from Santander please? Many thanks
  18. Sent a DSAR to National Hunter. This DSAR was specific in that I was requesting copies of any and all data they might hold on me Response being in regards to any statements, screen shots, recordings, internal and external communiications etc. They have stated that they want me to be specific, that is date range and what context about myself, The obligation has to be on them to search for data Looking at drafting a sutible response and welcome guidance as to content before going in with the ICO if justified
  19. Here is a list of all phase II Universal Credit (UC) rollouts please see my attachments these are the areas that will be affected throughout 2015-16 please read the attachments to find out if and when you may be affected .... This will be from now until spring 2016 As most of you know UC means you only get paid once a month, you also get paid your HB as well. You will be responsible for paying this bills on time and making sure you remain in CREDIT with your rent as per T&C's of your tenancy agreements. (May vary between different Councils/Districts) Failure to pay your Council Tax on time WILL/MAY see a Liability Order (LO) issued against you in Court. If this happens you will face the prospect of losing personal property and paying huge fees. Please read some of the threads here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?168-Bailiffs-Help-with-Dealing-with-Bailiffs-and-Enforcement-Agents-including-HCEO to see what could happen if an Enforcement Agent (EA) is asked to collect the arrears of your CTAX There are two attachments for different dates so please read both and one regarding eligibility There is a video from the DWP here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/universal-credit-videos Council tax help is applied for separately to your local Council MM
  20. https://www.nationaldebtline.org/EW/factsheets/Pages/bailiff-reform/our-campaign.aspx Back in May, National Debtline launched a campaign for a reform of enforcement practices. Perhaps we should encourage people to take part in this excercise that ND are organising. EC's do need to be properly regulated.
  21. National Minimum Wage: Workers win £2m compensation READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40952205
  22. Fire safety in tower blocks to be examined by Assembly Committee - National Assembly for Wales READ MORE HERE: http://www.assembly.wales/en/newhome/pages/newsitem.aspx?itemid=1732
  23. Dear Caggers, long time member on the Motoring Sub forum, now have a problem in the (to my untuitored eye0 murky world of HMRC enforcement. It takes the form of a demand for 'Payment due £xxx' on form HMRC12/15 and is headed Self-employed Class 2 National Insurance contributions (NICs) due It shows a summary of outstanding liability periods (all of which include higher rate for late payment). 29/06/75 to 10/04/76 11/04/76 to 09/04/77 10/04/77 to 25/06/77 The form threatens me with reduced pension rights/benefits if I do not pay. It also threatens that a private debt collection agency May contact me. (I am aware that a DCA has no power so am not worried by this) I am 72 years of age and have deferred my state pension, but my forecast is that I have 46 years of full contributions up to 2009 (being my pension age), with the minimum requirement for a full pension being 44. I do not have records going back that far, not sure that many people would, but I have been able to create a date line which gives me confidence that I registered for self employement commencing 01/07/77. This would equate with the above periods when I was in low paid employment, or was unemployed. Before I try ringing the 0300 number provided, I wondered if any of you more knowledgable posters could give me any suggestions with how to deal with this. I expect that if I do speak to someone, their birth date is likely to post date the relevant period. Also, how common is it to go this far back without previous notification of potentially missing contributions ie, 'last year you missed ....etc' Any advice would be very welcome.
  24. i took out a loan with first national several years ago, and in the process of claiming back charges they applied to my account with them, what i am not sure about is i settled the loan off before its end date, and going over the statements have come across a section where they have added on future charges, after speaking to them it turns out to be because i had settled the loan off early they added the interest onto the settlement figure if it had run its course, after taking the rebate of left a balance of £546.36 intrest to pay on top of the loan, this been the interest they would of made from me if i had not settled early, and have informed me that this is the type of loan i took out with them, does anyone know if i can claim this back, after all they still got their money back, plus the interest they made of me while i had the loan, and also redemtion fees because i settled early, and also another charge of £59.23 further settlement interest charge, has anyone got any adice on this and if i can claim this back, many thanks
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