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  1. A friend, who is on benefits, has been asked to take part in the Family Resources Survey. It seems this is part of the Office For National Statistics (ONS) who are doing the survey on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). The survey visitors are exceedingly persistent. The interviewer came round four times (my friend was out each time), left their mobile number, left notes in the letterbox urging contact, provided a reply paid envelope, gave a helpline number and even sent a £10 cash voucher. From what people have posted on other sites, this is a very detailed intr
  2. If I record a nurse who visits me at home then do I have the same rights to record as I would have to record a doctor's consultation? Does the appropriate nursing body back up a patient's right to record in the same way as the GMC and medical insurers do?
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