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Found 4 results

  1. Can some one please help. I have received a final response to the letter that I sent to GE regarding my PPI payments on the loan that I took with First National Tricity Finance in October 1999. I have the agreement and I know I paid £155.00 as a lump sum. Single premium. Santander was saying that I should have checked the PPI. However, in 1999 I did not know anything about PPI, and also I was told that this formed part of the deal. In order to continue with the loan I had to take this so I did. Has anyone able to claim an PPI from Santander please? Many thanks
  2. All creditors were written to by letter dated 21.08.06, to inform them of financial difficulties. I enclosed £1 token payment and cont’d to pay this for some months until payments increased. The original payments amounted to £500-£550 per month. I am still currently making reduced payments as below. thanks for your help/advice. Creditcharge Store card (First National Tricity Finance/GE Capital Global), has been with AIC/Aktiv Kapital since 2006 Not showing on Equifax file Balance £1074.35 I pay £4.61 I have 1 Statement from Creditcharge dated 10.10.2005 for May 05-Sep 05 showing 5 PPI’s added during this time. I have the original Default Notice, well 2 of them - one dated 04.10.06 and the second dated 10.10.06 1st letter r’cd from AIC, client named as Aktiv Kapital, dated 16.11.06 gives “Formal Notice of Assignment of Above Debt” CCA requested 06.01.14. Letter r’cd from AIC dated 09.01.14 saying they are requesting from original creditor (Ak Kap) and will be in touch one way or the other. Should I stop paying them until resolution?
  3. Creditcharge Store card (First National Tricity Finance/GE Capital Global), has been with AIC/Aktiv Kapital since 2006. Not showing on Equifax file. Balance £1074.35 PPI form sent to OC - letter r'cd from Santander today stating that they can confirm no PPI was taken out on this account, when I have 1 Statement from Creditcharge dated 10.10.2005 for May 05-Sep 05 showing 5 PPI’s added during this time. I even put on the PPI form "I HAVE A STATEMENT THAT SHOWS PAYMENT PROTECTION WAS BEING PAID". Think i'll just wait to see what Ak Kap come back with re CCA (on another thread). If debt is unenforceable i'll be more than happy with just that. any thoughts?
  4. I have been getting debt letters re the above for the past 3 years for a debt I know nothing about, there is nothing on my credit report, and all I can imagine it relates to is something from 19 years ago, which I am sure I settled before moving to my current hour 10 years ago debt free. I sent them a CCA request 2 weeks ago, and received the following response; We refer to your request for documentation relating to the above account. As we previously advised, AK is not in possession of the documents and we therefore put forward the request to the original creditor. Unfortunately we have been advised by the OC, that the documentation is not available at this time and we apologise for being unable to fulfil your request. Please be aware that whilst, at this stage we cannot provide the documents, you have asked for, this position could change in the future at which point we will of course contact you further and supply copies to you. We appreciate this may not be the response you hoped for, however if you were to confirm the reasons the documents were required we may be able to assist you further or alternatively consider your proposals. Your account will shortly be returned to our collections department. you will then be able to arrange a payment plan and benefit from our incentive programme called new deal. new deal enables you to access benefits that reduce the amount you owe. You may also be able to take advantage of our loyalty schem called AK Plus which enables you to accrue additonalo money from the payments you make. This is put to one side for you in your new deal account and can be used towards settling your debt. Yours sincerely Mr "I think you must be very gullible" Cretin So OK, they think I am really stupid to pay them money for something I don't even know what its for. Nothing has been on my credit report similar to the amount they say I owe for at least the past 10 years I have been obtaining my credit report. Do I need to write back to them, as it sounds like they are still going to pursue? Also just a question aside, if I sent them the £1 and they don't have the paperwork, shouldn't they have returned my fee? Thank you
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