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Found 3 results

  1. I came to return my brother's car and parked on the suspended bus stop which had been closed due to Gasworks mains replacement. Below is my letter to Newham, I have appeal on 18th Jan 2019 and need some guidance. The PCN ….. was issued while the vehicle was parked on the Bus Stop on Plashet Road. Plashet Road was closed due to Mains Replacement work on Green Street. Stukeley Road had notices stating that it was closed from 28th July to 5th October. The works overran the above schedule and I wasn’t aware of its completion until after I was informed about PCN. My brother was replacing carpet at his home and had borrowed by Toyota Previa to dispose off old carpet at the tip in Jenkins Lane. I came on Sunday to replace the car, I parked his little Swift and drove off with my Previa. Later my brother found the above-mentioned PCN on his car and sent me a message. I accept parking his Swift on the bus stop as the bus stop was suspended since the start of the work, all buses were being diverted via Stukeley Road. Had the notices stated the correct date and if the notices were removed after the completion of the works I would have realised the bus stop suspension was removed and not parked the Swift where I did. I will appreciate if you will revoke this penalty as I didn’t park the Swift to cause any obstruction and nor was it intentional. I hope to hear from you very soon.
  2. I had a gas pipe installed by National Grid which has been a complete nightmare. The story is very long, but this is the gist: Missed several appointments or never turned up on time, meaning I had to take 7 days off work at short notice on top of all the days off I had originally taken off. Messed up the planning application with the local council, and luckily we had someone who works with them regularly chase it and get it rushed through in the last minute. Chucked a load of road signs on my next door neighbour's drive meaning they were unable to park their van Knocked over the wall of the neighbour across the street [see pic] Refused to start work on the original date because they are not allowed to dig inside my garage, but we had a surveyor visit 4 months earlier who did not mention that, and all their paperwork says "We will excavate all private land" Marked an area inside the garage to be dug, so we paid a building firm to do that, and we later found out it was the wrong size for the pipe Installed the pipe in the wrong position and did not attach it to the wall, so the meter installer refused to work on it because he deemed it dangerous. We had to have the pipe moved [pic] Made the original hole bigger due to them having to move the pipe, and in doing so broke my outside drain (all water from my front garden is routed into this drain) Smeared concrete all over my brand new doorbell [pic] Repaired the drain badly and poured concrete into it [pic] Refused to acknowledge my complaint about the drain for 2 months, which eventually lead to the garage being flooded yesterday Handed to new surveyors who claim to be more senior than the last, and then they refuse to answer my calls (this has happened 3 times) Refused to acknowledge that we had been overcharged (£1,191.60 is the price where they dig private land, £424.80 is the price where we dig private land) I was told by the most recent surveyor that we would be getting compensation. Later I received a cheque for £20. I wrote a letter of complaint and they responded basically saying everything was my fault, and they upped the offer to £200 'as a gesture of good will'. I feel like I'm at least entitled to the £766.80 they overcharged me! Does anyone have any advice?
  3. I've look in other forums about this issue, Can't seem to find anything about this issue. Could someone please advise, on this National Grid digging up roads and footpaths? Dropping Large Containers in Roads causing obstruction To traffic and pedestrians. In my area National Grid are replacing all our main gas supply pipes, with new plastic mains. Okay I do understand, that yes the work needs doing, no objection to it at all. Problem we are getting is, National Grid seem to just plonk there Large Metal Containers, In roads around there working areas, meaning close by to working place, Also there big pipes, and rolls of smaller gauge pipes, in roads they cause mayhem? For traffic and pedestrians, disabled with mobility issues hence myself. I've asked about this issue, and the answer I got is? National Grid can override any Highways and Council, To virtually, put and do what they like? Meaning if they want to completely block a road and footpath off they can do it? My Question Is this right? Because National Grid don't seem to want to play ball
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