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  1. My brother in law asked me to pay back a loan of a few thousand pounds after my wife was killed in an accident . At the time I was grieving and vunerable and also embarrassed as I didn’t know about it I started paying him back to date I have paid over half and have decided to stop paying as I had no idea what it was for and didn’t see the money . I’m now being threatened with county court if this happens should I counter claim for the money I’ve paid as there is no proof and I just have no idea what it was for ???
  2. Hi, hope that someone can help with some advice here. To cut a long story short, I have had an ongoing dispute about some charges from a lease company when the car was returned to them a couple of years ago for non existent damage and excess mileage. They filed a claim in the court to which I defended during a period that I was moving house. We were for a short period of time in a hotel before we could move into our new house and a post redirection was set up briefly to my Fathers home. When we moved, the redirection was then amended to my current address. During this time a letter from the court has been lost, I had not been aware that there was a date set and carried on as normal. The last thing I knew was the claimant was to pay a fee or the case would be struck out. Last week my Father (pensioner) was at his home and had two HCEO bailiffs on the doorstep. They had clamped his car and told him that they were removing his goods to pay for my debt which was £5000. My Father not knowing what to do has paid them over £8000 to leave. I have never lived at my Dads address and after getting a copy of the writ from the court the only address mentioned was my old address. I have complained to the bailiff firm but they have a process of 28 days to resolve, I need him to be refunded now, this should not have happened and so many rules have not been followed. How would I go about this quicker. Please ask any questions as determined to sort this for him, he has become sick as a result of this. Meant to mention that this is DCBL
  3. Hello everyone, this is the first time I have ever used a forum, but I hope that someone can advise me. I am a 19 year old photographer and I was commissioned to take the graduation photos of a Malaysian girl and her family. She was graduating from UCL and the job was from 9am to 1.30pm. The fee had been agreed in advance. I have been trying to get payment ever since then. My problem is that she graduated in Law and I do not know where to begin. It also turns out that she is from an extremely wealthy Malaysian family and has appeared in the hit film, Crazy Rich Asians. She is no longer replying to emails or texts. Is there anything I can do to get my payment? Thank you to anyone who replies.
  4. Hello all, First of all a slight intro, I have never been to Dubai in my entire life but my brother did live over there for a year a few years ago. I was at work in the UK earlier and received a call on my company (landline) phone, I was advised that it was a debt collection agency called Tahseel calling about my brother's apparent credit card debt. Initially I was baffled at how they managed to get hold of my company phone number but i'm sure my details are readily available online somewhere and they have obviously linked me to my brother in some way. They were asking for his contact information, phone, email and all sorts of stuff. I don't speak to my brother often and when we do it's over facebook messenger or something, usually around xmas time! As far as I know he isn't working at the moment and I told the agent this. I said that I don't have any contact details for him which is true. I have two numbers in my phone for him that are years old, neither of them work. I asked how much he owed and surprisingly they actually told me. They only said it was a credit card debt. he gave me his email address etc and asked me to pass it on to my brother when I see him which I suspect won't be for a while. My questions I hope someone can help with are: 1) Now I have somehow been linked to my brother's debt, if I were to ever visit Dubai would this cause me any problems? I don't want to find myself arrested at the airport in a country I've never visited before due to my brother's debt... 2) What will happen is this debt is not settled? Will I continue to be harassed until the end of time. I spoke to my mother who also confirmed that she regularly receives phone calls from this same company and tells them that she does not have contact with my brother, which is genuinely true. 3) Does anyone have any solid advice I can pass on to my brother when I eventually do speak to him? I could be wrong but I doubt he has any means of repaying this debt. Any help would be great guys.
  5. A friend, who is on benefits, has been asked to take part in the Family Resources Survey. It seems this is part of the Office For National Statistics (ONS) who are doing the survey on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). The survey visitors are exceedingly persistent. The interviewer came round four times (my friend was out each time), left their mobile number, left notes in the letterbox urging contact, provided a reply paid envelope, gave a helpline number and even sent a £10 cash voucher. From what people have posted on other sites, this is a very detailed intrusive survey asking about your state benefits, bank balances which they ask to see, investments, how much interest you get and such like . It turns out the interviewer knows most of this already. They explain that the survey data is shared between the ONS and DWP and say the data is anonymised for the survey and is confidential. I have seen the Family Resources Survey is referred to in official publications and seems to be a serious organisation, howeverdoes the information this survey collects also get passed on, as a sideline, to help review the status of individual benefits claimants?
  6. After a sibling died the others came together to clear the property with the sibling who is executor. This help was given freely and at no time did anyone mention or talk about getting paid or expenses for said help. Now suddenly an invoice has been sent to the executor for work carried out, this is a proper invoice as person is self employed. But is the executor legally obliged to pay this from the estate? We are aware that once the estate is settled if anything is missed the executor is liable personally. So although this is clearly immoral it's the legal side that concerns us.
  7. Hi everyone, Please could I ask for your kind help with my response to the upcoming Tfl letter I am very worried about going court and getting a criminal record I was stopped by a Tfl inspector for using my husband's discounted student oyster photocard yesterday. Here is the situation: I have my own standard oyster card with monthly pass and my husband (aged 25) has his own discounted student oyster photo card with monthly pass (both zone 1-2). On 17 May my monthly pass expired (there is balance) which I forgot to renew on 18th morning I took my husband's card (his is on monthly pass) and asked him to buy the monthly pass on my card for me as he has more time during the day. He bought the monthly pass on my card immediately on that day however we forgot to swop when we came home in the evening on 19th I continued to use his card and got caught by the inspector on the bus. I told the inspector that it was a mistake. My concern is in order to avoid court and criminal records, I don't know if I should simply explain it is a mistake with no detailed explanation or if I should tell the whole story as above. I am worried that the case worker would think I am trying to evade bus fares by using my husband’s pass - from the look of my oyster card history I started to use his the day when my own pass expired but actually we spent the same amount of money if I had used my own pay as you go balance. As we use our own card separately with monthly pass I was not aware of the serious consequences, I didn't expect to be in such panic and the daunting thought of a possible criminal record. This is the first time I have been stopped by an inspector and I have not committed any other offences/crimes before. I would not say that I have NEVER used my husband's discounted oyster for convenience before this happened but my card was covered by a travel pass at the same time, which means we never thought of taking advantage of TfL. Could you please point me in the right direction? I am willing to pay reasonable costs and I don't want to go to court or get a criminal record which will severely affect the life we are building in UK. My husband and I have only been here for 3 years and as English is not our primary language we are not sure about the wording / style that can help us stay out of this. Your help is much appreciated…
  8. Hi All, I couldn't find a "marriage" related forum but please move this post if not relevant here. Mortgage issues is the closest I can get to. Here are the basic details. My daughter has been married for 5 years. They have 3 young children. Mortgage is in the husbands name. Both are named on the Deeds Husband is the only income earner. Husband decides to up and leave - not wanting to be involved anymore. A girlfriend has subsequently appeared on the scene. My daughter has agreed to take over paying all the bills and pays 50% towards the monthly mortgage payment. Husband want's to get back on the property ladder and restart his life and also have somewhere to have his kids at the weekend. He wants to force her to sell the house, split the equity and go their separate ways. My daughter is not in a position to do this with 3 young children. She doesn't work so even with some equity wouldn't qualify for a mortgage. Whatsmore, she didn't choose to be in this situation. It was his choice to up and leave. He refuses to rent even though he can afford to do so as he see's it as throwing money down the drain. Does he have any legal right to force her out and is she obliged to help him in some way restart his life? Cheers.
  9. Hi all. A very kind family member has offered to lend nearly all my wife and I need for a deposit on a house. We all feel that some sort of agreement needs to be drawn up. Please can anyone offer any advice on this? Thank you.
  10. A family member recently passed away suddenly with an outstanding balance on their personal loan a/c of £2,000, £400 in their current a/c and £500 in their savings account DWP have contacted me to inform of an overpayment of pension credit of £200 which of course must be repaid Next of kin has been in touch with RBS bereavement service, whom claim they can take the £900 in the deceased's RBS a/c's against the outstanding balance of the loan 1. Is this true? 2. What happens to the remaining balance of the loan? 3. Should we inform RBS of the DWP overpayment? & 4. Can the DWP overpayment be taken from the £900 in credit? Advice appreciated
  11. The Ministry of Justice has introduced a shortened list of the new Court Fees for County Court, High Court and Family Court proceedings. In relation to the bailiff section of the forum, the following fees will be of interest: Varying a judgment, suspend enforcement or suspend a warrant of possession £50 Set aside a County Court judgment £255 General Application: £255 (N244) The general application fee (of £255) apply in cases where an Out of Time witness statement has been rejected, and the respondent wishes to have the decision 'reviewed' at a hearing in person. A 'review' without a hearing is charged at £100. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/fees-for-civil-and-family-courts/court-fees-for-the-high-court-county-court-and-family-court
  12. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/final-effort-to-find-family-of-world-war-2-hero-clifford-granville-shaw
  13. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/urgent-appeal-for-family-of-lancastrian-private-george-wilson
  14. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/urgent-appeal-for-family-of-durham-lance-corporal-raymond-halliday
  15. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/urgent-appeal-for-family-of-carlisle-resident-corporal-thomas-edgar
  16. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/urgent-appeal-for-family-of-durham-resident-private-harry-vasey
  17. Hello, can anyone guide me through the steps I would need to take in order to transfer ownership of property worth 100k to a family member whereby no money changes hands please? Is it simple to do without the need for Lawyers etc ? I have looked on the Land Registry website but there are lots of forms to download on there and I'm unsure of exactly which ones I would need. Are there other forms on top of Land Registry forms to fill in? Many Thanks
  18. ahhhh, I do hope this is the correct place to post! in a bit of a mare with a situation. paid some money for a ticket to my sister, was a partial amount and she was going to pay for the rest herself as a present to me. she paid for the tickets , and I transferred the money over to her including money for things I had purchased from her. family things have happened, which means I'm no longer going to the ticket event. I have asked for my money back a few times, to be met with 'we don't have the tickets yet, so we can't sell them' they now have the tickets, so it can be sold but I'm a bit sceptical as to whether this will happen. I have told her via Facebook I want the money back by the end of June whether these tickets have been sold or not. I can't really afford to lose the money, so would like it back. can I issue a small claims over this? is everything I have sufficient evidence to prove money is owed? she hasn't actually said she owes money to me, just says she will give it back to me when the ticket has been sold. do I still need to issue an LBA, or is the message I've sent okay to 'act' as an LBA? I don't wish for it to get this far, but I think it may. thank you!
  19. I hope someone can help.. My husband and I are at our wits end and he is not a well man. We went to live in Turkey and left my daughter's address for bank cards, Post, doctors etc.. When we returned 6 years later we got a debt letter from a company we have about a debt we have never heard of.. My Daughter took out catalogue debts and an Argos credit card in my name.. Also a studio catalogue in my husbands... We have since been bombarded with letters and have chosen to ignore them. Citizens advice have said report her to the Police but we are very reluctant to do this as we have 2 grandchildren and my daughter has Bi polar disorder.. Today we got a visit from a debt agency called Fidelite? I wasn't in and we are understandably very upset by this. We have never been in debt in all or our 60 odd years.. Never had a credit card and have always believed in savingu p for things we need.. . We own our own home. paid for cash from the sale of a business. Any advice will be most welcome. CAB just said pay it or go to the police. We live on disabled benefits as my husband is seriously disabled through a stroke... Thank you for reading this ... I did ring a debt help line who said that I must pay them... The amount comes to about £4.000.. I live in fear of my neighbours hearing about all this....
  20. hi wonder if any one can shed some light on a situation. 12 years ago a friend lent another friend some money to set up a business. the friend lending hoped to be involved in the business at a later date. the friend who lent the money later decided she wanted nothing to do in said business as had found other work/ commitments. There was a receipt detailing money being loaned for business. no terms no repayments etc. as yet no payments back have been made as verbal agreement was, by the lender working with the business would recoup money loaned, this did not happen and the business was not successful the lender now wants the money back, the lendee thinks that she was let down by the lender. where do they stand? Is it statute barred? Does the limitation act cover this type of loan? TIA
  21. I have had an ongoing claim with Jet2 for compensation following a fight delay in Feb 2011. There are six family members in the group, my wife and I, and four children under 16. I am the lead passenger and paid for the flights and the booking was made using my Jet2 account. It was a technical fault and they have been using the “unexpected circumstances” excuse since 2011, and most recently said they were waiting the outcome of their appeal to the Supreme Court which they said would affect the outcome of my claim. When the Supreme Court refused permission for them to appeal, I wrote again asking for the full amount plus interest. They have now asked me to submit a separate claim for each individual or they won’t consider them. This is the first time since I first claimed in 2011 that they have made such a request. After my initial claim, they made a partial pay-out for our allocated seats booking-fee, all on the same claim. So they have the all the passenger details and they have even partially paid out on the claim. I am inclined just to go straight to the County Court now because they are obviously just time-wasting. In my most recent letter, I said that if they did not inform me within 14 days of how and when they are going to compensate me, I would pursue the matter in the court. Am I now justified in taking them to court? Is it reasonable of me to expect a reply in two weeks after an almost four year on-going case ? Their normal reply time is six to eight weeks. If I don’t submit the claims again individually, would they be able to use that as reason for not paying if I go to County Court? Many Thanks
  22. I'm after some advice. My partner of 12 years walked out on me and our 3 children last Friday evening saying she was no longer happy with me. Didn't elaborate on the reason as to why she was not happy. I explained that if we were no longer together then we couldn't live together she immediatley offered to go. And did..... first few nights she would go out and come back early hours and sleep on the couch. Now she's gone all nights. She does come back everyday to see the children but prefers to spend most of the time with the kids out the way and us talking but going round in circles. I left them alone this evening while I went out for a short time so they could spend time together. I dropped her off at her friends house this evening. She wants to go out alot more of late to friends drinking Texting another man but swears on kids lives they are just talking and he's offering support I come in the house she's been going out Saying yes to children. Anything for an easy life No house tidying I have asked her again today where all this is going and she claims she does not know what she wants from life. At a work meeting yesterday she was instantly dismissed for Gross Misconduct. Although the hurt has been done I guess i'd take her back. She now has no fixed address and is staying with random friends on random nights, no job and no money. I worry for her. I've agreed to allow her to take children out despite no fixed address on the condition she brings them back to me at the end of the visit until she gets settled with a new place then we can discuss more permanent arrangements. I've also kindly requested that as I know my children have been with this man to play with his kids also from a broken relationship that whilst she still doesnt know what she wants from life could she refrain from meeting up with him and his children as I don't my children to become confused. Clearly as she's gone I've started a new tax credits claim and as tenancy agreement is due on 1st September 2015 the landlord has agreed to put it just in my name. Has anyone got any good advice for me as I still believe the reason why she's willingingly become detached from the family home is because perhaps she has done something with this new man whilst still together and now she is struggling knowing that. I've encouraged her to talk to her father whose wife walked out on them many years ago too leaving 6 children behind but she is very wary of doing this. I really don't want to lose my children because since last Friday we've got a really good daily routine going and the children are happy. Any advice would be welcome
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