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  1. Hi I had a 2004 1st national loan, ( which back then belonged to ge money), and even with the original paperwork, and after been sent/forward to santander as they seemed to have bought they portfolio, and after getting an answer the account is too old we don't have the data anymore- even though I sent them a copy of original loan agreement, I try through fos, which also said they were in favour of the lender, |I just felt so discouraged that I just quit, this was over 18 months ago, is there anything I can still do? Many thanks
  2. Hi hi Sorry don't know if its right tread I had a 2004 1st national loan, ( which back then belonged to ge money), and even with the original paperwork, and after been sent/forward to santander as they seemed to have bought they portfolio, and after getting an answer the account is too old we dont have the data anymore- even though I sent them a copy of original loan agreement, I try through FOS, which also said they were in favor of the ;ender, |I just felt so discouraged that I just quit, this was over 18 months ago, is there anything I can still do? Many thanks
  3. Hi Guys Need your help and advice. I had some old loans with PPI sold by welcome, for which I both was able to claim my PPI! Not just we were told that we had to take those policies as our credit history in the uk was almost non existent, to be able to get the loans! This loans were taken with my ex partner, which now is trying to claim, but they saying that the policy was only to cover the 1st named person, whcih was me, however we both clearly remember that we disclose to sales person my serious liver condition, and we were assured that we were both cover, as stated verbally and as he didn't crossed the i/we wording which he said was to show that we were both covered, Back then this in 2000 our english understanding was not the best and the guy not just spoke 1000 miles an hour as he had a strong accent, he even had the "face to add " a health care product for which he knew at least me I would not be ever able to make a claim! We have the original paperwork which show both our names, the ppi premium-together with healthcare product which we were told was a part of the PPI, and it clearly shows the we not crossed, so I believe that not just serve as proof that the otherwise stated, is in place- I mean we were both covered, as proof that he stated this verbally! We should never been forced to buy those products due to my pre medical conditions, as also this should had never been as a condition to get the loan?! My question, W as my ex partner is trying to get her refund, because she also paid for the loan and her name was in the agreement, does aviva ( underwriter for 1st ppi) and welcome are correct when saying that only me was cover, as technically in the agreement- the we wording was not crossed and left untouched and back then we disclosed my health conditions and were assured by salesperson that was not a problem and that both of us were covered by the ppi, am I correct in my line of thinking and she is entitled to a valid claim, as CAB advisor told her that she had a strong mis selling case? Thanks
  4. Thanks once again i will keep you guys posted!!
  5. Hi thanks for the reply. Yes I sent black horse and Lloyd's ( as it belongs to the same group) but I am afraid the reply will only contain after 2010 loans as the answer from the phone call I had with them was that they only could go back 8 years, is this the case? Will the bank statements requested under the SRA will have to show the payments and references numbers made? Thanks once again
  6. Hi guys A quick question... I am trying to find out all the agreements numbers from pre 2010 loans I had- personal and business accounts( because for i.e black horse only says it can only go back 8 yeras), I tried through a normal credit report-experian - i see the loan history but no agreements numbers, i tried a full SRA from equifax which i got today, but no agreements numbers, i did request full SRA from the banks which i am hoping it will give me reference/ agreements numbers on the statements but if not what can I do? Is there any other way, because it seems a very easy way for lenders to get away with paying back PPI?!! Sorry guys is there anyone that can advice me please? I am going to get this info through my banks SRA request? where I will be able to see in the statements the direct debits reference numbers? Or for i.e in the case of black horse do they have to provide me with all loans details for loans taken out pre-2010? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. So i just use the sar template from your library under the new rules and just give them my personal details with all the different addresses i had since 1996 and thats it?
  8. Hi I wonder if any one can advice me related to a few questions i have to initiate a ppi claim. I know I have made since 1996 different loans for car/vans and motor bikes finance through black horses, and I am sure I have PPi on them up to 2010. After i phone them to ask for the reference number to initiate ppi claims, they told that they could only go 8 years back even with a Sar but to go to the bank where the loans were being debited from and see the reference numbers- which i tried but the online statements only go back up to 2014 and 2011, so my question are: What can i do to get the info and confirmations of ppi for loans prior to 2010 and back to 1996? Do banks have to provide me with statements back to 1996 if a sar is requested? In case of sar is needed can I send the £10 fee in the form of a postal order as i dont use cheques no more? Appreciate for any advice...
  9. Hi First I have to thanks to the users of this forums because it thanks to much of the info I got from here that I was able to claim a few PPI £!! I finally manage to claim some of the PPI that WELCOME has misold/forced me to take with a few loans I had with them over a few years, even though pre 2003 they referred me to the underwriter - AVIVA, for which now I am waiting for a reply. My question is related to a worthless healthcare insurancce that they package together with the PPI, even after I had disclosed that I suffered from several health problems, which would make impossible to ever made a claim, but again due to the desperation and urgency I took the loans anyway! On the refund WELCOME offer this premium is not included but I believe and once they accept the liability on the misselling, I should be entitled to the refund of this healthcare insurance on top of the PPI refund, and the same for any future offers from AVIVA= which was the underwriter of the PPI and healthcare ins. pre 2003. Does anyone have any advice or experiences on claiming this? Finally, I took a joint loan with directline loan back in 2004, for which my ex=partner manage to claim the PPI but I never got a cheque, and I thought the guidelines are that all parties involved should equal parts of any refunds, or am I wrong? Once again thank you all.
  10. Hi Sorry for the delay on answering. Yes I believe the answer is to SAR santander cards, once they are the owners now, however in my case because I have the original credit agreement, where it clearly shows the PPI premium I will be writing a new complaint to the FLA= finance & leasing association, this because the reply letter from Santander cards stated that they closed the complaint and referred me to the FLA, where in the complaint I will proof the payment and mis-selling of PPI, through the presentation of the original loans documents, even though in my case with Santander cards the PPI premium is only around the £400 level, so it's also more a case of principle, together with the fact that I am not in a financial position to "waste" £400! Sorry for not being of much help, but I will update accordingly... Regards, SR
  11. hi Thanks for the quick reply. So, £10 cheque enclosed made to santander with the template letter, with the added line requesting all the accounts? Yes I did sent them a FOS ppi form filled, and my mise-selling was because I was never told it was optional, or that I didn't have to take it, actually I was told that I had to take it to get the loan!
  12. hi all A the beginning of july 2012 I wrote to santander cards related to 2 loans I had pay off with first national. The loans were made the 1st in 12/2001 with £ 33.99 per month with a time span of 48 months, this was to buy a PC from the extinct TINY computers. For this loan I remember like it was yesterday I was told I had to take the PPI otherwise I would not get the loan. I still have the initial letter they sent me with the detalis of payment and loan, but I did not mention any PPI, I know I bought the PC for £999 and the interest or was 26.9% or 29.6, but I am sure it had PPI. The 2nd loan of £500 made in 08/2002 also first national, of which I still have the original credit agreement where it clear shpws a £65 PPi premiun added to the loan, even I was never told or asked about it, you just presumed it belong to the loan. This loan also as been paid off. For my surprise on 18/07/2012 I got a a response from them saying that the older or the 1st loan they could see there was no PPI and oddly enough for the 2nd they say is too old and they do not have the file anymore, even after I sent them a copy of credit agreement. I can smell a rat miles away, 1st how come they saying the older file they can see is no PPI but the 2nd they cannot have it anymore , even though I sent them a copy of the credit agreement which clear shows the PPI policy? My question is what should I do? Sent a SAR to the data commissioner or what? Any help would be much appreciated! Many thanks in advance,
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