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  1. Sold house in December 2014, exchanged in early January 2015, spoke to EON, took meter reading and took photo of meter. Weirdly we had no bills from EON since 2006. Heard nothing. Today get letter from EON demanding £109.57. Turns out actual energy usage was £31.45. But that relates to a bill from October 30th 2015 to December 30th 2015 So somone else's bill They also claim that there's a £55 call out fee and a £10 extra fee. But refuse to provide an actual bill, and are stalling when I ask for a breakdown of the £109.57. Oddly the lack of bills from 2006 to 2010 is because we were in credit and 2 payments from the Government (??) - why would the government pay our electricity bill? The story keeps changing. Asked why no bills had ever been sent prior to this, despite asking for one. Spent the whole day on phone trying to sort this out. Despite having the photo of the meter and proof of sale, which EON wanted earlier in the day, they now don't want it and are not prepared to discuss the issue any further. I assume a court date is next and my credit rating has been trashed? Any ideas how to resolve what should have been an easy to resolve issue?
  2. Hello All New user here so bear with me. My parents travelled on a National Express coach to London Gatwick for a holiday in October, and gave the driver a bag (Hand luggage containing medication and a laptop), which when they arrived at London Gatwick, was found to be missing. This was reported to the driver and also to the National Express office at London Gatwick, and they continued to check in for the flight. On return to the National Express office, the agents recognised my parents and said straight away that the driver had found the luggage but as had moved on, my parents could not be reunited with the luggage before the flight. After many phone calls, it turned out that the bag which had been identified as being found and belonging to my parents, actually belonged to another passenger who had been allowed to take my parents luggage. I tmade the point that as my parents handed the luggage to National Express, it should be expected that National Express be responsible for handing the luggage back, but they have taken a very hands off approach as below. Each item of luggage is loaded into a separate compartments depending where the customers are travelling from, in your parents case they boarded the coach at xxx which is the same location as Mr xxxx The driver has no way of knowing which luggage belongs to individual customers, the driver offloads the luggage and expect each customer to identify and claim their own property. We cannot be held responsible for another customer actions. As they now knew who the customer was who took the luggage, National Express asked for permissiton to hand my contact details over to the customer who wrongly took the luggage, so we could basically work this out ourselves. After not hearing anything, I am losing faith in national Express and to see the luggage returned. I asked National Express on the 30th October to chase up urgently, and if they could provide the details of the customer who took that luggage. Today, I received a very unexpected text message from National Express, containing the customer's mobile number who took the luggage in errors. Also suggesting that if I don't hear anything back, I contact the police. I will be honest, I was not expecting them to hand out personal information. Rather than act in haste and repent at leisure by phoning the number immediately, I have sat back for 5 minutes and asked a couple friends for advice, and remembered the stories on here I had read about people in similarlaat situations. So I have the person's number who has my luggage. National Express have washed their hands of this. The simple answer is phone the person who has my luggage who has been ignoring any attempt by National Express to contact me, so I have to be wary of who I am dealing with and how this could escalate. Not looking for excuses, but I am recovering form serious illness, been off work for 8 months and am just about to start reduced hours work, so this is going to add uneeeded pressurs on me at at very important time of my life. Basically, I want National Express to pursue on my behalf as they allowed the luggage to be taken, including contacting the police if it is found the luggae has been stolen. I am going to contact National Express to disclose what personal information they sent to the customer who took the luggae, but looking for advice in my next steps, bearing in mind I think National Express shopuld be progressing this case to closure as the luggae was handed to them and they then allowed someone else to take the luggage. It looks to me like a process problem by National Express which sounds really easy to fix, but I can't acceopt that they can't take any responsibilty in this situation. Thanks for any replies and hope to hear from someone soon. Any questions please ask.
  3. It's obvious that the government is making it so difficult with benefits they are hoping that everyone will just give up claiming but I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or head butt the wall with this situation and just wondering if anyone has had similar problems because apparently the people in front and behind me in the cashiers queue had the same issue!! Had a medical appointment in London yesterday for my ongoing vertigo issue and am on UC at the moment (although haven't received anything as yet due to my last pay packet back in July!). However I can't remember where but someone told me as I am on UC I could claim back my travel expenses. The UC helpline (term used loosely) advised me that I could claim through the JCP but on contacting my Work Coach (again term used loosely) she advised me I couldn't claim through them but I could claim direct with the NHS. I called the NHS and that was correct but I had to take my proof of purchase, appointment letter and UC Reward Letter to the cashier at the hospital. Obviously I know unlike JSA where you get a letter stating you are receiving JSA you don't get the same thing with UC because the Council were complaining about that when I claimed Council Tax Benefit and the girl at the Council said it was all a bit of a shambles. So I called the UC helpline again and after half an hour trying to explain to an automated message that all I wanted was advice from and advisor I finally got through. The advisor told me that the statement on the dashboard was all I needed although all 4 pages of it seemed excessive and somewhat personal considering it states that I was awarded a massive UC total of £0 due to my wage the previous month of £xyz!! Queued for 25 minutes at the cashier’s desk at the hospital with all the documents and finally when I got to the window she wouldn't approve it stating that she needed a JSA Award Letter. I politely explained that in my part of the country and more than likely most of it by now including London there is no such thing as JSA and award letters anymore, (I may be wrong) and that the UC Office had said this statement would suffice. She wasn't for turning though and kept pointing to a clearly out of date note on the wall stating a JSA Award letter was required. I tried my best to keep calm and explained again that all is done online now and this is it, all I can offer. Eventually she took my number and said her supervisor would ring on Monday but keep my train tickets, which is fortunate I got a receipt because the machine eats the tickets once used!! As I left the guy behind said "Well we are buggered as well then" as he held up his UC Statement print out. When I got home I called the UC Helpline but was told they didn't deal with travel and I had to speak to my work coach and could only offer me an appointment next Wednesday!! I asked for a phone appointment because it seems a bit pointless taking up a walk in just for one question! I said that the previous UC advisor had informed me that a UC Statement would be ok but was curtly told that the UC advisor couldn't advise on that so didn't know why they had! I then rang the number for my Job Centre and went through merely to a switchboard who told me that my JCP was closed on Fridays. So we search for work for 35 hours a week and they work 4 days?!?! She however told me that the JCP can't help on that so I should contact UC Helpline!! I replied that the UC Helpline say they don't deal with that the JCP does and she said they didn't know why they advised me of that as they were wrong. After telling her I suspect she may be getting a few more calls from others with the same query I gave up at that point!!! So has anyone had any luck with claiming expenses of any kind with merely a UC Statement?! It seems impossible. The hospital say they need a letter that doesn't exist anymore, UC say it's down to the JCP to advise and the JCP say it's down to UC credit to advise. A system clearly created by a buffoon with no brain, sense or intelligence!!
  4. I can't log into my account today with my PC, although it still works most of the time with my phone. I keep getting a message about AOL being called Oath now and it says that before I continue it wants me to confirm I'm in the UK and to confirm their new privacy policy. When I try to accept their conditions or manage my options, it says 'Oops something went wrong, please try again later.' Every time I try, I go through the same loop. What am I doing wrong please? Thank you for any help. HB
  5. A review of past fees and charges, and you are entitled to a refund. The amount is about a few hundred. I believe my relative had a massively unfair relationship with them. Curious if anyone else has got this letter recently and what it means...annd what you've done about it.
  6. Hi guys Earlier his morning I got caught using a relatives bus pass on West Midlands Network Buses. Completely my fault, I held my hands up and apologized. I was in a rush to get to the job center as I had an appointment to tell them I was going to be starting my new job next week. As I got off at the stop, the inspectors were checking the tickets and as I didn't have a photo card, they pulled me over, ran a few checks and I admitted it wasn't my pass. I am completely broke and couldn't afford a ticket, literally. They asked me to pay £40 there and then, but I had nothing on me. The inspector said they would send a letter through the post and I would have to pay the £40 fine. However, looking at online forums, there are some people saying they've been summoned to court for the same offense. This worries me a lot as I have a suspended sentence for a motoring offense earlier this year. Does this mean that if I get summoned to court, and they convict me of using someone else's bus pass, I could be sent to prison?
  7. Not sure if this is the right thread so apologies if not. In April 2014, I moved into a shared accommodation property with two other girls. As lead tenant, I organised everything, all bills etc were in my name. In April 2015, one of the girls moved out. In October 2015, I cancelled my virgin media account as I was going to be travelling for work and the flat was really just a 'home base' for when I got a week off etc and so that all my bills were still going to the same place. Work was paying for my travel and accommodation in other places so it wasn't too big a deal to pay rent on a flat I wasn't staying in. I had closed the account early and so I'd paid a bit extra and whatever. My account was closed but my remaining flatmate took out a virgin account in her name. I moved out in March 2016, informed all the utilities that were still in my name that I'd be moving out and they issued final bills etc . I couldn't cancel VM as it was in my flatmates name. this week, moving into a new place with my bf, I try to set up virgin media, only to get a phone call telling me that I can't be given services because there's a £76 debt at a property I once lived at. (My ex-flatmate moved out at the end of April 2016 but apparently didn't cancel her account) I've since had a discussion with 3 different departments (orders, collections and customer services) who have all confirmed that unless I pay off a debt that is not in my name and nothing to do with me, I cannot get my services. I'm expecting a call from senior management tomorrow afternoon after I kicked up a bit of a fuss but legally, can I be held accountable for someone else's debt with them?
  8. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/3143151/france-emissions-sticker-117-fine/ Hopefully the UK are going to reciprocate this in the UK for French vehicles ?
  9. I am currently receiving ESA support group which i appealed over a year ago and won. I have recently moved back to my mortgaged home ( it was empty due to pending repossession process), I am currently pregnant but we are not together, we have never been in a long term relationship, he has his own property and doesnt live with me, he will pop in on occassions to check how the pregnancy is coming along, we dont get on and know that being in a long term relationship just for a child would not work. The DWP advised that an allegation has been made that he lives with me and i have to attend in two weeks. Can anyone shed any light on what they will ask me? Thanks in advance
  10. In the first instance, don’t delay…but whatever you do….don’t rush into issuing an injunction (more on this in my second post). Why has my car been taken? In most cases, the vehicle would have been taken because it had been identified by a bailiff using ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) in relation to unpaid penalty charge notices owed by the previous owner. Why this happens is because the warrant carries upon it the vehicle registration number of the vehicle involved in the parking contravention. Will the bailiff company give me my car back? Unfortunately, without documentary evidence being provided to support the sale, the vehicle will be unlikely to be released. Why is this? Bailiff companies frequently come across cases where a vehicle has ‘allegedly' been 'sold’ in order to assist the ‘real owner’ evade payment of their parking debts. In other words, it can be fairly common for 'sales’ to be ‘bogus’. It is vehicle owners such as these, that are to blame for genuine purchasers being required to provide so much documentary evidence. What do I need to do? In the first instance, ask a question on the bailiff section of the forum. If your car has been taken, you will need to contact the enforcement company as soon as possible to make a Part 85 Claim . This claim must be submitted within 7 days . Almost all companies will ask you to provide the following five items as evidence. Most of the larger companies have their own set Questionnaires. V5c Log Book If the purchase was a recent one, this document can be difficult to provide as it can take up to 4 weeks for the new V5c to be processed by DVLA. If this document is not available, you should provide the tear off New Keeper supplement from the Log Book. Proof of Purchase. If payment for the vehicle purchase had been made by bank transfer, this is ideal. If payment had been made by cash….this can be problematic. Most enforcement companies will request evidence by way of a bank statement showing cash being withdrawn a few days before the purchase. You will also be required to provide a copy of the sales receipt. How the purchase came about. If the car was purchased via eBay, Gumtree, Auto Trader or a garage etc, then a copy of the advert and receipt will be required. If the purchase has been via a friend or relative, this can be problematical. Once again, please post a question on the forum. Copy of vehicle insurance. This will be one of the most important documents. It is a criminal offence to keep a vehicle on a public highway without insurance and all enforcement companies will require some evidence that the new owner has obtained insurance within a day or so of the purchase. If the vehicle is not kept on a highway, evidence of SORN registration should be provided. Evidence that road fund licence has been purchased. Most new vehicle owners will tax their vehicle online with DVLA and will either make a one off payment or monthly instalments. A copy of the bank statement evidencing that road fund licence was obtained around the time of the purchase will need to be provided.
  11. I am mightily confused. I have been signing on for 12 months, at the start of my claim I signed a claimant commitment stating I will do X number of steps each week to find work, IE look in papers, ask family and friends, use UJM etc. I completed my job search online and always filled in my activity history on UJM, ensuring I recorded X number of steps as required in my claimant commitment. Part way through the year I was told not to use UJM instead I was given a paper template to fill that stated I must do 35 hours job search per week, this had a section to fill stating the time each task took. Some time later I was issued with a pie chart diagram which showed different activities I could include in my 35 hour job search. Now I have been given another paper template form which states I have to apply for and record 10 vacancies jobs per week. What the heck as happened to my claimant commitment, no where in that did I agree to a 35 hour week job search nor did it state when I signed it that it was a requirement. Secondly, I would never agree to applying for X amount of vacancies per week , what if the only suitable vacancies are ones I have already applied for. And now they have just reissued me a new claimant commitment to sign which is basically same as my old one except they have added “ engage with the work program” Can they enforce this 10 job application rule and what is in place to prevent me from just jotting down bogus applications. Obviously I am fulfilling my claimant commitment still but as there is no actual way to record that activity any more am I even obligated to carry it out. From what I can gather the 35 hour per week is only a suggestion and not enforceable as long as client shows they have took reasonable steps they cannot be sanctioned but I cannot find any info at all regarding the 10 vacancies per week.
  12. Hi, Firstly thanks for all the help and advice in the past, I have donated previously to help keep this fantastic resource continue it's good work. As the title says I was caught on speed camera on the M25 a few months back, I immediatly pleaded guilty as I knew on that day I was over the speed limit ( I am shocked by the amount though). You will read from my letter below why I was speeding, as I say in the letter it is no defence and completely agree it was wrong, it was the first time in years I had forgot my son's vital medicine, two large mistake's in a day - which is why I held my hands up straight away, as mentioned in the letter the road was completely empty, it was near midnight and the weather was good and clear - again I realise it's not up to me to judge what speed is safe in those conditions. My concern is we are away for two weeks starting on the court day, in the requisition pack I received a yellow form saying there's no need to attend court when pleading guilty, I tried to plead online the day we received the pack, unfortunately the gov online system is not working for new cases as it's a new system, I called the number, the receptionist took my details, name, case number and told me to return the forms by post, I have filled in all paperwork and the income questionnaire and supplied proof that we are away and that my son does indeed have this disability, also proof that we had attended the London event and based on the camera time it showed that we did indeed have to leave early. I have a full clean license for nearly 30 years only ever having a past SP30 some ten years ago for 35mph in a 30 zone. I dont want to court to think I'm showing any disrespect by not attending. is there anything else you think I should do? I have included the letter text below (will get the wife to check grammar and spelling before sending) which I was going to include with my plea: I am writing with regards to the charge of driving at a speed exceeding 70 miles an hour, I wanted to ensure the court was aware that I immediately completed the first form which was addressed to my wife, I notified Kent police that I was in fact the driver and pleaded guilty to the offence, upon receiving the written charge (26th July) I tried to make a guilty plea online on the same day – having received errors online and speaking to the plead helpline – I was informed there where problems with the computer system and that my case number was one of the one’s that wouldn’t work, I left my details and have made my plea direct as enclosed. We received a court date of 8th August, My family and myself are away for two weeks starting from this date, Our relatives and helped us take this break, This has been booked for over 6 months, I have enclosed proof, I wanted to make it clear to the court that my non appearance should not be seen as any lack of respect for the court or a sign that I do not take this offence very seriously. I am a family man and have never been in trouble with the police before, I have a full clean driving license and this serious offence has brought great shame on myself which indeed reflects on my family – for this I am truly sorry. I am fully aware that this serious matter could lead to a driving ban, I am prepared to accept the courts decision and agree with what ever punishment is imposed, I have included my drivers license and even though away will not drive until I receive the courts verdict. I am shocked at the speed recorded, I know it wont help my case but I wanted to let the court know that I was aware that I was over the speed limit, I honestly didn’t realise it was by that amount, I mentioned my children, My son George received tickets to a wrestling match at the 02 arena, it is the second time just father and son have been out without the rest of the family, he has a growth disability (endocrine system non functioning purity gland, he is just one of 50 children in the UK to have this problem) every day for 16 years he has had deep tissue injections and has to take hydrocortisone tablets twice a day, the last time he missed tablets was 6 years ago and within an hour of felling unwell he was taken to East Surrey hospital where he was taken directly into intensive care, We never miss this daily tablet, George realised later during the show that he had not taken his tablet and that we didn’t have any after leaving early from the performance we also didn’t have them in the car, again this like the above offence is totally irresponsible on my part, we immediately headed home after George started to panic, my wife drove towards us and we met at junction 5 the junction after the offence took place, this is not meant to be a defence, I understand what I did was wrong, as you can see from the pictures provided, the road was completely empty and the weather was fine, dry and clear. Finally, I feel I let my family down twice on this evening when it was supposed to be a celebration, I can assure the court that this will not happen again, and I apologise to all concerned. I am willing to attend the court directly after our return should I need to to accept a ban, I will also pay the court courts and fines as soon as we return on 23rd August. Mr xxx Offence: on 18/04/2016 drove motor vehicle on a motorway at a speed in excess of 70 mph - speed recorded by means of HADECS 3 was 100mph. I am not looking for any get out's - I just want to ensure I provide the details the court requires. Thanks.
  13. Hi all, I purchased a steam iron from Currys about 5 months ago but recently it stopped working. I wanted to take it back under the year's warranty it had on it but when I went to find the receipt i saw that it was faded and barely legible. Turns out it was printyed on some sort of thermal paper that fades with time... either way, no surprise, they wouldn't accept it as proof of purchase. Has anyone else had this problem???? And if so what did they do to get around it? Not the most expensive item but ridiculous that I can't take it back through no fault of my own. They should print these receipts on better stuff. Thanks
  14. Hi Cag community! I really hope you can help. I’m afraid I’ve never posted in a forum before so not too sure if I have posted in the right please so do let me know if I should post somewhere else! On 30th June 2015, EDF (representing Scottish Power) entered the communal corridor for my flat, and removed all the electricity meters for the whole building. We own a flat in a block of 5, and we had a prepayment meter with Scottish Power. In the few days following this we discovered (from the EDF officer who removed all the meters) that the meters to Flats 1, 2 and 5 (owned by the freeholder) were bypassed, and that my meter and the other leasehold flat were in credit. This proves that we were topping up our prepayment meters as we ought to, and that they theft of electricity was being done by our freeholders who were bypassing the other meters to the flats they owned. Whilst this was all going on, my mum spoke to Scottish Power’s Revenue Protection department on 9th July 2015 and was asked to pay £300 for a replacement meter, as the freeholder had still not sorted it out, and was instead trying to reconnect the electricity supply illegally (for which we reported him every time). She paid this £300 in advance so that I could book the time for the meter to be installed once we had the necessary certificates. The issues with the electricity have highlighted criminal acts by the freeholder, and these have been reported to the police (I have a crime reference number). Our freeholder illegally reconnected the electricity several times and we always reported him immediately to Scottish Power. We just wanted justice to be served and to get proper official meters installed as soon as possible so we could go on with our lives. In the end, we did not book Scottish Power to install new meters for us as the freeholder finally organised British Gas to do it (Scottish Power had scuppered his attempts to reconnect illegally). Scottish Power are now refusing to refund us the money as they have told us they are keeping it to go towards repaying the debt owed by our freeholder. Our freeholder has also (without my knowledge or permission) transferred my account away from British Gas and back to Scottish Power by posing as me. Scottish Power will not let me move my account back, presumably because they are taking a portion of money from my prepayment meter when I top it up to repay the freeholders debt. I do not know what state the freeholders meters are in at the present time as he now keeps them in a separate padlocked cupboard with a CCTV camera pointed at it. Scottish Power have told us that they have no interest in finding out who the freeholder is. The police have not followed up on the case either. Despite raising complaints with various departments I have been unable to resolve this issue. Scottish Power are still refusing to refund the £300 and are also holding me responsible for the rest of the freeholders debt. I really hope someone can help as I’m at the end of my rope with this one.. Here's to hoping.. thanks all for reading!
  15. Hi does anyone have any email contact details for he aqua credit card - i want to contact them about a debt I have with them and try and sort things out but they only supply a postal address or phone number on their site
  16. Hi guys, I had a good read of the thread titled: "Penalty Charge notice not received in post from council" (sorry I can't post the link as I havn't made enough posts on this forum) It was really useful because Tunde's situation was very similar to what I have now. Back in November I strayed into a bus lane in Swindon, and yesterday received a Penalty Charge Cert. for £90, on a letter which claimed I had been sent correspondence before. However, I had not received anything before. Also, in the envelope they sent me there was a similar Charge Cert addressed to a different person, at a completely different address! I called up a Swindon Council number and spoke to a bloke about the issue of only receiving this certificate as the first correspondence. I forgot to mention the thing about receiving someone else's letter. He said in quite a stern tone that it'd be just my word against theirs and I'd have to wait for the next letter, which will be some sort of court-style charge recovery letter. I then heeded the advice of the other thread I linked to, and sent an email in a similar style. Here it is: I am writing to you with regards to the attached letter received via post on the ... January 2016, dated ... 2016. The charge certificate states that the offence was detected on the ... 2015 and that you sent a notification to me, which according to you, I refused to since pay hence the increase in the penalty charge to £90. I would like to inform you that I NEVER received any notification prior to this charge certificate. I would like you to therefore please send me the initial notification; I have no issue paying the original fine, but it would be very unfair and unjust to pay an increased fee since I did not receive any notification from you. It is also important to note that the said offence was committed in November; I would like to know the date the penalty charge letter was sent to me. ALSO, you can see in the attachment that in the same document sent to me there was also a letter meant for a completely different person who I don't know, at a different address. This is quite a concern in itself, and also suggests an oversight by the sender which might explain why I never received an original notice. In summary, I would like to be given the original notice for the original fine (as I have never received it), and also be given an explanation as to why I have received someone else's notice. The later C.C should be cancelled and my fine reverted to the original, in light of what I have explained. Here are the relevant numbers, as can be seen in the attachment: Yours Faithfully, _______________________________________________________________ There is something else however. The driver who strayed into the lane is a Chinese friend of mine (I'm typing this on his behalf for language reasons). He is a researcher here but will return to China in May. If he does come back to the UK it will be after a couple of years and to a different address. Does this affect how we should treat this complaints process, in your eyes? Many thanks for taking the time to read all that!
  17. Hello, I've been having issues with the balances on my Natwest account for a few months now and wondered whether anyone else is. I keep a tight track on my accounts and use the iPhone app to make sure I don't go overdrawn (by transferring money in and out between Natwest accounts), yet on quite a few occasions my balance has shown as overdrawn. When I query this with the bank they confirm I'm overdrawn and won't accept that I can't be as I ensure I cover every purchase before making it. I don't touch the account and 24 hours later the balance shows as back in credit. Very tiresome but not much I can do. This morning my account shows as balance of 0.00. I've transferred money in and the balance remains at 0.00 So, I live chat Natwest who tell me there's "so many transactions on the account" (there are 6) it takes time for it to update. They also tell me it's in credit but I just can't see it yet. When I attempt to use my card it tells me there's insufficient funds in the account. The account balance on both the iPhone app and Online banking still says 0.00 Now, Natwest tell me there's a negative balance - it's changed in the last 5 minutes - and I know the account will sort itself out in 24-48 hours and will be in credit without me doing anything about it! Sorry for the longwinded story but is anyone else having these problems? I can't understand how a bank can deny there's an issue when one day they're telling me I'm overdrawn and it's fine the next, without any intervention from me. It's also really really tiresome but I know I'm lucky as I have another current account I can use- what would happen to a person that didn't?1 So, is anyone else having problems with their balance like this? Natwest refuse to accept there are any issues. Thanks,
  18. Name of Claimant - Cabot Financial (UK) Limited Date of issue – 8th September 2015 – issued counterclaim, defence dated by Mortimer Clarke Solicitors 14th September, received 18th September. What is the claim for (verbatim) – 1.By an agreement between original creditor & the Defendant dated xx/xx/2003 (“the Agreement”) original creditor agreed to issue the Defendant with a store card. The Defendant failed to make the minimum payments Due & the Agreement was terminated. The Agreement was assigned to the Claimant on xx/03/2015. THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS 1. 2xxx.x0 What is the value of the claim? 21xx.x0 Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? Store card When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? Before 2007 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. Debt Purchaser - Cabot Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? Not aware and as far as I know not received Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? No Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year? No Why did you cease payments? Waiting for SAR which was not received, in fact they took the £10 fee for full disclosure and applied it to the account instead. What was the date of your last payment? 1/09/2010 Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? Yes, made a SAR to original creditor which they never responded to, see above. Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? Yes and was making payments on this plan and asked for SAR.
  19. Ive been with my company for gas and electric for a few years now, on card metters for both. When i joined, i had looked on their website, and they sold both services as coming with no standing charges. Recently, having found out a bit how to read meters properly, i discover that both actually do have standing charges. I have screenshots of the website, which still todaqy claim no standing charges to. Apart from the obvious complaints, is it possible to claim these back? $And how would i go about it?
  20. Hey guys, hope someone can help, I'm trying to find an e-mail address to complain to EE or Orange to, I'm not sure which one I'll need to go through for this complaint. I sent an online request to unlock my husbands phone 3 days ago and woke up this morning to an email to unlock a phone, but it was someone else's full name, phone number, different phone and IMEI number. While I've since received an email with the details to unlock my husbands phone, I'm very worried that I've got someone else's details sent to me. The phone we've got was locked to Orange but I went through the EE website to unlock it. While I'm not the one whose details have gone astray here I still feel the need to inform someone that somethings gone wrong herer Many thanks anyway, Stage D
  21. Hi I posted this question on a different site but actually ended up following advice I read here. I have a further question but will repost my original one first I am probably being a bit of a drama queen about this but I am rather worried. I moved into my Housing Association flat in March 2014. Since then, I have received a letter addressed to the occupier and found that it was a debt collection agency trying to find a chap I will refer to by his initials, RC. I used the number on the letter to notify them that I had lived here since March and that I knew the previous tenant to me was called GW (infamous locally for an arson attack he is now doing time in prison for). That was the end of the matter and they apologised for bothering me. I've since rec'd another letter, also addressed to RC but with no identifying marks on the outside, so I couldn't simply return to sender. I opened it, expecting to be able to find contact details in order to let whoever it was know that RC does not live here. What I found was an enforcement notice from Marstons for a HMCTS fine, demanding the £800 fine be paid or bailiffs would turn up within 14 days. There were no contact details on it besides ways to pay, so I googled the company and got an email addy. I sent a fairly snotty email and quoted their ref numbers telling them that this guy has never lived here to my knowledge and that I don't appreciate having to contact them to stop bailiffs turning up at my home. I also contacted the court, quoting Marston's ref, saying the same thing. I got a reply from them saying they have no records of sending any correspondence for that person to my address. They suggested I query Marston's again. I got an auto reply from Marston's saying they are looking into my complaint and then today I got another email. This one basically apologises for any distress caused to me, but also says that it is not uncommon for people to claim an offender is not residing at their property. They have given me until 19th Feb to send them proof of my occupancy, with a utility bill no older than six months old. They said I can send a photocopy via post or scan it into an email (I do not have a scanner). I am outraged by this and I told them so. I replied that I would send the proof they need but only if they send me a prepaid envelope. I also mentioned that the courts told me nothing had been issued for RC to this address. It seems outrageous that I should have to prove that I am NOT who they are looking for but I wonder if I am making this harder than it needs to be by not doing their job for them and sending the docs at my own expense. On the other hand, I wonder if giving them personal information about me could cause me more problems. Look at how much of an issue it has been already. Why would proving I am the occupant also prove that RC is not staying with me? How far could this go? What do I do if they turn up at my door in February? As for supplying a recent utility bill, I have gas/elec/water meters and don't get any bills and my council tax bill is obviously more than 6 months old as it was issued in March/April 2014. I haven't had a reply to my email yet so they may get in touch and say that the matter is closed but, based on what I am reading about them online, I doubt it. What should I do? I am posting here because I have a further update and I would like some advice on what to do next. I followed the advice I read here and contacted the court again, stating that I am worried about what I read online about Marston visiting addresses even though they have been given proof that the person they are looking for doesn't live there, and that I would prefer to send proof of my tenancy to the court rather than them in the hope they can recall the enforcement notice/warrant. I got a reply the next morning that I will copy here: Thank you very much for your email. I have looked into this account and it would appear Marstons discovered the defendant applied for insurance at your address but understand this does not necessarily mean he lives at the address. This does not affect the credit rating of the address. I have recalled the Warrant of Control for further searches and apoloogise for any inconvenience caused. This was signed by a 'Compliance and Enforcement Officer'. My questions are, do I need to do anything else/different, and does recalling the Warrant of Control ensure Marston can't come to my home now? Thank you in advance.
  22. Hi all. My wife has a Very account and as the only breadwinner I have to make the payments. I get paid monthly yet they have a 28 day cycle. This is obviously designed to move the payment date 2 or 3 days closer to the start of the month each month. Unfortunately monthly paid customers, probably most of us, do not get to change our pay days, therefore the date payment is due eventually falls before the monthly pay day. This is to ensure that a large number of people have to pay a £12 fee for 'late payment' when they deliberately cause this to happen. It also affect the credit rating as this shows as a missed payment when they have changed the date to some time before pay day. My question is, if enough people get together can we change this practice? I have tried contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service and they say they have no authority. Thanks.
  23. Morning I received a "confirmation of residency" letter from Westcott's on Thursday stating that they have established that ****** is the resident of my address and to contact them for payment. They are acting on behalf of Barclays. This person has never lived at my address and if they had looked at the electoral roll they would have seen that I live with my sister. Do I send them a letter stating this or is their something more official that I could send? Thank you
  24. Hi, Recently I had a letter from a DCA asking me if I was a person of my name who lived at an address in Rhyl. Apart from the fact I've never been near Rhyl I was concerned that my information as provided by Experian was now linked with this person who shared my name. So I contacted the DCA who assured me that the information was not linked. Which now leads me to the Data Protection Act where a company is not allowed to pass on an individuals information unless they are sure that it is that person. I have checked my Experian Equifax & noddle accounts and Rhyll does not shown in any of them, so how could Experian be sure that the person was me and be confident about sending a DCA to hassle me about somebody elses debt. I am REALLY unhappy about this, I had to about 5 years ago make myself insolvent because I lost my job, but have worked my way back and now have a reasonable credit rating and now have credit cards back again and am managing them perfectly. So to have this random DCA has really had me rattled. What can I do about this, the ICO web site is not really helpful when it comes to complaints. Thanks for reading Gary
  25. I am receiving a message advising the page cannot be displayed. Does anyone know if there is a problem with the Nationwide Online banking service ?
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