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  1. @josephbloggs Thanks for your comment. Does that guarantee they won't turn up now? What is worrying me is that, from what I understand from online research, a warrant for non-payment of fines actually gives them the right to force entry. Is this right? Could they actually just break in? Also, what if they start seizing stuff? Again, from what I read, the onus is on me to prove it's mine. Do I need to get one of those declarations signed by a solicitor to prove the stuff is mine? If they turn up with an enforcement notice that does not have my name on it, and I know that the court has reca
  2. Hi Ploddertom - thanks for the advice. I didn't make it clear that the reply I got from the courts was an email. I don't have an 'original' as such. I plan to forward the email to Marston on Monday. Does recalling the warrant mean they have no legal reason to come to my address? Could I just call the police if they turn up and refuse to leave? Hi lookinforinfo - please see my post again. I mention at the top of the post that I asked for advice elsewhere first but eventually followed the advice I read here.
  3. Hi I posted this question on a different site but actually ended up following advice I read here. I have a further question but will repost my original one first I am probably being a bit of a drama queen about this but I am rather worried. I moved into my Housing Association flat in March 2014. Since then, I have received a letter addressed to the occupier and found that it was a debt collection agency trying to find a chap I will refer to by his initials, RC. I used the number on the letter to notify them that I had lived here since March and that I knew the previous tenant to me w
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