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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, It's been a while, haven’t been well for some time due to issues that occurred in a previous (recent) thread of mine, but after a year I’m starting to come to terms with what happened although I have been left in a financial rut. (I am not entitled to compensation so I thought about selling my story but don’t know how to go about it) Recently Wonga, and two MMF entries have now disappeared from my report I decided to check my Exp report and see how I really do stand financially since the "Great Advantage Finance Escapade" and forking out £3,500 for legal fees last year. My Current Credit Score 620 – This was below 400 last year:-) The total balance of the defaulted accounts is £5,742. – This was nearly £9k last year This is made up of 2 x Mobile Phone companies – Will drop off in less than 6mths, 1 x Catalogue – Going through a PPI claim (it’s a hell of a lot more than the default:wink: ) and the following that I have concerns / require advice on: 1) Instant Cash Loans Ltd T/A Payday UK: Account Started: 25/10/2010; Default Balance: £425; Current Balance: £0 Default Date: 01/04/2011; Last Updated: 08/09/2013 Debt Assigned to CAIS Member: Start date 01/02/2013 2) Lending Stream: Account Started: 28/01/2011; Default Balance: £788; Current Balance: £0 Default Date: 21/11/2011; Last Updated: 15/06/2014; Default Satisfaction Date: 13/02/2014 3) PRA Group: **This Debt relates to the above Lending Stream Entry** Account Started: 28/01/2011; Default Balance: £808; Current Balance: £808; Default Date: 05/01/2012; Last Updated: 02/11/2014 4) CashChoice: Account Started: 29/09/2010; Default Balance: £880; Current Balance: £1,480; Default Date: 26/02/2011; Last Updated: 25/09/2011 5) CFO Lending Ltd: Account Started: 01/03/2011; Default Balance: £940; Current Balance: £930 Default Date: 11/07/2011; Last Updated: 22/03/2015 item (1): I have no idea who these are or who the Assigned CAIS Member is (what is one?) I suppose I don’t realy have to worry about this one as the balance say’s £0 and the last update is 08/09/2013. I would love to know more details about this but I’m worried that it might open a can of worms if I do. Item (2) & (3): I have my SAR from PRA Group – it relates to Lending Stream and MEM. I’m not fussed about the MEM bit as it’s not on the report & they do not have any grounds to chase as no default issued or notice of assignment. (only the Agreement & a crappy excel statement) As for the Lending Stream bit the agreement states the value of the loan was £315. Of which further into the SAR it states £95.50 has already been paid (£94.50 was taken from my account the other £1 for the agreement) & the Default Balance is £808.00, yet the Credit Report says £788. The Default notice stated £347.00 is now due, this is the loan amount + £32 of charges. Surely the default value would have been the loan repayment amount of £409.50? The letter regarding notice of assignment from Lending Stream to PRA Group show’s the contact details on the right hand side as, this is normally Lending Streams – is this a dodgy put together job?. Surely the Lending Stream entry should no longer be on my report as PRA Group are reporting? There has been no Credit search by Lending stream to see if I was acceptable for a loan. Attached is the SAR from PRA Group – notice the Call Times despite me stating no Telephone contact – early in the morning very late at night. By their own admission they’ve proven harassment. Item (4) & (5): I did originally have a thread here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?370900-CFO-amp-CashChoice That related to Cash Choice & CFO but got moved all into the CFO section. I have’nt heard from any of these since the posts in the thread above. The SAR’s for both are attached, though CFO’s is less than helpful. Cash Choice – Loan Value £400 yet they are claiming I owe £1,480 nearly 4 times of original Value CFO – Loan Value £375 yet they are claiming I owe £930 nearly 3 times of original Value I cannot see the CFO entry being paid in on my statement for the dates of the agreement (only previous settle loans entries appear). With CashChoice I did speak to a DMC and had been paying them to deal with my debtors.. but I cut all ties with them when balances did not seem to reduce greatly. In May 2013 I received an email stating reduce settlement offer: Balance: £3985.59 REDUCED SETTLEMENT OFFER - £996!!! I did try to resolve the original balance with them (noted in the SAR) and asked to contact a number of times but no one ever came back to me. Also no letters were ever received from Cash Choice. Is CFO going the same way as Wonga over their handling of accounts? Both companies have not conducted any form of Credit Search to see if I was acceptable for a loan of any kind – trust me I would not have been. The SAR's
  2. Hello, I've been having issues with the balances on my Natwest account for a few months now and wondered whether anyone else is. I keep a tight track on my accounts and use the iPhone app to make sure I don't go overdrawn (by transferring money in and out between Natwest accounts), yet on quite a few occasions my balance has shown as overdrawn. When I query this with the bank they confirm I'm overdrawn and won't accept that I can't be as I ensure I cover every purchase before making it. I don't touch the account and 24 hours later the balance shows as back in credit. Very tiresome but not much I can do. This morning my account shows as balance of 0.00. I've transferred money in and the balance remains at 0.00 So, I live chat Natwest who tell me there's "so many transactions on the account" (there are 6) it takes time for it to update. They also tell me it's in credit but I just can't see it yet. When I attempt to use my card it tells me there's insufficient funds in the account. The account balance on both the iPhone app and Online banking still says 0.00 Now, Natwest tell me there's a negative balance - it's changed in the last 5 minutes - and I know the account will sort itself out in 24-48 hours and will be in credit without me doing anything about it! Sorry for the longwinded story but is anyone else having these problems? I can't understand how a bank can deny there's an issue when one day they're telling me I'm overdrawn and it's fine the next, without any intervention from me. It's also really really tiresome but I know I'm lucky as I have another current account I can use- what would happen to a person that didn't?1 So, is anyone else having problems with their balance like this? Natwest refuse to accept there are any issues. Thanks,
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