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  1. Hi I'm wanting to get information from Blemain with regard to my loan. It's due to finish later this year and they claim the current balance is approx £4.5K which won't be cleared by the payments! I'm going to send a SAR but I'm not sure which template to use from the library. There's Full Subject Access Request or Debt or DCA Subject Access Request I was going to use the "Full" one, but then the "Debt" one looks better as it specifically mentions insurance and additional charges. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. BB
  2. hello, hoping someone can help and point me in the right direction. In hindsight I wish i had done some reaesrch beforehand and found this site 10 years ago as now i wouldnt be in the mess that i am in so in 2008 i was in desperate need of funds. I approached a broker who introduced me to lancashire mortgages. initially i went for a bog standard mortgage but due to my circumstances and being self employed it was turned down at the initial stages. they did however offer me a secured loan. i should have seen it then that it was a trap. i took out a secured loan in august 2008 for 26k adding in fees etc it came to 30k. my payments were set @ £310 per month for 300 months in the agreement. I was stupid and desperate and didnt fully understand what i was getting myself into Having re read the agreement now (as i recived a letter a few days ago, more below) it stated in a clause that i understood that this agreement was not to be regulated by CCA. had i done my due diligence and was not so desperate i would never in a day have signed something like that. The first year went fine. all payments made. then in 2010 my employment became erratic and i started to miss payments. the usual threatening letters and calls followed and they put the £35 charges on to the account more than a few times. i always made the arrears payments as soon as i could. over that year and a half i got in total 44 call charges of £35 each and 5 £150 for letters sent for initiating proceeding and 3 for sending letters advising possession proceeding starting @ £500 a pop. It was a bad time. However i paid all the arrears off etc (not the additional charges they popped on) Since then i have always paid on time. for the last 7-8 years i have never missed the agreed payments always in the hope that i can save and pay off the damn thing (I can hope cant i?) the other day i get a letter with a break down of my payments since 2008. I was horrified that i have paid near enough £30k since then (the total loan amount) and there is still 15 years left which means ill end up paying over 90k if i continue!!!! that wasnt the worst however, they have said that my plan isnt on schedule and i have to pay £12k by mid august (given literally 2 weeks notice), to give them a call to discuss options. I literally broke down. no outline as to what that £12k consisted of and no breakdown. letter just says that i had failed to keep to the agreement (well the agreement was to pay £310 a month for 300 months which is what i have been doing) . The agreement was to make 300 payments of £310 per month which i have been doing on a regular basis for 7-8 years now with no missed payments. the APR has always stayed the same with no change even the payment breakdown shows this. Yet the interest accrued was now at £380 per month. looking at the outstanding balance its at £38k!!!! i literally broke down and haven't managed to get out of bed until now I have read all the other posts and know that it changed they from blemain to together. I need to get out of this bad situation. I always knew that i would have to make the payments each month and id have to pay the initial loan amount which was inevitable with such leaches. I was bidding my time to pay as low redemption as possible. started off at 5% and now its only 1%. also with the hope that my fortunes would turn and i would have the funds to pay the leeches off in one go. However the outstanding balance is now £38k and they want an additional 12k and thats not even redemption figures. To top it all off they have registered themselves on my property with land registry. No where on my agreement does it say thats its regulated by the CCA in fact there is a small clause on the first page which states that i understood that it wouldnt be regulated by the CCA and stupidly without understanding the consequences i signed. I thought after april 2008 that the 25k limit was lifted for such agreements to be regulated by the CCA as its what i have read on other posts on the forum? and thus am i right in thinking that my £30k loan is regulated regardless of the tactic they used to insert that clause? is my agreement regulated? can they be adding the interest like they are without even once notifying me that its increased and to advise me to increase my payments? the interest rate has always been the same since day one.. never have they contacted me to say i need to increase payments(why would the i know).. So stuck... they are ripping me off left right and centre and i dont have the will to live. bleeding me dry like leeches. What can i do?? i have to call them in the morning to discuss options but i wont say much or agree to anything as surely this must be illegal or downright immoral. i must have some type of recourse? Can some one help? shed me some light? Thank you...
  3. Hi all, I am new to this forum, so please bare with me as I get hang of how it all works. My story dates back to 2006, when I took out a secured loan with Blemain/Together finance for £25k. This was to pay additional bills and to do some repairs on my property. I brought the property in 2003. This was the first time I took out a loan, I had no real knowledge of the best type of loan to choose, which is why I did the loan through a broker, who pass my application to a third party Loan Options, who recommended Blemain finance. They were both paid a commission at the start of the loan and that was deducted from the loan amount. Blemain also added £2000 in charges for handling my application, so at the start of the loan I was already £4000 in debt. My understanding from the start was this was a loan, but over the years it is now referred to as a mortgage, with added legal clauses such as remunerations. None of this information was made clear to me at any stage of my application. There is no way I would taken this loan if I knew the interest rate would be so high. I am now paying more to this loan then my actual mortgage. In the last 11 years Blemain has added charges to this loan for building insurance, Telephone calls, Letters, Arrears and court fees. Yes they have taken me to court on 2 occasion to reprocess my property. Each time adding extra charges to the loan amount. I have recently had a audit done on the amount I have already paid Blemain and it totals to over £39k, I still have 4 years left to pay off this loan. I have been in financial hardship since taking out this loan, with very little to live on. I have been to solicitors, law centers, etc, none them has been successful. I can’t afford the monthly charges of this loan any more, I am compelled to sell the home I lived in for over 33 years. I recently asked Blemain for a redemption figure and they have quoted £46k to pay off this loan early. I am horrified that they can charge such extortionate interest for a loan I took out 11 years ago. If I pay the £46k redemption figure It would total £85k for a £25k loan. How is this possible:???: I would appreciate any advise or guidance from the forum. Thank you! Bdoubleu
  4. Hi to you all who have taken out loans with this company me also being one I feel we are all same unite here cos we are all similar cases loans done by the company mine has been too trauma to put on here its cost me dearly in my nerves etc I just want to say thank you for saying on here to each and everyone of you I know we all have experienced same things to do with this company, please hang on cos I believe there is now light at the end of the tunnel. BLESS YOU all and try relax , sometimes it just takes one more to move the mountain . I had to remember nothing is impossible is it, release is coming we have to remember its just a loan and yours and my views count , whither its 1 person 2 people 50 people 1,000 plus people with same view multiplication is coming or is not needed because sooner or later it just takes the right place, action, things, people to change things.
  5. Firstly a bit of background. I have a secured loan with blemain finance (we all make mistakes:-x) It was taken out in may 2007 and is for £10K also it is cca regulated. They have added over £4K in charges in just 2 years, I have requested the charges back and after lots of letters i have they're final bog of letter. so i am now debating whether to take then to court for unfair credit agreement or go to the fos, i have phoned the fos and they have taken details and sent me out the forms to carry on with my complaint,but as yet i have not sent them back.so i have all options open to me and some advice in which way to go would be appreciated. Also i have a suspended possession order after they went for repossession, now the thing is i think when they took me to court they first sent out a default notice, but i think that it is non compliant and would like a second opinion,and some advice on how to deal with a suspended position order that they got on the back of a dodgy default notice. my issues with the default notice are a]That they didn't give me 14 clear days to rectify. b] No specific date to remedy (they say 14 days from date of letter) c]The paragraph saying that if you dint understand this then seek advice from CAB is missing the following is word for word what it says on the default notice and the only date on the notice is at the top of the page. 1] To remedy the breach you must pay the total arrears of £xxx within days of the date of this letter. 2] If the action required by this notice is taken before the 14 days, no further action will be taken in respect of the breach. 3] if you don't take the action required by this notice before this date then the further action set out below may be taken against you. 4] FURTHER ACTION: on or after the date shown above we shall apply to the court for an order for possession and sale of the mortgaged property. so any advice on how to proceed with this would be greatly appreciated and thanks for looking. welshperson (from bridgend:-))
  6. hi new to this sight but wondering if anyone has hurd anything recently about blemain .last I hurd a law firm was takeing them to court last year when thay contacted me thanks
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new on the CAG Forum but was directed here by the good folks at MSE. I have long suffered at the hands of Blemain/Together. I foolishly applied for a second charge loan over a decade ago. It has been the (most expensive) bane of my life ever since. I recently received a letter from Together stating that my original loan has now past its term. It says, As you will be aware, your account with us has now reached the end of the original contractual term. As your monthly repayments have not been sufficient to fully repay the balance, the outstanding amount is now due. This may be due to late payments, payments being missed or the application of admin costs to the loan I am requesting SAR from them as I have a feeling that most of the outstanding balance is entirely made up of outrageous charges. I've also been advised to look into an "unfair relationship" with them but I'm a little unsure where to start. The outstanding amount is approx £11k! How can this even be possible when I have paid almost £100k over the past 10 years?!!! Is repossession an option at this stage? They have already attempted a repo a few years ago when I missed some payments. I went to court and duly arranged a repayment plan to clear the arrears. The account has been in good order ever since. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this shady bunch? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. A review of past fees and charges, and you are entitled to a refund. The amount is about a few hundred. I believe my relative had a massively unfair relationship with them. Curious if anyone else has got this letter recently and what it means...annd what you've done about it.
  9. Hi, I have a secured loan that I got via Ocean Finance which turned out to be Blemain (now Together). Amount £15k Term 180 Months Taken out Jan 2007 End of term Feb 2022 I have always paid , no issues or missed. Only change by me was a monthly payment date due to change of employer and salary into account. I phoned the other month to change this again to a suitable date and was told I had to pay off arrears from previous change of date years ago??!! They adjusted my monthly payment to cover the shortfall about £2.53 per month difference? I didn't change the date this time either and stuck with it as per years gone by. That is it no other issues at all. Happily ticking along I think great just 4 years to go, however I had my statement today from them and it says in bold my current monthly payments will not cover the loan at end of term I have paid exactly what was set out by the loan provider from start, its a 15 year loan end of surely. I have paid £219.35 for 128 months and £221.98 for last 4 months and my balance is still £9105.11 which seems a lot as I only have 48 months left to go. Never have I been contacted by them. What is going on ? Any help as this has knocked me for six.
  10. Hi, I have joined here after reading an exceptional amount of valuable information regarding Blemain Finance (or Blemain Group) now operating as Together. About myself: I am a law graduate and helping a friend with his mortgage taken from Blemain. About the friend: From what I can see he has taken a total of 5 "charges" over his property from Blemain over the course of 2013 to the present. It started with £15,000 and now he owes 4 times this amount. That is not to say he did not exercise his own will, but so much about their operation is incredibly DODGY (for want of a better word/phrase), that it has made me upset to see a family friend potentially abused. He suffers from brain damage and this house is his only asset which I can foresee him losing if something is not done about the way Blemain/Together are operating... At some point he spoke to Phone-A-Loan who are an associated company of Blemain. It is unclear to me what their role was, but I hope to establish this position as quickly as possible. Enterprise Finance Limited always appear to have acted as the broker. They seem to take a fee each time he redeems his mortgage then opens a new account with Blemain (as stated this is his 5th loan/charge/mortgage. My question at this point is has anyone else dealt with Enterprise Finance Limited? If so did they provide options of lenders (ie alternatives to Bleamin) or did they simply tell you to go to Blemain for the loan? From my limited research I can not discover any connection between Enterprise and Blemain but I suspect there must be some link (even if it is beneficial ownership which would be fairly difficult to establish or prove). From the initial loan of £15,000, the charges which have accumulated as he has re-mortgaged amount to £15,000 and he has been extended a further £30,000 in credit. He, nor I, have yet requested the SAR, will do soon I am interested to see if there have been any hidden/undeclared charges to his account. In all this practice seems deeply unfair and I have a feeling it may well be considered more than "unfair" in the eyes of the law, At this stage I do not want to throw around accusations without evidence. I would really like to hear from others, and particularly those who might have dealt with Enterprise Finance Limited as the brokers. Thank you,
  11. Hi to all - I can see from a quick search that 'Blemain' is a popular talking point I have had a secret commission claim against Blemain with [removed] since 2015 and it hasn't gone anywhere in the 30 months since then at all. I've struggled to get any meaningful update from them for some time excluding the committal generic updates we sporadically receive. I've noted on other forums that other [removed] clients are posting that [removed] have run out of money and no longer have the skilled staff to settle the claims. If it is true and they have run out of cash, surely Blemain will just stall our claim as long as possible until they go into admin? Does anyone know if the capital adequacy rules apply to CMCs like they do to firms authorised by the FCA? Does anyone know any other claims companies are running these sorts of claims? Ideally I would be interested in speaking to law firms rather than a CMC (as [removed] are) as surely it is better if the firm acting for me is allowed to issue a claim in the Courts? I'm also worried about limitation and when my claim becomes statute barred. If anyone can help with this, please let me know.
  12. hi all took out a loan with Blemain on 25/09/07 ,is due to finish 25/09/2017 £11k loan ,interest charge £11,316.77 plus brokers fee £1375 and acceptance fee £310 all together £24,001,77 agreement states 120 monthly payments of £200.02 interest rate 14.40% variable totals £24,002,40 have never missed a monthly payment , only receive a yearly statement , going on their calculations there will be a shortfall of at least £5,000 ,have received the occasional letter that they will charge the account for not issueing them with a copy of buildings insurance straight away, admin fee is always £30.00 and insurance charge is a contingency one , which they never say the cost and does NOT appear on the yearly statement, all that appears on the yearly statement is interest charge 14.40% , They do however state they charge interest on what they consider to be late charges ,insurance charge being one of them ,mmmmmmmmmm £5,000 of extra charges over the loan period, me thinks they make rules up as they go along so in short guys last payment this month , there will be at least a £5,000 shortfall , so what do i do, the debits should stop anyway ,but they will contact me about the ridiculous shortfall , who do i contact about this ,am getting in a right state about this kindest regards Robert
  13. I had a loan with Blemain about five years ago. The loan was secured against my property. After two years I remortgaged and repaid the loan. I have checked the paperwork recently and noticed that I was charged £4,681 for collection costs. I have now written twice to Blemain asking for a detailed breakdown of these costs. The reply I had today said, the costs were "as a result of administrative costs applied to the account". I know that! They don't seem to want to give the details of the charges. I don't know what to do now. Shall I write again or what? Please can anyone help me.
  14. Hi everybody, starting a thread regarding Blemain finance, took a loan out for £5k over 5 years secured on my house, had problems keeping up repayments for reasons that Blemain were informed off. Just managed to clear the loan and the arrears on the account but they have taken advantage of my unfortunate situation with crippling charges and legal costs. I am now going to send a SAR and fight them if i can for the charges to be either cancelled or reduced if possible. As it was a joint loan with my wife we have received in some months 5 letters each at £35 each making them a tidy £350p/m. Update when I get more info. Thank for reading
  15. Hi there. I want some advice on what to do next and will start from the very beginning so that I have all the details in the right order. Over a month ago my Dad and myself worked with companies that can help you claim back PPI, we went with different companies and never heard anything back. I only have a credit card but my Dad and my Mum (who has passsed on) had a lot of loans and a mortgage about 17 years ago. This was cleared off in 2009 and the loan was with Blemain Finance. my Dad had a lot more than me. Unfortunately about 3 weeks ago my Dad had an accident which required him to be in hospital for just under 3 weeks about a week into his time in hospital my sister got a letter that was addressed to my Dad but it was her address on the letter and she said in this letter there was a lot of charges and money owed back to my Dad. One was over £200 and then there was another sum of over £300 so altogether it was over £500. I mentioned the name Blemain Finance because for years I know my parents paid them for the loan they had for the mortgage, it's the first name that came to mind and my sister said yes. Unfortunately my sister cannot find that letter now but is still looking to try and find it. I don't want my Dad to lose out on this letter I called the PPI company that was in charge of his claim and they said they knew nothing about it, they had heard no word from anyone and they actually never contacted Blemain Finance so they can't explain it at all. They just advised to wait and perhaps another letter would be sent out and whatever letter or offer was sent would be sent to my Dad, they said they wouldn't know about any kind of offer that was offered. I then asked for advice on another forum and a kind member of that forum directed me to here because I have no way of contacting Blemain Finance directly and I can see on this forum that other people are having this same trouble too. I can only go from memory, I'm sure the Bank of Scotland/Halifax were involved in the mortgage too, I think in 2009 a good 18,000 was owed and paid to them. My parents sold their house and I know that £18,000 was paid to clear the debt with Blemain Finance. I've no idea what was paid over the years. My Dad says it was a good 17 years all in. Can anyone advise me on the best steps to take from now on? My sister did say yes it said Blemain Finance on the letter but obviously I never seen the actual letter, it could have been another company acting on their behalf. Also bare in mind that the debt was cleared in 2009, the £18,000 was paid but I've no idea the total paid for all those years prior The offer was over £500 but with all that money paid to them and some of the horror stories I've read on here I can't help but feel that there could be a lot more owed to my Dad. What would be the best course of action for my Dad to take to not only see about the £500+ owed but to see if that sum is actually right and if more money is owed to him. If anyone can give me advice on what to do and how to do it I would be very grateful. The only thing I can't explain is how the letter was sent to my sister's address. What can we do to not only contact them but to see if over those 17 years and what my parent's paid and if there is anything owed back to my Dad? Thanks
  16. Blemain changed its name about a year ago its now called Together Finance the address is Lake View, Lakeside, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 3GW.
  17. Hi I hope someone can shed some light on a letter I got from this company yesterday. In March this year my ex wife passed away we divorced in 2004 after sorting finances out and selling the house at the time. Now I got a letter from blemain finance saying they have a refund for me it was addressed to me and my ex. When I rang them they were unaware that my ex had passed away and asked if I could send them a death certificate as proof and my bank details as they have a substantial refund to pay back. Now if this was something my ex started to claim before she passed she did not tell anyone, also I can not remember who my mortgage was with at the time and blemain will only tell me that it is linked to a mortgage and a secured load as I did not have most of the answers to their security questions. They did say if I was not happy giving my bank details they could send me a cheque. So does anybody know if this is a legit or not as I have never heard of this company before and a google search just comes up with negative stories of bad practises and ripping people off, they don't sound like they would give refunds without being forced to do so and I do not want to send them documents like a death certificate. Any info would be appreciated.
  18. I took out a small(ish) secured loan with Blemain Finance in about 2007, which was needed in addition to my main mortgage which was with Halifax. The loan I took out with Blemain was only for £17k (and my main mortgage with Halifax - which was interest only - was for £90,000). Despite the fact that the loan amount with Blemain was only around a fifth of the amount of my main mortgage with Halifax, the monthly repayments were about the same (about £300 per month). Some of the time I was not working so I struggled to always keep up with the Blemain repayments, BUT I was on top of the Halifax payments and, in fact, was in credit with them. Because I fell behind several times with Blemain, and had to come to payment arrangements with them to keep them 'off my back', until I could resume the full monthly repayments, they tried to repossess my home about 4 times and I had to go to Court to fight them off, which I successfully did. However, they subsequently took me to Court again and that final time they 'won' and I was told my home would be repossessed. I had to move out the following day, barely 24 hours later (and this was the family home I had grown up in and decided to keep on after my mum died). The house was then sold (in August 2014) and the money from that paid off the Halifax mortgage and part of the loan to Blemain. However, the final 'tally' for the loan to Blemain was, staggeringly, more than triple the £17k it was when I first took it out (I think the final amount was about £56,000). This obviously included countless charges for letters, phone calls, etc, that they had piled on. For example, they would frequently send duplicate letters which stated exactly what a previous letter sent a day or so earlier had said, which I'm sure was one of their ploys to pile on more and more charges whenever they possibly could. Even if I had sold the house before Blemain could get it repossessed it wouldn't have sold for enough to be able to pay off that vastly inflated amount to Blemain entirely and I would have been left penniless anyway. At the time the house was repossessed I was in credit with Halifax (so I was totally on top of my mortgage with them) and, as a result, Halifax did not agree to Blemain repossessing my home but they could not, apparently, stop them from doing it because the Court had ordered that Blemain could repossess. As a result of all this, I am currently renting a room in a shared house - which is a far cry from having a nice 3 bedroom home of my own (so to speak, even though it was mortgaged) with a lovely large garden. PLUS I still am in debt to Blemain to the tune of about £17k which, at the moment, I can't see how I could pay off because I'm not working currently. At the moment I am on a payment plan with them and pay only a nominal amount of £1 per month. So, my question is: Can I take any action against Blemain (now Together Money) to recover any money regarding the hugely excessive charges they piled on to my account and / or to cancel out the remaining amount? I would hugely appreciate any help and advice ! ! P.S. If anyone is wondering, the reason I had to take out a mortgage and a secured loan on the house (my family home) to be able to keep it on after my mum died was because she had a small amount outstanding at the time she died on the mortgage she had. I had to pay that off, PLUS I have two siblings who each had a third share in the equity of the house. as I was going to be keeping the house on, and it was not going to be sold on the open market, I had to raise enough money for them to be paid their third share each in the market value of the house.
  19. I took out a Blemain finance loan back in 2005 for £16.913.00 , secured against my property (it was actually a refinancing of a previous loan with First National Home Finance) . I sold my property in Jan 2012, both the mortgage and the Blemain loan were paid off. The interest on the loan was 12.2% The final redemption payment to Blemain was for £23,253.36 in Jan 2016 and this was paid in full. I got the SAR from them i have a break down off all the charges. Through out the loan I did have money problems, looking at the breakdown of my account there is quite a number of late payments. There's just a few things I could do with help on:- Over the period of the loan I've been charged for: Letters = £30 - £35 Visit = £100 telephone charge = £30 - £35 Monthly charge - arrears = £33 - £46 Dishonoured Receipt = £30 - £35 Default Notice = £50 Buildings Insurance = £85 - £184 Buildings Insurance Block policy Charge = £16 legal costs = £282 application to suspend legal action = £13 settlement figure fee sent to 3rd Party= £30 Court preperation fee = £53 court hearing fee = £13 land registry copies =£4 online issue fee = £100 Issue warrant for possession = £18 collections instruction = £176.25 Legal fees to HMCS = £150 Post - Legal monthly Charge 2 = £130 - £215 I did get close to getting the house repossessed twice, which is why i had to sell it quickly and under the market value. Some of the above were charged multiple of times, others just a few, All in all the total charges come to £5,865.50 plus there was a Broker fee at the start for £1,500 (this is not included in the £5,865.50) 1) I can't remember who I approach to get the loan, It could have been Blemain directly. £1500 seems an awful lot, do I need to speak to Blemain about that as it seems excessive. 2) Which of the above charges can I try to claim back for? bearing in mind they did attempt to take me to court a few times fir monies owed, this was during the time I was trying to sell my house as i couldn't afford to live. 3) I have downloaded the CIsheet (compoundinterest calculator) and entered all the charges. Bearing in mind the loan interest rate was 12.2% APR what % do I put in the interest rate (Apr) column, is it the APR of the loan which was 12.2%? I take it the sheet automatically works out the 8£ compound interest rate in the final column. 4) Is there a letter template to try to claim back these unfair charges from Blemain Any advice would be grateful Regards
  20. Hi, Please bear with me as I am new to this. Late last year I went to court making an application to suspend an eviction order and make monthly payments to Blemain of the monthly figure plus £80. I kept up to date with the payments until July albeit the last few months were made in several payments at a later date but all were made within the time agreed with them or sooner. I am self employed and money can be erratic. The payment due on 21 July could not be paid I agreed to try and pay in full by 1 August however I could only pay them £100 and promised the balance on 18 August. However, I missed that payment and by 21 August I was nearly two months in arrears of the court order. Of course, throughout September I received letters threatening they may take action knowing full well they had applied for an eviction order on 29 August. On 21 September I called them as another payment was due. I told them I was making a payment of the monthly amount plus £200. The eviction date is next Tuesday I said I would be able to pay the same amount the following Friday and be finally up to date on the court arrears by 21 October. I was told they would only stop the eviction if the court arrears were brought up to date or if I completed an I and E form over the phone and made the payment I promised. I made the payment immediately and called them a few days later to go through the I and E form. I was also going to mention that I may be able to clear the court arrears but before I could mention this I was immediately told I had been totally misinformed and they would only stop the eviction if the full arrears were paid as this was the fourth eviction. I managed to get a good client to bring an order forward and am now in a position to pay the full court arrears of £1,100 tonight and this would mean I have reduced the arrears by £800 since the hearing just under 11 months ago. I also have nearly enough in reserve to pay the payment due in three and a half weeks. I am going to the court tomorrow to apply for another hearing. Is the judge likely to accept I am doing my best or let the eviction proceed? Thanks, Dave
  21. My elderly father in law has recently been sent to a care home with dementia. we think he started getting ill around 2 years ago when he sold his house. He owed £19k on a £200k property and panicked as he was getting possession letters he sold the house for £140k but the mortgage company only give him £48k from the sale the rest was taken up in mortgage fees for god knows what. He then moved into a rented bungalow. We have found all this out from his neighbour and found paper work to confirm this but we haven't got all the accounts on the payment history. My partner and his father had a bit of a falling out and become distant for a few years so we've only recently found out what's been going on. We think that he must have been ill at the time when he sold the property and been taken advantage of. We regret not being there for him when he needed us but he pushed everyone away. His affairs have been put in the hands of a solicitor from the social worker he had. Can someone give any advice on what to do next. Any advice greatly appreciated. Regards Angnnig
  22. Blemain say I owe them £2946. I have had the loan secured against my house since 2007. They keep sending me letters requesting payment. I'm unable to pay the full amount so I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to setup a payment plan or to even get some of the charges removed They used to charge you when there was no money in the bank. My money used to go in Friday afternoon, and they always tried to take it in the morning. They also used to take it out before bank holiday etc they charged me for that, and they also charged me for every letter they have sent. Any idea what the next step is? Been paying them £ 10 a month for a while, and I'm on a minimum wage.
  23. we had a loan with blemain, which I will admit we didn't run well, however we got right through the 99 month term and paid as per the instructions and monthly agreed amount. However after the loan term ended I contacted them to make sure that we were clear and got told we still owed £14009 as far as I can see from the breakdown they have sent me this is charges for missed payments/letters/phone calls etc etc, but this is nearly 50% of the original amount we borrowed and just seems completely and utterly wrong, I got in touch with the ombudsman but because its an unregulated loan there was nothing they could do, I have had to agree to pay £245 per month until this is cleared, but I just don't feel right doing this, can someone please help, as I really don't know which way to turn, if I don't pay the monthly fee agreed they have threatened repossession.
  24. Hi, I need a bit of advice. I have obtained a secured loan against a property for the purpose of sorting out my credit score and also primarily for home improvements. They have requested balances of all my creditors and a lot of them defaulted in 2010 as the recession knocked me. I sent them these balances and then someone on here mentioned to CCA all the creditors. The loan completed and I ended up with 20k+ worth of cheques and the balance in my account. I phoned them and asked if they will amend the cheques which they agreed to. Then when I wanted to do it they resisted and I had to go through the complaint process form them to listen to the call. (took months) I then returned the cheques(voided) with letters from the creditors stating that they don’t have agreements. They then phoned and said they will re issue all these cheques for the original amounts, as there are no letters from the creditors stating balance as 0. I have now been paying interest on 20k worth of paper sitting in my cupboard for about 4 months. There is nothing on the agreement that say I would pay creditors. Even the letter I gave said I am looking to repay debts plus home improvements. They are now trying to force me under duress to pay unsecured and unenforceable debts secured against my property which I don’t want as that does not give me any room to negotiate. (They class them self as a responsible lender!) Where does this leave me as I think I have the following options: 1. Financial ombudsman 2. Keep the cheques again and negotiate final settlement with the creditors which should very low as they unenforceable (and I paid 6 years off already) Then pay the creditors out of my own funds and wait for the letter to be state that the account is settled. Then send the cheque made out to them and ask them to cash it and please refund me as the account is settled. Then I am going to sue Blemain for the time I wasted and interest I had to pay on money that has not left their account through the small claims court. Anyway these are just ideas and any advice will be appreciated. I will actually pay for a lawyer that wants to give them as much hell as possible! Thanks a lot
  25. Took a loan out with Blemain Finance in 2006 for £5000.00 ....finished in 2011 never missed a payment my end, however the first direct debit they didn't call for in January 2007, I phoned them and asked why not they said if I sent a cheque and they would call for direct debit in February we would be back on track. No mention of being in arrears. Which I did this. Loan finished in November 2011 (all 60 payments made) and they said I still owe them £1,243.30. I have spoken to Blemain about this they say its down to charges for not having building insurance the house has been fully insurance all the time each yr I have sent copies but they say they don't receive them. I made several complaints to Blemain Finance which is always in their favor, plus I have involved the Ombudsman which was a complete waste of time because there are no records, as the person has left. I now still owe in 2016 to settle the loan and to remove the charge they want £1500.00. The finance agreement was a fixed sum loan agreement is there anyone who could look at this to see if its correct. I have also told Blemain Finance that I am in a IVA and they are still serving me with default notices. I have contacted my IVA people and they don't want to know.....need help!! Also does anyone know how they calculate their interest? I total their insurance charges up and fees to £462.00, so how do they calculate interest on that and made a sum of £1,243.30?
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