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  1. I'm with Scottish Power pre-payment meter with key. Put £15 on card as usual. The gas meter read "error call help". So rang up and had the gas machine replaced with a new one. The person on the phone said they'll give me +£10 credit. Got new card in the mail later. Placed £5 to test. No extra +£10 credit, just the £5 I put on, and I still have the receipt of the original £15 and the old card. What are my options if they say they can't do anything about the £15? Not too bothered about the promised credit.
  2. Hi Caggers! I have a friend who is at the end of her tether with Scottish Power. She has a Gas Key for prepayment, however, has not used gas for approximately 6-9 years, possibly longer. This was due to the boiler breaking down and this was the only usage of gas, therefore she only uses electric immersion for the water heating. SP sent an invoice for money owing and after she quizzed them due to none usage they told her it was for X amount of standing charges for the gas meter. The agent for SP told her to ignore the bill due to none usage of gas and therefore she accepted that until she received another demand. Once the next agent told her a different story she requested the gas meter to be removed from her house. This request was made approximately 6+ years ago and was never actioned, until April 2018.Now of course they are demanding the standing charges for the last 6+ years at approximately £465. After numerous calls chasing up the removal and she was always told they were going to send somebody to do the removal. After many years of waiting they now sent her a bill for the entire periods of standing charges, which she disputes as she requested the removal, common sense eh? Now due to the hassle factor she has agreed to pay weekly when she tops up with her Electric Key to stop the hassle, but they do not appear to register these payments against her account as they have now issued a DC to chase her for the 'debt'. Now she contacts SP to inform them she has already made 3 payments to the account which they confirmed, but since then they know nothing of these payments and the DC keeps hassling her. Firstly, can she fight SP to actually cancel this debt in the first place as her request for removal was ignored? Secondly, how can we get this monster of a company to realise her payments already made need to be linked to her 'gas account' although she never buys gas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. regards stuscfc
  3. Hey Guys, I'm following up on some recent developments (though still not confirmed), that a DCA has recently won a claim in Glasgow Sheriff on the basis that a clause witten CCA stated the contract would be treated by English law would be subject to England's statute limits instead of Scotland's. Assuming that this has happened and no appeal's being persued for this case, or if a potential appeal also fails; where does that leave people in Scotland with their devolved rights? Is Scottish the time limit out of the question now for most credit disputes? Is it valid that most CCA's don't properly explain that you'd be derrogating your local statute rights in place of the creditors preference? Assuming Scottish Statute laws are overrided, will this be the same for Scottish jurisdiction laws?..... And will that lead to a slipperly slope where people in Scotland will have to start disputing claims made against them at Northampton County Court? Thanks Guys, all the best
  4. As some of you know Scottish Power (SP) are terrible at everything they do! Story: Friend 1: I helped an SP customer get their account sorted, back-billing issues. Now that's sorted and redress was nice for the customer. Friend 2: I am currently helping sort their back-billing issues, some success so far. Now being smart a SAR was sent to SP for friend 2. In their name only . The data pack duly arrives within the 40 days, some items were missing, a quick email to SP sorted that out. Now its complicated, on listening to the cd's of the phone calls for friend 2, SP have sent friend 2 copies of all friend 1's calls, neither friend know each other, never met nor communicated with each other whatsoever. The only common thing is me. I am not the data subject for either account. So why have SP issued data for friend 1 to friend 2, can friend 2 now complain to the ICO and the Ombudsman in relation to the data breach. It clearly can be heard that the normal security questions being asked and confirmed! Your thoughts please
  5. last year I helped my grandmother switch from EON to Scottish Power to save some money on her energy bills, in October of last year when they requested meter readings we noticed that the previous meter reading showing on their website was in the region of 6000 units lower than the reading we had just taken. We contacted Scottish Power using their online contact form and explained the situation, they requested a photograph of the meter showing the serial number and current reading, then confirmed that the serial number was correct and that the meter read was indeed anomalous. At this point they requested we take photographs of the meter reading every day for a week to check if there was an issue with the meter reading too fast, we provided these at the end of the week the usage seemed normal, Scottish Power determined that the previous supplier had given them an incorrect opening meter read. On 2nd November Scottish Power advised that they would go back to the previous supplier and request that they amend their final meter read to a correct one and that within 28 days the opening meter reading on the Scottish Power account would be corrected. Shortly after my grandmother received an amended final bill from eON for £90 which showed they had amended their final meter read to the one specified by Scottish Power. After this was paid we just assumed that the issue would be resolved. Come late December Scottish Power sent an automated mail requesting meter readings so we took these, upon logging in to the website again we found that the online account still showed a meter read 6000 units too low. I replied to Scottish Power's e-mails on the matter on 25th December and received a response on 2nd January apologising and stating that they would once again get in touch with eON to have them amend their final meter read and that the issue would be resolved within 28 days. I immediately replied to this e-mail on the same day, advising Scottish Power that the previous supplier had already amended their final meter reading and that the issue was with the Scottish Power opening read, and that any changes needed to be carried out by Scottish Power. I never received a response to this mail. I sent another mail reply on 13th January, beyond the automated "We will respond within 48 hours" there was no reply forthcoming, and the online Scottish Power account still shows a meter reading 6000 units short of what it should be. As far as I can tell what's happened is that either Scottish Power have made a mistake when opening the account, as it appears from the amended final bill that eON did provide a correct final read originally, or shortly after opening the account a Scottish Power meter reader came to the property and read the meter, because the meter is at floor level they mistook a 6 for a 0 and then amended the meter read downwards themselves. We just want Scottish Power to amend the meter read on their system so that we can submit accurate meter readings without running the risk of being charged for 6000 units of usage that has already been paid to previous suppliers. Long term this issue also prevents switching providers as the new provider will be given the incorrect meter reads and the problem will start all over again. All communication with Scottish Power so far has been in writing via e-mail and we'd prefer to keep it that way so that everything is recorded/documented. I was planning on following the Scottish Power official complaints process this weekend, before that I was wondering if anyone here had an e-mail address for the Scottish Power CEO that I could try and contact on my grandmothers behalf and see if they can get this issue sorted out faster.
  6. I had a court decree for a credit card (approx £6000) I used for expenses in a business that went bust It did not get paid back in approx 2006, Just checked my credit files with all agencies and nothing showing up, must be more than 6 years ago. I get letters from a solicitor every few months asking for a payment or they will enforce the decree. I have never responded to any of them as I have no income, no assets and no means to pay, Over the last 6 years they have sent debt collectors/tracers to my home 4 times and all have been told the same thing re my circumstances and if they wish to bankrupt me then go ahead and do it. The question that I have is how long does a Scottish decree remain live and enforceable. If they could enforce it what can they do and what am I actually obliged to tell them. Many Thanks David From Hawick
  7. ?? http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/war-hero-who-lost-both-legs-in-afghanistan-no-longer-allowed-treatment-at-english-hospital-because-hes-scottish/ar-AAoX9ON?li=AA59G2&ocid=ientp
  8. This situation now is so ridiculous it is beyond frustration. I initiated the switch process to leave Scottish Power back in February. This was objected to. Contacted them to find out why and was advised that incorrect MPAN had been applied for. Supplied with MPAN. Contacted new supplier with MPAN. Was the same one they had applied for. Switch re-initiated. Objected to again. Phoned Scottish Power to discover reason for this second objection. Again informed it was because of incorrect MPAN. Was now advised that supply had a dual MPAN and that first number advised was in fact the secondary number and that a different primary number had to be applied for. Back to new supplier with this info. After some discussion, questioning and investigation, new supplier advised they were unable to take over the supply unless the second MPAN was de-energised and unregistered and / or the meter changed. Back to SP with this information and a request for them to perform said actions. After some long discussion which centered mostly around trying to convince them that I do not have electric heating an appointment was made to have the meter changed. Told a letter would be sent out to confirm. No letter was received so called SP the day before scheduled appointment to confirm. Rep was unable to access this information nor able to confirm or deny appointment. Next day no one arrive to perform meter change. Called SP again to complain and ask why. Rep was unable to answer this question or access the relevant information. Was put on hold several time while he made enquires with other people and departments. The last time I was put on hold I was left there for approx 1 1/2 hours before being disconnected. Both emailed and called to voice my complaint and displeasure at the situation. Receive irrelevant email replies addressed to someone else. The account is registered in my name only and no one is registered on it, had made contact on my behalf or should be affiliated in anyway with it. Also received and email addressed to both myself and this other person asking that we ignore the previous message and requesting we provide a letter of authority to allow details to be disclosed to this other name person. Each of these messages bearing this name were questioned and explanation sought as to who this person was and why they were being linked to my account. No answer received, only replies that bore no resemblance to the questions asked or the points raised. Various other emails sent and calls made trying to find a resolve, each time in vain and usually with Scottish Power referring to the electric heating in the property. The electric heating I do not have. There seems to be some sort of inability or unwillingness for them to accept the fact I do have electric powered heating as most of their correspondence includes some sort of reference to it and the cycle begins again when I explain that this is not the case. Having received yet another email stating that there is a dual MPAN because of the fact the property had electric heating I sent an email reply and telephoned them. After spending a good few minutes explaining the situation and making it abundantly clear that I do have electric heating the rep put me on hold. On picking up the call again the rep began to explain that the meter could be changed but that I would be making a mistake as the cost of my electricity would increase, especially that of my heating. Not believing I was hearing I stopped him and asked him to explain his statement given that I had not ten minutes previously finished telling him that my heating was not electric powered. "Oh, I missed that" came the response. At this point I was put on hold again as he went to seek advice. Returned to the call and advised that someone else would look into this and call me later. After agreeing a suitable time the call back was confirmed by the agent. No call received. Sent yet another email complaining of the situation. Surprised to receive a call from a complain resolution rep. Short lived was this surprise as, Deja vu, she started to comment on the supply and the electric heating. Again I had to state and explain this was not the case. This was met with great resistment and I was even asked whether I was sure as I had to have electric heating. She at this point advised that more investigation would have to be done but the she was finished at three o'clock and would not be returning until the following week. Told me she would send me an email from her direct address and asked that I send photographs of my electric meter to aid resolve the situation. Never received her mail. Have sent yet another email of complaint You can see why it is now beyond frustrating. Have passed some of this onto OFGEM. All I want them to do is change the meter to allow me switch supplier. Any suggestion how I can get them to do this ?
  9. I moved into new rented house, I called & gave the start meter readings, my name & emai & phone number to SP, I requested a contract & standing order mandate to be sent in the post for me to sign & return & asked for the cheapest online tariffs. 3 years & 5 months later I still have not received anything in my name from SP, what I have received are many letters (possibly bills?) addressed to someone else, all of which I returned to SP "not known at this address. I have called them 4 times speaking to different operators all promising to help & put me through to the right department but nothing happened & I was left on hold or cut off. I complained in writing to SP only to receive a computer generated standard letter from their fictitious Lynda Clayton giving me a complaint number & promising they would investigate. Nothing was done. I broke the law & opened one of the mystery letters & managed to pay one of the accounts in full. I came home one day to find that SP has visited the house, they had tried but failed to break in, & changed both gas & electricity credit meters for pre payment versions. I complained in writing again to SP. Same computer letter & empty promises. For the last 17 months I have been paying for my energy upfront using a card & key. Each week when I load £10 onto the gas meter it deducts £6 average for an unproven alleged & estimated debt. SP then tried to transfer the alleged gas debt over to the electricity account & tried to deduct monies from that meter as well. I have received a letter & an email from SP only after the intervention of the Observer newspaper (Funny that !) again promising to investigate - but still nothing. I have complained to the energy ombudsman but thus far not much action from them either. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I should proceed ? Informally I have been advised to hire a solicitor & sue them. I am told that they are likely to be guilty of, breach of contract, mis selling, false accounting, maladministration, fraud, deception, criminal damage, trespass, theft, abuse of power, slander, I am sure there will be more . . Regards.
  10. Safety of Scotlands High Rise Homes to be Examined - The Scottish Parliament READ MORE HERE: http://www.parliament.scot/newsandmediacentre/105470.aspx
  11. Hello Friends, Scottish Power, my previous energy provider, had some misleading text on the bills about my current and the best tariff possible and this caused me to not switch to the best tariff. I raised this with energy ombudsman, who agreed with me and asked Scottish Power to pay me Goodwill gesture of £30.00 for shortfall in service. However the ombudsman said they cannot ask Scottish Power to pay for consequential losses due to misleading literature, which would be to apply correct rate retrospectively. Ombudsman said that compensations like consequential losses, stress etc are not in their scope and that's why they can only recommend a Goodwill gesture compensation for shortfall in service. Can you please advise where can I go for consequential losses, other than court. I tried Financial Ombudsman but they said such cases are in their scope. Financial Ombudsman suggested going to ICO. Are they right? Can ICO look into this case of consequential losses due to confusing literature.
  12. Received an email from a friend of mine, as follows:- “Well....what do you think about this...in the post was a letter from Scottish Power. They inform me I have an outstanding credit with them (£13.83) which they have now paid into my bank.....I closed my Scottish Power account in October 2013 !! ....”
  13. I have just moved house and let Scottish Power know as we have been customers for 13 years paying a direct debit monthly and never defaulting. Yesterday I had a text from the bank and looking at my accounts they have taken £1,452 out without any prior communication. When I rang them they said it was arrears which I did not have any idea about. I can't understand why I have not been contacted about this as it was so much as I would have paid more each month. I went to the bank and they have refunded me but obviously I have to sort it out. Surely more communication should have been given, they e-mailed me when they needed meter readings. Can anyone please comment on this. Thanks for any input.
  14. Main .... https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/rules-and-practice/rules-of-court/sheriff-court---civil-procedure-rules ORDINARY CAUSE RULES) 1993 https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/rules-and-practice/rules-of-court/sheriff-court---civil-procedure-rules/ordinary-cause-rules Small Claims Rules. https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/rules-and-practice/rules-of-court/sheriff-court---civil-procedure-rules/small-claim-rules Simple Procedure Rules https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/rules-and-practice/rules-of-court/sheriff-court---civil-procedure-rules/simple-procedure-rules
  15. Hi, I tried to leave Scottish Power for one of the smaller/greener alternatives, this was stopped before transfer could be completed as the majority of suppliers seemingly cannot deal with a Green Deal loan on the property. So far, all seems normal - however, at the same point of where the transfer was to take place 12 months of bills were regenerated and access to the old bills was removed from their website (some were weeks or days long, rather than monthly or quarterly). Luckily I had a copy of one of the 'settled' invoices (maybe it's a statement..? - I pay monthly DD) which was very different to the one now on their website. So I downloaded everything available and emailed their support (keep it in writing where possible, I thought) They replied that they needed my account number but did not open me a case. I replied with my account number. They ignored me. I emailed again and then escalated to their Director of Customer Relations (only posted normally, so no proof of receipt). After months of no reply, I sent them a SAR request - copies of all of the statements (I haven't had chance to check which version and if there are duplicates) and no mention whatsoever of my emails or letter. So, should I send this up to the ombudsman, or battle more with their customer (dis)service? Scottish Power Letter 17 Oct 2016 red.pdf
  16. Hi, I have an outstanding bill from Scottish Power of £292. This bill is a result of charges incurred between 18 months and 2 years ago. When originally billed, for an old flat I lived in at the time, I queried the charges and requested a full breakdown on a number of occasions. This was not forthcoming and they twice attempted to withdraw these funds from my account. I asked my bank to reverse the charges as there was an ongoing dispute. I then raised a formal complaint with Scottish Power. Scottish Power advised me that they were reviewing my complaint and would get back to me ASAP. I did not hear anything from them for over 18 months until recently when they began sending threatening letters. I again informed them I was awaiting a response to my complaint. They told me this had been closed. They promised to re-open this and once again review. I waited 6 weeks with no response at which point the threatening letters started again. I contacted them via Facebook messenger and was promised the matter would be escalated. Whilst all this is going on they have now generated a new bill for £97 from 17 months ago which they say I also owe. I have also disputed this as they were not my provider at the time (I have already paid British gas for energy for that period) besides, I was of the view that they cannot generate bills for energy used over 12 months ago. Is this correct? To date I have received no call from the complaints team. I have expressed to them via Facebook messenger that this can only be resolved if they take a pro-active approach and stop sending automatically generated letters. I just cant get them to speak with me to resolve the issue! They instead go silent for long periods before re-commencing with the threatening letters. What else can I do to resolve this? Thanks in advance.
  17. I moved out of a rented property in Aberdeen on the 15th of September 2016. It was a short assured tenancy for 6 months My landlord did not secure my deposit of £650 in any deposit scheme and only returned part of it (£500). I would like to submit a summary application for the remainder of the deposit and compensation but have only 6 more days to do this as it will soon be 3 months since I moved out. I don't live in Scotland anymore. Is it possible to submit a summary application by post or electronically? moved out of a rented property in Aberdeen on the 15th of September 2016. It was a short assured tenancy for 6 months My landlord did not secure my deposit of £650 in any deposit scheme and only returned part of it (£500). I would like to submit a summary application for the remainder of the deposit and compensation but have only 6 more days to do this as it will soon be 3 months since I moved out can someone please suggest a solicitor that can submit the summary application on my behalf and elp handle the process?
  18. I am trying to pursue a company in Scotland via small claims court, I have received the paperwork back today Subject : Claims Issued Out Of Jurisdiction Please find enclosed claim forms returned to you for service, As this is a claim form to be issues out of the jurisdiction of the court. Money Claims Centre no longer servers the claim form direct to the defendant. The money Claims Centre has received this guidance from Court Business Support and as directed by a District Judge. Rule 6.4b of the cilic Procedure Rules only refer to general service by first class post to a jurisdiction within England and Wales and does not apply to foreign process. There is no provision to serve papers to addresses outside England and Wales I have rang PSU in Liverpool who in my opinion wasn't overly helpful in the pack returned I have :- Notice of issue (Duplicate) - I believe I keep this and fill in the missing dates of when sent, when it was received and date to reply Copy of claim form and submitted evidence - which I send to defendant N510 form - do I send that to the defendant ? Response form - which I assume the defendant needs to ? I need to know if I can put all the paperwork in the post and send via recorded method ? I need to know how many days I have to give the defendant to reply ? I know this is urgent and need to deal with it ASAP thanks for your support
  19. This is for Scottish Water Customers Only You can claim your Free Water saving items. (Note the Large Pack Items are no longer available) This is the Link: https://www.aqualogicwc.co.uk/store/scottish-water/ Just ordered the free items myself, why not.
  20. Hi, I have been paying off a British Gas account for the past 18 months. I've a dispute going on with regards the amount as they've billed me for an additional 6 months useage despite supplying meter readings when I left the property. They've acknowledged their error and I am currently waiting on resolution. Ialso issued them with a DSAR which has just gone over 40 days so the LBA is in the post today. The values on my Credit File in no way represent the true owed amounts nor have they registered the 18 months of payments I have made. It simply says I am 6 payments behind and have been that way for the past 2 years. Despite the bills being wrong I have no issue with regards me owing a sum to them hence arranging a payment plan however fo the past 18 months I have not received any statement of my account. Are they required to issue me a statement every 12 months to see the status of the account and the amount still owed? Any advice would be appreciated.
  21. We were in debit with Scottish Power for almost 2 years but had been paying an agreed amount each month by direct debit. Meter reader comes on 27th August and reads meter. Yesterday we received an email saying as per our preferences they were refunding £800 into our bank account On looking at our account it seems there is a huge credit each month and our payments were pushing the credit higher. I can only go back 18 months online but just couldnt understand why the account was now in credit. Then the penny dropped the meter reader has read the meter wrong. What he read and put down is wait for it 20000 thingeys less than what the meter says. So instead of 91938 he has put down 71938. I think it can stay in the bank account for a bit before they come knocking on the door. My account online also states 0 for direct debit payments. Makes a change that they are at fault trying to take a screen shot before they realise it is incorrect. They can only blame the meter reader and not me.
  22. Hello hopefully in the correct section and there is a Scottish expert for this soap opera I will outline the scenario and my understanding of the law. First the not too complicated part (I believe) Mrs X died without leaving a Will Mrs X is survived by Mr X (20 years separated but not divorced) and 3 Children. Mrs X owns 100% property A (that was signed over legally to her from Mr X 20 years ago.) My understanding of Prior Rights: Mr X is the widower and thus on the face of it has prior rights. However he does not live in property A, so does not "qualify" as the survivor. Therefore he has no prior rights. Then property A would become part of "the remainder of the estate" and the 3 Children inherit the house (33.33% each), as the intestate estate devolves according to legal rules. Basically "The Children" are at the top of lists to inherit, and well before the surviving spouse. So if I am correct so far then please read on. Mr X lives in property B. Property B deeds are still in joint names for Mr X & Mrs X Mr X qualifies as "the survivor" as he lives in property B. Hence under prior rights Mr X claims the house (Value below £473000 etc). Again hopefully correct and not too complex. Heres the fly in the ointment. Mr X also rents out property C to a tenant. It appears that property C deeds are also still in joint names for Mr X & Mrs X. (Mrs X would not have realised and never got half rent etc. Not worried about this part). Following the same rules/pattern it would appear that property C would also not go to Mr X under prior rights, but that 50% of property C would end up being split to the 3 children !! Can anyone tell me if this all looks correct ? There is no in family fighting going on here but rather just trying to ensure all is correct in my head before engaging legal help.
  23. Hi and thank you for reading my concern with Scottish Power I have recently come to the end of my 12 mth fixed term contract and found a cheaper supplier when i informed scottish power they took an extra £60 from my account for the last months payment and then informed me I was £258 in debt even though over the last 10 months they had reduced my payment by £15 I informed them I was £150 worse off because of them and they have offered me £60 off my debt because `i managed to cancel my DD before they could get their hands on the final amount.. .Good job really as I pointed out they would of taken £389 form my a/c in one month is this right ???? Many Many Thanks For all your very kind help with this worrying situation Kind Regards
  24. 3 weeks ago, I received an email from Scottish power, telling me my bill is now ready and due for payment, now I knew its not due until 18 May, and have not entered any meter readings So I went online to check my bills, only to find the following message, account status CLOSED Seems Scottish power closed my account on 19 March 2016, and they have given me no reason for this, which I find baffling, and they have finalized my account with an estimated reading, which isn't to far of the correct reading I have been emailing them for the last few days, to try to get an answer, and the obvious question I have, if my account is closed, am I still a Scottish power customer Now when it comes to payments, I make payments every 4 weeks by online banking, and my payment is between £75-85; as for meter readings I enter my readings on a quarterly basis so my account is up to date, and I don't get any nasty surprises like a big bill Now they keep on pestering me to take out a direct debit, but I don't trust them with direct debits, so refuse to take one out
  25. Hi all, I`ve been having problems with Scottish Power for ages now, it`s quite a long story so I`ll try and keep it as brief as I can but can go into more detail if needed. I`m on a PAYG meter for electricity, but due to a mess up by Scottish Power (wrong meter installed) I was due a refund for over payment ( £207.52 ) which I eventually received last summer. A few weeks ago I went through some electricity bills and noticed something that didn`t look right so did a bit of investigating, I logged into my Scottish Power account and checked back to when I received the refund (last June) , although it did actually show that Scottish Power had credited my account with the £207.52, the balance on my account didn`t increase but when they sent me the cheque my the £207.52 was knocked off my balance, so I was actually given the refund from my own balance. Then, as if that isn`t bad enough, on my bill dated 1st September, the £207.52 has been added onto the bill so I have had to pay it back. So, I`ve printed of the bill in question and did a screen capture of the credits part of my account a few weeks ago and have kept going back to it thinking that I must have this wrong somehow, but still can`t so how. Then, last week I decided it`s time to ring them and see what they say about it, logged into my account and things have been altered, what was a £207.52 credit has been changed into a debit, and there are entries that weren`t there before. I rang them last week, got cut off. Sent them an email, only reply I`ve received is an automated reply saying they will respond within 5 working days, today is day 8 and I`ve heard nothing. I`ve attached captures, am I going mad and all this is right or have they pulled a fast one. Thanks for looking, Gpick.
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