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  1. Not very good news! The employer just told him he may as well go as he wasn't going to re-new the lease on the building. Didn't even tell the truth about what was happening.
  2. Sorry, re-read this and I see the company is supposed to let former employees know if they are owed money. Still not sure what to do if he doesn't hear anything from them as there has been no communication since it happened and they sent him home out of the blue. Can anyone help with advice about his next step? Thank you.
  3. Thanks for that. The information says about advising employees but stepson has been let go. They told him they were not renewing the lease but did not pay him monies he is due. Should he take some legal advice?
  4. Companies House says 'Active proposal to strike off' which we don't know what it exactly means. Can anyone help please?
  5. Thanks for replies. We'll check the state of the company.
  6. My stepson worked for a garage for over 2 years and around February 2019 they seemed to have gone bankrupt sending him home but still owing him at least 2 weeks wages and holiday pay, around £1,000. He has been round to the owner's house but no-one was there. He has found another job but has 2 small young children and wasn't able to pay his rent due to not being paid. Companies house says the company is due to be dissolved at at 16.4.19. What should be his next move. Appreciate any advice. Thank you.
  7. Hi, I wonder if you can now give me further advice on this. The car went back to the garage as I said, I have just been on holiday last week and yesterday returned to England to a text message that it needed a whole new gearbox and they want me to contribute £200 towards this. I know I am out of the 30 days now. It would push the price of the car to £2,315 which I feel is now a lot for a 2003 car and you here advised me that I should expect repairs for free. Please, what are my rights now and whaqt would your advice be? Thank you.
  8. The name of the garage is New Street Garage in Horsham.
  9. Please try and explain your story as fully as possible but in a chronological order. It will make it easier for people to understand what help you need. Please space and punctuate your story clearly. It is difficult to read an unbroken block of text. I bought a 2003 Automatic VW Beetle from an independent garage on 3 March 2019 which seemed to drive fine on the road test. It had a new MOT and been serviced. It cost £2,145 which I felt was more than the book price but it has been difficult to get a car like this. On driving it back home after about 15 miles I noticed there was something wrong with the automatic gear change, then a engine fault light came on and the exhaust seemed to be blown. I had a diagnostic done on this and it brought up faults. I let the garage know and they disbelieved me but have picked it up and taken it to repair. The gear box was loose and had to be tightened. They are now saying that it needs a new catalytic converter as emissions are too high and they want me to pay for this. My question, please, is it reasonable that I pay for this? Feel I should have got an up together car for my money. Advice please. Thank you.
  10. Thanks for replies. At least we know it is legal. They have given him a disciplinary because of too many doctors appointments but he didn't get dismissed.
  11. I only know about my B-in-law, he is Type 2. The medical was a couple of weeks ago and nothing was said about insurance then. Its only since he complained about being effectively singled out this insurance has been mentioned.
  12. My brother has worked as a car valeter for a firm for seven years. His firm has now made him and one other member of staff have a medical. Both these have diabetes. Neither of them wanted or felt they needed to have a medical and be singled out. The firm said it was regarding getting cheaper car insurance. The other person works as an accountant and never drives for the firm at all. Is this legal to force members of staff to have to undergo a medical they don't want to undergo.
  13. Yes you're absolutely correct and that is why they're going after me because after an investigatory meeting someone has to 'carry the can'.
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