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  1. Hi, thanks for reply. Is SAR Subject Access Request?
  2. Wonder if anyone could help. My daughters moved into their own small 2 bedroomed flat and started out with First Utility paying by direct debit and supposed to be reading their own meters which because they weren't prompted to, the bill racked up to over £2,000. When they queried it Shell said they were on the most expensive of tariffs and that was why it was so expensive. They asked to be moved to a different tariff and for a smart meter and got a time to wait in for it to be installed no-one turned up then Shell said they couldn't have one in the
  3. Hi, thanks for all replies. Have telephoned the number on the letter from HMRC and told them we have someone else's tax return and enough details on them to steal their identity if we were dishonest. They didn't seem bothered in the least, told my husband that they looked it up and it wasn't in their system (whatever that means). He asked them that didn't they think it was a serious breach of data protection but it didn't seem to occur to them. They have asked him to send it back which I will do tomorrow along with a letter of complaint from us.
  4. Thanks for reply. Yes we will still try and get our reply to them although it would have helped to send us the correct scanned tax return!
  5. I sent in a Self Assessment for Self Employment by the 31 October 2019 deadline and the Inland Revenue has written back to me asking for some more information on the supplementary evidence page. They say they have sent with this a scanned image of my tax return but they have sent me someone else's SA102 form. This has their name, address NINO, full bank account details and all their income information. My worry is where has my information been sent to? This is surely a breach of data protection. Any advice please on what I should do? They say
  6. Thanks for quick reply, I didn't know that. Do you think I should ring them?
  7. I have received a Debt Recovery Letter from EOS but I have no idea what or for whom the debt is for. There is no clue on the letter although it says they have previously sent a Notice of Assignment which I haven't received. The question is do I contact them for information as I can't remember anything about this. If I do owe it and it goes back to pre-2013 it might be statute barred and my opening communication with them could re-open a can of worms. Any advice please. Thanks.
  8. No OK you're right. My colleagues and I will have to bring our concerns up with the boss. It was a general enquiry about being double funded.
  9. Defensive and narkey, didn't answer the question and said other members of staff were doing 2 projects but I don't know anyone who is.
  10. No the 33 hours actually had my name on the bid. Agree its dodgy to whistleblow but it doesn't sit well.
  11. Hi, thanks for reply. I am normally fully occupied as have 50 clients on project when at full capacity. Found details of the original bid and we are bound to work 33 hours a week. I will need more than 4 hours to carry out duties on the new project and I'm sure they won't have bid for us to work 4 hours per week on a full on Skills Training programme. We don't even get sick pay so it is perturbing us that our time has been funded probably twice.
  12. I work on a Welfare to Work project funded by Community Fund and some ESF and earn £25K. My Company is a registered Charity. I have now been asked to take on a Skills Training project (also funded by ESF) running alongside my original project. My question is this - as I understand it the salaries for staff are included in the bids presumably for full time workers. Can then the company ask a worker to work on 2 projects, are they not raking in 2 salaries for each worker who then has to work part time on each project? It is something running through I and my colleagues minds and although we were
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