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  1. Thanks for all advice, got good advice on Which? website for getting a SAR so am doing that now.
  2. Thanks so much for replies. It was a rented flat and my daughters moved out in December 2020, she told Shell straight away and they still billed her for another £500 after she moved out although this has been taken off now. We do not agree with the billing, this was actually a tiny flat and it is incomprehensible that the electricity costs this, but Shell always kept her on a high tariff even when this was queried. We will definitely get a SAR and evidence of meter readings over the time. Thanks for that advice. One of my worries is the toll this is having on her mental health, its gone on and on and has made her depressed.
  3. I wonder if someone can help please. My daughter has had lots of problems with Shell Energy. She moved into a very small flat with her sister in December 2015, it is an only electric property. The first energy supplier was First Utilities but they were taken over by Shell. My daughter was not paying enough on her direct debit and fully accepts this but the tariff she was put on was extremely high and equates to over £140 per month on electricity. She asked for a smart meter in January 2019 and an appointment was booked but the Shell person to put this in did not turn up. Once Shell tried to take £600 out of her bank account. Long and short of it is the whole bill is over £8,000 and she has paid £4,000. My question is now that she can offer £70 per month to pay this back but Shell want £140 per month. This is causing her much stress and she is on medication for panic attacks, Shell keeps ringing and e-mailing and generally harassing. Can she get this £70 per month direct debit accepted? Shell want it all paid in 2 years but this would cause financial hardship. Any replies would be appreciated.
  4. Good news for me is that the Bounce Back Loan came through so I can pay the full car payment! Thanks for reply.
  5. Just to let any interested person know, I have got a job offer, so I think honesty was the best policy.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I paid £200 in January 2021 towards the car.
  7. I am a one man band self employed driving instructor and I have a leased car for which I pay £395 per month. During the first lockdown I just had to pay £50 per month and the term of the lease was extended for 3 months, in the November lockdown no concession was given but I managed to pay but in this lockdown I cannot pay. The company is being inflexible but I don't understand how they can expect me to pay when I cannot work. I have applied for a Bounce Back Loan but the bank is taking ages to decide and I only get £500 per month on the SEISS. Have the Government brought in any laws where companies have to allow some leeway on this payments please?
  8. Yes, going to be honest and hope for the best. It's a yes or no answer so no getting round it. I don't think an IVA that is paid completely up-to-date means you're a bad, unemployable person.
  9. Thank you so much for that information. That seems quite hopeful.
  10. I have been provisionally accepted for a job as a Work Coach for the DWP. Just doing the pre-employment checks they ask if I have an Individual Voluntary Agreement, which I have. Will they credit check and will they turn me down because of it? It's not for very much and I am keeping all payments up. I obviously have to tell the truth but will be devistated to lose the job over this. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, thanks for reply. Is SAR Subject Access Request?
  12. Wonder if anyone could help. My daughters moved into their own small 2 bedroomed flat and started out with First Utility paying by direct debit and supposed to be reading their own meters which because they weren't prompted to, the bill racked up to over £2,000. When they queried it Shell said they were on the most expensive of tariffs and that was why it was so expensive. They asked to be moved to a different tariff and for a smart meter and got a time to wait in for it to be installed no-one turned up then Shell said they couldn't have one in their flat. Now Shell says they are using £140 electric a month and my daughter is paying £150 as it all she can afford and only paying off £10 a month off the bill. There were mistakes made by them because it was their first time living independently and not giving in meter readings but this seems expensive for such a small flat. Would any organisation advise them?
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