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  1. Update since my last post on this, I did an MR decision was unchanged then Appealed , today my appeal was heard and i was awarded 10 points so standard mobility award , 2 years , so from 2019 to feb 2020, So by the time they process the claim ( unless they appeal) i'll be needing to re apply again , lets hope i don't have to go through the whole rigmarole again of assessments followed by MR and appeal,
  2. So in the event that a claimant does not have internet access or own a capable device, then what,? the internet should not be relied upon
  3. I a few months ago applied for PIP for standard mobility only After some agro i finally got a Home visit, And now recieved the decision and report from the unregisters nurse or what ever she was (qualification not known) And it's the ATOS default score of 0 Her report was lies and assumptions, Says that i have no specialist input ( i have seen a surgeon and had a diagnosis and they have a copy of that report) she also claimed that the pain meds aren't strong enough And because i could bend and straighten my legs i don't have any problem moving around, I never reported that i could not bend or straighten my legs at the knee, it only once i bare weight on those joints i get pain, that increases as i walk around, my foot, gives me pain most of the time more so when baring weight , I have stage 4 OA bone on bone contact clearly this stupid moron has no clue
  4. They still have a very old ,now possibly obsolete mobile number on their systems, which they also share with the likes of Maxifarce, this is dispitethem being informed that i no longer own or use that number, and i will not divulge my currrent numbers, as i don't see how by them having them benefits me, i know it benefits them
  5. "The nasty party" which of the 4 party coalition is that then? IMO ALL are equally as bad as each other, Out of the mainstream political parties NONE are vote worthy , The voting system FFP needs changing the days of lie cuck lie lie cuck cuck are gone
  6. After checking with the GMC GP online check, this HCP is not a registered GP but is licenced to pratice and not passed any uk qualification it appears that Maxifarce have their in house "doctors" for their farce WCA Now i know why he looked at me sheepishly when i said to him you are a doctor therefore you know understand how these conditions are impacting my normal lifestyle and ability to work
  7. Just an update : I now have the ESA85 report and surprisingly my Stage4 OA of the knee and OA of other joints isn't even mentioned in the report like they didn't exist ??? But i was awarded the SG for IBS( D ) even though i only met the LCW descriptor for that, Lucky i have the evidence on the CD that confirms it was discussed during the WCA and the hcp was given and kept the orthopedic surgeons report ,very odd Well the IBS (d) is a life long condition with no known cure , it also is unlikely to go away or become more managable , Add the reduced mobility due to the foot and knee , and rescritions using steps .......... Maybe in a common sense world i should not be re assessed
  8. Yes the well have xxxx and i can work, or do xxx without any problems why can't you? mantra when we all know we all cope differently we have different pain thresholds Not helped by this nonsense that is the work and health coversation, your physical conditions are all in your mind you can overcome them, i do wonder if mc vile is responsible for this
  9. Well it would certainly be better that some dumb ex GMTV presenter who didn't get to where she is on merit, The PM is the same she was a disaster when Home secretary ,and the last person anyone of sane mind would want to entrust to run this country, But the establishment placed her in the PM's hot seat , because they needed a stooge
  10. +1 RMW Like waving that red flag to a bull comes to mind here, why to make things more difficult for yourself than you need to,? The DWP and establishment are not our freind and never have been After the fight i have had to endure just to get a ESA award theres no way that i would be jepodising it,by declaring that i can do any kind of work, regardless if it was paid or unpaid even in kind
  11. Close the Company (if you aint earing a coin what's the point? ) even charadees turn a profit or pay themselves handsomely Sir idiot geldof is just one example If no income then why even tell them ? but have the evidence at hand to prove beyond reasonable doubt just in case Why not they treat us with contempt, after all ?
  12. Evil goes some but not all the way to describe this despicable air head
  13. Apparently they can a bit of bad news for all that are claiming benefits especially those who are sick or disabled because Esther Mc vey is now Secretary of State for Work and Pensions – Rt Hon Esther McVey MP How is this even possible after what she and IDS did? for those who aren't familiar with the history, just some of the vile things http://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2018/01/11/backlash-over-terrible-insult-of-mcveys-dwp-appointment/
  14. Well the LT54 / ESA 56 07/17 i was sent shows pages of 6 at the bottom rh side, and i have only 2 sheets of paper stapled together numbered from page 1 to 4 so i have 4 out of the 6 pages the first page is basically tells the DM to complete the esa56 fully, ect, then you have part 1, the decision, with several tick boxes underneath which says wca allowance sg award , then typed info says when i was examined by the hcp then another paragraph, that says the dm decided that i scored 15 points from schedule 2 & has (LCW) then below this the dm proceeded to consider if i had (LCWRA) and having further examined the available evidence the DM has decided that one or more of the descriptors in schedule 3 apply to me, and therefore have LCWRA under reg 34 then under descriptors scored the continence activity 9 15 points is shown, and please refer for another wca 18mths from date of wca page 4(part2) is a score sheet which shows the one descriptor activity 9 A, 15 points at the bottom of this page it refers only to LCW So indicated that this is the score sheet for LCW criteria only So presumably the parts that i'm missing is the score sheet on the LCWRA side of it, ?? which should be on Activity 1 moving around https://dpac.uk.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/DWP-ESA-Form-LT54-DMACR-Copy.pdf Is the L54 i have, with a score sheet for LCW only
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