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  1. I'm in the support group of esa and claim pip at the standard rate. If i start doing voluntary work would they stop my esa at my next assessment declaring me fit for work?
  2. She said she's been on dla now pip and incapacity now esa since the age of 16. She treated me like a fruitcake and deserved to be reported and i WILL NOT have anyone who doesn't know the circumstances sticking up for her. I'd have reported you too. I saw her everyday for a year and I'n not going to explain to your sorry excuse for a human being what happened
  3. I reported anonymously but do you think the person can find out that it was me who reported them?
  4. She told me she's been on benefits since she was 16, now early 40's. I don't think it's permitted work plus she deserves it, treating me like a fruitcake when I have a mental illness. I do wonder why she's on esa.
  5. She works at my local shop cash in hand, has a mobility car and is on esa and pip.
  6. This woman who has recently been treating me like **** for being mentally ill (bipolar) I reported for benefit fraud. Do you think I did the right thing?
  7. Won pip appeal on wednesday. I scored 9 points for the standard rate of pip. From september 2016 to september 2019 but they more than likely take it off me again before then. Does anyone know when I'll get my backdated money?
  8. Thanks guys. I'm looking to some voluntary work soon. I doubt even McDonald's will hire me atm.
  9. I forgot to add, I'm 37, just turned. Haven't worked since 25.
  10. I've been on benefits since 2005 because of ill health. I have a hormonal inbalance which is associated with many mental health and physical comorbidities. Also alcohol dependent since 2005. I'm waiting for a medical detox for the alcohol and then going on hormone replacement. I know because of the big gap on my cv (unemployed for almost 13 years), I'm going to find it very difficult finding a job. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any organisations that help the long term unemployed? Thanks.
  11. Can pre-paid debit cards get you into debt for inactivity/dormancy fees? How much can they charge you?
  12. Thanks a lot. Been to cab. They've taken all the sheets which the tribunal sent me relating to my appeal, 300 pages and an expert is going to phone me for an appointment but they did say they might not be able to represent me at the tribunal but will tell me what to do etc... I'll probably take my mum with me since she came with me to the assessment.
  13. Thanks. Am I better off getting a solicitor or cab to represent me?
  14. My appeal is in July dating back from September when I was almost completely debilated. I have loads of mental issues and a debilitating hormone inbalance. I was also a chronic alcoholic which made things worse. However since being detoxed from alcohol in the beginning of this month I've started feeling slightly better. If I go to appeal will they they take into account how I was from September to April 1st or how I am now? And if the appeal was successful will they only backdate money for the past 8 month and not award me pip because of how i am now?
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