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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I have just received a letter from a debt company that I haven't used for over 15 years. The letter says data protection laws have changed. This means thy need to provide me with an updated explanation of how they use my personal data. I do not want then to use my personal data. Do I ignore the letter? Thanks in advance.
  2. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?296513-296513&p=3317951#post3317951 I am just considering this and contemplating taking court action against unregulated property manger who took a secret commission
  3. Sent my appeal off with some brief details of why i was appealing , Had a Letter from DWP confirming that they received my appeal, and about how much ESA i will get until it's heard, But so far over 1mth since requesting the full written statement of the Atos wca Form IB /ESA85, But so far i have not been sent it, The person that i recently spoke with from DWP ,Confirmed that they could see that i had previously requested it, but could not understand why i had not yet received it, What can be done to force them to supply this info,(assuming it actually exists) ?
  4. http://welfarecentral.org/index.php/forum-home/universal-credit/1325-dwp-admit-no-plans-how-to-migrate-legacy-benefits#5432 Want to know how you will be migrated from legacy benefits to UC, Do not bother asking the DWP, http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/444360/response/1080845/attach/html/2/FoI%204762%20reply.pdf.html
  5. Ok Just start with some background. for the past two years 2014 & 2015 i have had relapses of prolapsed disks causing me to have long absences , after the last absence it was agreed that i would be covered under the disability act (or whatever its called now) also after i had my injections i had to have physio which the occupational health provided so i got back to work a lot quicker than if i had waited for the nhs . Now on to this year i had to be signed of sick because my shoulder had frozen i cannot lift anything of with with one arm , doctor has put me on pain killers and on the list for physio for the shoulder which will allow me to return to worl . When it was diagnosed i told my line manager to refer me to OH because the waiting list was 3 months and they could get me seen a lot earlier like last time , then when i spoke to them again after i was given another fitness note and again they saud they would . Also the reason i need the referral is that they could arrange to gety me back to work in a different area not doing the repetitive actions which aggrevate it while i am waiting for physio or sending me to their physio . The problem is when i go back i know i will face a meeting about my absence but i cannot afford to pay to go privte to jump the list also I cannot go back to full duties because even the gp said i would see you within a week again . So where do i go from here. I am unable to go to OH without the referral but without Oh i can see me being signed off until i get the phsio from the NHS
  6. Dear all, I've just discovered that the sub-floor and joists that were replaced only 6 years ago in my Victorian house have rotted again, I'm told by an independent building contractor, due to inadequate damp protection. A master carpenter/joiner replaced joists/sub-floor and oak flooring only SIX years ago, due to the originals rotting. My question is can I reasonably expect the carpenter to contribute to the cost of this new work, which will essentially be to rip up what he did 6 years ago, beef up any existing damp protection and then rebuild the floor from the ground up? I feel he bears the responsibility for not highlighting the need for adequate damp protection in the first instance. Many thanks.
  7. My wife has had a long standing dispute with Vodaphone A few months ago during a long phone call a vodaphone rep agreed to cancel her contract and close the account with nothing further due to pay. We have now started getting letters from a DCA, claiming she owes Vodaphone just over £800. which is the remainder of the 2 year contract plus the cost of the handset involved. after talking to the DCA they claim the above call "never happened" and are now harassing her in the usual way for payment Can we force Vodafone to supply us with a copy of the recording of the phone call? maybe with a SAR ? I can prove the call happened as it's on my itemised BT phone bill but not what was discussed. TIA Mat
  8. We are planning to sell our flat and we know that our neighbors had issue with selling his property. He said the landlord told him that he can't sell it until they refurbish it to a good standard. He then went to his solicitors and they told him that the landlord has the authority to do so. He eventually refurbished the flat and sold it. But he said the landlord was even able to choose which buyer he wants and whether or not that they agree with the price. Is that even possible? Could it be that he has a shared lease ownership? I tried searching online to see if landlord has any control over the selling of the lease but I couldn't find anything.
  9. Hi all, I have received a letter today from Hamptons legal regarding a debt I have with O2 - although I have never made any payment and have a SAR or the equivelant you receive for a mobile debt. Basically the jist of the letter is thus - We are now going to request a copy of your credit file from Experian the credit reference agency, which will help us decide what form of litigation is best for us to recover the monies that are due. Any ideas folks?
  10. My wife & I recently flew with Ryanair to Faro in Portugal. We were asked at the gate to let them put both our cabin bags in the hold as the flight was full and there was no room for them in the cabin, we were instucted that we need to remove any items that we may need for the fight before we boarded. They put yellow bands around them and when we boarded the aircraft the flight attendant took them off us to put in the hold. When we sat down I said to my wife that I better turn my mobile phone off and she said that her's was still in one of the outside zipper pockets of her bag, and still turned on, I immediately informed the steward who said that as it was already in the hold it was OK. When we landed we went through passport control and to the baggage belt which stated that the bags would be on the belt by 13.05, it was now 12.55, so just a 10 minute wait, not so, they eventually arrived at around 13.20 and our bags were one of the first ones off. My wife immediately checked for her phone which was missing!! I then turned my phone on and called her number which rang with a foreign ringing tone (1 continuous ring about 2 seconds apart) so we knew it was in Faro Airport. We immediately reported the loss to the baggage handlers "Lost & Found" desk who called the dispatch to recheck the hold, but we knew the phone had been taken from her bag as the zipper was fastened back up, it had not just fallen out. I called her provider who put a block on both the phone and sim card straight away and reported the matter to the airport police, we have got both peices of the paperwork from the police and lost and found, and have done a lost baggage claim to Ryanair, but they are not interested. Its not worth claiming from our insurance as the excess is more than the phone is worth, but we do feel that Ryanair should pay up as it was them who asked us to put the bags in the hold, they keep saying that it is our responsibility to make sure there are no valuables in "checked in" bags, but these were "Cabin Bags" and if we were to have removed all valuables from them they would have been empty. The last letter to them explained everything as I have explained it here and I sent them copies of the paperwork from the police etc, but they keep saying they sympathise but cannot help any further. Can I take this further or am I wasting my time? Cheers PS. My wife didn't like the phone anyway and is happy now that she has gone back to using her old one, but it is the principle of the matter, and the inconvenience and Ryanair's attitude that annoys us.
  11. Hi, I hope someone out there will be able to help me - I am currently having problems with a local car dealership who are insisting I return my temporary car and take my original car back. However I consider it is unsafe to drive, following three major issues in a 5mth period. The engine blew up in Apr 14, then the car had complete brake and steering failure in Aug 14 while I was driving it which was terrifying. I have tried speaking & writing to the dealership, HP finance company and manufacturer however they are all passing the buck and its difficult to work out who is accountable. Effectively I feel the product supplied is under parr - not of reasonable quality & I now feel unsafe in it. A day after the full brake failure, I received a call from the dealership saying the car was tested and ready. Later it turned out that none of the work had been done on the car and the car was still unsafe/unfixed when I was told that. I voiced serious concerns about this communication and said that following that and issues with the car, I no longer had faith in either the dealership or the vehicle make. On this basis, I advised all parties in August that I was unwilling to accept the vehicle back however they fixed it anyway and tried to make me take it back - to date no reasonable offer has been made. I have received a number of letters stating they want the temporary car returned and mentioning police action, lack of insurance, my car getting vandalised at their premises. The dealership have phoned me on my work number numerous times a day last week, despite me asking them not to phone that number they continued to do so. I have continued to make my mthly HP payments on time every mth and have not breached any of the terms of my agreement. I wrote to the dealership, finance company and manufacturer recently and pointed out I was still paying for a car and therefore it seemed reasonable I keep that until I was made a reasonable offer of an alternative or compensation. As I was paying it seemed reasonable whilst negotiations were made. Throughout this, the dealership have continued to make approaches to dump 'my' car back with me and take away the temporary car - I believe this is now verging on intimidation as they're hoping I'll give up and just walk away. However I cannot now go to another brand as they have my deposit and I also haven't had the car I've been paying for during most of this year. The last response was that an independent garage (of same manufacturer brand therefore not in effect an independent) had inspected it and said the brakes were fine. Due to issues encompassed, I feel no more reassured about the car, brand or dealership. Just to clarify I am 18mth into a 3y HP agreement Mar13-Mar16 but as a result of the lack of faith I now have in the vehicle and dealership, I have requested they release me from the finance agreement and repay a proportion of the money I have paid so that I am not left at a disadvantage as a result of poor product supplied. I paid £1000 up front & 19mths x £283 p.m. I have stumped up quite a phone bill, taken a number of hrs/ days off work, had an under parr product since engine replaced Apr 14 (noisy, extras missing, poorer acceleration, poorer fuel consumption, was also advised replacement was hybrid of two brands as they couldn't source one - this has now been denied by the manufacturer.) As I've not had 'my car' at all for 4mth of this year I'm thinking I would like to seek compensation along these lines- Goodwill return of deposit £1000 for all the issues I've had to put up with + 1/2 the mthly payments (Apr-Oct 14) £994 because I haven't had the car I contracted to. Do you consider this is a reasonable request and if so, who should I hold accountable? I am prepared to take this to small claims if necessary and was thinking I may write a letter of intended action if someone can point me to who that should be against. thank you for any advice you may be able to offer. They've told me I'm no longer insured in the temp car so it's now sitting outside my house and I'm without any car at all despite fact I'm paying them £283 p/mth....
  12. Im due to see a concert next week tickets were purchased a year ago, on an old bank card for an account i no longer have. I contacted the arena today and was told they had not sent them yet and would do so this weekend. I told them this was not good enough as i go away next week and will not be back toll the night of the concert, They told me i can collect them with the bank card i used to pay, i made clear i did not have that anymore as the account was closed down and the card was cut up, they told me there is nothing they can do, I explained that i was told i would get the tickets today as it a week till the concert and on there website it states tickets will be received 2 weeks before the date and i made clear i had called last week and was assured they would be here today. Im wondering if there is any way i can get the tickets with out the bank card, i hold other id but they have refused to issue them to me personally and will only post them out via special delivery. Im so upset at this matter
  13. Hi Guys, i haven't been able to pay any of my creditors for about 8 months now and had no contact them... in that time myself, my partner and our children have had to leave our previous home and had temporary accommodation for several weeks until i managed to rent a house that belongs to my employer. its time to start trying to sort out out debts so i wish to send them a letter giving them our new address and asking them for the state of each account etc and asking them for some time. Please could someone with a bit more knowledge read the following and let me know if i'm giving away too much info or setting myself up for something here ? Many Thanks Mark Dear Sir / Madam I write with reference to the above account(s) Since January this year myself, my partner and our dependents have been experiencing extreme financial hardship due to loss of employment and large unforeseen bills which include medical, legal and vehicle repairs. This has led to a situation where we have been required to leave our previous home and have been living in temporary accommodation with No Fixed Abode until we recently found residence in a property connected with my employer. Clearly we would like to get this situation under control therefore we are contacting all of our creditors and suppliers to ask for details of balances outstanding. Once we have this information we hope to work out repayment plans for each account. Since it may take some time to receive all the information we require from our creditors and the benefits office at our new address. We respectfully request that you hold any current or future action for a period of 31 days and consider freezing any interest charges and fees to prevent further accumulation of debt. To further advise you of our situation please note the following: · We have priority debts falling into arrears, this includes council tax and court bills but not rent. · I continue to work 40 hours + per week however my partners fulltime employment was discontinued by her former company at the end of a maternity period causing the loss of almost half our combined income. she is currently working a temporary position with a maximum of 10 hours per week due to lack of affordable child care. · We have no remaining high value assets except for a car valued at less than £1000 and a collection of tools valued at less than £200 both of which are required for my employment. · The car is required for my work to travel to different sites, and I am expected to pay for fuel expenses and then claim this back by a certain date of the month although the date these are then paid is not constant. · We also require use of the car as we live in a rural area with somewhat unusable public transport options when travelling for work. · We have only the essential home contents required for living and the care of our children. Any other items were donated or purchased second hand and have little value. Since these financial problems also affect accounts for telecommunications we are no longer available on our registered phone numbers and e-mails, therefore please could ALL correspondence be made via the postal service at our new address. If you are unable to agree this request, please reply urgently stating your reasons so that we may give it our prompt attention. yours sincerely etc....
  14. Hi Everyone, I am suspended awaiting a discipline hearing. My employer said that when I am given a hearing date I cannot resign, but that they would consider it. I asked them to explain and give me details of my contract or the relevant law that they are relying on, they didn't reply. Does anyone know the answer, my opinion is they are talking rubbish, if I hand in my notice, what are they going to do? say " sorry you can't resign, we won't accept it" can't believe they even think they can do it. In that case I could say, I don't accept you sacking me, but I might consider it. Surely resignation is not a two way thing. Look forward to your opinions.
  15. Evening All, My household has recently fallen behind on some pretty serious debt amounts due to problems with employment. so far no one has threatened any action but there has been plenty of chasing. We have been taking advice from the national debt helpline and currently we are deciding whether we can manage an IVA or we need to go bankrupt, but for starters we need more time to try to work things out so we can make this decision, work keeps me very busy and away from home a lot and along with dealing with a sick child at home getting to speak to companies is very difficult. We have been advised to send requests to our creditors asking them to hold off for a period but i was wondering what other people thought of these.. . my concern is by admitting the situation to our creditors we are setting ourselves up for a lot more trouble when the requested period has expired... sort of opening the flood gates etc. Following is a draft of the letter i have written to send, please could someone advise me if this is the best course of action and if the letter i have written is suitable for purpose Kind Regards Mark Dear xxxxxxx We write with reference to the above account(s), unfortunately due to recent employment issues both we and the rest of our household are now suffering very severe financial difficulties and we are in the process of taking advice and evaluating options to find a solution. This includes waiting for information regarding benefits we may be entitled to. We are contacting all of our creditors and suppliers to ask for details of balances outstanding. Once we have this information we hope to work out repayment plans for each account.Since it may take some time to receive all the information we require from our creditors and the benefits office. We respectfully request that you hold off any current or future action for a period of two months and consider freezing any interest charges and fees to prevent further debt. Since this request also affects accounts for telecommunications, we may soon be unavailable on our registered phone numbers and e-mails, therefore please could all correspondence be made via the postal service. If you are unable to agree this request, please reply urgently stating your reasons so that we may give it our prompt attention. Yours Sincerely
  16. Hi, I've recently been having a 2 and fro with the council about council tax I didn't owe, I eventually made an agreement with the council and they said they would put a attachment on my JSA, which I was quite happy with and didn't raise any objections. The job centre then refused the attachment order, which unbeknown by me, the council rather than coming back to me, put the debt out to rossendales, from whom we got a letter. I immediately contacted the council and asked them why they had done this rather than coming back to me so we could sort payment another way. They agreed to reclaim the order and agreed to me setting up a standing order. A week or so later possibly a little longer a bailiff knocks at the door and we told him to get lost because they didn't have the order. He called his office, apologised and left. Next thing we know we have a letter telling us if we don't pay £42.50 costs they would re-attend and enforce the court order. I complained to them and the council (twice now) and the council are adamant that they have the court order and they are happy with the current agreement, but Rossendales keep sending us letters saying "we are investigating this matter" and sending more and more aggressive letters. I have made it clear to the council and the bailiff company that I do not feel this is part of the original court order and that they should take me to small claims court, but I seem to be banging my head against the wall with them. Anybody have any ideas
  17. Hi there, I wonder if anyone has any experience of this and could offer me some advice? I sold my house end of October and due to a shortfall (long story with halifax) I declared myself br Novemer the 2nd 2012. In December I got a notice B10 and B11 from the Land Registry to say that they had put the deeds on hold due to my br! I rang my OR and she said it was not a problem and just wait till the buyer got in touch! Suffice to say I duly received a letter this morning from my solicitor stating that the buyer are unable to get the deeds, could I confirm my br. What is likely to happen does anyone know? The house it not mine as halifax have paid the mortgage but the house is not the buyers and yet they are paying their mortgage!!!! No idea what happens next; does anyone else have any idea?? N
  18. the lease hold on a property a friend ownes becomes renewable soon,and there is talk of the land owner changing certain aspects of the lease, if he decides to do that does he have to consult us about the new changes or can he just add them/change them and we have to lump it. this is a holiday park to which we have a chalet,and we are one of about 40 people who's lease becomes renewable at the same time. cheers in advance.
  19. Hi, How long do NatWest hold informaiton about accounts/credit cards, essentially I am looking for information in in 1999. Regards
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