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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I received an email from my lease company in December, advising of a PCN with the reference number to login and view/appeal/pay etc. It was my son-in-law who had been driving and got stuck in a box junction. He logged on and paid the £65 fine. Then we received a letter from TFL that the PCN was going to be reissued to me as the lease company had provided my details. If the PCN had been paid then it would be reunded by CHEQUE. No cheque was ever received, and my son in law didn't notice the money be refunded into his account - it was a few days before Christmas. To be honest I forgot all about it as I assumed it was sorted. I didn't get a reissued PCN, but have now received a letter saying that the fine has increased to £195. I called them and was told I could submit a late appeal. I guess my position is that if we have made the effort to pay the initial fine within the time period, then that is sufficient to assume that it has been paid. And is there any challenge in that their letter stated that they would refund by cheque? The fact that they have to refund any payment must be some weird admin thing, to do with the party who the PCN has been issued to. Which seems daft as anyone can pay any fine, you don't need to enter any details. anyone have experience of this Thanks in advance.
  2. We are planning to sell our flat and we know that our neighbors had issue with selling his property. He said the landlord told him that he can't sell it until they refurbish it to a good standard. He then went to his solicitors and they told him that the landlord has the authority to do so. He eventually refurbished the flat and sold it. But he said the landlord was even able to choose which buyer he wants and whether or not that they agree with the price. Is that even possible? Could it be that he has a shared lease ownership? I tried searching online to see if landlord has any control over the selling of the lease but I couldn't find anything.
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong area i could not find a forum for this one, We leased a vehicle in 2006 which i think was lease purchase and the finance company became very aggressive with us very quickly when we could nto make payments they immediately stuck on admin charges and letter charges then they sent out bailiffs charged around £500.00 then another £400 or so for solicitors costs, we were in full contact wiuth them and did not want any of that just wanted a little bit of time to get sorted. In one month they charged £45 LETTER fee, then 4 days later another £45 letter fee, then 8 days later a £65 letter fee we were just getting further in trouble. We managed to keep the vehicle in the end but paid out loads extra in the process in fees/admin/bailiff charges and solicitor letters/fees. In total i think about £1500 - £2000. Is there anything i can do to try and claw back some of these hurrendous charges? Thank you for any help Bump!!
  4. Good Morning, I part-own a flat which, within the lease, states I have a right to use my car parking space (actually a car port). Shortly after moving in the property management introduced a car pass system, I believe to stop contractors using residents assigned car parking spaces. I now have a large A5 piece of card that I have to display in my car at all times when in my own car port. The pass is specific to my car port but not to my car. At some point this car pass had fallen from my dash and down into my passenger foot well. The next morning I came down to my car to find a Parking Charge Notice from 14 Services for £55 if I pay within a week, etc. I thought £55 was a little sharp to park in my parking space which I already pay for through mortgage/rent so on reading forums such as this I ignore the notice and, having replaced the car pass on my dash, I've carried on as normal. I've now received two letters from TNC Parking Services requesting I tell them who the driver was and pay up or the matter will be passed to their litigation department. The advice I've read so far has been to continue to ignore these letters and not appeal but haven't found anything that relates specifically to car spaces that are actually owned by the 'victim'! The only person who loses out from someone parking in my space is me. Any advice (reassurance!) would be gratefully received.
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