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Found 24 results

  1. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?296513-296513&p=3317951#post3317951 I am just considering this and contemplating taking court action against unregulated property manger who took a secret commission
  2. I have today received a CCJ claim from the Northampton County Court Bulk Centre, for a credit card that was held with HSBC a few years ago. The last statement I can find for the account is 2009, although the assignment to the DCA was later than that date. Having read through the forums for some advice (which is very handy and I'm very grateful for) I'm going to write to them tomorrow with a CPR31.14 requesting the agreement, default notice and the assignment. From people's past experiences, what are the chances of them providing this information? And do they have t
  3. Hi everyone, My case is turning quite complex and I would appreciate any support anyone has for me. I will try and lay everything out as clearly as possible... 1) Viewed a property on the 21st of October, and noticed some issues with the property (cracks on the outside walls), we asked the estate agent who said it was just “common shrinkage”. As the current tenants were in with furniture / laundry around we didn’t see the full extent of this. 2) The following week we decided to make an offer on the property, and stated that “this offer is contingent on the following: …”. Ou
  4. Hi This is my first post so please forgive me if its in the wrong place or irrelevant !! I have had a holiday and reason for complaint as it was not what it said it was... there are two issues that i have summarised below. The holiday company, forest holidays, dont want to know about my complaint and say they will defend any court action, so i would like to ask what do people think ? do i have a reasonable chance of winning a case against them? Details of claim - Part one of claim – Noise and disruption 1. The defendant made the following statements on the forest holidays websit
  5. Afternoon one and all. Hope you're all doing well? I was hoping that someone might be able to advice me of something just milling around my head. On the 7th of April, I found a car on Gumtree and entered into a conversation with the seller. After a while, my gut instinct was literally going ten to a dozen because the seller said that he wanted to sell the car to me using a third party, gullible as I am, I researched the said third party which was Reedy's Trading Group. I did quite a bit of research on Reedy's Trading Group and found many a website that verified that they we
  6. Hi. I have heard good things about this forum and a friend of mine advised me to sign up to seek a bit of advice about my situation. I may waffle on a bit in this post and some things may seem irrelevant but its just because I'm trying to cover everything I have just been through in my police interview :/ At 8.30am I was knocked out of bed and promptly arrested/ I knew what it was all about and cooperated fully, even offering up my online bank details as I don't keep paper statements. Going back to January, I was in a right mess. I had had money stolen from me, I
  7. Hi all, My partner signed up to a local gym recently with a friend, upon signing up they were told it was a 12 month contract with the first month free. They were also told they had 30 days to try the gym out and could cancel if they didn't like it. My partner and her friend attended the gym twice over the next 4days but it became apparent that the gym was far too busy at peak times and there was a large amount males that made my partner anxious and uncomfortable (she suffered from anxiety). My partners friend phoned up with 5days of signing up and was told she could not canc
  8. Hi all, I signed up for a 12 month membership at X4L in June. One of the benefits of an X4L membership was that you can use any X4L gym throughout the UK. This was important to me as I am moving to Manchester City Centre in September. Before signing up I expressly asked the employee whether a gym would be opening up in Manchester and he said, 'we are opening new gyms all the time and it is likely we will open a gym in Manchester by October'. I have since learned that they have no intention to open a gym up in Manchester City Centre. Does this amount to misrepresentation?
  9. On the 12th of June we have rented through Estate Agency 3bdr house. Due to the pressure put on us we moved in much earlier than we planned - agent said that landlord want to move in asap. We agreed as it was very hard to find something else in our area. From the day after we moved in, there has been significant noise coming from the construction site located just in front of our garden. What we found out was that there will be 6 storey building... I'd like to mention that agent didn't say a single word what kind of hell we can expect and also, there was no sign of machinery in the day of
  10. Hi, Some background info I defaulted on my current account in 2005. The bank didn't register the default until 2009, I had 4 years of late payment markers before the default. I contacted the bank in 2010 querying the default date then complained to the ICO. This took nearly 2 years of correspondence and the bank agreed to amend the default date to 2006 and so the account should have dropped off my Credit File in 2012. However even although they agreed to change the default date they didn't actually do it until a year later. It has just recently come
  11. I run a small business that prints a free local newspaper which is funded by advertising. We were using a freelance salesperson to sell the advertising for us and they were paid commission only. We have now found out that the salesperson was quoting grossly inflated reader numbers to advertisers in order to get them to sign up for advertising. Basically, misleading them, or deceiving them into parting with their money. We recently parted company with this salesperson acrimoniously as there was a grievance, and now they are informing the advertisers that the figures they quoted to them were wro
  12. Hello, I recently purchased a gas boiler that was brand new but old stock and heavily discounted from 7k - 1.5k On the face of it a great deal complete with warranty from a quality manufacturer, on offer from a supplier I use at least once a year, this time for my personal property. In a nutshell the boiler arrived minus gas shut off valve, minus controller, connection pipes and manuals, guarantees etc. The boiler was being installed and was required urgently due to a new arrival, this was made clear at the time of purchase and that time was of the essence.. It to
  13. hello there. maybe you guys could at least put me into a right direction. my Employer has been running this Travel & Subsistence scheme which allows employees to claim the expenses and pay less tax, thereby saving money to the employee. However, the benefit split is very unfair 15% to the employee only and 85% to the employer. when we entered into the scheme all the employer told us is that we would be better off when on the scheme and it is true that we do earn a little bit more as the tax paid is much less but the employer never negotiated any fees and so as a consumer of such
  14. Hello, if this isn't the right place to ask this, please forgive a newbie and then (please) point me in the right direction. My husband and I purchased a mid-terraced property in 2010. We viewed the house itself, once, but at the time hubby was living in the area and scoped it out for traffic, noise etc. We knew the property was next to a barber's shop and across from a newsagent/grocer so expected there to be problems with people parking outside our house: we were right, so turned the parking space back into a fenced off front yard and put in some planters and got relative peace and no
  15. I purchased a travel insurance policy from a UK online company- based on what they advertised on the internet-that stated 1.The policy would pay £2500 personal items,£400 valuables and £300 single item in its summary-(just suiting my needs). 2. The company is WHICH recommended( A big plus ) 3. I could find no adverse publicity about this company (another bonus) 4. I was assured verbally that the policy was a good product-when paying via the phone.(job done) Unfortunately a theft from my luggage while checked in at an airport security system has left me out of pocket. And beca
  16. I recently moved to Norwich to have some peace and quiet after a stressful job. Finding an affordable house to rent in the right area was difficult a the market is very competitive here. I found a perfect terraced house in my favourite area, applied and was successful. I noticed a notice in the kitchen window of my neighbour saying "loud, deaf musician lives here". As peace and quiet is my primary concern I asked the estate agent to contact the landlord about it before I paid my deposit. The message came back from the landlord to the estate agent that the notice had been there for years, it wa
  17. The story of this is as follows: Have been with AA home insurance for a number of years. Last claim was back in 2005/6. We get the renewal request and carry on with it automatically. We had noticed there was an additional claims excess which said that the amount we must pay for any claim is increased to £150. We accepted this. However, when we put in a claim they said it was £250 excess. They duly sent us a copy of the documents to confirm this. It is a good job that because of how the banks behave we now keep every bit of paperwork lol In our original renewal copy
  18. Hi Guys, In May 2012 I saw an advert for a kit car in an online classified website which caught my eye. The car was advertised as being off the road on SORN (no tax or mot) for 2 years but kept in good working order, been recently serviced (DIY) and it just needed 3 things to pass an MOT. I called the seller to enquire further and made him aware that I am quite far away and can't come to view the car so he will have to tell me the history of the car and I will be relying on what he tells me to make any decisions as well as requiring further photographs of it. He said thats absolute
  19. I purchased a new car on a PCP finance deal through a broker 12 months ago and it has recently come to light that car was pre-registered under a company name and then the broker registered his company as the keeper of the car 9 months into the 4 year contract. Once I was aware of the situation I contacted both the broker and ING (the finance company) to find out why this had happened. The broker has now admitted (in writing) that it was his mistake and informs me he is trying to remedy his mistake with the DVLA. Unfortunately this has now been on-going for over three months and I am still n
  20. Hello all, I ordered a new car which displayed faults and poor build quality upon collection and then I discovered a gross misrepresentation. I rejected the car within 5 days (the faults) then a further 6 (misrepresentation). THREE & A HALF YEARS LATER the car still sits on my drive - the dealer does not want to know and contemtuously ignores me. The Financial Omb. proves to be useless as it makes up its own law and the Sale of Goods/ Misrepresentation Act apparently means nothing - you need to have a case under the SOGA- but then its like judging a beautiful baby competition on
  21. We all know that it is compulsory to have third party insurance for any motor vehicle you have on the road - and I do mean “on the road” whether being driven or not - and you will be vigorously prosecuted by the police if you don’t have it. We also all know that the police cars all have direct access to a national database which tells them immediately whether a particular vehicle is under cover at that instant of time. * Furthermore, we all think we know that companies that offer motor insurance are fine upstanding honest and fair examples of capitalism at its best. Well, forget that. Rece
  22. I purchased the TS200 trading system from Lee Sandford, who also runs his own financial Trading College. I was induced into the purchase by unsubstantited claims made in four sales videos. It was represented that you needed no previous knowledge to profit from using the System and even a child could use it. My experience was that the System required some prior knowledge of financial trading and my results did not match the claims made in the promotional videos. I paid £2,999 for the progrmme by debit card. I asked for a refund within 30 days of purchase on the basis that the programme
  23. Several months ago, I visited the Orange shop on Princes Street in Edinburgh to discuss an upgrade to my Orange contract. I am visually impaired and, as such, require an accessible phone. I was assured by one of the staff that the Motorola DEXT would be suitable for my needs. I was informed it has TTS (Text to Speech) installed. After much effort on my part it became clear that the DEXT is not, in fact, accessible and is completely unsuitable. It does not include any TTS system. I attempted to raise this matter with the shop, and was told there was nothing they could do
  24. Hello everyone I hope someone can give me some advice on how to resolve a dispute we are having with our landlord and estate agent. Mid-July my girlfriend and I signed an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement to rent a one bedroom flat with sole use of an external store room/study (outside flat but still in building) and sole use of a terrace. Since then everything has started to go wrong. The landlord came in the day after we signed the tenancy and removed the keys for the store room/study, post box and terrace. We returned to the property a few days later and found these keys mi
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