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  1. Received letter from Capital One in April 18 RE:A credit card debt. We are writing to inform you we have instruced Fredrickson to act on our behalf to arrange payment of your capital one account, blah blah blah. I DONT HAVE A CAPITAL ONE ACCOUNT. Checked credit file with call credit and already listed on my report as sustained arrears. Steady flow of letters coming from Fredrickson now one stating on 5/6/18 "as there is a default on your credit file this may affect future credit". Checked credit files this morning no default as of yet. Sent SAR to Capital One and
  2. Hi All, In 2014 - there was a clarification from the Information Commissioners Office - on whether the domestic customers were allowed to record calls with utility companies. The article states that the ICO - said this was permissible: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-2683569/How-watertight-records-calls-online-chats-case-s-dispute-later.html Now that we are in 2018 - and with all the new legislation that is being passed: Can we get a crystal clear update about what we are allowed / not allowed to do? This should cover - if/how/when we can use our cop
  3. Not sure if this is the right forum to ask this but.... I have a dispute with Rooftop Mortgages over fees they have added to Morgage Redemption Statement. Anyway, late in a long converstaion yesterday with them I asked whether the converstaion was being recorded and was told yes. Q: AM I right in stating that I should have been advised of this at the start of the conversation and given my consent?
  4. Hi Folks I have just had my reconsideration letter through the post and fortunately was successful. I think that this was due to my secretly recording the whole process via a mobile phone. The recording allowed me to quote exactly what I said and point out the "inconsistency's in the ATOS assessor report. Without this recording I would have been at a loss to recall a fraction of what I said, and what the assessor said and given the numerous distortions and assumptions made by the assessor it was a godsend. I don't know what other people think, but I would advise anyone undergoin
  5. Hi all. I suspect that this is no big deal but I had a head injury whilst at work last Friday, attempted to work today but realised that I was suffering from concussion. Before I left, the health and safety manager wanted to interview me about the accident and just as we were starting, he took me by surprise and took his phone out and began to audio record the conversation and asked quickly if I was okay with this, to which I replied that I was. Obviously I am not complaining about this because I did agree that it was okay, but I am curious as to whether this is the norm?
  6. I didn't know where exactly to share that. So i thought I'll place it in the forum relevant to the situation that made me to write it. 2 ladies from consumer complaint service hunged up on me saying they won't talk to me if I won't switch off recording (yes I tell everyone at the beginning). So instead of changing my ways, I did that. I won't be saying witch mobile provider it was as I finished dealing with them now but wanted to share if someone is in the same shoes as me. It's open for edits as it was done in some 30 min.
  7. I’m not sure if CAG is the right place for the bit of advice I need. It’s a tale of the folly of paying a tradesman in advance of work being carried out. At the end of my tale this I ask the following questions: 1/ How can a person make a proper search of the Gas Safe and NICEIC registers; before I accuse this guy of something I want to be sure of my facts 2/ Can my tape recorded phone calls be used in court 3/ We agreed a refund price of at least £150 to £200. An NICEIC registered electrician has quoted £552 for the work Lee Temple said he would carry out. Bearing in mind
  8. Hi Can anyone tell me the legalities on recording business calls do you have to tell them on picking up the phone or putting a reference on website be sufficient TIA
  9. My wife has had a long standing dispute with Vodaphone A few months ago during a long phone call a vodaphone rep agreed to cancel her contract and close the account with nothing further due to pay. We have now started getting letters from a DCA, claiming she owes Vodaphone just over £800. which is the remainder of the 2 year contract plus the cost of the handset involved. after talking to the DCA they claim the above call "never happened" and are now harassing her in the usual way for payment Can we force Vodafone to supply us with a copy of the recording of the phone call? m
  10. simple question is it better for your WCA to be recorded or not in other words does it make much difference either way? from personal experience did you find you were placed in either group more so after it being recorded or not? thank you
  11. I have been at the same company since it started 3 years ago. I have been presented with around three contracts, all of which I refused to sign due to mistakes in the badly written contracts (out of date law references, conflicting information etc). I have heard that if you continue to work more than 30 days and receive regular payments, then you automatically accept the contract. How does this work for someone like me that has expressively and with reason rejected the contract?
  12. Hi, I quite often record calls to companies so there can be no confusion on what was said. I am aware I do not need to inform them or gain permission as the recordings are for my own records only and I need the other parties permission to use the recording for any other purposes such as supplying it as part of a complaint against them. However, what is the law regarding Transcripts of the call? If I sit and transcribe it can I legally supply a written record of the call as part of a complaint without requiring permission? The call in question is one that happened between
  13. Copied from my PIP thread so that more people are likely to see it:- I know that we're not allowed (for all practical purposes, anyway) to audio record PIP assessments but I have severe memory issues AND I find writing very difficult so I often use an electronic note taker which is in effect a voice recorder, it just puts the sound into words for me to save me the effort of transcribing. Does anyone know if I'll be able to use this during a PIP assessment? Should I also accidentally leave my phone on voice recorder, that would of course be a different issue. And if my companion al
  14. When I first opened my Pub I had many different businesses contacting me with offers to promote my pub in their magazines, website or Pub Guides of some description or another. one that I did sign up to was "The Official Pubs Guide" After two years I told them I was not interested anymore. I never had any sort of direct debit with them and t was done on a yearly basis. They phoned me and I either agreed and paid them, or as the last time, I did not agree and did not pay them. A year later they phoned and said I had an outstanding bill with them for last years entry on
  15. This post may help to clarify the legal status of claimants who wish to, or choose to, record their interviews at Jobcentres or other locations where their concerns and personal circumstances are being discussed and may affect them personally. Jasta11, posted on another thread a FOI Response dated Sept 2012 that included the following paragraph: Under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), Section 36, there is an exemption which states that:- “personal data; are exempt from the Data Protection Principles and the provisions of Part II (individuals’ rights) and Part III (notificat
  16. Hi, Does anyone know if it's a legal requirement to inform a company that you are calling that you are recording the conversation.
  17. I am presently claiming ESA, and have been told in a letter that it will cease in March this year. An appointment for an assessment was made by DWP for 21st December, but I couldn't attend due to being away, and I told them that on the phone . So I was then told I had to come on the Sunday 20th December at 3.00pm, but I couldn't make that one either and finally got another appointment for 28th December. I attended that one, but after waiting for over 30 minutes, I was told that because there was not a neurologist to assess me, another appointment would be made for me with a neurologist.
  18. I am currently in the ESA Support Group. I have just received another Atos appointment as to work capability. After the last appointment shall we say i have requested this appointment be recorded. They say that my appointment may be cancelled as not all ATOS offices have these recording devices and that they will be in touch. Can anyone give advice as what to expect, is this the norm etc, and what as to the assessment itself .
  19. Hi, does anyone know if claimants have the right to have a PIP medical recorded in the same way as ESA? If so, can you please point me towards the relevant regulations to quote at Crapita. Thank you
  20. Hello All I need help I booked a holiday with a company and they now want to charge me for a name amendment as per the company my partner who book the holiday using my phone and my details (email etc) booked a holiday for us whilst i was present with her she spelt our names correctly and the agency is saying that it was spelt incorrectly hence we need to pay the charge now cut the story short - when we brought this to agency's attention, they were very rude, sent a call recording from their system which sounds snipped and edited we complaint and told the company
  21. Hello! I have ATOS assessment tomorrow. From their leaflet I have learnt that if I want the assessment to be AUDIO recorded I must contact ATOS in advance. Well do I or is it in my rights to just record the meeting?
  22. Hi first post on here hoping someone can give me some advice. Took out a loan with Welcome Finance paid almost all of it took out another loan in Oct 2007 for an amount of £4000. Paid this loan at £234 a month but struggling with old debts that had surfaced I was advised to apply for Banktruptcy in June 2009. It was humiliating but I believed that at least it was a starting point in correcting my financial problems and hoped that after six years I would be able to start with a clean slate (so to speak) The bankruptcy lasted from June 2009 to June 2010 when I was dischar
  23. Hi again guys, I did a search and I couldn't find this anywhere. Today I went to sign on, and I did what I have been doing for the last few months now, and providing all confirmation emails from applications, and all the emails I have sent out, however it just happens that these applications were all on 2 days, so because of this I get all the usual bullying from the JC staff "This is not enough next time you will bring a full log or we will sanction your benefits." and going on about how I should be using Universal Jobmatch as usual to record my job search (I will not use it outside of a
  24. I really cannot think which forum this should be in. I am in a civil dispute unrelated to banking or dca's or the like. A smallish company claims to have a voice recording of me answering yes to a particular question. The company is UK based but says it outsources its calls to India. I have listened to the recording, a wav file, and it sounds very suspect. In two places the recording sounds like it has had my voice spliced into it, and at at least one other point it sounds as if a section has been removed. The background audio clearly changes in these two instances. Might anyo
  25. There's been a fair bit of back and fro about the legalities, and pros and cons of recording your WCA or any other Atos-related assessment for that matter. The consensus seems to be that it's all very well asking Atos to do the recording, but it's probably best not to rely on them actually providing the goods on the day and to have a back-up just in case, which is where covert recording comes into play. Let's be crystal clear here: It is perfectly legal for an individual to record a conversation, and they do not have to notify the other side. An individual person is exempt from the
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