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  1. Thanks for this. The solicitor has been told this. The solicitor is or seems to be, according to this website, happy to allow creditors to use their letterheads for a small fee without the solicitor knowing any details. Trading standards are aware of this matter and are investigating. I've produced a formal witness statement and I'm quite prepared to attend court but that is for the future.
  2. In July 2015 I contacted a firm called Savi EPC Ltd about an EPC survey for a fee of £9.95 to them. With a few days this had escalated to over £74, I refused to pay and was threatened with court action. Two years later Christopher Whatcott of Savi EPC wrote to demand payment of the debt. The owner/director of the company is a Chris Whatcott. In February 2017 he was sentenced to 8 months and disqualified from being a company director for 10 years at St Albans Crown Court. A press report can be found at: http://energyassessormagazine.com/panels_boss_whatcott_sentencing/ The compan
  3. Once again thank you for your replies. I’m sorry to have to keep on about what some may seem as a trivial matter but to me it’s something I cannot work out. I’ve been reading Patricia Pearl’s book and her clarity and simplicity makes it hard for me to proceed. Can anybody help me out. I have two questions to ask. Q1 This person seems to use two names, one for business, the same name as his mother and father, and another name for his private life. When he came to do work in my house he used his non-business name. So on any county court claim form do I u
  4. Thank you to the people who have responded to my post. The reason I’ve not said thanks before is because I’ve read the comments and decided to investigate this bloke a bit more. As a result, I can now say: the trader has never been a company director, he did not set up a Ltd company. He seems likely to be trading as a sole trader and trades under the name of a legitimate Ltd company without their consent. This man does not publish an address for service of documents and any addresses he does publish are or appear to be false. He advertises that he is Gas Safe registered. This is fals
  5. Thank you for this. My problem is that if he receives court papers through the post they will be returned with not known at this address. Then I have to start again. On the other hand I'm nearly there with the evidence to prove he lives where I say he lives. I'm starting to think of the next stage; if I obtain judgement he will claim he has nor resources. So is it possible to obtain a court order to inspect his bank account or just take the money from his account. And yes I've already reported the wife/partner to the council but they don't seem too bothered
  6. Thanks very much for your reply. I very much apologise for posting potentially liable information. I'm normally very careful about this but I thought that true information was never liable. On the other hand you have only my word for it and so I can only apologise and assure you it will not happen again. I have re-checked everything, I checked with the phone number you gave what I said was true. I can now say with certainty: I entered into an agreement with someone to carry out some electrical and plumbing with a view to installing a new boiler. He told me he was a Gas
  7. I’m not sure if CAG is the right place for the bit of advice I need. It’s a tale of the folly of paying a tradesman in advance of work being carried out. At the end of my tale this I ask the following questions: 1/ How can a person make a proper search of the Gas Safe and NICEIC registers; before I accuse this guy of something I want to be sure of my facts 2/ Can my tape recorded phone calls be used in court 3/ We agreed a refund price of at least £150 to £200. An NICEIC registered electrician has quoted £552 for the work Lee Temple said he would carry out. Bearing in mind
  8. Once again thanks for responding to my initial problem with talktalk. Since being told you suggested I could terminate the contract without breakage fees I went hunting around the internet and came up with this. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-3292565/The-small-print-says-quit-TalkTalk-Hacked-telecoms-giant-refusing-let-customers-leave-without-paying-fees-ve-loophole.html It seems pretty good to me and so I've taken their advice.
  9. Thanks for this. I did what you suggested and contacted Dido Harding. The matter seems to be sorted out now thanks. Is it true that their lack of security is a reason to terminate the contract without paying breakage fees. TalkTalk refuse to accept this.
  10. I should have said, Last September I changed my address. At first I was told me I had to enter another 18 month contract. I disputed this and TalkTalk accepted that the original 18 month contract beginning January 2015 would continue WITHOUT any additional contract.
  11. In January 2015 I was persuaded by TalkTalk to upgrade to a tv package. At the time I didn’t know this was what I agreed to I was stuck with it. I also agreed to an 18 month contract. Last September I changed my address. At first I was told me I had to enter another 18 month contract. I disputed this and TalkTalk accepted that the original 18 month contract beginning January 2015 would continue with any additional contract. In February 2016 Sky offered to refund me the contract breakage fee of £99 if I signed up to Sky broadband and landline. TalkTalk said they would calculate the exact
  12. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on this. I still do not know if I should continue to ignore these people but I think I'll just let hem stew. I've told them any debt - which never existed in the first place - has been SB for at least 2 years. If they start to phone me again I may report them to the Information Commissioner, but I don't know. Anyhow once again thanks to all who offered advice. I think this matter is now closed.
  13. If what you say is true about a confusion with a similar sounding company all I can say is that looking at other replies there are plenty of others who are similarly confused. Anyhow, (i) YES I can prove what I say AND (ii) there is no confusion about the name AND (iii) can you tell me the name of the similar sounding company. Finally, do you think the finance industry considers itself above the law
  14. All the letters I've had from them say they're based in Redruth. Originally, Lloyds bank said I owed them £1000. They went quiet after I told them to take me to court because a court order would be the only way I'd pay them. I thought the "debt" became SB in 2009 but then Cabot turned up. They got the same message from me as Lloyds. Then at the back end of 2011 1st Credit popped up. After I told them the "debt" was SB I completely ignored them. On the other things I don't know what to do as it would seem as though the finance industry has been allowed to please itself for so long that the
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