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  1. Yes the were adding on further costs with solicitors it would of been 1500 with rent a sol x 2 on there The judge wanted to see us and he buggered up references again all duly pointed out I had badgered him down previous and started at the lowest payable as I had bought the items I told him to prove it Hubbie said people could hear us bartering and were looking but it worked Technically I had a year free and got a interest free period of 5 years with the out come not that much more than the original items at a payable rate Yes I could of gone for trial and been stuck with more costs bit weighing up this see ned sensible Also they will have more costs ant travel expenses from the rent a sols So a win I think and pre court
  2. Been to court the new rent a sol after arguing with me pre trial struck a deal He wanted 1500 with costs ( Thomson order which is affordable ) I struck him down to 1000 did try for 850 Hr deducted my payments and charges by very but costs were rising with sol costs He then asked what I wanted to pay after I said where's his proof I didn't have a buy now pay later So I told him 10 per month they wanted 20 I said no so we struck a 15 per month I also showed him up in front of the judge with incorrect reference He put the wrong claim number Even now he's done his maths wrong we will see he said 5 years @ 15 per month 900 It wasn't about not paying but what they have done
  3. What's next procedure if I get a ccj Income and expenses as I couldn't be paid off in one go Tia
  4. Thanks andy I'm going through everything I can I'd any one spots anything please say Fingers crossed
  5. Hi any one have any thoughts on what else is there to be brought up have resent the email confirming I had the option of buy now pay 12 months also the order confirmations stating they were buy now pay 2 months as they said I didn't have it on buy now pay 12 have sent evidence that the judge mentioned I would have to prove I never received the df there was massive floods it was on the news I sent copies of emails & notification off the post office so hopefully that will suffice resent my bank statement as they said they couldn't see the dates but dates were on the top of the statements I think it was a delaying tactic pointed out in the 2 nd ws lowel state the account number had not been changed they have the wrong account number & where would I fin a old closed account from 12 years ago also found the Wilson v hurstanger to hopefully counter him trying to get this on quantum although this only come up at the weekend so wont have chance to submit but as she took docs off the sol when he asked for it to be looked at via quantum when she told him they had not complied with section 78 is there anything I have missed or not getting right tia
  6. Hi Singapore Only produced a one in the ws but not in prescribed terms the judge had hammered them 3 times saying they had not so that's why rent a sol said look at it in quantum However I've managed to find a email from them stating the goods were on a buy now pay 12 months Debt was sold 10 months in and they claim it wasn't on a buy now Also my payments were allocated to a old account of mine closed 12 years ago how could I get a old account number I think it was fiddled when they changed names Also the sol in 2 ws also gave the wrong account number so that gives 3 accounts the original the one I paid when they changed name and the sol wrong one all pointed out when I sent the new evidence in Only thing I havent introduced is the Wilson thing but I'm willing to point out she allowed rent a sol to hand documents over for when he said quantum so I should be allowed Thanks for this I was feeling lost with it all Yep it was section 78 the judge had said they haven't complied with
  7. Thankyou Singapore my judge hammered them and only then the rent a sol say he wanted it looked at by quantum and handed her some documentation which I didn't see just wanted to be prepared if he try to again would I need the full case if I were to take it I already have my ws in but if she was going to accept his I see no reason why she shouldn't accept mine Tia
  8. Hi I've been reading and not understanding how does the Wilson work my judge adjourned the case to be brought again next week The sol said he wanted the same as you looked at as knew of quantum so I'm just trying to be as prepared as I can Tia
  9. Interesting as this is what the sol mentioned to my judge He wanted it looked at as quantum Will have to do a bit of research on this Wilson stuff
  10. Just a thought if terms had been changed in a buy now pay later would the 14 days refund be relevant or a cool off period noted aswell in the second ws they have the wrong account number
  11. Final which I am going to send does this look ok? In The Claim Number Lowell Portfolio Ltd And Supplemental Disclosure Statement/New Evidence I, the above named defendant state that I have carried out a reasonable and proportionate search to locate all the documents. Letter/email welcome for Buy Now Pay later & order confirmation & statement recalling Buy now pay later. Exhibit 1 Bank Details of Very which is inconceivable i the defendant would & could pay into a closed bank account from 12 years ago, to which payments should be traceable from the dates given & no Payments have ever been refunded, so the defendant assumes the funds are in a bank account & gaining Interest. Exhibit 2 Emails & List of mail drops at that time of Postal problems ranging from november postage drops to after march raising issues that mail was not reaching myself the defendant or clients & a statement from Royal Mail which was published and sent out outlining the postal issues due to circumstance beyond my control to over 500 clients which was for work memberships to be renewed for the ending period 2016, forms were sent out early Oct 15 for renewals. Exhibit 3 which I am required to disclose under the order made by the court on day of I did not search: (1) for documents predating Feb15, (2) for documents located elsewhere than emails paper copies & website, (3) for documents in categories other than woolworths , Very & Postal Issues I carried out a search for electronic documents contained on or created by the following: Statements & Correspondence from Woolworths , Very & Postal Problems I did not search for the following: (1) documents created before Feb 15, (2) documents contained on or created by the Claimant's PCs/portable data storage media/databases/servers/backup tapes/off-site storage/mobile phones/laptops/notebooks/handheld devices/PDA devices (3) documents contained on or created by the Claimant's calendar files/spreadsheet files/graphic and presentation files, (4) documents other than by reference to the following keyword(s)/concepts Woolworths, Very & Postal Issues Royal Mail. . I certify that I understand the duty of disclosure and to the best of my knowledge I have carried out that duty. I certify that the list above is a complete list of all documents which are or have been in my control and which I am obliged under the said order to disclose
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