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  1. Hi everyone, a quick question, do I need a TV license to watch old programmes through a freesat box ? My wife watches a couple of American cookery programmes made years ago, these obviously cant be "live" and they are broadcast by foreign channels via satellite. Surely the BBC dont have the right to make me pay for pre-recorded programmes not made or broadcast by them ?
  2. Hi all, I recently had an episode where a customer services manager definitely sniggered when I asked for compensation for being on hold for over 30 minutes to resolve a very simple issue. I called her on it and complained and today, after four chase-up emails to the person 'dealing' with the complaint, got the following response to my asking if the person replying to me had actually listened to the phone call in question as opposed just taking the manager's word that she had not sniggered (as she had alluded to): I’m afraid we’re unable to listen to the call you had with Rachel, the reason for this is because Rachel is a manager within our call centre. Manager telephone calls are not recorded due to the confidential nature of the calls they take. This is to protect the confidentiality of the staff she manages. Thoughts on this, please? Is this reasoning correct?
  3. Hi there, Yesterday I received a letter from Lowell & 118 (together in one envelope) that Lowell are now the new owners of a 12 month unsecured loan I stopped paying in November 2015. During this period I also defaulted on 4 loans with 4 different payday companies however by now I have taken care of all but this one. I fully intend to take care of the last of my mess which rules out the PROVE IT route but there are a few stumbling blocks before I can do so. After checking my credit report I notice a second default has been placed on my account. How do I go about getting this removed? After also checking my credit file I notice that the original default placed on my account by 118 was not placed until 28 months after the account went delinquent despite ICO guidlines which state that 'accounts should be defaulted 3-6 months from last payment date'. How do I go about getting the original default accurately recorded to early 2016? (Giving me a clean slate in early 2022) I would like to thank you ever so much for taking the time to read through this thread and any input will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi all, My property was repossessed I was able to raise funds to pay off the balance on my mortgage before it was sold, and got it back. The whole process took a couple of months by which time the default was already showing on my credit file (The default was in fact reported to the CRAs almost immediately; I know this because I checked). Can I get the default removed? I am aware that technically, it should remain for 6 years, is there any likelihood of the lender waving this since I came up with the funds rather quickly after the repossession. Being a large debt and a quite recent default, it has completely ruined my credit rating, making it impossible for me to do anything credit related. Most importantly, I am seeking new employment and in my line of work, companies perform not just identity checks but also credit checks. This would disqualify me instantly. Thanks in advance.
  5. Earlier today I was trying on clothes in Primark when for some reason I decided I would try and steal one of the six items I was going to buy . I was wearing Primark trousers anyway, I thought I could get away with just swapping my old Primark trousers with a new pair I wanted while in the changing rooms. The trousers I wanted only cost 5 pounds, and I am not skint, so I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea. as I was leaving the changing rooms and they came to check the number of clothes on hangers was the same number I came in with, they somehow realised that the trousers were my old pair. They brought me into a room at the side and went through everything else, and before they could say anything else I pretended to be shocked and say I must have forgot to change into my old trousers. They brought me to the changing rooms and told me to change back into the old trousers and give them the ones I had on. I stupidly took the labels off of them, so this must have verified I was trying to steal them rather than it being an honest mistake. I had never done this in my life, and didn't enter the changing rooms with this in mind- so I must have done a bad job at it. EDIT: I am 19 years old I admitted to trying to steal them instantly since in the past I've always been told that honesty is the best policy when it comes to getting into trouble. I also apologised and said that it was very stupid of me, and I will never do it again. The staff were having none of it, and ignored my pleas for remorse (rightly so). Then the lady told me to follow her as she brought everything I took into the changing room to the cashier so I could pay for it all. I wasn't even wanting to buy it all but out of embarrassment I bought it all, despite the fact half of it was in the wrong size or duplicates of each other in different sizes. I paid for it on my debit card, said sorry again and left. They also said I was banned from going into their changing rooms again. I am asking is whether they can track me down based on the fact I paid for the items on my card. Other than that they did not take my name, age, DOB, ID, photo etc (to my knowledge/ maybe they can see me coming out the changing rooms on security?). Furthermore, how long will this ban last? If they can not identify me how can they implement the restriction? or was this just to scare me? Obviously I made a bad decision which I have since learnt from. Shoplifting is embarrassing in itself when you can afford what you are trying to steal, but the fact that it was in Primark of all places is even more pathetic of me. So, what do you think? Thanks for any input or comments, I have not seen a thread like this yet.
  6. Location : Sandy Park Stadium, Exeter The penalty notice states that it was parked in a manner whereby the driver became liable for a parking charge. The notice states date was 02/04/2018 entry time 17:59 and exit time 19:31 total duration 01:32. Charge £80. The access road is shared to gym and Exeter chiefs Sandy Park stadium. It shows car leaving (doesn’t appear to be in car park itself) and shows car where I pulled up to pick him up (which arguably is adjacent to gym and in front of stadium but not in any parking bays itself) My husband entered the site at 17:59 to drop my 15 year old son off for his gym class at 6pm. He did not park in the car park itself e.g. designated parking bays as he pulled up to the kerb adjacent to the gym to simply unload/setting down a passenger e.g. my son. The engine was still running and you can see headlights are on from the Premier Parking ANPR Picture they provided. He then left the site immediately. I then entered the site around 19:30 (son's phone shows he phoned me at 19:29) to pick my son up at the same place. My son was waiting for me and again left the site immediately. I explained this to the Premier parking and asked them to check their cameras which would provide the evidence that the car wasn't parked for the period claimed and that my husband had just pulled over temporarily to set down/unload my son and then left immediately and I then entered with the same vehicle when I returned in the same car to pick son up. They didn't comment on this in the appeal. I can only assume they did not check their cameras for the car entering and leaving on 2 separate occasions between 17:59 and 19:31. They don’t have any evidence to refute my claim that either of us wasn't parked for the duration they state. They have taken the time from a first-in last-out’ basis which is incorrect. The parking ticket is therefore issued incorrectly. Unfortunately I didn’t see this forum or indeed watch the Watchdog programme on this until I had already appealed and lost to Premier and submitted a further appeal to POPLA. I am now waiting on Premiers response via POPLA. I used the explanation above! I realise now that it is too late. Is there any advice anyone can give me? I am sure that they will say that there is nothing on their cameras as it is not in their interest to do so. Do I have any recourse with regards ANRP being unreliable / flawed? Is there anything I should be saying back to POPLA to counteract? I have no evidence other that screenshot of son’s time when he entered the gym but doesn’t record time he left. I have a screen shot of his phone when he called me to pick him up. We live 2 miles away and the car was parked on our drive. I have checked for receipts, I have no tracker on car and don’t have CCTV at home and can’t show google map logging the journey and so I could only submit a picture to POPLA of where we pulled over. Perhaps I should have got son to write a witness statement … I didn’t see signs at the time (they are there I have subsequently checked) they mention a grace period of 15 minutes) I wasn’t paying attention to signs as we have dropped him off and picked him up in exactly the same place for the last 18months or so!
  7. Hi could someone help please? OH has had one of his accounts changed to delinquent on his credit file which will effect him for 6 years. The account is for an overdraft on an account he switched. Has been in contact with them the whole time as he has started a new business and been waiting for invoices to be paid. He tried to pay in full over the phone this month but was refused due to the account being closed/frozen. He had to go in branch and pay by cash but could only draw out half from the ATM so this caused more delays to payment. The payment status on his credit file look like this: April: £617 24th May: £521 OK 26th June: £521 (2 months late payment) 29th July: £521 (3 months late payment) August: £521 (5 months late payments - account status: delinquent) The last update happened in the past week or so (between trying to pay by phone and going in branch to pay by cash) but it is dated for: 04/09/2016. This is a date in the future and also a date we have made payment before. So how can they assume we will be 2 months late on payments by then and skip to 5 months late payments and a delinquency status? And how can they go from OK to 2 months late payments within a month? Is this allowed? OH called to complain yesterday and was basically told the delinquency is accurate so tough but not to worry because we're way off a default...But this is effecting his credit score just the same as :-/ Thanks
  8. While I was out yesterday, the post was delivered and on arriving back I noticed that one of the letters was a recorded delivery requiring a signature and was not sealed. What should I do and what is likely to be the result..
  9. Sent RD two days ago and as yet has failed to show up on line as signed for..
  10. I'm aware that this is a really old chestnut so I apologise in advance. If the last payment in an unsecured loan was in June 2008. Then the account was closed by the bank in October 2008 (I had no and at all in the account being closed). Can someone confirm that the Cause of Action was one month after the last payment and NOT when the account was closed? Replies very much appreciated and any evidence or examples to prove the above would be fantastic. M...
  11. Dear all. My tenant are asking me to repair the rear fence. However, because of the different configuration of the garden behind us, our rear fence is actually the neighbour’s left hand fence. If this is the case, then are we still definitely responsible for this fence? The deeds do not say whose fence it is! Does anybody have any ideas please?
  12. hi all - general question on behalf of a colleague - if a settlement out of court is achieved directly with TOC are there any trace records that police / imigration this could surface up on please? i read somewhere that even if you settle, whilst no criminal record surfaces, there are other more detailed checks (Enhanced CBA) that may still pick this up? personally i am not at all convinced as the only record would be on the TOC DBase and the matter being settle financially suggests any record would be more akin to a Penatly Fine than anything more serious. views? thank you in advance
  13. This looks horrendous. http://www.croydonadvertiser.co.uk/Bailiff-inadvertantly-recorded-attacking-woman/story-26657418-detail/story.html
  14. Hiya, apologies if I've posted this in the wrong area, but I've got to say thanks for all your help in trying to sort out my mess. I've a new question, I've a CCJ, which involved a Natwest bank lodging a claim for an amount against my house with the Land Registry. I intend selling my house, when the Bank takes the charge from what's left after paying back the mortgage, there won't be much left. Is it possible to negotiate with the Bank at this stage to try and reduce the claim against my property? Many thanks.
  15. Sent a letter to DVLA containing V5C form after selling my car, via first class recorded sign for on the 18th June. Checked the on-line RM tracking system yesterday which stated item still with Post Office and in system ? Spoke to DVLA and confirmed not received. So I complained to Royal Mail customer services and received a response today. Basically they are apologising for the error and requested that I keep checking and if not received within 15 working days, they say that I can submit a delayed inland claim form ? They also again apologise that they are sorry that they cannot trace the item but say that RM Signed for items travels with ordinary mail and is only tracked once delivery is attempted ? What is the point in sending and paying extra by recorded delivery ? Surely considering the nature of the item involved they would have investigated further ? Do I just wait until the 15 days are up or do I request that it is investigated further ? Thank-you
  16. Hi. I had a local council PCN today. I have seen on Google all the technicalities one can get a ticket cancelled with, but everything seems to be in order, street name, reg etc, except, my last tax disc is still in the holder and is 7 months out of date, (the car is taxed!), but the number of the disc and expiry date of 30/09/14 are recorded on the PCN. Is this a valid technicality to get the ticket cancelled do we think ? I haven't removed the old disc because I don't have to, but in effect the PCN is incorrect. Thanks, all !
  17. Had a good job, career, home, money, etc. Then had a prolonged period of inactivity, debts piled up, not opening letters, spiral of anxiety and stress. blah, blah. Now, for past year or so, been earning, and getting back on feet. Looking to start paying back, and deal with all my debts. Have done as much due diligence as I can, and need some pointers. I have a number of creditors, with debts totalling around 45K. Have been paying token payments of £1 to most, some more. Looking to get StepChange advice and help. But also need some idea of full and final offers to really motor down the debts. So, as a starter, here are some of my most pressing questions: 1: I am having difficulty filling in my Income and Expenditure, as my income fluctuates. (I am working freelance, as am probably too old to be employed by a company.) I am wary of entering payment schedule and failing. Prefer to keep paying token amounts, then offer surplus every 6 months or so. Would creditors go for this? 2: I understand the first step may be to get CCAs from my creditors. Are there any downsides to asking for CCAs? Would creditors sense that I am trying to wriggle out, and go for asking for more, or get heavy-handed? 3: Are CCAs only for debt companies, or even the Originating creditor? (some of my debts have been off-loaded to debt-companies.) 4: What is the purpose of SARs? How does that help me? I understand they might be for finding penalty fees, etc? I know I accrued a lot when I couldn't pay any amounts when I started my downhill slide. 5: When offering Full and Finals, do I go for the biggest first? 6: I have been sold from one debt-company to another on some debts, I dont know what I am paying for on some of the payments!! Can I just phone them up and ask where the original debt comes from? (I have signed up with noddle, and got my list of creditors and credit file, so I have a starting point. I have been reading this forum for a few days, and have built up some knowledge, and seen how helpful this site can be. I would like to ask for some help in taking the first steps for an eventual bright future. PS: would it be ok to list my debts (with some fudging to protect myself) as a starting point?
  18. Any ideas how a recording my daughter took of assessment could be used for appeal/reconsideration scored zero points. Am awaiting report to arrive.
  19. At my wits end with Santander. Back in early 2012 a transaction was processed on my account out of hours by my local branch. £200 was withdrawn manually this was not authorized by myself. After noticing my balance had been taken into the red, i contacted the bank who said go into branch to resolve, i attempted this three times and waited over 30 mins each time. In April 2012 after numerous collection calls and each advisor being told read the notes this is your error so please don't call again a default was registered on my credit file. Once this default was registered I registered a complaint that until now 2015 has always been routed to the collections manager. After much hassle I managed to get my complaint investigated by an executive complaint manager - media and esecutive complaints. His findings- The bank made an error. Apparently updated my credit file although default still showing £145 compensation Final response refer to ombudsman Upon receiving this letter I contacted him and he is unable to confirm if my details have been compromised as the staff member who completed the "transaction" no longer works in the business. I remain unhappy with the banks response and the duration this has gone on for and the impact this default has had on my character when obtaining credit. I seek case study and legislation from fellow caggers. I wont be shut up with £145. I have posted on their social media channels and have been promised a call back tomorrow, that's because they don't want there tactics exposed. If my complaint had not been routed to the collection team for nearly 3 years this could have been resolved a lot quicker even when i emailed the CEO the response came from the collection team. ( my account should never have been in collections) £140 does not cover the calls i have made to Santander over the period of time. My account has not been reopened and restored to how it was before all this either.
  20. Hi, Does anyone know if it's a legal requirement to inform a company that you are calling that you are recording the conversation.
  21. Today I attended my local council office to discuss non payment of council tax over two years. I am currently paying £25 a month for this years tax but the sum of just under £1000 has a 'Liability order' against it. This is being collected by Pheonix Commerical Collections who have informed me tomorrow they will attending my property to seize goods. During my visit to the council I asked them that as the debt is owed to themselves then I wish to pay them directly and not to PCC. This was refused. I then asked the council employee if I he would set up a payment plan as I wish to settle this debt. This was refused. Couple of points - The 'liability order' does not appear to be a valid as there is no court seal. I assume this document is a fraudulent device issued by either the council or an unlawful administrative hearing fraudulently pretending to be a court. , The communications issued by PCC, as well as the council - Do these not constitute a contravention of Section 40 of the administration of Justice act 1970 - paragraph 1. A person commits an offense if with the object of coercing another to pay money claimed from the other as a debt due under a contract he *utters a document falsely represented by him to have some official character, or purporting to have some official character which he knows it has not. I am concerned the correct process is not being followed and I did raise this with the employee. Much as I am obliged to pay, they are obliged to accept payment or is it too late and I have to deal with PCC?
  22. Hello everyone I’m hoping for some general opinions and advice I work in a busy public service centre that administers advice and benefits to clients. I think you have guessed ?. Just recently, I phoned a customer because I had not received an important document that should have delivered to me. From the start of the call, he kept interrupting which did not allow me to fully explain the problem. I said to him that ‘he was not allowing me to get a word in edgeways’. I was not rude. He kept dominating the phone call and about 3 minutes into the call, he declared that he was recording the call. He did not say why or for what purpose he was recording and I did not consent to recording it nor do I consent to him sharing the recording with other people. He kept, almost demanding to ask for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to his question : ‘Do you not believe that I delivered the document to your offices’? I was put on the spot by his approach which I found unreasonable. I had reason to believe that he had not delivered the legal document because it was not in the file. Unfortunately in this case, the dockument may have been left in a communial file that several other people should check, incuding me, However, I remember it being a stressful day. I was covering for 2 other people and I may have made an error too but i cannot be sure. If I had not challenged the customer, I could have been accused of processing an invalid document ( expired date ) However I chose to say that I disbelieved him but he never gave me the chance to finish the sentence. It was only toward the end of the call that I was able to tell him that I cannot confirm what has happened one way or the other so i have doubt and I do not intend to disbelieve but it is my duty to investigate and put right the problem. Therefore i feel that I had helped to rephrase my initial phrase. He kept hanging on to, quote 'i called him a liar ', which I feel is not the full picture as I did put the record straight with him. He complained to management. Asked for CCTV evidence and demanded an apology. Apparently he complained about someone else too for being rude. My Manager has not asked me for full details of the conversation I had with this client. He simply asked if I had disbelieved the client. This pathetic situation has left feeling that I would like to move on to another job, partly because of the management style but also facing a few clients who seem bent on causing problems. I have a 15 Year unblemished record, apart from a period of an ongoing chronic medical condition, my appraisal have been good. I have been called liar, f xxx c xxxxx buy customers and other colleagues numerous times over the Years too and these people are still around and now I stand accused of disbelieving a customer. I could think of a greater crime !!!!! Thanks for your advice tony
  23. Hi, I am looking to speak with Lee of Vodafone as he seems to be the guy who can help me in a situation such as this. I had a very large bill in January last year (2012) and consequently ended up 3 months in arrears. I set up a payment plan of 330 per month and this is evidenced on my credit report as AP for April, May & June. For some reason however my credit report shows me going from 3 months in arrears to 3 months in AP and suddenly to 6 months late in July and defaulted in August then satisfied in September. I have bank statements that show I have paid the 330 in July, August & September. I also made a card payment of 330 during that time as Vodafone said they had a payment missing and even though I knew I had paid I paid to avoid default. Vodafone are now saying that they appear to owe me 330 pounds. Yes that is because I paid an extra payment to avoid default which they subsequently did anyway and it is only when I got in touch with them that they mentioned the 330 they owed me. I dont even want the money back, I just want the credit reference agency updated to show the actual situation rather than the current one. One that shows me going 3 months in arrears, then entering an arrangement to pay and regular payments until the debt was satisfied. I have copies of bank statements and credit ref agency print outs etc and am planning to send them to Esther at QA but have seen some good things on here about Lee and some not so good things about the responsivveness of the QA team. Thanks for your help, hope to hear from you soon. Jamie Paterson.
  24. A close family member was driving her car on a roundabout when a cyclist left the pavement attempting to reach the roundabout itself, ie not joining the traffic but crossing it and collided with her car (he was fine, luckily).It was caught on CCTV by a house on the roundabout and several police cars arrived, two of which were traffic vehicles and the rest local police vehicles. The traffic officers went into the house, watched the CCTV and told us it absolutely wasn't her fault and she had nothing to worry about, the cyclist had inexplicably cycled directly into her path. There was some damage (ultimately costing almost £1000) so she went through her insurance. She's come to renew her insure now and has found that the insurance company has recorded the claim as being her fault! She has protected no claims but it is still affecting her quotes with the same insurance company and other companies. Any advice on what could be done to remedy this as obviously it isn't true that she was at fault.
  25. I 'm overdue a large refund from travel agent.I have sent emails(they responded to 1 email assuring of refund) and made several phone calls.It has been 3 months Given this is a unreasonable time i now wish to pursue thru small claims court. Do i still have to send them letter by recorded delivery giving them a 10 day limit?
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