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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I am after a little advice, or pointing in the right direction. One of my children has a debt from Lloyds TSB (A loan taken out many years ago). Whilst she was talking about money she mentioned she has two DCA's but only one debt. She said she's been paying it for years, but it never really seems to go down. She has dropped the paperwork off for me to look at, and they are both debts for Lloyds. Different amounts, but she only had one loan. Is there a way to find out if it is the same debt or somehow different ones. One company is Lowell Portfolio, and the other
  2. I owed hmrc £400 income tax (self employed) and was late paying it Paid £200 last week and the rest today. Today I also got a text message from ccs asking me to call them and quote a reference number. A friend of mine had a similar text and ended up paying ccs their tax plus ccs charges for collecting the tax! As I've now paid hmrc directly, can ccs still chase me for their charges? I have not replied to their text message What is the best way to deal with ccs
  3. I have been paying off a water bill that i owed via a debt collecting agency using my debit card. on the 4th Jan i had a balance of £23.00 outstanding but the debt collecting company took £77.10 from my bank i have complained but they are denying that they took it and are looking into it, strangly the money has been credited to my water company which made me in credit. what i would like to know is is it illegal for them to take more than i owed and is there anyone i can report them to as they have been VERY unhelpful and rude to me via email and telephone
  4. I have received two letters over the past 3 weeks from Pastdue chasing a debt for Npower for ~£620 (£450 debt £170 fees) relating to my old address I left in Nov 2010 so 6 years ago. The first letter lists the product and supply period as not specified which is helpful. I have spent the intervening time digging through letters and my bank statements trying to figure out what this for and have found some letters from Wescot in 2014 with the same account number for Npower Gas but owing ~£650 but I do not recall ever entertaining these letters. On my bank statements it seems I last
  5. I Parked at the rear of Argos whilst I went straight to Argos to pay for the item. It had already been ordered on line. I was gone for no more than 5 or 10 minutes. When I returned to my car, there was a UKPC parking charge on the windscreen. I had parked a few yards away from the collection entrance as there was already a car there, and I didn't want to block any ones way. It was a Sunday and very quiet. There were plenty of other parking spaces available. The ticket on my windscreen states "A Parking charge of £ is outstanding" ....... t
  6. I am a member of a local group here in Dorset, Pets Lost and Found. It is purely voluntary and now has 4032 members. They will post up quickly about stolen pets, lost pets, found pets, and organise searches for cats, dogs, birds that go missing. They go out and scan deceased animals, or take wildlife off to a vet etc. .They are very successful and have helped many people get back with lost pets, although there have been a few sad endings, of course. Its not a registered charity, but they did ask for donations for a petrol fund a while ago, which is very reasonable considering what t
  7. This looks horrendous. http://www.croydonadvertiser.co.uk/Bailiff-inadvertantly-recorded-attacking-woman/story-26657418-detail/story.html
  8. Hello In 2005 I took out a credit card and current account overdraft with First Direct. After getting into difficulty and missing payments for a while, First Direct combined the two accounts and issued a default in 2012. Last year they assigned the combined account to 1st Credit. Neither First Direct nor 1st Credit informed me that the accounts were combined/consolidated - I only know this from looking at my credit report. 1st Direct have recently started sending weekly letters asking for repayment - starting with a 20% discount 'offer'. Last week, I sent the CCA request with £
  9. Just a quick one, this is regarding my partner's debts which are a thread elsewhere, but she's mid applying for a DRO. All her debtors bar one have put everything on hold - Jacobs are just being greedy, inconsiderate and bullying. Got a letter today saying unless a payment offer is made (have been advised by the National Debtline NOT to make an offer as Jacobs are one of many creditors) they will send out a "Debt Collecting Agent". Now the previous letter threatened court action but she has received NO court letters so presumibly it hasn't been to court yet. But if I'm ri
  10. Has anyone had any dealings with these? in August I closed a bank account and forgot to pay the final month on this. Left a £30 amount owing, I thought no problem i'll pay it. Forgot all about it and canceled the insurance before the renewal date for which I have confirmation. Forgot all about it . Today I've had a letter from Regal asking for £52. This is more than £30 and the extra charge must of come from somewhere. Now we know you never ring debt collectors but its a small amount and I had some anger to vent. Firstly he told me it was because I cancelled
  11. Hi everybody I ran into financial difficulties 2.5 years go and arranged with Barclaycard (peviously Egg) to pay £75 per month with interest and charges frozen on a £10,000 debt. This was paid by direct debit and I have not missed any payments. I have just noticed that they have stopped taking the money - the last one being in November. Does anyone know what this means? Is it a prelude to heavier action? Thanks for any advice.
  12. Hi Can anyone please advise me. I am being harrassed by 3 debt collecting agencies over some debts which are from around 1997. Basically I ended up with financial problems in the 90s after a divorce. I have paid most of them off, but apparently there are 3 outstanding from around this time. Anyhow, I started to receive some letters from Mackenzie Hall which I ignored because the debt is so old, and I know about the limitations act. They then passed it on to Wescot, and now Scotcall. I am currently receiving text messages and phone calls from Wescot and Scotcall every other day n
  13. Hi all, I need some advice, I received a letter today from Lowell saying that my Very-Littlewoods/ Additions Direct account has been sold to them as outstanding debt that I owe, a sum of £1859.63 ! I don't recall owing any outstanding debt, I haven't received any letters stating so, they provided me a summary of my recent orders that dates back to Jan 2009 and Aug 2009, I don't remember/ haven't received any default letters from Very/ Littlewoods/ Additions. I tried ringing Very to gain some information/ asked for balance detail for the account number Lowell
  14. I was recently visited by a bailiff on behalf of my council for falling behind on my business rate as my standing order was not confirmed due to an error on my part. It was a very embarrassing ordeal as my customers were present and I was very surprised to see the bailiffs as the council did not inform me of this visit nor that they had not received payments. Had i known i would have made payment. I called the council to remonstrate that i wasn't made aware of this and they said it was not their responsibility as I am behind on my payment so I reluctantly paid the bailiff as he was
  15. Hi all, First time posting on this forum, I am after some advice. I am paying my debts through a DMP with payplan, and am presently checking all my current creditors. I have just questioned if Link Financial will stop applying interest to my debt as I have been paying through Payplan without missing payments for the last four and a half years, they replied by saying that I was still under the original agreement term. I then noticed that the original agreement was with GE Capital and this debt was subject to a CCJ (judgement date 15 June 2008) total amount £3,104.60 On th
  16. Last month I received a letter from CCS Collect (Sam Selby) who state they are authorised to recover a debt on behalf of Capquest Debt Recovery Ltd and regret that if payment is not received within 7 days or an offer to pay by acceptable instalments they will have no alternative but to take the matter to court, with the added court costs and legal fees. Having done some research around this site and as the original debt is in court (by me challenging the unfair charges applied to the account) I chose to ignore that letter. However, they have now sent a 'NOTICE OF INTENDED LEGAL ACTIO
  17. hi i need some advice im normally on form but this hit me for six Today (12/10/2012) i went to visit my nan and whilst there a bloke turned up for provident personal loans, nice chap nan pays £20 a week for a loan she took out he seemed ok to me and my nan was dealing with him for last few months no issue, her bill is £19.50 a week and always pays twenty so she is not in arrears and frimly can afford this. Anyway after siiting on the couch filled in the book turned around to my nan and asked he was there to collect £350 debt for O2 if she could pay £250 today would right thre rest of
  18. First post here and i'll start by saying hello all and thanks for a great forum.. Ive had a debt with MBNA which in Jan got passed to Moorgate I made 3 payments with them, the debt then got passed to Arden, after hundreds of unanswered calls and messages of them I sent them a cca request. They sent me a statement trying to fob me off I sent them a default letter, now Moorgate have sent me a letter saying they dont have a copy but are chasing it from mbna. I cant believe ive paid them some money and they dont even own the debt and the cheekey lot have def
  19. Hello, I'm not sure where to post this question as I have always been posting about debt I owed!! my daughter has recently being working as an apprentice, but she went 6 weeks with no money. she has left now but we still want to get the money she is owed, is there a template letter anywhere, to write asking for the money with intent to take further action. thanks and sorry if I'm in the wrong section!!! Roo
  20. hi there i cant find any where that states the procedure that a la should follow when applying for a liabilty order is it first reminder second reminder final reminder court date 14 day letter then finally bailiff attenedance thanks for any help given:-D
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