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  1. Hi sorry for the miscommunication. It was a 12 month loan to be be paid with monthly installments. Please can you tell me the difference between Default Notice and Default Marker? I recently logged in to Noddle (then Experian) to notice 2 defaults - May 2018 (Original Lender) & August 2018 (Debt Collector).
  2. Thanks for you response Andy. Very good points but Im thinking more along the lines of if I do decide to throw them a curve ball by asking them to prove it - will the recent request to backdate date of default suffice as an admission of debt? Best case scenario would be that 118 backdate the default and Lowell unable to prove the debt. Thanks again.
  3. To make things as clear as possible: Loan taken out September 2015 from 118 Stopped paying November 2015 Buried my head in the sand until August 2018 Realised default placed on credit file for May 2018 (2 1/2 years later) Lowell buys debt in August and place another default dating August 2018 As I received 2 letters from 118 introducing Lowell I know my first step is to complain to 118 about the date the default was reported. Before I can If worded correctly is a backdate default request to 118 an admission to owning the debt to Lowell if I choose to stall them with
  4. Thank you so much for your reply dx100uk I actually went down this route a year or so back and the compensation received essentially settled all the outstanding loans. Thank you for reminding me!
  5. Thanks Andy just wanted as much information as possible before carrying out my plan of action. Apologies.
  6. Hi there, Yesterday I received a letter from Lowell & 118 (together in one envelope) that Lowell are now the new owners of a 12 month unsecured loan I stopped paying in November 2015. During this period I also defaulted on 4 loans with 4 different payday companies however by now I have taken care of all but this one. I fully intend to take care of the last of my mess which rules out the PROVE IT route but there are a few stumbling blocks before I can do so. After checking my credit report I notice a second default has been placed on my account. How do I go about getting this
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