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  1. That seems really unfair! There's no chance of getting anything from the cyclist - he was as high as a kite at the time of the accident and he was known to the police officers, which makes me put two and two together and get drug addict. As usual, the ones that play by the rules get punished.
  2. Thanks for your input, she's already done that and they're refusing to change it as they couldn't reclaim the money from the cyclist. Probably should have mentioned that in original post....
  3. A close family member was driving her car on a roundabout when a cyclist left the pavement attempting to reach the roundabout itself, ie not joining the traffic but crossing it and collided with her car (he was fine, luckily).It was caught on CCTV by a house on the roundabout and several police cars arrived, two of which were traffic vehicles and the rest local police vehicles. The traffic officers went into the house, watched the CCTV and told us it absolutely wasn't her fault and she had nothing to worry about, the cyclist had inexplicably cycled directly into her path. There was some damage (ultimately costing almost £1000) so she went through her insurance. She's come to renew her insure now and has found that the insurance company has recorded the claim as being her fault! She has protected no claims but it is still affecting her quotes with the same insurance company and other companies. Any advice on what could be done to remedy this as obviously it isn't true that she was at fault.
  4. Sorry to drag and old thread but how would one proceed with court action in this case?
  5. Quick update, the Arrow Global account has been removed by the CRAs (hooray), but the other account is still being a right pain. They're just saying on the balance of probability its right - despite the fact they have no agreement. What can I do now they're refusing to accept its not my account.
  6. Roger that. Will send this all out in writing - don't trust the buggers on the phone.
  7. OK, cheers. I'll try that. What action, if any, can I take in the short term to sort out the DCAs?
  8. Yeah, I did say they were opened after I left the addresses in my opening post.
  9. Hold on! Perhaps I haven't been clear... These debts are not mine! I never opened the accounts, I never received goods, I never made payment towards them, I never signed anything. These accounts were both opened after I left the addresses. I suspect the first is fraud, I suspect the second is mistaken identity (similar name, DOB out by 3-4 years, address used by hundreds of people each year). To sum up - didn't incur debt, didn't default on payments, defaults are incorrect.
  10. There was never a question of me paying. My concern is the presence of the two defaults. There's no way it would stand up in court, so they won't be pushing for a CCJ but I assume they're hoping i'll pay so the defaults are marked as Satisfied. Obviously I want the defaults gone though.
  11. Hi guys, I have been attempting to deal with this but getting nowhere fast! I'm sure that these DCAs drag their feet deliberately, hoping people will pay up to clean their records up. There are two issues here but I figured they're so similar that I may as well keep them in one thread. Since I got my credit files for the first time ever in May, there has been a default registered in my name by Cabot Financial at a previous address. The account was opened after I left the address and it's for around £250 for a JD Williams group debt. I've sent address history proof back in May and have brought this up with Equifax and Experian more than once (Cabot just come back and say it's correct). I've written several letters, getting nowhere. They've written to me this week asking for my address history so they can complete their investigation (AGAIN). They've also moved the default from my previous address to my current address. I know for a fact that they have no CCA as I never signed one (obvs). - Are they allowed to move the default to my current address? - What are the implications of them doing so? - What next steps would folk advise? - Does anyone have experience of reaching a satisfactory resolution in a similar instance? Secondly, three weeks ago, another default appeared on my credit files for the first time. Its for £300 to Littlewoods and is held by Arrow Global. This is in a slightly different name to mine and has a different date of birth. Weirdly, the address is a uni hall of residence that I lived in in 2005/2006 and the date is 2008! I've sent a copy of my driving licence and proof that I lived elsewhere in 2008 but they're dragging their feet too! - Any advice on this one? - Surely they're breaking some law by reporting this as mine? I've sent off a CCA request to both of these this week, and have demanded the removal of both accounts. I'm not hopeful though. Any thoughts?
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