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Found 21 results

  1. My wife of Romany descent, and a neighbour ex NF and BNP sympathiser. Too much evidence both photographic and written to place here. We are seeking a restraining order. Would some kind soul review our evidence, and help prepare a draft order for the court. We are pensioners and do not know where to turn. Many thanks.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38904268 Poor woman - engaged Christmas Eve 2009 - partner dies Christmas Day/Boxing day.
  3. http://www.itv.com/news/central/2016-03-02/disabled-woman-claims-council-bailiffs-illegally-seized-her-car/ A disabled driver claims police and council bailiffs may have broken the law by seizing her car after accusing her of not paying a £60 bus lane fine. Blue Badge holder Cherry Clarke says she was physically removed from her Toyota Yaris by an officer before it was towed away from her home in Perry Barr in Birmingham. She has now been told she has days to pay the fine, which has risen to £93, or her car - her only means of transport - will be sold to pay the debt. Birmingham City Council claims it sent numerous letters to her address and that no Blue Badge was on display when the Toyota was taken.
  4. This looks horrendous. http://www.croydonadvertiser.co.uk/Bailiff-inadvertantly-recorded-attacking-woman/story-26657418-detail/story.html
  5. Two policemen radio into their station "Hello Sarge?" "Yes?" "We are at a house where a woman has shot her husband forstepping on the floor she had just mopped clean." "Have you arrested the woman?" "No sir. The floor is still wet."
  6. Driver fined £18,500 for ignoring daily parking tickets outside her home for a YEAR Carly Mackie, 26, ignored fines for parking in front of her family garage in Dundee almost every day, claiming it's her right to park in front of her own property A driver from Dundee has been fined a whopping £18,500 after throwing away parking tickets on her car for over a year. Carly Mackie, 26, ignored fines for parking in front of her family garage almost every day, claiming it's her right to park in front of her own property. She was handed a formal letter by the Vehicle Control Services Limited demanding she cough up the £18,500 to cover the cost of all of the tickets she has not paid. Carly, who lives with her parents, has been parking her Mini on cobbles in front of her garage in Dundee for more than a year. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/driver-fined-£18-500-for-ignoring-daily-parking-tickets-for-over-a-year-112110470.html#01m5y48 comments are good too below it dx
  7. Full story : - http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/nov/18/panic-room-woman-challenges-bedroom-tax
  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2802677/woman-rips-apart-atm-bare-hands-wouldn-t-let-withdraw-cash.html
  9. Police are warning people to be on the alert after an 89-year-old woman was conned out of £100,000 when she was persuaded to transfer it from her account. The [problematic] were posing as bank officials and police when they told the victim in Atherstone, Warwickshire, that there was a problem with her bank. She was told it would be wise to transfer the money to a different account "to be safe". Officers say people should be on the alert to similar scams being carried out elsewhere in the country. Detective Chief Inspector Sean Paley said: "While people are generally aware of such scams, these criminals target vulnerable members of the community. "I would urge people to talk to close friends and relatives who they think could be at risk." Anyone who suspects they have been targeted should call police on 101. For further information, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, or visit http://www.crimestoppers-uk.org or www.actionfraud.police.uk https://uk.news.yahoo.com/warning-woman-loses-100k-bank-[problem]-102913060.html#oZGB2Hv
  10. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/10875036/Woman-dials-999-in-row-over-ice-cream-sprinkles.html
  11. An "unreserved apology" had been issued by the government to the family of a woman who was sent a letter encouraging her to find work even though she has been in a coma for two months. Speaking in the Commons, the Minister for Disabled People Mike Penning said things had clearly "gone wrong". Sheila Holt, from Rochdale, was invited to "intensive job-focused activity". Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk said the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) was hounding disabled people. Sheila Holt's case was highlighted by Mr Danczuk during a debate on the effects of welfare reform on the sick and disabled. Mr Danczuk said: "Sheila has suffered from severe bipolar [disorder] since childhood and regularly has traumatic experiences. "She has not been in employment since she was 16 years old. However she was pushed into the Work Programme before Christmas and she was finding it extremely difficult." He said members of her family repeatedly informed Seetec, a contractor carrying out work capability assessments for the DWP, that she was not well "but they continued to get harassed by those organisations". 'Threatening her' Ms Holt's father Ken said her last job was 27 years ago and last year she was forced to go on a job-seeking course for eight days. After each day she became more and more agitated until she "cracked" her father said, and was hospitalised following a "manic episode". But while in hospital she suffered a heart attack on 17 December last year and is still in a coma after suffering brain damage. He said: "If they had left her alone she would not be in this condition. They were threatening her with cuts and she needs the benefits. "I just believe it's all wrong, you should be chasing the people who are fit, get them to work, not them that are not fit. It's outrageous." Mr Penning said: "I apologise, unreservedly, to the family as the minister responsible. "The family have every right to be aggrieved and I hope she makes a full recovery." Story taken from the BBC
  12. Tracy Emin I recon it's a bloke with tits and the drawings, well, I've seen betting on the nursery school wall.
  13. Nothing but jealousy because she is a dog and a stupid old cow. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2438476/Sharon-Osbourne-opens-THAT-feud-intolerable-X-Factor-judge-Dannii-Minogue.html P.S. You might guess I don't exactly like her.
  14. A young Portsmouth woman was so depressed that she decided to end her life by throwing herself into the sea, but just before she could throw herself from the wharf, a handsome young man stopped her. "You have so much to live for," said the man."I'm a sailor, and we are off to Australia tomorrow. I can stow you awayon my ship. I'll take care of you, bring you food every day, and keep you happy." With nothing to lose, combined with the fact that she had always wanted to go to Australia, the woman accepted. That night the sailor brought her aboard and hid her in a small but comfortable compartment in the hold. From then on, every night he would bring her three sandwiches, a bottle of red wine, and make love to her until dawn. Two weeks later she was discovered by the captain during a routine inspection. "What are you doing here?" asked the captain. "I have an arrangement with one of the sailors,"she replied. "He brings me food every day and I get a free trip to Australia.” "I see," the captain says. Her conscience then got the best of her and she added,"Plus, he's screwing me." "He certainly is," replied the captain. "This is the Isle of Wight Ferry."
  15. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2276779/A-costly-mistake-Hairdresser-loses-26-000-paying-wages-wrong-account--realising-years.html
  16. One of Britain's largest doorstep lenders gave thousands of pounds of loans to a schizophrenic woman despite knowing she was "not all there", it was claimed today. The BBC current affairs programme Panorama went undercover at Provident Financial, a FTSE 250 company with 1.8 million customers, and says it found cases of lending to customers which appeared to breach Office for Fair Trading (OFT) industry guidelines. Panorama - Undercover: Debt on the Doorstep, which is broadcast tonight, interviewed the mother of the unnamed woman, who requires constant care for her condition but was allegedly given loans over several years. "You can talk to (her) and anyone in their right mind would know she's got an illness," her mother told the programme. "She's so vulnerable she just agrees to them (the loans). I want it all to stop." Provident said it had strict policies in place to prevent loans being given to people without the mental capacity to know what they are doing. The programme also claims to show a Provident seller calling at another customer's house and acknowledging that she didn't think the woman could look after herself. The customer's sister told Panorama: "They (the agents) would clearly be able to see just by looking around the house that she is vulnerable." A Provident manager is quoted as saying they need to keep selling good customers loans in order to continue collecting from them. She told the reporter: “You don’t ever want to let [the customer] pay up.” Gillian Guy, chief executive of the Citizen's Advice Bureau, told the programme: "I call into question...the motivation to keep exploiting people who clearly can't be held responsible for their own decisions in that situation." The OFT's guidelines for the industry state: "Borrowers who may be particularly vulnerable by virtue of their current indebtedness, poor credit history, or by reason of age or health, or disability, or for any other reason, should, in particular, not be targeted or exploited. But they do add that creditors should always begin by assuming that the borrower does have the mental capacity to make the relevant financial decision, as "having a mental health problem, or acting in an unusual or unorthodox manner, does not necessarily mean they lack the ability to make the relevant financial decision". According to its website, Provident Financial was established in Bradford, West Yorkshire in 1880 and has a network of more than 400 branches, administrative offices and call centres. It describes itself as "one of the UK's leading suppliers of personal credit products to the non-standard lending market" and reported pre-tax profits of £72.9m in the first six months of this year, up 17% from £62.3m in the same period in 2011. In a statement the company said: "Provident has strict policies in place to prevent loans being advanced to anyone it believes does not have the mental capacity to understand the terms of the loan they are taking out, whilst at the same time ensuring that it does not discriminate against anyone, including those with mental illness but no loss of mental capacity." It added: "(Provident Financial) is properly regulated and adheres strictly to the OFT's guidelines on responsible lending. "Provident takes great care to ensure that it only lends amounts appropriate to the personal circumstances of each customer. "The size of the loan granted is always designed to match the circumstances of each individual customer. Provident is a responsible lender and currently 80% of our loans applications are turned down. "In independent research over 90% of our customers say they are satisfied with the home credit service they receive. "However with 1.8 million customers we recognise that we will not always get it right and if we make a mistake we work hard to put matters right and will not hesitate to take any necessary action." Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/loans/9578257/Doorstep-lender-gave-thousands-to-schizophrenic-woman.html Link to the show: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01n7m0q/Panorama_Undercover_Debt_on_the_Doorstep/
  17. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2186522/Womans-itchy-ear-caused-spider-living-FIVE-days.html
  18. A holidaymaker was left £27,000 in debt after mobile phone company Orange extracted £120 an hour from her account for almost a week. Anne Roberts was horrified to discover NatWest had repeatedly taken funds after she purchased a £20 pay-as-you-go phone while holidaying in Wales. A technical blip meant Orange had been withdrawing £20.49p from Ms Roberts’ account every ten minutes since she bought it. Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2186074/Woman-left-27-000-debt-new-Orange-pay-mobile-withdraws-20-bank-account-TEN-MINUTES.html
  19. Hi everyone , Hope someone can help me. I am 23 weeks pregnant and i am really frustrated. I am working in a company from last 5 years. I went recently to a long holiday . Before i am going to holiday i know i am pregnant. but i informed them that i am pregnant after coming from holiday, when i was nearly* 20 weeks. Before i went to holiday, they never said anything about redundancy, after coming from holiday and after telling me that I'm pregnant,*within 2 weeks they started an informal meeting, saying.. they got drop in their work, so they need to reduce the cost of employment... we got 3 members working under the manager..* we 3 of us do very similar work... one person does little bit less programming and he works 3 days per week..* and two of us do more programming.. My manager said becoz he does little bit, the redundancy will go between 2 of us.. I don't know whether it is fair or not between 2 of us. i don't know why he is not included. In that meeting they said they will find some other job* in the company, and if not we will go for points procedure. Today after 1 week informal meeting,they asked us, before going to all the process, anyone interested in voluntary redundancy, They offered 2 things, if any one of us take voluntary redundancy 1. they don't need to pay back for extra holidays they used. 2. and they will give £500, plus 5 weeks redudancy pay(i worked 5 years) plus 5 weeks lieu notice.(it will come either of the process *voluntary redundany or normal redudancy) and they also said there are no other vacancies at the moment. so if no one takes any voluntary redundancy, they will go for points procedure. and decide one of them is going to be redudant. from past 5 years, in two of us, he is doing more work than me i definitely know , he will gain more points. But it is like that from years.* He is always doing more work, becoz he is working past 10 years i think.* The main point is , they always focusing me. They are not giving any information (how much redudancy he will get etc..)to other person. *And he is not asking anything at all.*He is behaving as he knows he is not going. I am not feeling it is fair at all. i don't know whether to take the voluntary redudancy or shall i accept points procedure and go for tribunal.I am taking so much pressure which is not good at all, at this stage anyone please tell me whether it is good to go tribunal. Before they said , they can't pay smp. but later they said they will. becoz i am so far with the pregnancy. they said they can give £500 money if i go for voluntary redudancy+ no holiday due pay I am not at all happy with £500 . They are doing redundancy and they like to pay £500. My friends saying ask more money £500 is not good at all. Is it legal asking for more money. I need to decide this within 1 day. Becoz they gave me the time by thursday Any advice on this will be very much appreciated. Thank you very much for reading and my long story and your help.
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