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  1. I'm posting this on behalf of an elderly gentleman who has absolutely no computer skills. In March he received a Parking fine from Premier Park for 15mins in a local carpark. He swears the machine wasn't working on the day but has no independent witnesses. He spent 15mins looking at the instructions including when he went out of the carpark to see where the nearest phone box was. when he realised it was too far he came back and drove out. I'll attach the correspondence to this post. I helped him draft letters based on forums we'd looked at. Premier Park were
  2. Had a letter from ZZPS 71 days after an alleged parking offence was committed. No PCN from Premier Parking Ltd at all (genuinely), would be grateful for any advice. Thanks. As far as I am aware Premier Parking Ltd would have to issue a Parking Charge Notice within 14 days for it to be considered legal. The only problem is the legislation states that the notice is presumed sent unless proven to the contrary, v.hard to prove a negative - but for certainty these notices should be sent out by recorded mail.... as my letters to ZZPS have been.
  3. Dear all, Exeter Road Car Park, Braunton, EX33 2JJ - Parking Charge Notice I have also been subject to this rather off-putting Parking Charge Notice in the same place; Following the thread above I have completed the questions from the link below: 1. Date of the infringement: - 05/10/18. 2. Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date]: - 11/10/18. 3. Date received: - 12 or 13/10/18. 4. Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?]: - Yes. 5. Is there any photographic evidence of the event?: -
  4. Hi As the title, I had received a letter from BWLegal dated 3rd July 2018, regarding a ticket from nearly 6 years ago; 22August 2012. Upon recieving the ticket in 2012, in my first instance I sent the following email to 'Premier Parking Solutions' On returning to my car this afternoon I found a fixed penalty notice on my drivers side window. This was a terrible shock to me, knowing I had purchased a ticket from the Pay and display ticket machine. once inside my car I realised the ticket I had purchased was on the center console of the car, I can assume that upon cl
  5. Location : Sandy Park Stadium, Exeter The penalty notice states that it was parked in a manner whereby the driver became liable for a parking charge. The notice states date was 02/04/2018 entry time 17:59 and exit time 19:31 total duration 01:32. Charge £80. The access road is shared to gym and Exeter chiefs Sandy Park stadium. It shows car leaving (doesn’t appear to be in car park itself) and shows car where I pulled up to pick him up (which arguably is adjacent to gym and in front of stadium but not in any parking bays itself) My husband entered the site at 17:59 to
  6. Apparently in the world of Premier Parking Solutions this amounts to parking outside the parking bay and is worthy of a £100 fine. Rest assured that all four wheels were inside the (small) bay and the photo shows the only bit of overhang. I'd like to think this was issued by some over-zealous newbie warden but then he/she placed the ticket right at the bottom right of the windscreen no doubt in the hope that I would move the car before I noticed it. I've already 'appealed' and put them on notice that unless cancelled forthwith, I will be seeking recovery of costs for my time. I'm a
  7. premier parking logistics are a part of BPA. i got one and now a letter form DCBL stating that a notice of debt recovery. what do i do? dont want to pay. but will pay up to £60 if needed dont want to say that and then they decline. Hi, got a letter on the 27th Feb 2018 stating that £100 invoice. Also, got a letter from DCBL stating that it is a notice of debt recovery. on the rear of the dcbl letter says case is not subject to high court or bailiff action What to do. dont mind paying up to £80 in installments but not really the £160 Thanks Quick replies ne
  8. do they do court or just threatening letters,will or may go to court,?.
  9. hello. im just wanting a bit of advice please. august 2016 i entered a 12 month gym contract - in october 2017 i went in to my gym and asked to cancel my membership. the receptionist took my details but it now seems she failed to cancel my contract. she did inform me to keep my direct debit open for one month, which i did, for any last payments to be obtained. on the 1st of november a gym membership amount of £24.50 left my account and therefore i cancelled my direct debit. i believed this to all be sorted. i have had no contact from anyone in december or january - they have my mobi
  10. Hi, I received a parking ticket on my windscreen back on 4/8/2016 whilst parking in a resident only space where my daughter was living at the time. I had been issued with a visitor parking permit to display when ever I was there ,which I had done this had fallen from the dash into the foot well. I appealed against the ticket on the 8/8/16 and they said they ever received my appeal even though I have proof it sent (via email). After all this time and re-appealing they passed it on to DRP and now they have subsequently passed it to Gladstones Solicitors. Advice pleas
  11. Hi, I have received a PCN from Premier Park for parking in Exeter Road Car Park in Braunton, Devon. I parked in this carpark for 20 mins at 19:06 and it was dark. I did not realise that it was a paid car park as the notices were not that clear and lighting was low. 'Contrevention date': 2nd November, 2017. The issue date of the PCN: 8th November, 2017. The PCN requests £60 if paid by 14 days from issue date or £100 afterwards. I have googled around and this car park seems to have a history of this issue. I do not live any where near the car park, I cannot get imag
  12. Hi -Looking for some advice & help on this please as constantly being harrassed for payment : (PCN) Ticket Issued by Premier parking Logistics on 26/11/2016 @00:25 in Tenant Street, Birmingham. This was my immediate reply via email on November 28. On Friday 25th November I parked in your parking compound in Tennant Street, Birmingham. I arrived at 20.44 and purchased a parking ticket which gave me until 02.44 on the 26th November. The ticket I had purchased was clearly visible in the centre of my windscreen. I returned to my vehicle before the ticket expired and fo
  13. I have discovered that I had PPI with a company by the name of Premier Mortgage Management it started back in October 2004. Am I able to reclaim this please. Any help appreciated.
  14. Hi All, I am hoping someone can help me or provide some advice on what i need to do: I live in Birmingham City Centre and have received a number of Parking Tickets from Premier Parking Logistics- these notices are usually issued during the night time. Upon advice from blogs etc i have ignored these Parking Ticket due to them being unregistered with the appropriate parking authorities and a certain Mr W*lton W*lkins being the owner or previous owner of the company. I have racked up about 4-5 of these notices and now they have passed this to a company called DCBL (debt
  15. Hey guys, Just had a speculative invoice from our friends over at Premier Park stating I owe them £60 for overstaying alongside a nice pretty picture my vehicle. The catch? I still have the parking ticket which clearly shows my reg number correctly inputted alongside the amount of time I parked for. The ANPR states I arrived at 11:53, I paid for my ticket at 11:55 for 2 hours parking, ANPR shows me leaving at 13:41 with my ticket being valid until 13:55. Now, my question is: Do I bother appealing through their website with slam dunk evidence that they're full of
  16. In January this year I received a letter from a company called Sigma Red informing me that they had passed my account with premier man to Lowells. Which was interesting because it was the first time I was aware of having an account with premier man! So I sent the standard letter to Lowells saying prove you have the right person or bog off. On 9th July I received a letter from Lowells with a photocopy of an unsigned credit agreement with this company, the name including the middle initial is the same as mine but the address is somewhere in South London that I have never lived
  17. Please excuse my spelling Hi on the 5th of june 2016 i was involved in a accident, which is a possible fault claim however this is still under dispute as i do not believe i am at fault. i called up hastings the next day to register my claim, they deemed my damage repairable and suggested i use a company called albany, the worst mistake i made. They also agreed my car was repairable. I was told i would have my car collected and given a courtesy car within the 24 hour time limit albany had to adhere to, I registered with them at 4pm on 6th of june and was told
  18. Hello, My dog was in the car and think he may have knocked ticket off the dash as it wasn't a sticky one...dog not in any pictures taken so cannot prove he was there, however you only need to smell my car to know : ) I still have the ticket which was 50p and fine is now £100! I sent a picture of ticket the same day but was rejected, applied to POPLA who also rejected it...I am now on second or third threatening court letter...this ones says unless I pay by 23rd June it goes to their solicitors : ( Don't mind going to court but have no idea how much this would cost if I have to p
  19. Help!. Received a £60 fine from pps on 1/5/16 for not buying a parking ticket for a stay at Keaton Rd pay & display, Ivybridge, Plymouth. I had bought a ticket for the correct fee / time etc & left on dashboard but I typed a letter M instead of a W so the camera did not register the ticket with vehicle. I sent a letter of appeal explaining and just received a request (from pps) confirming I was the driver at the time, now ive found this site & thinking I should ignore? Appreciate advice.
  20. I located my Advantage Premier account booklet and can see that I was charged £150 a year for the privilige of useless insurances etc so possibly a case of mis-selling. I was advised to up-grade my account to keep my overdraft facility in which at the time I relied on and when things eventually got worse, I then was requested to consolidate debts with a loan in which realistically I could not afford. I know that it was stupid to agree to but I felt helpless at the time and felt pressured into it. Things got bad to worse in the end I could not afford to keep up repayments.
  21. Has anyone claimed or in the process of claiming for miss selling between August 2009 and October 2012 of investments to customers
  22. I am encountering a similar situation with CMS Telford / Brum but I am unsure of full account number details but do have a different eight digit reference from CMS letter). Can I still make a CCA Request for this other account that I did not agree to ? And by sending this will this mean I accepting liability of debt ?
  23. If a credit card account is in arrears and PPI claim is up-held by bank, do they offset all of refund against arrears ? Will this also include the net 8% statutory amount or will that be mine ? I have tried looking on FOS website for some clarification for this circumstance but I cannot find anything ? Thank-you
  24. Hi, I have been a member of CAG for years and have used your excellent advice to claim back bank charges back in the day. unfortunately i have an issue which needs a little more tailoring. i have received a court claim dated 24th November from Drydensfairfax solicitors / Cabot Financial for a very old (July 2006) Premier Man account. If i remember correctly (need to dig out all the paperwork) but this was a small debt I must admit i should have dealt with this many years ago but i guess i hoped it would go away if ignored. i have kept all the paperwork but do not have a default
  25. Hi, I've just received a county court claim form from Shoosmiths LLP claiming on behalf of Cabot Financial for an old Premier Man account from the 17/12/2008 for the sum off £406. I don't have any paper work from the account and got into financial difficulty around that time. Can anyone please shed some light on what is the next step, should I ask for a copy of the agreement etc. It says I have 14 days to reply so any help would be much appreciated. I have made no payments since 2008. Regards Mitsy
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