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  1. Thanks for the reply but it is rather complicated. I used a company called Millennium Financial Planning back in 2004 when arranging a mortgage they went into administration on 27th January 2005 I have the administrators details. They wrote to me 7th March 2005 to advise that they had arranged for another firm of Independent Financial Advisors to offer their services. They said my personal files were in storage which only they could access. My MPPI Certificate of Insurance is in the name Premier Mortgage Management - PMM. They also are no longer trading according to the FSA since 15th Septemb
  2. I have discovered that I had PPI with a company by the name of Premier Mortgage Management it started back in October 2004. Am I able to reclaim this please. Any help appreciated.
  3. You sound very much like you are in a simialr situation to me and my husband. We have £51k of unsecured debt. We are currently paying via a Debt Manangement Plan with the CCCS. We have a mortgage for £145k which is all paid up to date and a secured loan of £51k that is also paid up to date. Our house is worth approx. £195k to £200k so there is very little equity in it. I am considering a joint Bankruptcy but don't want to lose our home as my OAP mother lives with us and we have an 8 year old son. We are both full time employed but have just got into a mess and can't see a way out. The DM
  4. My husband and I have unsecured debts of approx. £49k we are currently paying £260 pm via DMP with th CCCS. We are finding it hard going but have tuck to it for the last 12 months with a bit of help from family and friends which obviously can't go on forever. We are up to date with our mortgage payments and th current balance outstanding is £145k. We also have a secured loan with a balance of £53k owing this is also paid up to date with the exception of this months payment which we cannot meet as my husband's income was about half the usual amount this month due to lack of work and a weeks sic
  5. You need to go to the Financial Ombudsman now I didn't wait to long and got the whole amount back.
  6. My husband and I have approx. £50k in unsecured debts, we are both working but struggling to meet our financial commitments. We are currenlty on a DMP paying £314.00 pm it will take us abot 15 years to clear our debts at this rate and it looks like life is passing us by and thin gs will nver improve. It really is an uphill struggle. We are up to date with our mortgage payments and with a secured loan on the property. All our debts are unsecured ans mainly for bank overdaft joint account, credit cards mostly in my name but some in my husbands. We do not really have much equity in the property i
  7. My cousin had a company acting on his behalf trying to reclaim his bank charges from Lloyds TSB but they have given up as the test case is ongoing. They have had his case for almost 2 years and have tried the hardship route but to no avail. He has now given me all the paperwork as I said I will deal with it for him with no charge unlike the company he was using. There are no figures in the paperwork as to how much the reclaim is for. Should I now request from Lloyds details of charges over the past 6 years or can he go back further than that? Once I have done this can I send an LBA as they hav
  8. :DWhoopee I got 2 cheques today from Firstplus in settlement of my claim. I am off to Spain for my niece's wedding on Tuesday and can now relax a little. The FOS were fantastic and very quick my claim only went to them in March 2009. Thank you to everyone on this site for all the advice and help. Good luck to all my fellow claimers. I will continue to keep an eye on this forum.:D8)
  9. Thanks Alanalana I have printed off the letter and its ready to go.
  10. I have drafted a reply to RBS Style do you think it is suitable please. Payment Protection Insurance Policy Number **** **** **** **** with Style I refer to your letter dated 29th May 2009 advising that the Bank are prepared to refund all of the premiums I have paid on the policy to date as a gesture of goodwill, which amount to £98.67. On the issue of refund I am be prepared to accept your offer of repayment of the PPI premiums paid provided this is along with the interest and includes 8% statutory interest from the date the card started until the date of repayment. The refund
  11. I recently noticed that I have been paying PPI on my Style Card. I rang them up and advised them I wished to cancel the PPI and be refunded and the amounts paid in respect of PPI as this had been added without my consent. They said they would look into the complaint. I received a letter from RBS 29/5/09 stating they were unable to confirm precisely what information I was given at the time I purchased the policy. In the circumstances, as a gesture of goodwill and without any admission of liability, the bank is prepared to offer me a full refund of all of the premiums paid to date. It then
  12. I tried registering with the same site but when I try to log in I don't get access to anything on the forum.
  13. Just to keep you all informed I rang the Adjudicators office who advised me that if I wish to escalate to the Ombudsman in order to get the £500.00 compensation it could take several months. He also said that it can happen that the Ombudsman may not agree with the Adjudicator. He said it is not often that happens as they are trained to review cases in the same manner, but it is a possibility. I decided to accept the offer of full settlement plus 8% interest. This means a refund of the PPI paid + interest. The remainder will be taken off of the loan and I will be in the position had the PPI ne
  14. Anyone have any ideas as to how long it takes if I refuse the offer without compensation and it goes to the Ombudsman. I rang the FOS today and my adjudicator is on holiday until 2/6/09 and I must respond by 1/6/09. His manager is also on holiday no one else could help me today. I also rang Firstplus and to ask them how much I would receive in a refund to me and how much would go against the loan. The person I spoke to said he could only give me a rough estimate. £3320 refund for which I would get a cheque, I would also get a 2nd cheque for the interest at approx. 8% from the date of each p
  15. Sorry to sound really thick but what is that in money terms please.
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