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  1. Hi there, Yes it is extremely interesting after thirteen years of total denial and fobbing me off, they just paid it to me. Over £1,200. The taken account fees plus Statutory interest. I was totally dumbfounded if honest. Oh onwards and upwards for me.
  2. Hi In 2007 I asked the Natwest to refund me the monthly advantage gold current account fees. They said NO we are the big bank and you are not important. Well last week I asked them again and they send me a lovely cheque with interest and said sorry. Never give up, never surrender
  3. They are shooesmiths client. I did write to shooesmiths with a complaint regarding their clients behaviour. They passed it on to Nastywest who ignored me yet again.
  4. Hello, I am looking for help and advice relating to this on-going dispute I have with the Nasty-west. (Edit) Long story so give you the short version. Reclaimed back bank charges before they put a legal stop to it. Tried to reclaim Advantage gold service charges -they denied it Reclaimed ppi on one loan.. They have never reviewed or addressed the three previous loans with ppi on them. I refused to repay the loan until the resolved the ppi- they didnt. Instead they told me to court and won over a technically and obtained a charging order on my house. I have contacted the ppi deparment on 2 occasions for redress to the previous loans with ppi. They don't even answer me. The CCJ they obtained for the loan is an accumulation of the loan, bank account, mis-sold ppi and mis-sold advantage gold service. So as far as I am concerned they are take money from me via shoesmiths that they actually sold fromme. Any help or advice greatly appreciated
  5. Hello sailor sam, Thanks for you post. The guy does this as a business, but I do not think he is registered, He has made quite a few of these conerted horseboxes.Think I will ring trading standards and see if they can advise
  6. Happy to keep some posters amused. Had I been driving on the motorway the horse's hoof would have been dragged along the road with faltal consequences to the horse. I would have been unaware until the horse started thrashing about.. The floor was sealed down with rubber matting, which was glued down to the wood and was cleaned out after every outing. When the incident happened I ripped up the rubber matting and the first layer of wood sheet was not rotten, didn't have a mark on it, it was just too thin to support the weight of a half ton horse, it was the floor under that that was rotten and dry rot at that My arguement is that to convert a lorry into a horse box, the guy who sold it should have ensured that it was safe to transport horses. To cover up an original floor which was rotten and unsafe, with thin wood which was also unsafe and then glue down rubber matting on the top nd sell it to someone who buys it in good faith that it is sold fit for purpose I consider it was not safe, but it took me a year to find this out..
  7. Hi I have found myself in a similar position got a charging order in Feb this year from the same duo. I found the whole experience horrendous as the judge very very biased to the other side. I got stung for the default balance, even though I had paid some of it of with monthly payments and ppi interest. Lost my fight for the cause them Have a complaint going through now telford regarding ppi that they have failed to repay me back and knowing this still took me to court. Only been going on for five years now The natwest bank are disgusting and get away with everything
  8. Hello, I am in need of help please. Story goes, I bought a 3.5 horsebox from a guy who converts small used wagons into horseboxes approximately 12months ago paid £10,500 punds in cash. About 2 weeks ago. on loading my horse onto the wagon to go to a horse show., as i was about to shut up the ramp, my horses hoof went through the floor. luckly as she is not a panicky horse she pull it back through the floor. after unloading the horse on close inspection of the floor, i found that the base floor of the wagon was rotten and crumbling there was a block of wood 6inches by 2 inches which has appeared to be hammered in to the outer side of the rotten wood. This block of wood I found on the ground under the hole the horses foot had made I am of the belief that this wood had been hammered in to keep the rotten floor together. There was a quarter ply wood sheets over this area that the horse would stand on. This wood is far to thin to support the weight of a horse. Anybody who knows anything about horsebos floors know that these must be of a minimum of threequarte ply wood sheets. I have been driving around with my horse in a potential death trap and have I been driving find the thought of the consequences to the welfare of my horse extremely upsetting. I telephoned the guy who converted the horsebox and informed him of the incident. He innforms me that the van was sold to me as seen. I told me that I disagreed that I could not have seen the rotten floor as it was covered with rubber matting. He told me that he has bought the wagon with the floor already down and that it was nothing to do with him. I asked him to repair the floor, ie replace it with the proper standard flooring, or I would have the floor replaced and send him the bill He stated that he would think about it and get back to me. He has not got back to me, even though I have tested him to make arrangedmentfor him to view the damaged floor. I have now lost entry fees for shows as I had pre-booked the classes and also had to pay somebody else to transpost my horses. What can I do please? any advice please as to what I can do? Thank you
  9. Indeed, very worrying, I was quacking in my boots really, had to sit down after and have a cup of tea and calm down. I really can't believe I acted so calm.
  10. Thanks for your reply. Have had a couple of letters threatening and out of the blue they did call. There was 3 men and theytried to be a bit intimidating at my front door, but got nowhere, told them they had breached the dpa by disclosing information with no confirmation of the person they were after and ordered them off the drive. They would not leave and were informed they were trespassing that if they did not go quietly I would have them evicted by force if needed by the police. They did start walking away and I asked them for their names and the walked away faster and would not tell me. When I got out my mobile camera to take a pic, they jumped in the car and drove off very quickly. How rude:rolleyes: Just wondered what their next move is?????
  11. Hello, Has anyone any experience of Scotcall calling:rolleyes:
  12. Hello Carol, Can you hunt out the original letter from BOS and have a look at it. It will either state instructed (not sold) or sold(assigned) to:rolleyes: It is important to know which one???? If the Halifax have instructed BOS(a DCA) we need to know, as the Halifax would still be the original lender. If the Halifax have sold it, it becomes assigned to the DCA under the Law of Property act, Even with assignment there are two different options, so again it is important to know which one it is. IMO DCA have more than one company name under their umbrella:rolleyes: so than can make you think allsorts of things:eek:
  13. Hiya Spamhead, Love the sense of humour:lol: Have you just got out of the pub.:grin: Although I may try it, I do think Martin is spot on. Papertrail and breach of the FSA complaint handling guidance if they don't respond.:grin:
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