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  1. Hello, I am looking for help and advice relating to this on-going dispute I have with the Nasty-west. (Edit) Long story so give you the short version. Reclaimed back bank charges before they put a legal stop to it. Tried to reclaim Advantage gold service charges -they denied it Reclaimed ppi on one loan.. They have never reviewed or addressed the three previous loans with ppi on them. I refused to repay the loan until the resolved the ppi- they didnt. Instead they told me to court and won over a technically and obtained a charging order on my house. I have cont
  2. Hi, help needed I'm going around in circles with NatWest I sent a SAR to them in October 2018 NatWest wrote to me refusing to process it as the signature on my current account was different to what I'd signed on the request So I sent them copy of my drivers license and passport - still wouldn't accept it as my passport was out of date by a week I attended a local branch and physically changed my signature to an updated one Note: the signature on the account was in a previous name held over nearly 10yrs ago. All bank cards, letters, statements, cheque books everyth
  3. My neighbour found out recently that money had been syphoned out of his current account, as the bank had linked his current account with a business account which the neighbour was not aware of. Subsequently, £15k has been removed over the years by the old company director. Natwest have investigated this fraudulent activity and state that they are not liable. My question is this: Are Natwest liable as they failed to inform the customer of the joining of the accounts? Is there any avenues of complaint other than the bank and financial ombudsman which is not worth its
  4. Hi I apologise in advance if I do anything wrong. I have never posted or written a post before. On the 13th April 2016 shopping with my children, I used a Natwest Cash machine to withdraw money. I checked the receipt as I was paid a redundancy payment and was due to pay the majority for a deposit on a new property I was in the process of purchasing. I had been very careful not to spend much money as the deposit was due on the Friday. I was horrified when I looked at the receipt, the balance available was almost £6000 lower than it should of been. I immediately
  5. On 14th March, I received a letter from Nat West Fraud department asking me to check the recent transactions on my credit card. I hadn't used the card for the best part of a year so I was immediately concerned by the letter and sure enough I logged into my account and found two transactions (19th Feb & 26th Feb) which I didn't recognise and which totaled just over £3600. There was also a £12 charge added by Natwest as an over limit fee since the transactions took the total above my credit limit. I immediately contacted the Fraud Dept using the information on the letter, and con
  6. Thats something for you... I SAR'd RBS Group... All the complaints that came through and issues I had WOW!!! Theyve written on their Notes I am a serial complainer... Thats just Natwest itself! :/ It appears that RBS however arent so bad with that Lesson to the world, Use a 3 strike rule. If they screw up 3 times, move away
  7. Hi all, Here's the situation: Opened a student account in 2007 with full overdraft and extended this a couple of times as per the normal rules and up to the max available limit of £2000 Ever since graduating have had financial difficulties with other credit cards and payday loans which are now (thankfully!) resolved. This is my last debt and i want to get rid, i want to pay it off but Natwest don't seem to want to help. I have already opened another account with first direct and have switched over my wages and other regular s/o and d/d so my ongoing financial commitments ar
  8. Hi, new to the forum but here goes with an abridged version. Essentially been in a DMP since 2009, selling my home to pay off and during the tidy up have found some Natwest paperwork I didn't know I had, it is a loan agreement that has no term of the loan on it just a monthly amount and total loan. There is also a handwritten note from a staff member saying they have drawn the money down and will I forward a signed agreement as they will need one. I now know this is not correct and should have been signed first. Additionally I had to pay £1
  9. Hi all My first post. My son banks with NatWest and as done so since he was 16 (Now 22) he went overdrawn by £0.58 back in April this year. He had not used his account since then as he wasn't working just studying hard before going to University. Anyway long story short 3 weeks ago we went into the branch to change his account for a Student Account as he needed an overdraft facility and his normal account had no overdraft facility. This is when we found out he had gone £0.58 O/D and since April had put charges on his account totalling £146.00 so as you can guess shocked was an un
  10. My boyfriends Ex-wife took out a bank account before she left him in 2009. My boyfriend was a joint account holder and signed to say he was happy with this. The account was then changed to a packaged bank account (called a Gold Account) without my boyfriends knowledge. The account was never used and it went overdrawn with charges until Natwest closed the account and added a Default to my boyfriends Credit File in April 2010 which we have only just found out about. My boyfriend wrote to Natwest asking them to remove the default from his Credit File. Natwest replied with a straig
  11. Hi all. I am very close to a loan with natpest becoming statute barred due to the fact that it is almost 6 years since my last payment and also they have admitted that they do not have the credit agreement. My worry is that I have read on money saving expert that if you have had contact with the lender, the 6 years starts from the time of your last correspondence? Is this true? I have never admitted the loan but have questioned their actions etc. I am reluctant to write to them informing them that it is now statute barred in case the clock starts again
  12. Hi all As usual, no posts until advice is needed but thats the way of these forums I guess, apologies anyway, ... and so to the matter in hand. I am about to get involved in a messy argument with my ISP. They are apparently notorious for causing customers who want to escape their clutches a whole nightmare full of problems and when they do eventually relinquish the required migration codes and you get away from them, even close the account etc, they then hit you with a 'termination fee' that has been known to be a high as £300.00 ... I've checked, they have no 'process in law' that
  13. So apparently Natwest do their damn hardest to stop you paying off your credit card!!!! After calling last month to pay off the full amount they advised i could not pay it until the interest had calculated and a letter was received the following month, however they had intact closed the account so no other charges would be received! Today i received a call to tell me i had to make an immediate payment as i owed £100! Is this a Joke? not only that, the patronising little boy on the phone treating me like a thief did not help!! Following this i called your points helpline to feel a little better
  14. Hello Everybody I'm one of the fools that trusted a friend who got me to bite my tongue and join Banners Broker even though I had my doubts about the company. I put in no small amount and of through being online found out it was indeed my worst fears and it was a spoof Now I've been in a fight to get my money back from this seriously depressing experience for over 9 months now and I'm not giving up, there's a liquidator appointed now and there's the charge back service or at least I thought there was a chargeback service. My latest fight has been with my Natwest
  15. Maybe I'm one of the most unluckiest people in the world, Natwest have really taken not just the biscuit but the pack... As part of my account benefits, I get the identity theft assistance and credit reporting through CPP and Experian. Naturally when signing up they couldn't confirm my identity so I needed to send in some docs. These were; - Colour copy of passport - 2 x Original Utility Bills These were sent as a mobile phone bill and also a bank statement. This was 16 days ago through Natwest Post Service to their Chatham office then on to Experian. This was at
  16. Hello! I have a graduate account with Natwest. My overdraft is £1600, I know very silly of me but then it's offered to a student with no money it's very tempting! After uni I was unemployed for a year, Natwest were pretty awful. I have NO direct debits active on my account. I've been charged £36 a go everytime I go past my unarranged overdraft (out of my job seekers money). Thing is, I only take money out when it's says it's available on my online banking app. It's pretty annoying to get charged when I take money out which is apparently available only to
  17. Hi all, This is quite an old issue, which I am able to address now. Approximately in 2002-2004 I opened a student account with Natwest Bank. Due to family issues and student debts, this account became essentially dormant not long after it was opened. This shouldn't necessarily be a problem, however there was an outstanding overdraft on the account. I have retained this overdraft following bouts of employment where i've been able to repay some of it, often setting up monthly direct debits of £40-50 - turning an overdraft of around £1600 to a now £800. Having examined some
  18. Now onto Natwest... I previously had dealings with RBS... They wernt bad but wernt great. I joined up 5 days ago to get away from Barclays... and i thought all was good, asked for contact-less card etc, and also chequebook. Was promised that was fine. I get home today to find my new debit card awaiting to be opened... Open it up and to my horror, they havent given me a contact-less card. I ring in to them and say im not happy can they sort one out for me... "Sure" they say. Prior to this in branch they told me i could have one. Also the people in Telephone banking also
  19. It would be extraordinary for Natwest to pursue the customer's outstanding balance (if any) in light of this admission.
  20. Hi, this thread is to deal with the Natwest part of my bigger debt problem found here, it explains how I got in this position and the overall debt mountain involved: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387784-Big-Debt-Problem...HELP I have not paid them at all for 18 months and there must be a ton of charges as well. They also offered me 25% off the balance if I pay immediately (cannot afford to anyway). I sent them a CCA in March and got this letter back just after and have not heard anything since. What is my next move please?
  21. NOTE OLD AND NEW THREAD MERGED NOV 2013 - DX siteteam. Please can anyone help me. I took loan from Natwest in March 2008 which was irresponsible lending per OFT giudance. And now I have got CCJ claim form from Incaaso for this. Please help otherwise my career will be spoiled if I get CCJ
  22. Hi I have held a current account with Natwest for approx 10 years and have an overdraft limit of £400, i have always used the account for everyday accounts i.e wages, mortgage payments, D/D etc. until 3-4 years ago when i started my own business therefore opened business account and also opened joint account with my wife for everyday accounts. i had still used the current account until July 2011 when i had left the account at £390 overdrawn with no D/D or anything set to come out as things were tight moneywise and i needed the money at the time, however until jan 2012 i had not reall
  23. Hi guys I am new here so please don't bite! I will cut a very long saga very short. In a nutshell I have a non secured loan taken our with a large high street bank for £15k. Shortly after taking out said loan in 2008 - for which they did no checks to verify my declared income - I became ill with cancer and was unable to pay them or anyone else. I have been paying £1 a month for 3 years. I asked the bank to write off the debt as the stress and worry of this debt was making me even more ill, but the said NO. They have however given me a glimmer of hope and
  24. Hi, I had a letter a few weeks ago from a company called Robinson Way. I had never had any dealings with them and so just ignored it, then last week I got another letter informing me that NAT West had passed a debt to them and I had no prior knowledge of this. recently I had a call from an 0161 number and when I checked this out I found the call was from Robinson Way. I do have a debt that I have been paying for about 2 years at the most I can afford of £100/month. NAT West had several times tried to put pressure on me to pay the 20k loan back but I have been
  25. Hi. I am a new user and would really benefitfrom any help and advice. Thank you. My name is Ian, I am married and with my wifehave been directors of 2 limited companies for many years. Company A for 10years and company B for 5 years. Each company had its own overdrafts with thesame bank and were run simultaneously. Our personal finances are a small mortgage, (40k)a small loan (2k) and a small overdraft (2k) all fully and properly servicedwith no failings or defaults at all. Indeed, these are still being serviced, ontime and as per agreement as we speak. Company A's overdraft was
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