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  1. Hello, I am looking for help and advice relating to this on-going dispute I have with the Nasty-west. (Edit) Long story so give you the short version. Reclaimed back bank charges before they put a legal stop to it. Tried to reclaim Advantage gold service charges -they denied it Reclaimed ppi on one loan.. They have never reviewed or addressed the three previous loans with ppi on them. I refused to repay the loan until the resolved the ppi- they didnt. Instead they told me to court and won over a technically and obtained a charging order on my house. I have contacted the ppi deparment on 2 occasions for redress to the previous loans with ppi. They don't even answer me. The CCJ they obtained for the loan is an accumulation of the loan, bank account, mis-sold ppi and mis-sold advantage gold service. So as far as I am concerned they are take money from me via shoesmiths that they actually sold fromme. Any help or advice greatly appreciated
  2. Hi, help needed I'm going around in circles with NatWest I sent a SAR to them in October 2018 NatWest wrote to me refusing to process it as the signature on my current account was different to what I'd signed on the request So I sent them copy of my drivers license and passport - still wouldn't accept it as my passport was out of date by a week I attended a local branch and physically changed my signature to an updated one Note: the signature on the account was in a previous name held over nearly 10yrs ago. All bank cards, letters, statements, cheque books everything from Natwest has been arriving in my current name since whenever I'd changed it back again 10yrs ago. Only signature was outdated Yesterday I resent (emailed) the SAR to NatWest signed, and they've responded this morning: Many thank for your email. We are currently unable to process your request as we wrote to you on the 6th November asking you to provide proof of name change as the signature we hold does not match, We then sent an email to you on the 15/11 asking you to provide proof of name change as the signature we have does not match. We cannot process your request until we receive one of the below. [TABLE=width: 624] [TR] [TD]Accepted Proof of Name Change[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Marriage certificate[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Civil Partnership certificate[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Decree Absolute and birth certificate (both are required)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Decree Nisi and birth certificate (both are required) [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] I have none of the above they are asking for, the deed poll is long gone I've only a drivers license and birth certificate, I've told them that. I just keep going round in email circles with them Suggestions?
  3. My neighbour found out recently that money had been syphoned out of his current account, as the bank had linked his current account with a business account which the neighbour was not aware of. Subsequently, £15k has been removed over the years by the old company director. Natwest have investigated this fraudulent activity and state that they are not liable. My question is this: Are Natwest liable as they failed to inform the customer of the joining of the accounts? Is there any avenues of complaint other than the bank and financial ombudsman which is not worth its title?
  4. Hi I apologise in advance if I do anything wrong. I have never posted or written a post before. On the 13th April 2016 shopping with my children, I used a Natwest Cash machine to withdraw money. I checked the receipt as I was paid a redundancy payment and was due to pay the majority for a deposit on a new property I was in the process of purchasing. I had been very careful not to spend much money as the deposit was due on the Friday. I was horrified when I looked at the receipt, the balance available was almost £6000 lower than it should of been. I immediately returned home and called the bank. I discussed my query with a Customer Service Advisor then onto the Fraud Department, Online Bankng and Complaints. I spent over two hours passed around. The fraud team told me a refund would be in my bank within 5 days, Online Banking Fraud team informed me that they had identified that someone had been trying to log into my account from an unknown device several times over the previous 48 hours and also confirmed that my money would be refunded as it was clear I was a victim of fraud. After speaking the various departments over the phone I still felt really concerned and distressed as I didn't feel confident that my money would be refunded in time to pay the deposit and this would result in losing a house I had my heart set on. The information from all the Natwest Staff was inconsistent and now I realise it was also inaccurate. I decided to go into my local Branch and speak to the Manager as I had been advised that the bank should of refunded the £6000 immediately whilst they investigate. I sat with the Branch Manger and explained my situation, The Branch Manager seemed very understanding spent over an hour ringing various departments, looking at my account and trying to find out why the bank had told me a refund would take 5 days and not an immediate refund. I was so upset and distressed as I had taken redundancy from my previous employer and this was to secure the purchase of my first home for my family and I felt that this was not going to be refunded in time and not one of the advisors seemed to care. The Branch Manager had experienced poor customer service herself from the various departments. Eventually the Branch Manager informed me that I had not been refunded as the transactions were still pending and that these had to clear before a refund could be issued. The manager did inform me that the transactions were to a company abroad and it was evident that I had been a victim of fraud. The Manager offered to put a temporary credit in my account but could not cover the full amount for the deposit. I was given a letter from the Branch Manager sympathising with my situation, confirming that I had been a victim of fraud and CLEARLY stating that £6000 would be refunded into my account in 5 days time. I declined the offer of a temp credit and I advised that I would request an extension for my deposit as I could use the letter to prove that I would have the money in 5 days and that I had been a victim of fraud. I went to the solicitor and provided the letter as proof and an extension was agreed among the parties involved as my Solicitor had confirmed that he had seen an official letter. I waited the 5 days and checked my account and no refund, I left it till the following day and rang the bank to query why the money was not in my bank. I spoke to a rude, arrogant man who abruptly stated 'your not having a refund' I was mortified and just assumed he had made a mistake. He told me the bank had made a decision not to refund, a letter was in the post and that my account was going to be closed. I was so upset and informed him that the Branch Manager had confirmed the refund, the advisors I had spoken to has also told me a refund would be paid in 5 days. The advisors words to me where 'the letter means nothing you may as well put it in the bin' He went on to tell me that a Branch Manager has no authority to make this decision and only the fraud team could make these decisions. I was under the assumption that a Branch Manager was a person of authority and was someone who could deal with issues such as mine. I told him that the letter was an official letter and that my Solicitor had accepted it as evidence for an extension on the sale of my new home. 'put it in the bin' I had worked myself into such a state crying and totally powerless. I couldn't believe it. From there on I have contacted the complaints team, made a formal complaint, a spokesman said wrote an article about my situation and also contacted the bank on my behalf but still no refund. I have complained to the CEO and the Executive Team Manger responded and advised one of his team would be looking into my case. I rang the Exec Manager and discussed my issue. He appeared to be really sympathetic and genuinely sounded as if he knew it was the Banks mistake. I felt optimistic but within a few days I received a final response letter from the exec team identical to the response from the Complaints team and advising that the decision would not be overturned and they agreed with the Complaint Handler. I had sent a response picking out all the mistakes they had made. They had identified transactions made several months prior that appeared to be a similar merchant. The amount was completely different and nowhere near the large amounts that had been made during this fraud. I had been in hospital with Sepsis for 10 weeks throughout Novemeber and all through Christimas and it was not until I returned home I recognised unauthorised transactions on my account. I queried these but did not request a refund as I had concerns that a 17 year old male I had fostered for a year may have been involved. I could not prove this so felt very restricted to confronting him. I also did not want to involve the Police as it might have had nothing to do with him. I explained this to the Complaints Handler and also informed her that I had not asked for the previous 'fraud concerns' to be refunded. I had queried it as fraud but when the transaction details were provided I left it as that. This had no similarities to the transactions made on this occasion the current fraud was £6000 over 24 hour period. The complaint team response clearly states that 'I had been either involved in authorising the transactions or had been careless with my details' They refused to provide any evidence or details of how they made this decision and told me they were not required to as it was part of the NatWest fraud , security AND INVESTIGATION procedures which they did not have to disclose. As explained their decision was clearly due to other transactions on my account, not identical and in the complaint response the information was incorrect. It was evident that this was what the handler had based her assumption on. The letter then stated that the Branch Manager had acted in good faith when writing the letter and this was written based on information I had provided. I almost choked. Are you being serious. If I went into a branch and told the Manager I had just won a million would she write a letter and confirm this information? NO. The Branch Manager is paid to make responsible and accurate decisions and as a senior member of staff are we really supposed to believe they would provide confirmation of a refund simply because a customer says so. The complaint letter provided no evidence to back up this statement but is clearly stating that I am lying and the Managers word is what they accept as true. There was no other information in the complaint response and the points I had made in my complaint had not been addressed such as the FCA principles and the lending standards board guidelines they had failed to adhere to. All Ignored and the excuse they provided for not being able to provide any factual evidence or hard copies of anything related was due to the fraud and security processes they could not breech this and these processes could not be discussed with customers. I feel I have exhausted all avenues with the Bank and the Bank has won. They are just refusing with no proof, not even a reason but I feel powerless. I contacted the FSA who advised that the bank had not followed various principles and guidelines and that I should take this to the Ombudsman. I am aware that the Ombudsman is a length process and from the information I have read on your site and several others the ombudsman seem to side with the Banks and are not required to follow the FSA guidelines. I had considered just going to the Small Claims Court. To be honest it is not as important to me now, I have lost the house I had been in the process of purchasing and as the Branch Managers Letter appeared sincere and I trusted the Banks Branch Manager I went ahead with land searches and now solicitors fees I have paid and all for nothing. I am angry upset and feeling really low at the moment. I have lost money and the house and feel devastated that over half of the money I received as redundancy has just been stolen and there is nothing I can do, Its heart breaking. If anyone has any advice or ideas that they think may help I would be very grateful as at the moment I have given up.
  5. On 14th March, I received a letter from Nat West Fraud department asking me to check the recent transactions on my credit card. I hadn't used the card for the best part of a year so I was immediately concerned by the letter and sure enough I logged into my account and found two transactions (19th Feb & 26th Feb) which I didn't recognise and which totaled just over £3600. There was also a £12 charge added by Natwest as an over limit fee since the transactions took the total above my credit limit. I immediately contacted the Fraud Dept using the information on the letter, and confirmed both the transactions as fraudulent, at that point I was also told of another attempted transaction on 3rd March which they had blocked and which had triggered them sending the letter, I hadn't made that one either. They then confirmed that they now had all of the details that they needed and that the transactions would be refunded within 5 days, they also mentioned sending a letter to me to sign in order to confirm the details. As of typing this, I haven't had a refund, nor had the letter which they wanted me to sign and return. On 18th March, a Direct Debit was taken out of my Bank Account to cover the £3600+ balance on my Natwest Credit Card, despite them being reported as Fraudulent 4 days earlier. I found an article online which said that although investigating the actual card fraud may take a "reasonable" amount of time, interest shouldn't be charged and payment shouldn't be requested by the card issuer until proof of liability was determined and provided. However Natwest decided to cheerfully take their payment, clearing the balance on 18th March, before any conclusion has been reached and whilst the investigation is clearly still ongoing. I contacted the Executive Office stating that it was two weeks since the fraud was reported and making an official complaint regarding the balance on the card being settled prior to any investigation being concluded, and telling them that I wanted the £3600 restoring to my Bank Account whilst the matter is still under investigation. This was met with a reply from the Executive Office, stating that my complaint had been received, apologising for me being mislead in relation to the amount of time I was told that it would take to investigate and refund the transactions and stating that it would probably take a further ten days for them to now investigate my complaint. Needless to say, the £3600 hasn't been refunded to my Bank Account, and that point has been entirely ignored. So my first question, is it ok for them to collect payment for Fraudulent Transactions from me after they have been reported and before any investigation has been concluded?, advice from other sources suggest that it isn't and that I should continue to pursue the refund, but where can I go to with the complaint next?, i've already complained to the Exec Office and I believe that the Ombudsman won't investigate until Natwest address my official complaint, and reply to it, which they effectively have eight weeks to do. I don't really care how long it takes them to investigate the transactions, provided they remain just a balance on the card statement, its the fact that i'm now £3600 out of pocket for card payments which I didn't make whilst Natwest drag their heels investigating the fraud, and now, also address my complaint. I've also reported it to Action Fraud and passed on the Crime Number to Natwest on my complaint to the Exec Office.
  6. Thats something for you... I SAR'd RBS Group... All the complaints that came through and issues I had WOW!!! Theyve written on their Notes I am a serial complainer... Thats just Natwest itself! :/ It appears that RBS however arent so bad with that Lesson to the world, Use a 3 strike rule. If they screw up 3 times, move away
  7. Hi all, Here's the situation: Opened a student account in 2007 with full overdraft and extended this a couple of times as per the normal rules and up to the max available limit of £2000 Ever since graduating have had financial difficulties with other credit cards and payday loans which are now (thankfully!) resolved. This is my last debt and i want to get rid, i want to pay it off but Natwest don't seem to want to help. I have already opened another account with first direct and have switched over my wages and other regular s/o and d/d so my ongoing financial commitments are covered. Currently, the account balance is around £2050 - incidentally, it was fees and interest that took me over the agreed limit - something that happens almost every month - (last month was charged over £100 in fees alone. I want to pay what i owe them back - but so far their only communication has been a request to settle outstanding funds within 7 days - and whilst i'm in better financial position than i was, i haven't got the ability to rustle up that kind of money. Similarly, a telephone conversation this afternoon basically stated that i should just keep paying off in dribs and drabs until the overdraft is cleared. Nevertheless, all i want is an agreement in writing saying x amount to be paid monthly until the outstanding is cleared. Will be keeping all communication in writing in the future. How do i proceed? Any help would be hugely appreciated!
  8. Hi, new to the forum but here goes with an abridged version. Essentially been in a DMP since 2009, selling my home to pay off and during the tidy up have found some Natwest paperwork I didn't know I had, it is a loan agreement that has no term of the loan on it just a monthly amount and total loan. There is also a handwritten note from a staff member saying they have drawn the money down and will I forward a signed agreement as they will need one. I now know this is not correct and should have been signed first. Additionally I had to pay £15 pm for the privilege of a reduced rate, is this correct? I also found out I had PPI! never had it never needed it, only found this out as they wrote to me and then when I did the sums they don't add up!. Also I cant now get a mortgage as my defaults will be dropping off soon but for 5 years they have had an account on a status 6 as a late payment so it will remain long after I pay it off. any information to see if I can claim PPI , charges or interest back would be appreciated sorry for the long post but trying to to brief .
  9. Hi all My first post. My son banks with NatWest and as done so since he was 16 (Now 22) he went overdrawn by £0.58 back in April this year. He had not used his account since then as he wasn't working just studying hard before going to University. Anyway long story short 3 weeks ago we went into the branch to change his account for a Student Account as he needed an overdraft facility and his normal account had no overdraft facility. This is when we found out he had gone £0.58 O/D and since April had put charges on his account totalling £146.00 so as you can guess shocked was an understatement They have now withdrew the charges as a matter of "Good Will" however they will give him a Student Account with No Overdraft. We also have found out they have marked his Credit Rating, this as stopped him opening a Student Account with any other bank. They also REFUSE to remove his mark from the Credit Rederance Agency. My question 1 can they do this? If so how can we get his file clean so he can get an Overdraft as he is going to need it while at University. Sorry for the long post but any help advice really would help my Son Thank you all in advance
  10. My boyfriends Ex-wife took out a bank account before she left him in 2009. My boyfriend was a joint account holder and signed to say he was happy with this. The account was then changed to a packaged bank account (called a Gold Account) without my boyfriends knowledge. The account was never used and it went overdrawn with charges until Natwest closed the account and added a Default to my boyfriends Credit File in April 2010 which we have only just found out about. My boyfriend wrote to Natwest asking them to remove the default from his Credit File. Natwest replied with a straight NO saying they had the paperwork signed by boyfriend and he had agreed to it. He does not remember signing for a packaged account and I know they were regularly mis-sold (Natwest tried it with me until I changed bank). What do we do next?
  11. Hi all. I am very close to a loan with natpest becoming statute barred due to the fact that it is almost 6 years since my last payment and also they have admitted that they do not have the credit agreement. My worry is that I have read on money saving expert that if you have had contact with the lender, the 6 years starts from the time of your last correspondence? Is this true? I have never admitted the loan but have questioned their actions etc. I am reluctant to write to them informing them that it is now statute barred in case the clock starts again. Any help or advice would greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  12. Hi all As usual, no posts until advice is needed but thats the way of these forums I guess, apologies anyway, ... and so to the matter in hand. I am about to get involved in a messy argument with my ISP. They are apparently notorious for causing customers who want to escape their clutches a whole nightmare full of problems and when they do eventually relinquish the required migration codes and you get away from them, even close the account etc, they then hit you with a 'termination fee' that has been known to be a high as £300.00 ... I've checked, they have no 'process in law' that allows them to legally demand this payment especially when you have no contractual agreement with them apart from a verbal phone conversation where they trick you into agreeing that you would like to continue using their service for a short period ... That apparently can tie you into another 18 month contract ... well no, again, I've had it checked and it can't, it's not legal and unless they can prove a properly worded contract properly agreed by you, then they are breaking contract law however, I digress ... Having read up on hundreds of complaints on 'which ISP's ' type websites, I read with horror that even though you are disputing that you owe them any money, they are just taking it through your debit card using the transaction code set up years and years ago when you first joined them. ( I've been with this ISP for 15 years so you can imagine, I'm not leaving lightly or for flibbertigibbet reasons) So, I went on one of the above named forums and asked what would happen if I contacted my bank (NatWest) well in advance of the pending battle with the ISP commencing, explaining what's happening, and asking them NOT to grant any payments to this company other than the agreed monthly SO / DD so as to avoid large sums of money disappearing out of my account which will inevitably not only put me in a position of negative funds, but will also force other SO's and DD's to bounce and all the associated problems that come with that. I was told that basically, I'd be wasting my time as NW dont really take any notice of any letters they receive and when presented with a transaction code they will pay out even when you've asked them not to, so just put up with it as the will refund the payments later so no loss. Well, that's ok I guess, if you are lucky enough to have a good financial buffer in your account, but if like me you are forced to live pretty much hand to mouth, and £300.00 plus is nearly a months income, you really cannot afford to "put up with it" even if the bank do refund the payments at a later date. So my question is this really, is there a contact within NatWest-SW that people can contact in such situations? .... After all, I'm trying to avoid foreseen problems with my account and therefore acting responsibly right? I find it hard to believe that NW would refuse to act as I've been with them a long time and never really had any big problems with them. .. I'm guessing (hoping) that knowing who to contact is the key to this one. Oh and if there is anyone out there who knows, an email address as opposed to a phone number would be really appreciated as I'm currently unable to speak due to an illness. Many thanks in advance Jo.
  13. So apparently Natwest do their damn hardest to stop you paying off your credit card!!!! After calling last month to pay off the full amount they advised i could not pay it until the interest had calculated and a letter was received the following month, however they had intact closed the account so no other charges would be received! Today i received a call to tell me i had to make an immediate payment as i owed £100! Is this a Joke? not only that, the patronising little boy on the phone treating me like a thief did not help!! Following this i called your points helpline to feel a little better about all the money on the card and claim the points, which when hearing the amount works out at 0.02p for every £ spent! what an absolute waste of time! Ideas on how to argue this case would be much appreciated!
  14. Hello Everybody I'm one of the fools that trusted a friend who got me to bite my tongue and join Banners Broker even though I had my doubts about the company. I put in no small amount and of through being online found out it was indeed my worst fears and it was a spoof Now I've been in a fight to get my money back from this seriously depressing experience for over 9 months now and I'm not giving up, there's a liquidator appointed now and there's the charge back service or at least I thought there was a chargeback service. My latest fight has been with my Natwest asking them to pursue visas 540 day chargeback service under the section " Goods not received" And a lot of other affiliates have been successful with this. Natwest is playing hardball though this is the response I got off them today. The latest one I've been hit with and I'm trying to get my head around is this "You've used part of this company's service by them creating an account allowing you to deposit money into it and the possibility to make withdrawals. I responded by saying I'm disputing the terms and conditions where it says they will pay affiliates commissions and that all liquidation request will be honoured etc, so I've not received their service. They're saying "That withdrawals is only a partial service they are providing to you and as we can't ascertain what the value of that service is we can't pursue a chargeback." They went on to say that "The terms and conditions under section C only provide remit for a legal chargeback not through visa's chargeback service." This is section C from Banners Broker Section C (Affiliate & Client) Payment Conditions I adhere to the following: All liquidation requests made shall be honored within fifteen business days for standard subscribers and seven business days for premium subscribers to the payment amount noted in your back office. All commissions and bonuses are paid in the name of the applicant on the affiliate/client agreement. I don't know what to do I know there are successful affiliates who have claimed their money back through their banks. I just don't know what to say to my bank and I'm really not sure why they're hung up on the possibility of a withdrawal only being a partial service and that I had some service by the company creating an account etc. What's really baffling me is that I've sent them the liquidation letter from the court 2 times already and this is the latest in a series of excuses to not follow the charge back request. I'm fighting both banners broker and my bank how am I the one who looses and what's worse is this banks ethos is going above and beyond in customer service. I know I'm idiot for getting involved I've been living with that for the 1 year and a few months. Do I have a leg to stand on or do I wait the long wait and put all my eggs in the liquidator basket? Plz If you guys have anything that could help I'd really love to hear from you.
  15. Maybe I'm one of the most unluckiest people in the world, Natwest have really taken not just the biscuit but the pack... As part of my account benefits, I get the identity theft assistance and credit reporting through CPP and Experian. Naturally when signing up they couldn't confirm my identity so I needed to send in some docs. These were; - Colour copy of passport - 2 x Original Utility Bills These were sent as a mobile phone bill and also a bank statement. This was 16 days ago through Natwest Post Service to their Chatham office then on to Experian. This was at the advice of their staff members in branch. So i phoned Experian yesterday and today who advised the documents still haven't arrived and that I should contact Natwest. I have done so over the last 3 Days chasing. I sent a letter last week for something else which they have scanned on to their system. However the covering letter from the documents hasn't been scanned. I've been passed from pillar to post and now I need to know my next step. When speaking to a complaint handler, I asked in the event that they have lost them, what would they do to ensure my protection? Naturally their response at this time was nothing as they need to fully investigate, however I also asked about if they would register with CIFAS as a basic.. "Sorry sir, what's CIFAS? I've been here 15 years and have no idea what that is? " Now I get not everyone is going to be clued up on it but they should have some basic knowledge of what CIFAS Is, all my training I had for my financial services included CIFAS information etc. And I would expect complaint handlers to be trained in this to some degree... I want to know what to do, as most of you know, I've already had to fight off a case of identity fraud before. If they have gone missing, they have exactly what they need to ruin my credit file all again. Your advice is well thought off in my mind and maybe I've missed something.
  16. Hello! I have a graduate account with Natwest. My overdraft is £1600, I know very silly of me but then it's offered to a student with no money it's very tempting! After uni I was unemployed for a year, Natwest were pretty awful. I have NO direct debits active on my account. I've been charged £36 a go everytime I go past my unarranged overdraft (out of my job seekers money). Thing is, I only take money out when it's says it's available on my online banking app. It's pretty annoying to get charged when I take money out which is apparently available only to find out it's not. 2 months ago my balance was -£1588 so I withdrew £10 from a cash point and think no more of it. I visited tesco earlier in the day and spent money, which apparently was pending and didnt come out until 2 days later, leaving my account as £1608. Natwest charged me £96 for this as I had no way of paying back into my account to make it level again for a couple of weeks. I've been unemployed since university but I've recently found employment which I start next week. I've opened an account with barclays and plan to get my wages paid into that, then every payday pay a bit towards my natwest overdraft. I'v sent a letter complaining about them charging me, and charging me when my account was already past the overdraft limit and received this reply. Is this a good reply to them or is it worth me chasing it some more? Is there anyway I could close the account and set up a payment plan with Natwest? £2385.99 of charges in 9 years is pretty disgusting and even getting the £92 back would be great. Letter in attachments, Thank you for your help
  17. Hi all, This is quite an old issue, which I am able to address now. Approximately in 2002-2004 I opened a student account with Natwest Bank. Due to family issues and student debts, this account became essentially dormant not long after it was opened. This shouldn't necessarily be a problem, however there was an outstanding overdraft on the account. I have retained this overdraft following bouts of employment where i've been able to repay some of it, often setting up monthly direct debits of £40-50 - turning an overdraft of around £1600 to a now £800. Having examined some recent statements, I have realised that I have been charged numerous charges, often one justifying another. For example (fictitious figures at the moment, but close to originals from memory): £1500 overdraft receives £40 interest charges This pushes the account over the agreed overdraft for further charge of £15-25 Due to the account having activity (as if I were using it myself), it counts their own penalties as me using the account overdraft, for a fixed fee of £6. This downward spiral has been significantly muted now i've been able to pay off around 50% of the total cost, however I am curious as to if I will be able to reclaim the £6 account 'use' fee, despite me never actually drawing that money it - it was their own account interest that caused it to be 'active'. For information, I have informed their collection dept numerous times that I do not use this account so I should not be charged them, and once paid off in full, I wish the account closing. By my estimations, I believe (if the £6 is illegal/unfair) that the outstanding balance would be nearly paid off in full (approx. 10yrs of £6 per month, + interest). I feel that as a student I have been unfairly preyed upon, and even now, after nearly 7yrs after graduating, I am *still* trying to pay off this debt. Please could anyone advise as to anything I have mentioned, and if it is common/possible? Thanks for your assistance. (I understand that I will need an itemised statement dating back to account creation, which I will ask for if there is something to reclaim)
  18. Now onto Natwest... I previously had dealings with RBS... They wernt bad but wernt great. I joined up 5 days ago to get away from Barclays... and i thought all was good, asked for contact-less card etc, and also chequebook. Was promised that was fine. I get home today to find my new debit card awaiting to be opened... Open it up and to my horror, they havent given me a contact-less card. I ring in to them and say im not happy can they sort one out for me... "Sure" they say. Prior to this in branch they told me i could have one. Also the people in Telephone banking also said "The cards come as contact-less as standard" (Well clearly they dont) The woman on the phone was good tonight but had no idea why ididnt get one... On top of that theyve left me without a working debit card for my new account as they cancelled the card to try and send out another without my permission. The account i have with Natwest is a Select Silver Account. My friend has exactly the same and has the contact-less card chequebook and reader too. Now ive been told that i have a 14 day cooling off period that only works should i be unhappy about the insurance products, but in the T&Cs it says i cant cancel if im unhappy about any other element of the account. All i want is bank where i can spend my money as i see fit, have my salary paid into, and pay how i want too. I want a bank where things are 90% right and only Very rarely go wrong... But I really cant catch a break. For me this is usually a bad side of things to come so.... with that in mind. - Should i leave and return to Barclays or put up with Natwest making this mistake? - If i was promised this and they cannot deliver, where do i stand as above? Please feel free to visit the Barclays Thread here...
  19. It would be extraordinary for Natwest to pursue the customer's outstanding balance (if any) in light of this admission.
  20. Hi, this thread is to deal with the Natwest part of my bigger debt problem found here, it explains how I got in this position and the overall debt mountain involved: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387784-Big-Debt-Problem...HELP I have not paid them at all for 18 months and there must be a ton of charges as well. They also offered me 25% off the balance if I pay immediately (cannot afford to anyway). I sent them a CCA in March and got this letter back just after and have not heard anything since. What is my next move please?
  21. NOTE OLD AND NEW THREAD MERGED NOV 2013 - DX siteteam. Please can anyone help me. I took loan from Natwest in March 2008 which was irresponsible lending per OFT giudance. And now I have got CCJ claim form from Incaaso for this. Please help otherwise my career will be spoiled if I get CCJ
  22. Hi I have held a current account with Natwest for approx 10 years and have an overdraft limit of £400, i have always used the account for everyday accounts i.e wages, mortgage payments, D/D etc. until 3-4 years ago when i started my own business therefore opened business account and also opened joint account with my wife for everyday accounts. i had still used the current account until July 2011 when i had left the account at £390 overdrawn with no D/D or anything set to come out as things were tight moneywise and i needed the money at the time, however until jan 2012 i had not really looked at statements / letters regarding the account. After checking the account online i discovered that Natwest has charged me £180 per month in november & december running the account to approx £800 overdrawn. Is there anything i can do or do i need to pay:sad:
  23. Hi guys I am new here so please don't bite! I will cut a very long saga very short. In a nutshell I have a non secured loan taken our with a large high street bank for £15k. Shortly after taking out said loan in 2008 - for which they did no checks to verify my declared income - I became ill with cancer and was unable to pay them or anyone else. I have been paying £1 a month for 3 years. I asked the bank to write off the debt as the stress and worry of this debt was making me even more ill, but the said NO. They have however given me a glimmer of hope and asked me to make a formal offer to settle the debt. Having never been in this position before, I don't know what to offer them, but it will mean selling my car in order to raise any money but I would rather do that if this debt can go away. 2 questions. Is the bank in any way at fault for lending me the money without asking for any proof of income? (I was self employed at the time and just had to guess what I might earn that year) Lastly, of an outstanding debt of £13k still, what would a bank deem acceptable by way of a settlement figure to clear. I was hoping to offer them £3k as that is what my car is worth, but I don't want to do that if they just say no again. Many thanks for any help in advance. Very depressed and recovering from cancer still.
  24. Hi, I had a letter a few weeks ago from a company called Robinson Way. I had never had any dealings with them and so just ignored it, then last week I got another letter informing me that NAT West had passed a debt to them and I had no prior knowledge of this. recently I had a call from an 0161 number and when I checked this out I found the call was from Robinson Way. I do have a debt that I have been paying for about 2 years at the most I can afford of £100/month. NAT West had several times tried to put pressure on me to pay the 20k loan back but I have been unable to recently and that's why I offered the £100 per month. I must admit I have moved around a few times over the last few years (and about to move again incidentally). In the midst of all this I have had no communication with NAT West although I have still been paying the £100 per month. It obviously looks like the debt has been sold to the Robinson Way DCA, although I must admit I am only assuming this is the case. So far I have not contacted Robinson Way or Nat West as I am still not in a situation where I can resolve the debt. In light of the fact that Robinson Way will most probably start harassing me, could I just ask for some advice on what my options are and how much power do these people have, given that I a) dont have any sort of relationship with Robinson Way b) I have/and still am paying the £100/m to Nat West (Triton). The original debt dates back to around 2007, when NAT West unsecured a loan I had on my property unfortunately a series of things hit me that meant I had to leave work and that had the knock on effect of me not being able to honour the agreement/payment. I have no idea if the debt is 'statute barred' or not at this point, I am now looking for any of the old paper work I have for the loan. Many Thanks for any advice and help you can give me on this. Best Regards, J.
  25. Hi. I am a new user and would really benefitfrom any help and advice. Thank you. My name is Ian, I am married and with my wifehave been directors of 2 limited companies for many years. Company A for 10years and company B for 5 years. Each company had its own overdrafts with thesame bank and were run simultaneously. Our personal finances are a small mortgage, (40k)a small loan (2k) and a small overdraft (2k) all fully and properly servicedwith no failings or defaults at all. Indeed, these are still being serviced, ontime and as per agreement as we speak. Company A's overdraft was in the region of20k and company B's was in the region of 10k. Both of these were secured onPG’s. During the bank’s good times, funds were often offered without beingasked for. Now with things having changed for the banks as they have, with theawful bad press they are currently receiving, the bank withdrew its support, inmy opinion, without due care and attention and without proper negotiations.This made the running of both companies impossible and company B was liquidatedat the end of January. With trading for both companies being predominantlyseasonal, the bank wanted to reduce the overdrafts at an alarming rate, at atime when historically, we have little or no income. During the last negotiations with the bank Imade it clear that the removal of support at such a critical time would dountold damage to both companies’ finances and that of our personal. Following a final phone call the bank it wasagreed that they would only take 2k and the rest later. This was never done andon 24th December the bank called in 7k from one account and wantedto take 3.5k from the other before any substantial income Despite my protestations, the bank went aheadand withdrew its support. As it stands, we are on a debt management programmewhere all personal credit cards and our personal overdraft (2k) are beingserviced by an agreed amount. Our personal mortgage (40k) and personal loan(2k) are currently serviced and in order. Without success, we have tried to makecontact with the bank to commence negotiations with a view to offering arepayment schedule for both the limited companies. It would appear the bank wouldprefer to put all accounts together in one pot whether they are in default ornot. This I am loathe to do. Indeed, I am meeting great resistance to preventthis. The fear of losing our home is making me and my immune suppressed wifereally very ill. Satisfactory arrangements have been made forthe repayment of the personal overdraft, the personal loan and the mortgage butthe bank continues to harass for payment. On the 11th January I instructedthe bank to cancel all standing orders and direct debits from all accountsuntil further notice and still they continue charge us for failed paymentshaving not cancelled them. Despite continued efforts to inform the bankof our dilemma, they continue to absorb BACS payments from customers trying topay the liquated company in error. This is not showing on the bank statementsas this account is in the hands of the receiver. The bank has continued toinsist that it takes time to close the account despite the receiver havingcharge over it. So, I am desperately seeking 3 separatepieces of advice to my issues, please. Issue 1. The bank has prevented me fromcontacting a responsible person to discuss my unsecured company debts with and,I feel this is an attempt to secure a default allowing them to follow adifferent course of action. How does a default change the status of my debt andto what end? Issue 2. If, as I believe, the reason for the bank trying to group myloans together is the fact that my good loans are secured and my bad loans arenot. How do I prevent the bank from doing this? Issue 3. In view of my belief that the bankacted irresponsibly by removing the increasing overdraft when it suited themand not the service user, I feel I have cause to consider a court actionagainst the bank for damages. How do I quantify and start such a process?
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