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  1. Found out it will be written off when I'm 60, only 3 years to go now. That said I just found something that should meant it was written off years ago. Also, as to what counts as income. Disability benefits were not counted, now they are. In fact continued receipt of disability benefits should have seen the debt written off.
  2. It's not a case of not intending to pay. It's a case of not able to; although I must admit I find it abhorrent that one is expected to pay for an education, especially when it is considered that those in the government had their higher education funded by grants. I took my degree to better myself. Although at the time I also had a naïve hope that taking a degree may give me a chance of getting back to work despite being physically unable to. A4e and several heart attacks later put that idea out of my mind, and made me settle for a life of filling out deferment forms and writing letters to DCAs. As you say, anyone that does get paid does so via standing order. The actions of the utility companies taught me this.
  3. I've been deferring mine for years, for this government to sell them off cheap to their buddies. Just got the forms to send back. They have said I must give them DD details to get deferment, and I must send the forms to them at least 8 weeks before the deferment runs out. Well there is no way I am giving my DD details to a DCA especially Arrow Global. As for the 8 weeks bit; are they taking the ****? The form wasn't even sent until April, there is not 8 weeks between my getting the form and when my deferment finishes. I know if I had finished the course a couple of years earlier the debt would have been written off when I was 50, I pretty sure it will be when I am 60 but can't find a copy of the old agreement. I'll have a look though if I can find 20 odd year old paperwork.
  4. Yea, by deferring the loan I (and others who do the same) am acknowledging the loan but I know for a fact I'll never earn £28k a year so will always defer. I lay money though that many of the delinquent loans are SBed, especially considering even the most recent is well over 10 years old.
  5. Um, could be, but then why did they give the figures of 40% odd not paying 40% not earning enough (deferred?) and 20% paying is it is only the 40% delinquent sold? Wonder how many of that 40% are SBed since it is well over 6 years since the last loan was set up.
  6. Will those of us who have not paid them off start getting letters from Bryan and Fred. Also when these loans where owned by the government they could not be got rid of by going BR or with a DRO. Now they are owned by a DCA it should be possible to get rid. I always defer mine, under the old rules I think they would be written off if not paid by the time I was 65 (would have been 50 had I finished Uni by age 40). As the terms are supposed to remain the same I guess they still will be. I'm so glad they no longer have my DD details or phone number.
  7. I've just had a thought. The reasoning behind making UC monthly could be twofold. They say it is to prepare people for the world of work, it could also be a snide kick in the teeth letting people know what sort of money they would get if there were any jobs Not quite sure how giving a person a weeks money and expecting them to make it last a month prepares them for work, but i could imagine a months benefits would be about equal to a weeks pay when in work.
  8. Housing Associations depend on payment of rent to get funding to build new houses and get money for large capital expenses. Because (at the moment) rent receipts are guaranteed they get favourable interest rates. When UC come in their income will be at risk and they will lose finance and what they do get will cost more. I believe the figures will result in a 8% drop in the housing supply!
  9. Thats good. I seem to fit the group they help perfectly. I eat very healthy home cooked food, but due to lack of exersize because of several heart attacks and other problems I am a few stone over weight. I'd have to take the cut in benefits though rather than risk a gym.
  10. That may be true but it was sold to the british people as a social security system (well at least it did up untill the 1980s/Thatcher). One which we all paid into happily because we knew if we where sick or unable to work we would be looked after. If we wanted a low tax system, where we looked after our own health and welfare we would have moved to the US.
  11. Not all DLA cars are foreign, I think you'll find the majority are British built. Even so there is a massive industry involved in servicing the cars selling them etc. An industry that will be very badly damaged by PIP and the lose of 1000s of Motability customers. Taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich is not the way to boost the economy, it does the opposite. The rich do not spend their extra money they already have more than enough Super cars/yachts. The only way to boost the economy is to give money to the poor they spend most of their money. Just what is needed for the country. Also the poor are obese because cheap food is unhealthy (it needn't be but it is). We are a couple on pension credits and eat healthy food; a weeks food costs us more than a couple on working age benefits get to cover everything.
  12. I looked at that article and it is typical Tory rubbish they are clearly wrong, saying for example “You can’t stay fat if your brain is being controlled by someone who went to university"; I am poor and fat but I also went to university [sic].
  13. Trouble is a lot of those on lifetime awards will think they've let them keep it and vote the Nasty Party back in. Even those that keep their Motability cars are not going to have the choice they do now. It will go back to how it was when it started; if you want anything more than a basic 2 door car with rubber mats you'll have to make a heavy down payment. Back then I had to make a down payment on a 4 door Metro, it would have costs £100s to have it with metallic paint, and a basic (rubber mats, wind down windows, 2 doors) VW Polo carried a £1500 premium. PIP will decimate the UK car industry and ruin the Motability scheme.
  14. Perhaps they're hoping all those with indefinite and lifetime awards of DLA will vote Tory cause they still have their benefit. Or they think that we think if we all vote for them again they'll let us keep it. After all Nu Labour were making noises about DLA and looking into reassessing Life awards (after all it was on their watch that for life changed to indefinite).
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