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  1. Also spoke to the housing officer who said he will write to head office.. Don't know if I should pursue them maybe?
  2. I just sent the appeal letter and I did the popla appeal Soverign housing association Bournemouth,
  3. Yes two separate codes for the two tickets, I appealed 35 days after the rejection letter not in the 28 day window (what an idiot I know but didn't realise there was this timescale )
  4. Hi hoping for some good advice My partners mum moved into a property last November (housing association) and next to the terraced houses is a small private car park. She was awaiting for her permits when she first moved in and my partner was visiting her and parked my car in the car park. Got one parking charge notice for £100 then another couple of days later even through a note was left in the window briefly explaining the situation then a few days later again my partner and her mother actually saw the parking ticket man about to slap a third one on and explained the situation so he took that one back.. appealed the £200 worth of charges explaining that the new tennant was awaiting permits(one for herself and one for a visitor) and that they could check with the housing association dates of tennancy etc and that I believed the car wasn't parked illegally so I'm not paying. They refused these appeals straight away?.. Can't understand how or why.. Just guess it's company policy as they are a private company refuse all so we get more Revenue? this was the start of December I got the appeal rejection letters but being honest left it through Christmas and new year(side tracked!) then they sent me a reminder early jan to pay £200 then it brought it all back to me and I appealed to popla which has just been refused as it is out of the 28 day window, What to do next?
  5. thanks very much for that I will call and see how it goes,
  6. Hello I am new here but have been following these forums for a few months and think it is really good! I brought a car in sep13 and insured myself on provisional (as I was learning to drive still!) with a company called Go skippy. They were the cheapest at the time so didnt think too much about researching reviews never thought their could be such thing as bad car insurance! Now I passed my test jan14 and 'upgraded' my policy to full drivers licence insurance. Again no problems they waived the £30 policy change charge which I thought was nice. No insurance documents emailed as promised on the day so had to call them about a week later to get them emailed too me(I have still not received any paperwork from this company in the post todate!) they told me it would go up from £69 to around £150p/m which I was expecting... now the problem I pay creation finance monthly the £69 and have been every month since september I was told it would be up to around £150 and febuarys direct debit came out at £69 so I emailed in to go skippy they said it would be sorted.. I kept checking creation for another couple of weeks and no change so I emailed go skippy again and CC'd the name of the guy who replied last time I got a quicker response as I told them the monthly direct debit is going to be more than I can reasonably afford due to no fault of my own and was told it would definatley be sorted by the next direct debit.. March's payment cleared of £69 and to be honest I gave up and just left it prob not the best idea but hey ho have alot of things going on and dont have time to be chasing them every day. Now then april payment cleared of £69 and Today I have received a text from them saying there is a query with my policy call us urgently which is going to be this issue and I think they are going to make me pay like £230+ per month now so just want to know where I stand really before I call them? (sorry if this is the wrong place to post this)
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