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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have received a PCN from PPS for parking in Didcot station car park, and I am hoping I can get some help from the forum. I have previously used the advice here to avoid penalty fees, but things seem to have changed with the introduction of POPLA and I'm now not sure of the best approach. Here's the situation: I parked, as I often have done, in Didcot station car park on 3rd July and paid using the RingGo app as usual. Or at least, it appeared to have successfully my booking. However, apparently it didn't work on this occasion and I received a PCN on my car. When I saw this, I immediately made a payment (again) using RingGo, so that the car park operator was not out of pocket and wrote to them within four days to explain the situation. I heard nothing back until two weeks ago, when I received an invoice for the increased amount (£100). I wrote back to challenge this on four points: 1. The fault was with the RingGo app, and I thought I had paid the fee on time in good faith, as I had done many times previously. 2. I immediately re-made the payment, meaning that the parking operator was not out of pocket. 3. They waited too long (two months) to follow up on this matter. 4. I wrote to them within 14 days and so, according to PPS, the penalty would be £50, not £100. (Although, as I mention above, no penalty is due, nor allowed in contract law). Yesterday, they emailed back with a pdf copy of a letter dated 23rd July rejecting my initial letter and offering the POPLA mediation service. However, this letter did not arrive at my house - I don't know whether they sent it at all, or whether there was a problem in delivery. Otherwise, I would have responded to it. Now it seems that I am too late to use POPLA, as it has been more than 28 days. My questions to the forum are now: 1. Should I use the POPLA process to progress my arguments on the points above? Or should I simply write back to repeat my rejection of their claim and call an end to the matter? 2. Is it even possible to use POPLA, as the 28 days has expired since their non-arriving letter? Does it make a difference that I didn't receive their letter? 3. Is there some other approach I should take? And do I have a good chance of winning this? Many thanks in advance for any help, Richard
  2. Hi, I parked at the PPS car park opposite didcot station and forgot to pay. I realise that it is my fault for not paying but I park there via the ringo app every day. I appealed the fine as its £60 and thats 10 days parking!!! Surely they can't charge this as thats a penalty? I did offer to pay for both my car and also another £6 for any car that would've taken my place. They have since rejected my appeal and sent me this: "Thank you for your appeal which we will respond to below. Firstly, however, you should be aware that as you have not given us a full serviceable address for the driver of the vehicle we will be making a request to the DVLA for details of the vehicle keeper so that we can establish the identity of the driver according to Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act. Further to your email of appeal received on 23/12/2014 regarding the above parking charge, I have now had the opportunity to review this case and my findings are below. Whilst we appreciate and sympathise with your situation, we are unable to take mitigating circumstances into account. Parking at this site is only for vehicles that are parked in accordance with the site instructions, as detailed on signage on site. This signage is clear, in excess of industry standards and clearly details any charges that may be imposed should these restrictions be contravened. The amount sought as the parking charge notice is a term of the contract. Vehicles must be parked only in designated areas with a valid pay and display ticket clearly on display on the dashboard of the vehicle at all times or have an active RingGo session in place. There was neither a ticket displayed in this vehicle or an active RingGo session and I therefore uphold our operative’s decision to issue this parking charge notice. It is your responsibility to make sure you have either a valid pay and display ticket on clear display or an active RingGo session in place for your vehicle at all times. If there is neither a valid pay and display ticket displayed in your vehicle or a valid RingGo parking session then your vehicle is not authorised to be parked at this site. There is no active RingGo session at the time the charge ws issued to the vehicle and therefore the charge was issued correctly. We are therefore unable to cancel the Parking Charge Notice as it was issued correctly. Please forward a payment of £60 to reach us by 20/01/2015 or £100 to reach us by 03/02/2015 in order to avoid Debt Recovery proceedings; incurring additional costs. Please be aware that when appealing any further the charge will not be placed on hold. Payments can be made by cheque or postal order - payable to PPS Ltd, or on our website - If your appeal is unsuccessful, you have the opportunity to go to an Independent Appeals Service known as POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals)." Is there anything I can do? Am I likely to get out of it? Cheers!
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