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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I would like some advice please and wanted to find out what my options are as I feel this parking charge is unfair and from other threads I feel these enforcers are petty criminals preying on the venerable! I’ve been parking at the leisure centre for a couple of years I buy a book of parking tickets that my partner and me use when visiting. On this occasion I was in a rush and filled in the correct registration, correct date, but rubbed out the 10pm, not the 10am as I had meant to. Obviously, the car park is closed at 10pm, its an obvious mistake, but they have issued a ticket for invalid permit. After reading your advice I waited until the NTK arrived, which it did on time. There is no code associated with the offence. They also said that they recently contacted me, which is untrue. The only thing I have had is a fine on the windscreen. I am hoping that someone can advise on the best cause of action from here? For a windscreen ticket (Notice To Driver) please answer the following questions.... 1 The date of infringement? 14th October 2018 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? No have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) [must be received by you between 29-56 days] what date is on it. 16th November 2018 Did the NTK provide photographic evidence? No 3 Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) Yes. 4 If you appealed after receiving the NTK, I have not appealed yet. 5 Who is the parking company?Gemini Parking Solutions 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? Feel Good Leisure Centre, 170 Chingford Rd, Walthamstow, London E17 5AA.
  2. Apologies for the long message but wanted to explain situation Please can you advise? Purchased a Motorhome in July 2015 Paid bank transfer for lot (yes I know now I shouldn't have) £61K Endless problems over last 2 1/2 years and MH spent months over this time being repaired Even had a fire in the garage in a socket that wasn't working which they said they had repaired I could supply a list of repairs but I'd take up too much time for you to read them Main issue now - last June whilst on holiday during the heat wave we wound out the factory fitted awning on the side of the MH. It was hot and no wind. When we got into bed that night we looked up (on the awning side) and noticed a gap of about 2cm above our heads along the seam where the roof meets the wall and the trim going around the roof had completely buckled. We called Marquis Leisure and also the manufacturer Auto Trail to discuss the issue. It took 6 months to get the MH into the dealer to be investigated The dealer was not happy and felt this problem was way beyond them and their workshop They wanted my MH to go back to factory for the repair and investigation Auto Trail refused The dealers workshop then removed various parts including part of the wall board to see what was wrong It became clear that the main beam supporting the roof and the side wall had been screwed incorrectly into the 40mm composite beam, and had been screwed just on the edge so causing the screws to pop out of the side when the counterbalance of the Awning was extended The manufacturer told the dealer to drill a hole in the side wall and fill with expanding foam. I said no, I want a proper repair, expanding foam was not the answer to secure the side wall to the roof and stop the side wall being pulled outwards The manufacturer wouldn't accept liability even though photographic evidence showed this They said I had swung off the awning or left the awning out in the rain (which I haven't and this is confirmed as no sagging of the awning fabric) and caused the screws to pop out After 3 weeks Auto Trail told the dealer they would allow 8 hours of goodwill repair and refused to tell me how they were going to repair my MH I became frustrated at this point and sent them a letter of rejection under the 1979 Sale of Goods Act as not fit for purpose I had given them 3 weeks to repair my MH and they did nothing They wrote back and refused to accept it Next thing my MH keys are pushed through my letter box and my MH parked outside my house unexpectedly. It was in pieces, completely trashed with electrical wires dangling and wall boards removed They said I had refused them to repair my MH when I didn't. I just asked them to tell me their method of repair I decided to get an independent report and also sent them an SAR to gather all my personal information from them - my correspondence with them and their dealing with me and my MH The independent report was done and confirmed this could only have been caused at Factory with poorly located screws as they were screwed from the top of the beam down. Auto Trail was sent a copy of the report and refused to accept the report I decided to book another independent report (how many do I need to get and pay for?) This has shown the problem to be much worse than I thought originally The report says my MH has a serious structural problem. It says my MH is currently unusable and not fit for the purpose for which it was supplied. It states it would have been faulty at the point of supply but this did not become apparent until the vehicle had been used. It would not have been detected by a pre-delivery inspection It will require a minimum of 60 hrs work to repair How do we make the Dealer and Manufacturer accept these faults? What would you suggest? I realise my Contract is with the dealer, but my warranty is with the Manufacturer
  3. Hello, I recently experienced a severe change in circumstances which meant I was removed from my residence in London and had to move over 55 miles away. In London, I'm tied into a 12 month contract with Parkwood Leisure. I emailed them, explaining my change in circumstances an that I was under severe financial strain and therefor couldn't afford to pay my membership - I provided them with proof of change of address etc. I also took the following steps: - tried to find someone to transfer it to - asked if they had a gym near my new address, so I could transfer it to someone here (they don't) - Offered to pay them a smaller amount (2 months fee) to effectively cut the contract early, which would be beneficial to both sides and is all I can afford. So far all I have received is strong arm emails just reciting the same contractual terms, with no compassion showed by what appears to be a pretty awful organisation based on other posts I've read about people who've been admitted to hospital etc (Parkwood Leisure). I suppose my question is - is there anything I can do? I'm tempted to just tell them to do one and take a chance, if they file a CCJ then I'll just pay up but as you can imagine a gym membership is definitely not high on the list of debt priority (unless it has to be, with a CCJ). I'm not too familiar with CCJs, but from what I understand: - If you pay in 14 days then it wont impact your credit rating - You will be charged a CCJ administration fee on top of what you owe Does anyone know if the above are correct in this case, if so, what is the administration fee? I'm tempted to offer the gym a payment of say £10 a month for the foreseeable future to make the payment easier - would they likely accept this? The whole experience has been awful to effectively just speak uncompassionate gym staff (I even had a phone call with the head of the centre). What an awful way to treat customers. Thanks for any advice!
  4. hello. im just wanting a bit of advice please. august 2016 i entered a 12 month gym contract - in october 2017 i went in to my gym and asked to cancel my membership. the receptionist took my details but it now seems she failed to cancel my contract. she did inform me to keep my direct debit open for one month, which i did, for any last payments to be obtained. on the 1st of november a gym membership amount of £24.50 left my account and therefore i cancelled my direct debit. i believed this to all be sorted. i have had no contact from anyone in december or january - they have my mobile and house number, home address and my email address should they need to contact me. i have today recieved a very nasty email from the CRS (not Harlands) saying i am in debt to the amount of £448!!! even if my membership had not been cancelled correctly, the amount i owe the gym would be £49 for both december and january. they have told me an admin fee had been added to the debt and the admin fee is £118 - the two gym payments and the admin fee come nowhere near the £488 they have quoted me. i have had no contact from my gym or harlands prior to this email from CRS. i went straight to the gym to demand what was happening and they seemed as shock as i was. do i need to pay anything? do i pay for december and january? im in shock right now about being so much in debt for absolutely no reason - should i not have recieved something earlier from the gym or harlands showing a problem on my account? i really dont know what to do now. my gym only took on harlands group as there collection agency in january and they have had no dealings with them. the manager of the gym has offered to call harlands in the morning for me as nothing is showing up as a debt on my membership which for some admin reason is still classed as being active. im at a loss of what to do - any advice would be appreciated vicky
  5. Hi Guys. So another week, another ticket. I was driving the Mrs car, parked in Stevenage Leisure park on Saturday 22/10/2017. I visited the Cineworld cinema for a few hours with her disabled brother. The disabled bays where full so i parked on the side, out of the way but not on marked areas (Yellow hatches / double yellows etc). I do park in the same spot when i come alone sometimes. I parked the car as the parking guy watched, but he didn't say anything. On returning I found a ticket on the windscreen from a company called UKPC. Reason stated was: Parked in a roadway. What to do? p.s. if you need photographic evidence I have downloaded it from UKPC website (even though they try to not let you!) parkingticket-StevenageLeisurePark_20171021-redacted.pdf
  6. Hi there. My mum parked at the riverside leisure centre in Norwich to attend a swimming class, and was later told about a membership to attend the centre. This followed by significant delays to the application process pushed her stay over the two and a half hour limit on the parking. I have attempted to contact the manager of said facility who basically says "its not our fault, its yours" and is basically refusing to do anything until he's looked into the delays that I feel he thinks I'm making up. My question is where should we go from here? I can see that the overwhelming feeling on this forum is to ignore met parking and get on with life, and I feel that it is entirely their fault (there was one sign near the main door warning of the 2.5 hours and that it can be extended for the first 90 minutes only, which would not have helped in this case, and the fine notice on the signage is extremely small) If I have broken any rules, please be accepting and inform me, I'm a bit livid over this to say the least.
  7. Sorry, yet another Harlands thread. I joined my local gym back in June 2015 and the first payment was due on 1st July 2015. I was recently diagnosed with Anxiety and I really just couldn't face going anymore. I know it was stupid but I cancelled the DD without informing my gym (think it was in March) Before I cancelled, I moved addresses and updated this onto the gym membership system online. Harlands had sent threatening letters to my old address which is luckily my parents home. By the time I went to collect my post, I had 2 letters from them. The money owed on the second letter was considerably more than before. I don't know how on earth they work it out! I contacted them via email with the following (on 1st June 2016) Hello, I am writing to you in regards to my gym membership. It has come to my attention that you have been sending threatening letters to my old address and that my account is now in arrears of £109.00. I moved from this address in March and I updated this on my online gym account. No one from Harlands or my gym have tried to contact me on the phone to inform me of these letters. If you were to do your job properly you would have noticed this change of address and I would have known about this earlier. Please send all corresponding letters to my current address: ****. I have attached a proof of address. Therefore due to this error, I will not be paying any admin fees in relation to this. If you confirm in writing in 14 days that you are happy to take off any admin charges, I will settle the amount by debit card. If you fail to accept my offer within 14 days or you demand any other payment, I will pay you nothing and my offer will be withdrawn. I do not appreciate being threatened with debt collectors and threatening language. I suffer from severe anxiety which I receive prescribed medication for and this is affecting my health. And this is the reply I got: Dear ****, Further to your recent contact to our offices. We thank you for your email, One of the terms of this agreement, which you have agreed to be bound by, is that “If you fail to pay any monies due under this agreement or if any Direct Debit is returned unpaid or if any cheque is returned unpaid or if any other form of payment is not honored for whatever reason, you shall pay us on demand an administration fee of £25.” £25 is the amount deemed by our directors as representative of our costs in dealing with the administration involved with a missed or returned payment. When we submit for a payment by Direct Debit which is then returned, we are also charged by the bank. The charge also covers the costs we incur to reapply for the payment out of your regular payment dates and sending letters. The administration charge cannot be removed as it has been applied correctly as per the terms and conditions of your membership. For all Enquiries Call Harlands : 01444 449166 () Quote Reference : 32938724 / GH Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm Yours sincerely, Harlands I just ignored this and I haven't heard anything back since. Did I have grounds to cancel because of medical reasons and how do I go about proving this? I feel if I go to my doctor, they wont advise against exercise. I have prescribed medication so can provide proof of this. Please let me know your thoughts, thank you
  8. Hi All, I come to cag again for a little advice to ensure what i am doing is the best way forward: Story so far: In 2013/2014 as a family and a company we purchased 3 holiday homes on a North Wales Haven site, this is the chronological events. April 2014 - First caravan purchased in cash - £18,000.00 May 2014 - Second caravan purchased (£7,825.00 dep - £23,412.96 finance - £31,237.96 purchase price) June 2014 - Third caravan purchased ( £13,350.00 dep - £16,650.00 finance - £30,000.00 purchase price) Plus decking £2500.00 June 2014 - First caravan changed following evidence of damp and mold, only after complaint and a threat to remove all vans from site. We then have a brilliant year renting out the caravans, and having many happy family holidays. April 2015 - After speaking with sales staff on site, and them asking myself to discuss our situation with the positive rentals, we decide to help others rent their caravans by advertising, cleaning, and paperwork/key handovers etc. April 2015 - change of manager on park (to a manager we have previous knowledge and problems with) October 2015 - Problems with manager, complaint put in January 2016 - Evergreen attempt repossession of first caravan February 2016- Bourne serve notice February 2016 - We request injunction and relief from court SO far, from our point of view, when we originally purchased from the park in question, we believed we had every right to rent out our caravans, using 2 for income and the third predominantly for our family and friends with very little rental. We built up what we thought a very good business with a strong client base, with no bad feedback from guest's, we did so well, that the sales staff on park began to ask me to talk to new prospective buyers about our business to encourage them to purchase, which i had no real reason to disagree with, as we were doing so well, entering into this as a business model rather than lifestyle. Obviously after a while i realised that there was a £1000 commission to pay on the sales, to which i think i helped sell more than i was paid for, under the recommend a friend situation. For the first year we had a real great time, the staff were excellent, the park was great, could not fault it in the slightest. The second year, it was suggested by a staff member, as we were discussing buying a fourth van, that instead of shelling out for a fourth van with associated cost, it would be easier to manager other peoples vans, leading us to have a larger fleet of availability, in addition, it would help other owners rent their vans etc etc, (looking back, as it was suggested by a salesman, i now know it was a way for Bourne staff to sell the older vans as they would be able to rent through us rather than Bourne as they have an age limit on rentals. It al started going wrong, when the new manager took over, we have had previous problems with Bourne/Evergreen, but it was resolved to satisfaction, and im not the kind of person to hold a grudge. However, it seem's the previous manager from the first park we had problems in, when they took over our current park did. Now in no way am i entirely blameless, we had a few issues with some of our customers which led to the park manager receiving complaints, which we as a business were attempting to rectify, as you can not please everyone, however, as a business, we would have assumed that the manager would have dealt with it completely different to the way it was dealt with. Without going to deep into it, the manager then took it upon Herself to get involved and threatened to terminate our pitch licences on all 3 of our vans, making accusations that i personally was being dis-courteous on park, i returned with a formal letter of complaint, and basically told Bourne leisure what the issue was, and my point of view, completely belief that this was a personal attack rather than the issue of the accusation. This complaint was passed straight to the manager i was complaining about, who then issued a termination notice, saying that in 14 days she will disconnect my vans and have them moved off pitch, we retaliated with court action to get an injunction against her removing the vans. The hearing went well, and the manager made an undertaking in court not to touch any of the vans while we were in court, the solicitor for them, submitted evidence as did i, but his evidence was very personal, stating and i quote, will not tolerate me on park, and that Bourne is a 89 million pound profit company, and anything they do could be compensated financially. Kind of brought it home that this is not a business thing and was very personal indeed. I then had to make formal complaint to the judge on submission of further evidence, as the solicitors in the case, and the evidence submitted, mounted to Perjury and Contempt of court in my opinion, and the judge took notice, and cautioned the manager. In the meantime, i received notices from Evergreen another Bourne company saying they were going to repossess one of our vans, honestly, we were struggling slightly, and other things mounted up, but we gave the local court return of goods by consent, and offered to keep to payments and pay cost/arrears monthly, which we have stuck to, but Evergreen attempted to take to another court and make out we hadn't. The solicitors then submitted evidence about our company/finance agreements and stated he was the same solicitor in each matter ( i personally think this is breach of confidentiality, as the manager, the solicitor and this case are all seperate, and the park manager should not have knowledge of our agreements beyond the signing, and the solicitor had no right to discuss our financial performance to the manager) It was then submitted in court that as a company, we have no legal ownership rights to the caravans we had purchased, as they were on hire purchase, and belonged to evergreen, i was under the impression they were on proper finance, and that as we had paid such large amounts of money for them they were our's, so i was misinformed on the date of purchase as it was not stated they were not ours, they were sold as being on finance and us as the owners. We were then sent a letter from the park (bare in mind we were in legal dispute over the actual site licence) stating as we had not paid our site fees on the 3 vans they were now terminating our pitch licence for that reason and would be disconnecting the vans, even though there was an undertaking in court. On Friday, we were told by a friend and sent pictures of all 3 of our vans being disconnected, when our friend approached the maintenance guy and asked what he was doing, the maintenance guy said ive been told by management to do this, i don't know why, cos we dont normally disconnect like this, he had cut the pipes and wires instead of just normal disconnection, i.e unplug electricity line, undo the gas line and remove the first leg of the water pipe, ive seen them disconnect many vans around my vans for various reasons, and never i have i seen them cut anything before. This was taken by me as a big two fingers to us. We contacted the court, and asked for direction, and i contacted the police and made a complaint of criminal damage. I have now had confirmation of another hearing date from court, and the police want an official statement. We then received a letter from the park manager after disconnection, saying that because we owe over £1300 on the first fully purchased without finance van, she enclose by way of notice pursuant to section 12 of the Torts (Interference with goods) act 1977, that she will sell the first van to recover the sums owed?????, I have had a quick look at this and find it difficult to see how she can do this. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, currently we seem to be fighting a company that has no concern for peoples feelings, or finances, and a manager with a personal vendetta that has been left to do what she feels like.
  9. Hi there, I signed up for a 12 month contract in December with a £15 pay nothing else till February, I moved out of the area in January and told the gym (who said it was fine) I sent them a confirmation email later reiterating my cancellation and they replied saying just let harlands know and it will be sorted. I didn't hear anything from harlands for a while so i assumed cancellation had gone through, I later checked my spam box (a once a month phenomenon) and found an email requesting evidence, which I sent them straight away (although admittedly 20 days after they sent the email). They rejected my evidence because my full name wasn't on all 3 pages (only 2 of the 3) and asked me send them something else, because I was renting and not lead tenant I had to request a letter from the council which took 3 weeks to arrive. I sent it over and they said I owed them £100. Considering I cancelled 14 days before my first direct debit was due, I don't think I owe them anything. They've been harassing my parents (at their address) and me, despite telling them I've sought advice from CAB. They've now referred me to CRS who have been harassing me every other day and want me to pay over £500. Can someone please help? The anxiety their harassment is causing me and my family is just not acceptable. Every letter I've sent them (including numerous copies of those posted by Slick in other threads) have come back with saying 'no, pay us'. I'm at the end of my tether! Thanks in advance Satin
  10. ncGood afternoon, The other day I recieived a DRP letter in the post my first correspondence regarding a Parking Eye ticket in November last year. The letter I have is for a alleged contravention in the Leisure West Complex in Feltham. A leisure complex which consists of various businesses, restaurants and cinema etc. I am being invoiced the ammount of £120 from DRP. However I checked on the Parking Eye website about this ticket and the price on there website is £120.95 which contradicts the DRP price. I cannot get no information of the Parking Eye website about this ticket and there are no images or times online of this contravention. The date of the ticket was November last year and I recieved the DRP letter dated the 22nd July this year. Also the Car Park involved is a free car park with a time limit on it Are there any grounds for my appeal? Thanks in advance.
  11. Has anyone else apart from Myself and BrianM had any problems with Leeds Leisure vehicles? I bought a Toyota campervan from them in Nov 2012 and it didnt even get me home when the gearbox went. Even though they assured me they would take care of the bill there has been no payment and it is becoming increasingly obvious they have no intention of paying.
  12. Hi All, Looking for some advise please. I have looked on this forum but not quite found what I've been after. I have been a member at Harpers Fitness for over two years and been a regular attendee. Due to an injury in June this year, I have not gone as much (some months not at all) and the facilities there do not suit the exercises I am now limited to do (due to the injury). I checked with the staff at the gym on the cancellation period and was told it was one month, I then took a written notice of cancellation into the gym on 4th November. I have just received a "Notice of outstanding payment" informing me I owe the gym for the month of December. I have contacted the collections department who have informed me that the cancellation period is one month, from the last day of the month you hand your notice in. So this actually means my notice didn't start until 30th November. In terms of gym usage, like I said above, I was injured at the end of June (and consequently on crutches). I didn't attend again until end of September whereby I went just a couple of times before deeming the place unsuitable for my needs - they cancelled the only classes I was able to do. I have not been back to the gym since this time. Also, not that this is entirely relevant, but when I was injured, I did hobble in on my crutches and asked about putting my account on hold, I was told that I'd have to take in a docs cert and pay a £5 per month holding fee - they could see my injury but still needed the docs cert so I didn't bother. Is this unreasonable? I have effectively given them just under 2 months notice. I did sign a contract but that was when I joined two years ago and I haven't got a copy of it (also, my membership went from 12 months to rolling month), I was also misinformed by the member of staff. Anyone had similar experiences? Ideally, I'd like them to waiver the December amount.
  13. sorry to here about all you camper buyers. i to must have mug written across my forehead. i purchased a toyota granvia from leeds leisure vehicles on 23rd sept 2013, went to collect it & they could,nt start it . was told it was the starter motor, waited 3 hrs then to be told it was the alternator, they got it started so drove it home. next morning it failed to start, called out breakdown( green flag) who informed me it it was the starter motor. i paid £ 303.00. & forwarded my warranty ( fat chance of getting money back) . started van on friday morning to set off to london from yorkshire, got within 200yds of motorway & heard banging noise, so pulled over only to find 3 of the wheel bolts had sheared completely off ,again called out green flag and was told the van had been fitted with the wrong size wheels ,so all the weight is on the bolts not the hub. so had to be low loaded & taken back home . if we had got to motorway god forbid what would have happened with only 3 yes 3 wheels. have phoned LLV to inform them but guess what NO REPLY to my calls. DONT TOUCH EM WITH A BLOODY BARGE POLE THEY ARE DODGEY, VERY DODGEY.DONT GIVE EM YOUR MONEY>>>
  14. Hi there, I hope you can help. Going by the majority of threads I have read, i'm not the only one by far who is having problems with these people. I joined Harpers fitness in March 2012 with a 12 month contract. I have several times, sent letters asking them to cancle my membership. I have been doing this since the end of the 12 months. I no longer use the gym and have not used them since about 6 months into the contract. I have called them, wrote to them but they have persisted in taking my money out of my bank account. I finally cancled the direct debit and now today have received a threatening letter telling me that regardless of the fact I have cancled the payments...they have taken the money anyway!!!! How dare they! Once again I have written a letter back to them, and it was a very heated letter indeed. Are they entitled to still take money from my account even though I have called and written till I am blue in the face, after the 12 month contract has finished? And can they also take money from my account even though I cancled the direct debit?
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